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  • Monodramatic


    #33632003 - 9 months ago

    In reply to LukePrather

    I feel like most actual Huntsmen would kill this thing if they won.

  • LukePrather


    #33632013 - 9 months ago

    In reply to Monodramatic Well i had imagined the grimm to be a bit more human like and slightly less creepy, plus remember the whole convo Doctor Oobleck had with Ruby about the super smart Goliath Grimm. My original idea was that it had been alive for so long that it knows better than to piss off a Huntsman or Huntress. Instead it plays to a few of our weaknesses, curiosity, greed, and pride. What it would do is weaken its foe through some sort of duel/bet and if they lose then they die and it takes what they have as a betting chip for later. But if a huntsman/huntress wins they will go and tell their tale of how they bested this grimm thus making other huntsman and huntresses wanna try their luck at besting the beast.

  • Monodramatic


    #33632040 - 9 months ago

    In reply to LukePrather

    Those Goliaths were incredibly old, but even they only had enough intelligence to know that they should stay away from human cities. Your Grimm would have to be gosh darn ancient to even communicate properly with a person, let alone manipulate them, unless it had some supernatural powers of persuasion. Besides, I still don't see why anybody would let their pride or curiosity make them play a game with something that even looks like a Grimm. It's a neat concept, but not one that's likely to work.

  • LukePrather


    #33632047 - 9 months ago

    In reply to Monodramatic Well i never stated it could talk, more like do simple gestures. As for its powers i believe that it would have an aura (By aura i mean like an air to it or a passive area of effect ability) that tempts people into playing its games. Something that would compel the Huntsman/Huntress to wanna best the Grimm in a bet or duel. Idk, its my first real Grimm idea and the image i drew wasnt even really close to what i had in mind. But i still like the idea of one of the many fairytales that people tell being about this Grimm and how it tricks people into betting and duel against it.

  • Monodramatic


    #33632061 - 9 months ago

    In reply to LukePrather

    It being unable to even talk just makes it even less likely to be effective. I can see its aura working against normal people, and maybe junior Huntsmen, but any professional hunter worth their salt shouldn't be bothered by this thing, at least not to the point that it develops the status you're describing. I feel like you could make this concept work by not making the Grimm a unique, one-of-a-kind creature of legend and instead a fairly rare Grimm that tricks regular people and junior Huntsmen into their deaths, but even that seems like a stretch.

  • Capcans2


    #33632084 - 9 months ago

    In reply to Monodramatic

    It's great to hear this! I'm just surprised by how well received he's been since that was essentially the first draft.

    - On the topic of design, are you referring to the feathers being the pale green and the cloak being a darker green? Or the other way around? Also I think I will change the color of his eyes, probably to a light blue like you would find in crows.

    - I didn't want to do a whole lot with his backstory, or at least not something huge. I will look through it to capitalize on the slow build up of his ego and slight morality issues. Basically he only steals because he sees these components as important to his work, which he values very greatly. 

    Other than that, I'm glad you liked him! Hopefully I can crank out some art later today. Thanks for reviewing!

    In reply to MoonCousin

    I figured it was about time we needed a ghost/possession semblance. The people in the discord want to make it a gag that these "spirits" will occasionally manifest around campus whenever Cyan stubs his toe or something. Generally creeping people out as they float around slowly, giving out almost unintelligible whispers. 

  • Monodramatic


    #33632109 - 9 months ago

    In reply to Capcans2

    -Ah, did I not specify? That was my bad x3 I was imagining a dark green cloak with pale green feathers, though I feel like the opposite wouldn't look horrendous either. Generally, just that combination of colors feels like it'd look good.

    -You don't necessarily need to add to his actual backstory, just expand on what you've got and go into a bit more detail about what actually made him the way he is!

    Don't worry about the review, though. I've been itching to dig into OCs for a while now. Can't wait to see yer art~

  • Capcans2


    #33632121 - 9 months ago


    Well I was able to get this out. I'm very limited on tools, so this isn't exactly the best. 

    I do want to try and work up some new designs for his shirt and pants.

