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  • IIStayFrozen

    IIStayFrozen RTCA

    #33652434 - 2 years ago

    Fan Art Friday is back! Last week, we got some incredible art from you, and can't wait for you to see the winner this Friday! Just keep your eyes peeled on the front page of! One of your works of art will be featured in Rooster Teeth Poppycock!

    Read on for rules, tips, and more!

    In order to create more interesting content, we're going to ask that you give us a little background info on each piece, so we can write about it when you win!!! Please copy-paste the following into your entry and fill it out!

    • 1. What's your name?
    • 2. Where do you live?
    • 3. What do you do?
    • 4. How did you create this piece?
    • 5. How long did it take?
    • 6. What was your inspiration?

    PROTIPS for the best shot at winning:

    • Maximize your votes. While getting the most votes does not guarantee victory, you must be in the top 5 to be selected!
    • Enter early (the earliest entries have more time to get votes)!
    • Join and follow the BIGBITE group to get a notification when we launch each new contest!
    • If people liked it, but it didn't win, enter it again!
    • Make sure the post shows up correctly--direct links tended to do far worse than embedded images.
    • Get on your social media accounts and tell your friends to vote for you! Don't forget to give them the direct link to your post. (That's the hyperlink on your post number, kids!)

    So, here's the rules (updates in bold):

    • Upload your fan art to this thread
    • Copy and paste the above background info on your piece and fill it out.
    • Need help uploading images here? CLICK HERE.
    • One entry per person, per week. If you submit more than one image in a single post, you will be judged on the first image. Multiple images of the same 3D item are permitted.
    • The fan art is to be of RT and Let's Play family topics.
    • Previous entries may be re-entered, provided they have never won.
    • You may win multiple times, and previously being featured in BIGBITE.Media does not preclude you from winning.
    • Entries must be received by 11:59PM CST on Wednesday, 09.06.2017
    • The top 5 modded posts will be selected as finalists (read: TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE!)
    • The winner will be selected by BIGBITE and/or RT staff. In the event of a tie in the selection committee vote, the piece with the highest number of mods will be selected.
    • Winner's art will be featured in Fan Art Friday on!

    If you have any questions, shoot us a message.

    Good luck, and we'll see you on the front page!


    Joe Dalton and Michael Hernandez

    CEO and SMD, BIGBITE Media

    Legal crap we should probably say so that nobody gets sued: By entering art in the contest, you certify that this is, indeed, your own work. BIGBITE and Rooster Teeth maintain editorial control of all art, and may deem any work ineligible at their discretion, for any reason. By entering art in the contest, you grant BIGBITE and Rooster Teeth full rights to reproduce and use your art, We may also share some of our favorite entries on our social media channels; however, you will receive proper attribution for your work. BIGBITE and Rooster Teeth reserve the right to alter, end, or cancel this contest for any reason at any time, without prior notice.

  • colorinplatinum


    #33653051 - 2 years ago


    • 1. What's your name? Ade
    • 2. Where do you live? Tennessee
    • 3. What do you do? Freelance art
    • 4. How did you create this piece? The lines were done with acrylic ink on heavyweight paper, and the coloring/effects was done in Photoshop CS6.
    • 5. How long did it take? It took about four hours to complete the lines, and a day's work for coloring and effects. These were done separately.
    • 6. What was your inspiration? I wanted to create a piece featuring Salem that was both beautiful and frightening, as she is. I tried to make her pose almost motherly, beckoning to the Grimm at her heels, with a queenly posture and a look of mischief on her face.
  • RTapples

    RTapples FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #33653277 - 2 years ago


    • 1. What's your name? Andrew Cockling
    • 2. Where do you live? Newcastle, England
    • 3. What do you do? I'm still at school but do lots of Funhaus fan art in my free time
    • 4. How did you create this piece? Painted on Paint Tool Sai using a tablet
    • 5. How long did it take? A few hours to do the lineart and then another hour or so to do the colouring and background, so in total around 4 hours
    • 6. What was your inspiration? I'm always thinking of new ideas for FH and I recently got into watching Bojack Horseman so decided to combine the two, and what better time to do this art with the recent announcement of season 4.

