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    #12150162 - 10 years ago

    BEFORE you decide to post in this forum, read this entire post. No, really.. the whole thing.


    There are some rules and guidelines that are necessary for this individual forum:

    - First and foremost: Be Respectful. Keep in mind that this specific forum involves people putting a lot of time and effort into individual projects. Not everyone's opinions will be the same, but keep criticism constructive.

    - Accept constructive criticism. Feedback comes along with the territory here, if someone offers their opinion, don't assume it's a personal shot, keep in mind that it's an opinion and you might be able to learn from it.

    - Don't be a Dick. You're entitled to your opinion, and welcome to express critiques, but do not be rude about it. If you antagonize a user, you will only be asked once to stop. This includes following rules and instructions put forth by forum moderators and admins. Blatantly going against any rules of the forum, ignoring or undermining the direction of a mod or admin, or antagonizing a forum member will result in a ban lasting anywhere from 24 hours to permanently. Keep in mind that just being a contributor to a thread or forum does not grant you immunity to the rules, and if you do not express intent to follow the rules in the forum, you do not belong here, regardless of artistic talent.

    - Choose a thread. When posting a piece of work, choose the most relevant thread to post it in and stick with that. DO NOT post something in multiple threads just because it's a photograph that's been edited in photoshop and you think it belongs in the photography thread, the photoshop thread, and the art gallery.

    - This is a Community. You do not need to post a thread just to ask for criticism just on your work, or just on one, specific piece of art. Use the Art Gallery thread, or the most relevant thread to your medium. If you post an entire thread just for your own work, it and you will be removed. Threads need to be all-inclusive to the community (so that others can post their own work in that medium), and not duplicates. It's okay to reboot old threads, it is NOT okay to create a duplicate thread or a thread that is not conducive to a community approach.

    - Preview Images. If you're sharing artwork in a thread, post the image directly in your post. Do not link off-site, your journal, or your gallery for images, this is a community - we want to engage users in the threads here, not make it difficult for them to view the work you want to share. Always preview your post before clicking submit to make sure your image is showing up properly. UPDATE: there are now instructions for how to post images in these forums further down in this thread.

    - Only post original work. PLAGIARISM IS NOT TOLERATED. It is not okay to use another artist's work and claim it as your own. And YES, this means you are not permitted to grab a picture off of google image search, slap some text on it [or make it into a "motivational poster"] and try to call it art. It's not. In this same vein, taking a screen cap from a video game [that a team of artists and programmers actually spent a time and effort designing and creating] is NOT art.

    - No additional request threads. It's not necessary to create your own thread offering to make banners, avatars, etc. Likewise for searching for an artist for a project; there's already a Custom Request thread, use it. It's stickied, you can't miss it.

    - Post tutorials. Tutorials are helpful and welcome, just make sure the tutorial is well written, clear, and concise. Discussion and clarification of the tutorial can be done in the tutorial thread itself. Also, make sure it's something people can USE.

    - Use common sense in tutorial threads. Tutorial threads are mostly there to discuss advanced techniques. This means don't read a tutorial on creating blood splatter and ask, "How do I download & install custom brushes?"

    - Don't post a thread specifically to promote your own projects. A thread to discuss a specific style of art is fine and certainly encouraged, but using this forum as a platform to tell the world about your webcomic is just obnoxious. If you have a project to promote [tastefully], take it to the Billboard Forum.

    - Keep conversation to a minimum in participation threads. Naturally there will be some discussion related to techniques, problems, and critiques when it comes to making and posting art, but that doesn't warrant any kind of "Oh, that totally reminds me of this movie i saw the other day" -- "Dude! wasn't it awesome when.." conversation.

    - Use the Art Forum Issues thread. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding this forum, feel free to post these concerns in that thread or PM a mod or admin directly. We're here to help.

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    #12830958 - 9 years ago

    New rules:

    - If I have to temp-ban you from a thread more than twice [same thread or multiple threads for any reason], you will be banned from the forum.

    in addition -

    -If you start a thread that is already in existence from not doing a simple SEARCH, you will be banned for 24 hours from the forum. Likewise, if you create a duplicate of a thread that's already been locked/deleted, a minimum of 48 hour temp ban will be in place. If you're particularly rude and dumb about it, you will be removed from this forum permanently. That is not up for debate.

    -THREE IMAGES MAXIMUM PER POST. This used to be a loose rule, but now it's going to be stated and enforced. Not all users have a fast, steady connection. From here on, you may only post up to three images in a single post. Now, you can make as many consecutive posts as you want - but each of them need to be 3 images or less.

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    #15296589 - 6 years ago

    Because there are a ton of issues with this.. constantly... here are very easy-to-follow instructions for how to post an image in a forum post:

    1.) Get the URL of the image you want to insert. (If it's on your computer, you want to host it somewhere first, like in your images section or for a third-party hosting, we suggest Note that this should be a direct link to the image itself: it should start with http and end with .jpg, .png, .gif, or some other image extension. On our site, you can find this URL by right-clicking on the uploaded image and selecting an option something like Copy image URL. If you're using a hosting service, look for the link that's marked as a direct link, or a link for layouts.

    DO NOT copy their suggested "forum" code; while our markup is similar to other sites, we use a custom design that sometimes has different syntax. You also don't want to link from thumbnails: (1) all images already automatically link back to their sources once posted; (2) large images are automatically downsized to fit without breaking the layout; and (3) because of #1, there is currently no way for a regular member of the site to turn an image into a link to anything other than that actual image.

    2.) Paste the URL into your post where you want the image to go.

    That's literally all. There is no 3rd step. You won't even have to preview (not that you can now) - the image will appear in the reply box before you click Reply. If you do not see the image in your reply box, you have done this incorrectly somehow (virtually impossible now). Start again before submitting your post.

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    #15510060 - 6 years ago


    It seems we've had a few people posting their own little "art contests" in this forum, which is great - but a few things need to put straight first. If you intend to post an art contest, super, but follow these guidelines, or it will be removed without warning.

    - Post an original and descriptive name in the title of the thread ("Art Contest" or "New Art Contest" is not enough)
    - Offer a prize. It is a contest, after all.
    - DO NOT make a contest for artwork you should be paying someone for their time and talent for. If this is a logo for your business, organization, group, etc, you are glorifying design work by making it a "contest." If you want someone to do it for free, post in the custom art request thread. Publicity is not a prize.
    - Submissions should be posted in the thread. Blind contests with no user participation in the thread is not conducive to a community approach.
    - State very clearly an end date, any specifications, and how judging will be decided.

    These are not difficult guidelines to follow. If you have any questions regarding these, PM me directly (I would suggest doing so before posting your thread, or it may be removed for any questionable content).