  • Monodramatic


    #33632123 - 9 months ago

    In reply to Capcans2

    I like it! And, yeah, I think that color scheme works nicely~

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33632156 - 9 months ago

    In reply to Capcans2 That's really fuckin' cool.

  • angelus987

    angelus987 Archangel of Prowess

    #33632188 - 9 months ago

    Hey guys, just thought I'd do a little slice of life story to give people a glimpse into the life of some Kriegans. It's not the best quality, but if you wish to take a look, here it is:

    A slice of life

    (Apologies for some typos. For some reason my computer loves to change Peter for Henry. XD)

  • AlbionBard

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    #33632249 - 9 months ago

    Well, here's my latest attempt to learn to use my graphic's Tablet.


  • KuroDragon


    #33632258 - 9 months ago

    My RWBY Characters/Team

    All Ages listed are as of their second year at Haven Academy (right after the attack at beacon)

    Team SLNC (Team Silence) Yes Silence isn’t a colour, but is FNKY (Funky) a Colour? I think not.

    -Shade (should be obvious) (Male) (Age 17) (Human)

    -No Inspiration really. This is similar to a custom character I use for a lot of things.


       -Shrouded Smoke

         -Teleports to a location within a short range and within sight instantaneously

           -Requires little aura

           -Cannot take others along

         -Long Range teleportation is possible by meditating for a period of time

           -The more people and distance increases meditation duration and aura use.

           -Uses large amounts of aura.

           -Only able to teleport to previously visited locations.

           -Can take people and objects along.

         -Under extreme duress and high levels of adrenaline, Shade’s eyes turn a violent blue and he begins to spew black smoke from his body. This smoke envelopes Shade’s target of anger and starts to rip the oxygen away from them, while also crushing them with unrelenting force. After experiencing this, Canitia seemed to have the ability to calm Shade down. Canitia has the ability to stop this part of Shade’s semblance and calm him down by holding him and talking him down to reduce his adrenaline.


       -Moonfall Glaive.

         -A Pair of Dao with a few transformations.

           -A dual sided Glaive.

           -A Rifle.

           -A more compact transformation for carrying.

         -Can utilize dust rounds.

           -Use of dust rounds also coats the blades in dust.


       -Wears a black hooded trench coat. Underneath is a grey shirt and navy cargo pants. (Combat)

         -Trench coat has designs of blue fire and smoak.

         -Shirt displays his emblem. (a silhouette of two dao crossed in a blue fire)

       -Wears a fitted and long black jacket with a blue shirt and grey jeans. (Casual)


       -Projects as a dark grey colour.

       -Pathetic strength (defence)

       -Extensive supply


       -Black, short, scraggly hair

       -Tanned caucasian

       -Tall and Skinny

       -Light grey eyes

       -No facial hair


       -Quiet, Resourceful, and Loving (No matter how much he tries to deny it)

       -Also arrogant, easily annoyed, and ill-tempered.

       -Shade constantly meditates when waiting on people, taking watch, and relaxing.

       -Shade never wastes time, but he can be very rude at times when people are wasting his time. Shade is normally very impatient, but he can be patient if he focuses hard. Shade is also very intelligent, although that does lead to some amounts of arrogance. He is also VERY sarcastic. Even during the Grimm invasion at Beacon, Shade still kept up his humour until… well that’ll be discussed in the Team’s lore.

    -Lobelia (Loe-beh-lee-a) (Female) (Age 16) (Human)

    -Inspiration for this character is the mix of Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur) and Jing Wei (SMITE)

    -Lobelia is a Blue flower



         -Can Fly (That's it… what? Did you expect a long explanation. Come on it’s just flight. No big explanation necessary)


       -Twisted Wings

         -A large rifle that can break apart into a large whip with numerous sharp blades attached to the whip. (Similar to Ivy’s whip sword in Soul Caliber)


       -Slim Blue dress with patterns of wings and air gusts. (Casual)

       -Long and loose dark blue skirt and a light blue overcoat covering a grey shirt all with a similar pattern. Has her emblem which is a spear surrounded in roses, all in front of twin wings. (Combat).