  • VickyKujikawa


    #33653596 - 2 years ago


    • 1. What's your name? Vicky (Vicky kujikawa on all social media)
    • 2. Where do you live? Madrid, Spain
    • 3. What do you do? I'm a student.
    • 4. How did you create this piece? I created it entirely. Made the patterns of all clothes and sewed them. I also made the Ember Celica myself.
    • 5. How long did it take? I think I needed a month since at that time I was studying too so I didn't have much time to work on it.
    • 6. What was your inspiration? I loved Yang since the very first trailer (Yellow Trailer) and I needed to make the cosplay. When the first season of RWBY was released I knew I did the right thing. She is my favourite character of RWBY.
  • Itadere

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    #33653602 - 2 years ago


    • 1. What's your name? Sophia aka Ita-dere Cosplay aka Admin Trash Mom of Rwbyworld
    • 2. Where do you live? In a little town in Idaho.
    • 3. What do you do? I'm a Waitress at a Mom and Pop' BBQ Shop and cosplay.
    • 4. How did you create this piece? So the way I made my Raven I took a top pattern and modified the sleeves on the pattern myself. I also made the skirt using a normal pleated skirt pattern. For the Obi (red band around the waist) I went and patterned that myself but just making the thickness I wanted and layered it. I also added a zipper and darts in the back to make it more form fitting. For the Obi design I took black ink, like you would use with calligraphy, and painted it on the fabric. Doing it this way will prevent any change in the fabric because fabric paint will make it stiff. For the armor I used just normal foam that is thicker than craft foam but thinner than the EVA floor mats. The mask I patterned out myself and used EVA foam and added some LED lights I found on amazon. And used a red plastic folder for eye slits above where you see out the mask. The hair also has a feather headdress that I made from rooster tail feather trim. You could use feather boas if you're on a budget because real feathers are spendy... cost me about $80-$100 on feathers for my headdress and the side feathers on her hip. For the white parts on the stuff that hangs of her hips I used a white iron on vinyl. Also for the headdess I sewed it into the wig as well.... As for the weapon... I got that 3D printed.  That is just the basics of what I did.
    • 5. How long did it take? About 1 1/2 months. I kept having to order feathers because there wasn't enough!!
    • 6. What was your inspiration? The biggest reason I decided to cosplay Raven was because I normally cosplayed Yang with my friend as Ruby. We had the brilliant idea to cosplay their moms next. Which of course is what we did.

    Photo by Cosplaypnw

  • Xellece


    #33653691 - 2 years ago

    • 1. What's your name? Jeff Villar
    • 2. Where do you live? San Diego
    • 3. What do you do? Engineer
    • 4. How did you create this piece? Met up with Cosplayer Space Pizza Cosplay and the one and only dog that inspired Zwei, "Junkers" Went to a Thriftshop that allows people to use their roof for anything including Photos and Graffiti.
    • 5. How long did it take? A day
    • 6. What was your inspiration? Monty Oum

    Photo Circa 2014


  • Xuelder

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    #33653856 - 2 years ago


    1. What's your name? 

    Christian S.

    2. Where do you live?

    New Orleans

    3. What do you do?

    Working on an indie game project, vertical slice to be released sometime in the coming two weeks, also looking into freelance and employment in greater games industry.

    4. How did you create this piece?

    I used a program called Marmoset Hexels and free hand drew it.  Hexel's uses six sided or three sided polygons called Hexels and Trixels, respectively, instead of the traditional four sided pixel.  This creates stylized low poly style art fairly easily.  I referenced a fighting pose of Bruce lee for this piece.

    5. How long did it take?

    Made over the course of a day, with intermittent breaks of ten to twenty minutes every hour or so. 

    6. What was your inspiration?

    Ein Lee released the Vol. 5 Yang artwork and I just loved it, so I went through my reference library untill I found a pose I liked, in this case a still of Bruce Lee, and I based it on that photo.

  • KumaTheSleepy

    KumaTheSleepy FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Kuma

    #33653954 - 2 years ago 

    What's your name?

    JT Smith

    Where do you live?


    What do you do?

    Photography/SprayPaint Art

    How did you create this piece?

    Using spray paint and some brushes,all on canvas

    How long did it take?

    less than 45mins

    What was your inspiration?

    Qrow looking over the night how he would look over and keep an eye on Ruby and Yang.