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  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33704867 - 3 months ago

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    Actually, I don't think they ever said NO ONE other than the maidens can control the elements without dust, I think it's just that no semblance would ever give control over more than one element. It'd still be rather redundant to have an elemental semblance when dust is a thing, but if remnants population is even half that of the real world's, then it seems statistically unlikely that NO ONE has an elemental manipulation semblance. They probably feel really unlucky for having a redundant semblance (unless their semblance gives them some small perk, like control exact voltage with electricity or something like that), but for a metaphorical comparison, people created fans even though wind is a thing.

    EDIT: Also, I always figured that Yang's hair bursting into flames was an indicator of how much kinetic energy her semblance had absorbed.

  • Malochroma

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    #33704894 - 3 months ago

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    I know the reason that she hasn't done it post-Maya is because they're having trouble figuring out how to do the effect in that engine, though she hasn't really used her Semblance at all post-Maya, so... *shrug.* Maybe it's a combination of her Semblance and her temper? She glows whenever she uses her Semblance no matter what, but the fire is when she's REALLY pissed and using her Semblance?

  • disneydcfan

    disneydcfan Ace of Hearts

    #33704925 - 3 months ago

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    Thanks for clearing that up :) And I think Yang's been working on trying to keep herself calm and not relying on her Semblance like Tai told her, but it would be really nice to see it since we've yet to see Yang use her Semblance since Volume 3 when everyone else has used theirs numerous times (except Ruby, she's used hers like maybe twice since the beginning of V4, not counting the character short?). 

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33705041 - 3 months ago

    So I finally decided to add the info page for one of my custom grimm to my account journal. Here's the link in case anyone's looking for nightmare fuel.

  • notvai4


    #33705042 - 3 months ago

    Because the giant monsters aren't enough to worry about, lol. Gotta have microscopic ones too.

  • A-Tank


    #33705086 - 3 months ago

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety

    Nightmare fuel? Bah!

    Cool idea though. Was this Grimm derived from tropical parasites? Particularly the filarial worm, by any chance? 

    I suppose if it reproduced by binary fission, then it really would be a huge problem if it gets under the skin. 

    I guess thick trousers, tucked into leather boots along with full sleeved shirts, gloves and masks ought to keep these at bay. 

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33705172 - 3 months ago

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    I didn't really base it off of any particular parasite. I just took the fear I felt after watching this video and translated into a grimm. Bugs and parasites; the two reasons I fear camping.

  • Dinobot01


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  • jVictor

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    #33705313 - 3 months ago

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    Happy Valentine's Day: 


    I actually drew this last year, but fuck it, I'm lazy.

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33705329 - 3 months ago

    Happy Singles Awareness Day! (I can't draw so I don't have any fancy picture to go with this, but I wanted all my fellow 'forever alone' people to feel included)

  • jVictor

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    #33705333 - 3 months ago

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    Ironically this is the first Valentine's Day in my entire life where I'm actually not single. Go figure.

  • disneydcfan

    disneydcfan Ace of Hearts

    #33705357 - 3 months ago

    Happy Pal-entine's Day! 

  • Arita25K


    #33705374 - 3 months ago

    Alright, so does anyone remember how I brought up how I wanted to make a Jack the Ripper themed OC? His name would be Fog, and I believe that his aura color would be grey? A shade of it? Alright, so I know he has to use a knife but would he have any other weapons? He would have to fight Grimm and I’m not sure how he could go against Grimm unless focusing in his semblance, creating a mist or a Fog really, and maybe he could be like a stealth guy or something. Uses three types of knives? I also wondered if Vale would be good? Considering it’s a good city and looks nice, and I was considering in naming his main weapon Whitechapel, from the murders long ago.

    I also kinda wanna go over on his outfit, and I thought of simply using the outfit Jack the Ripper from Assassin’s Creed, but it’s like, I’m not sure if I wanna use something like that. It’s prettt damn frustrating, and opinions and some assistance would do well. I’ll probably go with an orplan story.

    Cause, why not?

  • paulhikari

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    #33705406 - 3 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    Thank you.

    In reply to Dinobot01

    You know, this kind of goes into a prompt I was thinking of. What your OCs did for Valentine's Day this year.

    * Jafar went to a flower shop to paint all the flowers there. He ended up making an "evolving painting," as he called it, as people came and went to buy said flowers.

    * Sasha marathoned a series of horror movies all day, many of which were so cheesy that she lost count of how many times she could riff on them.