       -Projects Blue Colour

       -Medium Strength

       -Medium Capacity


       -Medium length Brown hair

       -Short and lanky

       -Brown eyes

       -African skin tone


       -Noble and ridiculous

       -Her upbeat and crazy attitude rivals that of Nora’s. While Crazier in personality, she is more controlled. Her feelings of Nobility do keep her in check sometimes, but not all the time.

       -Constantly dances while waiting, and is always overly optimistic.

       -Fairly modest and cares little for material items.

    -Natto (Nah-toe) (Male) (Age 16) (Faunus)

    -Inspiration is from A Viking Berserker of myth mixed with a Knight.

    -Name is Nut in Japanese. Yes Nut Brown is a color, and I know it’s a stretch



         -Can shift his body into a model of any earthbound animal. Cannot transform into any Faunus, Grim, or Human.

         -Cannot speak while transformed.


       -Breaker Bind Alpha (Bracers that transform into full length arm blades)

       -Breaker Bind Beta (Leg Bracers that transform into full leg armor)

       -Breaker Bind Gamma (Necklace that transforms into a large chestplate)

       -Breaker Bind Delta (A pair of axes that can combine into one another to create a large Broadaxe/Rifle)


       -Leather jacket covering a regular T Shirt and pants. This also has his emblem on the shirt which is A bear’s head roaring upwards with a gem similar to the pendant on his necklace. (Combat and Casual)


       -Projects a Brown Colour

       -High Strength and Medium Capacity


       -Blonde Short hair, Green eyes, and Scruffy facial hair

       -Pale Caucasian with a Large Build and medium height, and he has Bear ears


       -Clueless and Patient

       -Natto is a kindhearted soul that isn’t exactly smart. He talks more with his fists then he does regularly. Only a few people have heard his voice. While not intelligent, Natto is very wise, with insight about the world that few have. His parents taught less material things and more about the world itself. Natto will always protect whom he loves and try his best to learn.

       -Pigheaded and simple. He thinks everything is solved by using his head (likely through a headbut.) He does however have amazing intuition.

    -Canitia (Cuh-nee-tee-uh) (Female) (Age 16) (Human) [sometimes called Cani (Caw-nee) by Shade

    -Inspiration for the character was for Canitia to be the opposite of Shade

    -Name is White in Latin



         -Can project copies of herself that are made of light itself all around her to create a sanctioned area. These copies are as strong as the amount of energy Canitia puts into making them. Canitia cannot move while they are being projected. (These are commonly used for shields or utility)


       -Striking Circum

         -A greatsword that can spin around a circular hilt. The Base of the Hilt also fires dust rounds, however Canitia usually only uses Ice dust. (Inspired by the Inquisitor's lightsaber of Star Wars: Rebels)


       -Wears a long white robe. Underneath is a yellow shirt and grey tights. White robe has grey swirls as well as her emblem, that being a white circle separated by a column in the middle, in the two sides of the circle there is a sword in one and a shield in the other. (Combat)

       - White cardigan over the same yellow shirt as well as grey pants. (Casual)


       -Projects a White color

       -Exceptional Strength and Low supply


       -Long White hair and Purple eyes

       -Pale caucasian

       -Medium Height and Lanky


       -Protective and Loving.

       -Canitia is normally calm and loving, but she often blows up whenever someone is wasting something. As she was growing up, she was taught that nothing should be wasted, and if one of her teammates wasted something, she would come very close to knocking their teeth in.

       -Canitia finds everything to be more negative than it is on the surface and is quite the pessimist.

       -She is madly in love with Shade and him the same. They are together and have been for quite a long period of time.

    -Team Lore

     -Shade Conners

    As a child of a great huntress and a powerful warrior, Shade was shamed by his family for not developing his semblance close to birth as his parents had themselves. His only salvation was his grandmother, Qara, who always seemed to care no matter his failures. At the age of seven, Shade was abandoned by his parents and left under the care of his grandmother.

    Shade was born morbidly curious and loved to adventure around his grandmother’s cabin in the west coast of Vale. While adventuring one day, Shade found himself upon a strange altar in the middle of the forest. On the altar was a grim. Oddly not disappearing, shade went over to touch the, what seemed to be, dead beowolf. Upon closer inspection, Shade noticed that the beowolf had been tied down and was motionless, as if it had given up. After waiting for a period of time, Shade began to hear a large roar from deeper in the forest. Terrified, he began to run home to get his grandmother. The mysterious grim launched itself from the shadows and pinned Shade down to the ground. The grim seemed to resemble a large lion with a bone mane. Shade began to cry uncontrollably and everything turned black.

