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35 year-old female from HOLY TITS LOUIS GET. IN. THE. SAFEHOUSE!

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Name vicky
Occupation skittle farmer
Interests clocks that tick loudly barbershop quartets submarine movies.
Music right now: kayo dot saetia bravo fucking bravo joshua fit for battle dillinger escape plan aesop rock binary star miles davis john coltrane thelonious monk every time i die muse bob schneider august burns red cake
Movies there will be blood sunshine no country for old men alice in wonderland willy wonka and the chocolate factory tombstone the sandlot boondock saints top gun the patriot out cold dawn of the dead fight club american history x 12 monkeys seven tommy boy zoolander memento the fox and the hound wet hot american summer
TV Shows royal pains the office top chef psych burn notice 30 rock life how i met your mother dollhouse sons of anarchy community modern family project runway always sunny parks and rec
Books wicked! revolution on canvas world war z i robot idiots guide to amazing sex brave new world......also anything by Chuck Palahniuk *survivor is my fav right now* douglas adams irvine welsh issac asimov neil gaiman kurt vonnegut or choose your own adventure books.