    * H.J. slinked around campus, interrupting some of the students' dates with his trademark creepy pranks, much to Mr. Ed's disapproval.

  • paulhikari

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    #33705407 - 3 months ago

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    Who's the girl next to Gawain, again?

  • jVictor

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    #33705450 - 3 months ago

    In reply to paulhikari

    Rekka Zhu Que.

  • JadeTerraza


    #33705765 - 3 months ago

    Ahhhh so I'm pretty sure that I've posted this OC here before, but I've made a lot of revisions since then and I've also got some art for her now, so get ready for a text wall... I'm sorry in advance  sweat_smile

    Name: Plumette (Plum) Sakura

    Color (Theme): Pastel pink

    Affiliation: Heir to Sakura Robotics and Weaponry

    Age: 18

    Species: Human

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5’ 7”

    Handedness: Left

    Sexuality: GAY


    (All the colors and some other details missing from the drawing are in the actual description)

    (Also please forgive my inability to draw faces)


    Plumette has skin so white and non-pigmented that people often ask if she’s feeling sick or cold. They also ask if she’s cold because the tip of her nose and her cheeks are always red, as if she’s been playing in the snow. She has a soft-heart shaped head and is thin, with few curves and very little muscle definition. Her eyes are black with vivid flecks of gold ringing the pupil, almost as if her iris has golden freckles. Her hair is dark brown and very wavy, reaching her mid-back and shaved on both sides. She also has a tattoo of a line of cherry blossom petals and blossoms wrapping all the way down, from shoulder to wrist, around her left arm. She designed it herself.

    When at a family party or other gathering, her parents made her part her hair in the middle to hide the shaved bits. She wears a form fitting, cold-shoulder pastel pink dress with a red and blue floral pattern. When at one of her parent’s parties, she wore this with black flats and nothing else.

    Now that she isn't being forced to dress up for her parent’s ridiculous parties, she has replaced the flats with knee-high black leather boots with five inch heels and a gold zipper running up the side. She wears royal purple lipstick with this. She also wears her hair in a french braid down the middle, showing off those shaved sides with pride!

    (Note - In the drawing, she isn’t wearing her boots because it’s an illustration of a story moment in which she wasn’t wearing shoes. So yeah.)

    Background/History: When Plumette was born in the northern end of Atlas, Sakura Robotics and Weaponry was nothing. They had no supplies, no resources, and no money. Just a talented mechanic and an inspired weapons designer, Plum’s mother and father respectively, and a plan for the future. Plum was their rock, their little diamond, the thing they cared about more than anything else in the world. They didn’t have a whole lot of money then, but it didn’t really matter. They had their family. As Plum grew up, the company slowly began to grow. The Sakuras gained sponsors, resources, contacts, even an official headquarters and offices, shops, and factories in all four kingdoms. They began to make money, which sounds like a good thing, but that started to become all that Plum’s parents cared about. They began working long hours, and she rarely saw them. When she did, they hardly spoke to her other than to ask her to grab their car keys so they could run back out the door. If Plum asked them to come to a school event, their excuse was always, “Can’t lose office hours. An hour wasted is an hour’s worth of Lien down the drain.”

    This started taking a toll on Plum. As the heir to the company, she was expected to behave nicely, and be a sweet, polite, responsible young woman. For a long time, she was, but after years of being blown off by her parents, Plum was sick of playing nice. So, instead of being their sweet little girl, she started to rebel. She shaved the sides of her head, which her parents threw a fit at. She got her tattoo at the age of 15, with her 22-year-old cousin’s help (they needed an ID to get into the shop), which her parents grounded her for two months for, not to mention the scream fest that happened when she got home from the parlor in the first place. At her parents parties, she made it her goal to tick off as many people as possible. She kept doing it, no matter what her parents did to punish her, because she was getting what she wanted from them. Attention.

    This rebellious streak got old with her parents by the time she turned 17. They started physically harming her instead of just yelling at her, smacking her face when she disobeyed them, or shoving her out of the way when she tried to get their attention. Plum started to avoid her parents completely out of terror. They’d forced her to become elusive and fearful, and she blamed herself for all of it.

    There was another reason Plum rebelled, other than to capture her parent’s attention. As the oldest child of the Sakura family, she is expected to become either a weapons designer or an engineer and take over the company when she turns 21. However, she hated weapons design with a passion, not being a violent person, and mechanics bore her to no end. She hoped that, by misbehaving, her parents would deny her her right to the company, and she could then pursue her career in the one thing she loved. Art. She paints almost every spare second, even seconds she doesn’t have to spare. She focuses mainly on her absurdist and abstract work. In her words, “I don’t draw what I can see. I draw what’s really there.”