    Shade woke up with a sharp pain in his head and felt weak in his heart. He kept crying not knowing what was going on, and in the midst of his tantrum he began to hopelessly teleport around the place, not able to control what was happening to his body. Consequently, Shade blacked out yet again.

    This time when Shade woke up he was on his grandmother’s porch with her lying over him panicked. Qara saw as Shade’s eyes opened and gave him a huge hug while crying tears of joy for Shade being alive. After explaining to Qara what happened she decided to train Shade in martial arts for the next three years.

    Still as curious as he once was, Shade decided to take a trip to the city of Vale to learn as much as he could on the mysterious Lion Grim. In the library, Shade spent hours and hours reading and meditating on what he learns. After nearly a full day with no food, drink, or sleep, Shade goes across the street from the Vale library to the inn only to be stopped by the sight of young girl with long white hair curled up in the rain and covered with dirt and mud. With the feeling of pity in his stomach, Shade approached the girl and told her to come into the inn with him and that he would buy her a room for the night. In the inn’s room that Shade had rented out there were two beds. Shade helped the girl hobble into one of the beds then sat on the one opposite of her. Through an extensive discussion Shade learned that her name was Canitia Romoj, and she was a ten year old homeless girl.

    When Shade woke up the next morning and got some food in his stomach, he went back to the library leaving Canitia back in the room with a note saying where he was and with money for breakfast. In the library, Shade found a grey haired man who approached Shade and asked him about what he was so eager to learn. Oddly, Shade felt as though he could trust the old man (which is odd as Shade barely trusts anyone nowadays) and answered him, explaining everything that had happened and what he hoped to learn. The man introduced himself as Ozpin, the headmaster of beacon academy. He then handed Shade a torn up book and said that he looks forward to seeing him find the knowledge he is looking for.

    Tearing through the old book, and discovering that no one actually knew anything on the topic except for a few legends of a dark lion that killed many innocents whenever a sacrifice of lesser grim was not offered often enough. Finding nothing else on the topic Shade stormed out of the library and found Canitia on her knees begging for Shade to accept her and take her home with him and his family.


    -Canitia Romoj

    Canitia was a homeless girl in the City of Vale ever since she was born. Her parents died of sickness when she turned 8, and she was left alone for the next few years. As explained in Shade’s backstory, Canitia was picked up by Shade on that fateful day, but what wasn’t said, was how Canitia was left like that just outside the library. It was a rainy day after the tournament matches for the day, Canitia got into a fight over a breadstick. She lost the fight and was lying on the ground unconscious afterward. After she was taken in, she designed both her own weapon, and Shade’s. While not as booksmart as Shade, Canitia is very crafty and street smart. As the two of them trained, Canitia started to have feelings for Shade. After 4 years of knowing him, she asked him out, and they have been involved ever since. The two of them decided to run away from Vale, where they have had terrible experiences, and move to Mistral where they joined the Haven Academy.

     -Natto Shenji

    Natto was just a small boy living in a village in Mistral. His family was kind and quirky and Natto just had a regular life. Due to Natto wanting to be a huntsman, his family decided that he should go live with his Aunt Shinya, because, as a huntress herself, she would be much more qualified to train Natto. Shinya taught Natto to use a number of weapons, she trained him to utilize movement and agility in battle. Natto was not exactly fond of this idea. After bringing up this idea to his Aunt, she decided that a more brutish approach may suit him better, so she bought a suit of armor for Natto for him to practice. While practicing, Natto became elated and loved this art of battle. After years of training, Natto had his own suit of armor customized to be portable, so that he could still be agile, and utilize his semblance easier.