    Plum has one little sister, twelve years younger than her, named Alice. The two have been extremely close since the time Alice was born. They would play together, have secret jokes, make pillow forts, and Plum was the one who would tuck her in every night. Their parents were much kinder to Alice than Plum, and she doubted that it was just because they liked her better. It was because she suited their needs. She was young, sweet, and well-behaved, so she was the one who was always called on to go to parties and events as the two got older. However, when she wasn’t needed to attend an event or do something cute to subtly and unknowing manipulate a business partner, their parents completely ignored her. She thinks it’s sick that they would treat such a young child like that, let alone their own baby girl. Plum was more of a mother to Alice than their real mother ever was, but her need to protect her little sister never got in the way of their intense bond and strong friendship.

    Because of all of this, her parent’s abuse, her art career being crushed by their expectations, and having had her true self smothered for the sake of the family image, Plum decided to run away on her 18th birthday. It was a hard decision for her to make, as she didn’t want to leave her little sister behind, but as she grew more and more miserable, she knew it was the only way to protect her sanity. She wants to make it to Mistral, seeing as it is the arts capital of Remnant. So, she came up with a fake last name, Tarian, and left for the shipyard and is prepared a ride to Mistral in any way she can. She hopes that, there, she can reinvent herself, and be who she really wants to be. And deep down, she also hopes that her parents might miss her.

    Personality: Plum is girl with very intense and volatile emotions that she hides under a veil of anger when they’re triggered. When she’s yelling and screaming, it’s rarely because she’s actually angry. Often it’s because she’s upset, or just doesn’t know what to say. She hates being ignored, and expects people to look her in the eye and listen while she talks to them. If she is interrupted or ignored, she will keep getting louder until she’s listened to. She’s not afraid to speak-or rather, shout, her mind. She lies more than she probably should, but she isn’t very good at it, as her fast-paced mind will sometimes miss plot holes in her stories. In day to day life, she’s usually nice enough, but it’s very, very easy to make her angry.

    She is not great at taking critique, for her art or anything else. She gets defensive of the mistakes people point out in her art, and even more defensive of flaws people point out in her person. She has a hard time visibly improving for this reason. She has a very low sense of self worth as it is, and feels the need to protect what little she can truly love about herself. Her low self worth stems from years of abuse, for which she not only blames herself, but believes that she may have even deserved to some extent.

    She doubts herself constantly, and is very easy to manipulate if you find the right spots to push at. These spots are her heart and her temper. If she falls in love with you, and you say you love her back, she’ll be so hooked on the fact that anyone could fall for her that she won’t be able to let you go, even if things get really bad and she isn’t happy anymore. She’ll start to rely on that person to make her feel wanted, and if they break her heart, she’ll be destroyed.

    This second spot, her temper, is much more straightforward. It’s easy to make her mad, so pushing her temper to its limits is not a hard thing to do. For some people, it’s just a matter of fun to see her flustered and angry, and for others, it’s a way to get her to do what they want. When people say, “Oh, I bet you couldn’t do ___,” “You’re too dumb to understand ___,” she feels like she has to prove something, and when she feels that way, she has to do it, no matter how stupid or dangerous.


    • She is absolutely addicted to fruit salad.

    • She loves cherry blossom trees, and settling down and painting underneath one is her favorite pastime.

  • Atalante


    #33705987 - 3 months ago

    Sorry everything got a bit out of order, i wanted to start with the post that is now shown as my second post, with the character Ocean.

    Name: Sina Cluaran (Asinus = lat. donkey, Cluaran = Gaelic for thistle)

    Species: Faunus (Donkey)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24

    Height 5´4´´

    Colours: thistle-purple, light grey, artichoke green, black

    Influence: Well, donkeys, the typical Scottish cliché, the Greek god Pan… Also, the donkey of The Town Musicians of Bremen.

    Personality: She is stubborn. Must always get her will. Learns to put her wishes after the needs of her team, though. Swears a lot. Honest, pragmatic, reliable. Sometimes verbally abusive.

    She has been a nervous person since she was a kid, almost hyperactive. If she just sits down somewhere, she feels like she is wasting time and missing out something.

    Would die for her family, especially all of her brothers, who she loves more than anything.