     -Lobelia Oblitera

    Lobelia was a small child living with Monks atop a large mountain in Mistral. These monks taught Lobelia nobility and honor, however she did not exactly fit in with that attitude. Lobelia would constantly prank everyone in the Monastery and get into every ounce of trouble she could. As she was seen as a distraction for the monks, they encouraged Lobelia to find a different way of life. Lobelia was allowed to leave the Monastery to explore and figure things out. When she returned, Lobelia was brandishing a weapon and she announced that she wanted to become a huntress. The Monks, eager to remove her from the premises, agreed with her decision and let her go off and join Haven Academy. She has still never returned there for a visit.

     -Entire team

    When they came together as a team and Shade was appointed the leader position he constantly butted heads with Natto about him not listening to his orders during battle training.

          Canitia, being the jealous type, thought that Lobelia was trying to steal Shade from her, while both Lobelia and Natto found their being together brought the leader, that being Shade, and uncomfortable amount of favoritism.

           During the battle at beacon, SLNC was there cheering on the teams from their school. When the assault happened, they got into a nasty fight with a lot of grim. After Lobelia and Natto were knocked out cold and Canitia was being pinned down and about to be killed by a grim, Shade began to scream, the scream turned to a growl, and then the smoke started to appear. The smoke enveloped him and where he stood was know a giant monster that knocked the grim away, and, even with all the grime away from them and the battle seemingly over, Shade kept in his new form smashing things nearby and roaring into the sky. Canitia, now scared for herself and Shade, began to attempt to calm Shade down with her voice, eventually calming him down and making his smoke body shrink until Canitia hugged him, crying and screaming at him to come back to her. Shade, now back to normal, was barely conscious and able to reassure Canitia that he was okay and that he was both thankful and in love with her.

    -Team Strategies


       -Shade is primarily a quick and stealthy fighter using his moonfall glaive and teleporting to deliver quick and precise attacks that can render an enemy immobile for his team to then deal much more damage.

       -As leader, Shade uses whistles and movements of his glaive to signal his team to use a number of different tactics and team moves in each situation.


       -Lobelia commonly is an aerial fighter but does come down from the sky from time to time to use her sword for fast strikes or to use some of the different team tactics ordered by Shade.


       -Natto is the tank of the group and takes the brunt of the force while shielding his allies. He can often forget team tactics and tends to improvise in smaller fights.

       -He usually quickly shifts between transformations in the heat of battle and can overwhelm opponents with the unpredictability of his actions.


       -Canitia usually supports the team by providing cover with her semblance and using her Striking Circum greatsword to immobilize enemies with her extensive amounts of ice dust.

       -Canitia uses her abilities for a large portion of team related attacks, and is easily the most attentive to Shade’s orders.

     -Entire Team

       -The team is heavily recon based taking everything they can by surprise and with a predetermined tactic based on reconnaissance and intuition.

       -The team is usually pushing their heads together to solve a problem using Natto’s intuition, Lobelia’s crackpot ideas, Canitia’s experience, and Shade’s sheer intelligence.

       -The team has formed an emotional connection to the level that they even can occasionally predict Shade’s orders before he even makes them.

       -Of the plentiful team tactics there lie a few worth mentioning over the others:

         -Shade and Lobelia Dive Bomb

           -Shade teleports underneath the opponent and springs them up to be dive bombed by Lobelia.

           -Signified by three burst whistles and a shot into the air.

         -Natto and Canitia Wolf Lunge

           -Canitia launches Natto in wolf form using a sentinel.

           -Signified by two burst whistles and an x slice with the twin dao.

         -Shade and Canitia Sentinel bomb

           -Shade teleports inside of a sentinel sending all of the energy outward

           -Signified by three burst whistles and a = slice with the twin dao.

         -Lobelia and Natto Soaring Tiger

           -Lobelia picks up a tiger Natto and flies him into the enemy repeatedly.

           -Signified by one burst whistle and a shot into the air.

         -Meteor Sentinel

           -Gorilla Natto throws a sentinel into the air to get flown high in the sky by Lobelia where Shade creates a sentinel bomb and hurdles it toward the earth with extraordinary speed.

          -Signified by morse code SOS whistle followed by Shade shoving the glaive into the ground.

  • KuroDragon


    #33632259 - 9 months ago

    I'm God awful with art so I have nothing on that front, but it would be really cool if someone else wants to do it. Not asking, just making a statement.