    She appears tough on the outside, but she has her insecurities and soft spots. Her Faunus trait is more distinct than anyone else’s, which makes her feel like an animal and doubt her humanity. Although people rarely talk about it, she feels stared at, even in Menagerie, and it makes it difficult for her to dress properly. She hates this in particular, because she is interested in fashion.

    Appearance:  Her Faunus traits are her donkey legs and tail. She is a donkey from the waist down, to be precise. She walks a bit weirdly because of it. The fur of her animal part is light grey and velvety.

    Her Eyes are green, her hair is grey with purple highlights, she wears dreads. Has a snub nose and light skin. She is really small, a bit stocky, but with trained muscles.

    She tries to cover her legs and tail with an unobtrusive black skirt, for this is the only thing she can move in. Also wears a flashy purple top with her emblem, a thistle, cut out. Carries a big, green bag pack with some loops on the left side to fix her weapon on. Usually she wears earrings, necklaces, makeup and everything that could distract people from her legs.

    Eventually has a Scottish accent.

    Weapon of Choice: Cactus flower

    It’s a green wooden mace with spikes all over. It has a slight curvature, so when skilfully thrown it returns to his owner, like a boomerang. Heavy. Sometimes it blooms. In fact, it isn’t crafted, but a living plant, a “Iron Tumble-Cactus”, that can be found in the desserts of Menagerie. This plant grows so slow, it takes 100 years to get a meter tall. Like Tumbleweed it is often not fixed to the ground and just rolls through the sand, because it can stand long periods without water or nutrients. Sina takes good care of it, sometimes she even digs a little hole in the ground and puts her weapon in so it can grow strong and hard. The cactus did not have the perfect shape when she found it, but, stubborn as she is, she pushed it every day and put weights on it until it grew in the boomerang shape.

    Skills: Even though her legs look clumsy, she can use them to run fast and do jumps and backflips, and they’re perfect for kicking people behind her. She is not very strategic and would just run at her opponent in ramming speed, throwing her weapon and hitting them with it from close distance. It needs a lot of skill to use this weapon, because it must be thrown in a perfect angle to return plus it is difficult to catch and hold it because of the spikes everywhere.

    She can carry heavy weights over long distances.

    She has a bit of a natural authority, because she had to get along with all her older brothers when she was little. Despite her being nasty sometimes she gives great motivational speeches. She was the only one being able to control and contain Adam a bit.

     Semblance: Supercharge

    When she doesn’t move, her aura recharges way faster than normally. She really has to stand still, don’t blink, best not even breathe. This makes her profit from situations where people freeze or stun her and think she is contained, because she can then use her regained strength to break free. She usually uses it for recharging after some exchange of blows and dashing against her enemies with force. Has potential in combination with Jaune’s Semblance.

    History: She comes from a working-class family. Her parents worked in Atlas in the Dust mines to earn a living for the lifestyle in Menagerie and their many children. (They did not die in some tragic accident or smth, the father just has a bad cough from the Dust… dust.) All in the family have horse-like features, like ears, tails, hooves or a mane. Sina’s favourite brother was a calm guy with zebra ears, who would always listen to her complaining about life. The whole family loves to run, so this was an important family activity. Sina was be the slowest, but the one with the most stamina.

    Unlike Blake, Ocean or Adam, she comes from a poor family, that is not only seen as scum from the humans of Atlas, but also questioned by the Faunus in Menagerie, because they were not to educated and the parents “sold themselves” to humans. This is the reason why she could identify with Adams ideas and why she could justify using force to build a world where she would be accepted.

    Likes: Her brother; good beer;food in general; making fun of people; compliments; her weapon; long walks; karaoke; (secretly Ocean)

    Hates: Her legs; people talking bad about her, her family and her friends; water (because of her legs she’s a bad swimmer)

    Trivia: Her team-move with Adam is called “Raised in a barn”: It would start with her kicking Adam in the direction of the enemy with a backflip, him trying to absorb as much damage as possible with his semblance, her landing on her feet, throwing Cactus Flower into the direction of her opponent, running around them in a circle, dashing to the back of the enemy, catching her weapon and crashing into the enemy’s back the same time Adam deals all the absorbed damage.

    Her Team-Move with Ocean would be called “Unicorn dash”. (he hates it, but it makes sense because he is the horn and Sina is the horse… well…) Ocean would jump as high as possible, firing his harpoon on the ground. He then would land on Sina’s shoulders and she would run with him holding the other end of the harpoon in circle, so that the tense chain of the harpoon would throw all opponents out of the circle. Ocean would at some point haul in the tip of the harpoon, allowing Sina to run straight in the direction of one enemy, maintaining all her momentum, and then they would spear their target.