  • MoonCousin


    #33632261 - 9 months ago

    In reply to Capcans2

    Wait. We have a discord?

  • AlbionBard

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    #33632265 - 9 months ago

    In reply to KuroDragon

    We have a good number of commission artists about for reasonable fees. Welcome by the by. Always good to see new faces

  • KuroDragon


    #33632268 - 9 months ago

    In reply to AlbionBard

    Thanks for the info and the welcome, I actually posted the same thing a few months ago but a lot of it was unfinished and there were some inconsistencies and issues with the bios.

  • Capcans2


    #33632269 - 9 months ago

    In reply to MoonCousin

    Not this thread specifically, no. 

    Doesn't mean you shouldn't not click that link

  • Malochroma

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    #33632277 - 9 months ago

    In reply to KuroDragon

    I swear I've yelled about that team name before. (FNKI is color rule compliant, BTW, as I mentioned back then; it evokes the color schemes associated with 70s funk and psychedelia.)

    (Also hi, everyone, I've been at RTX, it was fun but super socially exhausting and I'm probably gonna have to do another big long stretch of work days so I'm probably not gonna be interacting with people much over the next few days/weeks/oh god I'm so tired.)

  • jVictor

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    #33632296 - 9 months ago

    In reply to Malochroma

    You were at RTX? I wish I had known.

  • Malochroma

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    #33632302 - 9 months ago

    In reply to jVictor

    Yeah. I was at the ABTV Panel, the Art of RT Animation Panel, the Sunday RWBY Panel, and a few others

    I am very tired, so I'm gonna vanish again until I recharge.

  • JadeTerraza


    #33632321 - 9 months ago

    This is going to sound ridiculous and possibly stupid, but here goes!

    So, I got RWBY volume 1 and 2 on DVD for my birthday this year, and the other night I was watching the directors commentary on my DVD player at like 1am. At some point, they started talking about Ikea for some reason, and I think it was Miles who said, "That's actually a team in Remnant."

    He was totally joking, but then I thought, "... I can make that a thing."

    They'd all be furniture themed! There'd be couch person, who's lazy, a desk person who's studious, a mirror person who's vain, and a clock person who's always on time (and by extension a perfectionist and possibly a micromanager)

    Too stupid? I don't know!

  • paulhikari

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    #33632332 - 9 months ago

    So, hi, everybody. A thought just occurred to me, and this may or may not be a prompt, depending on how you look at it. Is there an overarching theme with all of your OCs?

    For me, I'd say it's duality.

    Jafar's love of art translating to skill and wisdom in battle shows the duality of the use of a creative mind, both for creation and destruction.

    Sasha's being a weapons engineer at heart while wanting to know all there is about the Grimm shows the duality of weapons in general, that depending on who wields them, they can save lives as well as take them away.

    H.J.'s fascination with the nature of good and evil as applied to humanity vs. the Grimm...well, there's that.

    NJ has two first names--"NJ" stands for Noah-Jasper--together showing his nature, potential, and limitations as a hero at heart.

    Aqua and Azura are identical twins, each with more or less opposite attitudes toward their family legacy, though their names are shades of the same color, which signifies their sibling unity.

    Kin's name has different meanings in Japanese and English, which shows his being a sort of token of good relations between humans and faunus.

    Daisy, Idunn, and Monty downplay this theme, as their worldviews go all over the sliding scale of idealism vs. cynicism. Daisy is the cynic, believing the world to be a dark and cruel place where people must constantly fight to survive. Idunn is the idealist, seeing her life as if she's the star of an epic movie. Monty is in the middle, believing that being the hero is rough work but worth it if you can stick it out.

  • Sosen7x

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    #33632337 - 9 months ago

    In reply to Malochroma

    In reply to jVictor

    One day, hopefully before I turn 30 (two chances left now) I'll make it to RTX...or if some financial miracles happen I'll have passport and boarding pass ready for RTX London just after my birthday.  We'll see.

  • Mr.K

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    #33632389 - 9 months ago

    In reply to Sosen7x

    I was in London in the pass few months, couldn't catch the RTX :(

    Now I go home already and have to work again. Don't know when I will get there again :(