     Add. Theory: Faunus with pet or cattle trait such as cat-, dog-, horse-, sheep-, goat- or bull-like Faunus are so common, because in the time the Faunus were just slaves or even considered as animals or demons they were allowed to breed / were spared from being killed because people thought they were useful and more easily to handle than Faunus with traits of wild animals.

  • Atalante


    #33705984 - 3 months ago

    Hey guys! Long post incoming.

    Since I watched the last ep of season 5, I have an idea for a fanfiction containing mostly Canon characters, but some OCs as well.

    So, there are 3 of them I really wanna have someone look over. They were friends with Adam when they all were kids, and even trained together to join the Academy of Haven someday. They even had a team name: OASS – Oasis (Ocean, Adam, Sina, Selena). All of them are Faunus.

    They spent their time together in Menagerie and interacted also with small Blake and maybe Ilia.

    When Adam and Blake joined the White Fang, Ocean and Sina followed them, but Ocean left it as soon as he noticed the violence they practice increased.

    Nowadays, they are spread all over Remnant.

    Their weapons are simplistic, so they deal a bit less damage than usual weapons, but they don’t need any dust ammo, which makes the users independent from the Schnee Corporation.


    Name: Ocean Mås (Swedish “Ocean Seagull)

    Species: Faunus (Narwhale)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Height: 5´8´´

    Colours: Midnight blue, dark grey, white, turquoise details

    Influence: I don’t quite know. He’s a little bit like the North Sea. Also like the writer Franz Kafka. Would not fit the Swedish language in his name, though. Maybe the legends of unicorns.

    Personality: He’s shy, a real introvert. Maybe a bit passive. But a good listener. Really likes his friends and would do everything for them. Hates injustice, especially against the faunus. Hates unnecessary cruelty. Intelligent and fast thinker, great strategist. Due to is semblance and his faunus trait he sadly is very likely to suffer from sensory overload and headaches. Then, he needs to spend some time on his own.

    Appearance: His most noticeable feature is his narwhale horn, a twisted, 27 ´´ long horn, that sits in the middle of his forehead. Its sensitive and definitely no use in direct fighting, in fact, it is his weak spot (for being bulky and heavy and stuff).

    He has short midnight blue hair, grey eyes, somehow olive but pale skin, as if he never gets any sun. He wears glasses, because his eyes are optimized for underwater use, but they barely work on land. He constantly loses his glasses when he takes a swim, though.

    Usually wears a white shirt, blue jeans and a grey scarf embroidered with his emblem (a wave crossed by a fish spear surrounded by drops) in blue.

    Weapon of Choice: Second Horn/Mantas Stinger (not sure about the name yet) It is a harpoon that can be used in close combat as well as in ranged combat. The harpoon is fixed to the shaft with a metal chain. It works completely mechanical which is useful for fighting under water. It can also fire up to three tear-proof nets on his opponents. It has two additional chains so one can wear it a bit like a backpack (useful under water, because it stays in place better this way.)

    Skills: He is water Faunus, so he’s obviously a good swimmer. He can hold his breath up to at least 20 minutes (like many whales he has special red blood cells, that can hold way more oxygen). Has improved water vision, but bad vision on land. Hates it, when someone touches his horn. Narwhales use their “horn” (in fact it’s a tooth) for orientation, because it can sense the slightest vibration, so I guess Ocean could do this, too. This helps him to perceive his surroundings, even when he lost his glasses again.

    Although he prefers fighting under water, he is a tough opponent on land, too. Due to his super-perception and his intelligence, he can predict the moves of his enemies to some degree, and he can learn new moves quickly, because he always knows his position in the 3rd dimension. Plans group attacks and can coordinate all his teammates at once.

    Semblance: Improved Sonar

    He can sense every person and every item in a sphere of variable size around him. This sounds lame at first, but it makes it almost impossible for enemies to sneak up to him. He can even, for example, sense dust underground. The problem with this semblance is that is difficult for him to limit the size of the sphere, so all the input can make his brain hurt very easily. In this case, he loves to go and float far offshore, because there is almost nothing to distract him out there.

    History: His mother is an Orca-type Faunus, his father a Seagull Faunus with military background. They lived in a house under water near the haven of Kuo Kuana. Ocean and his father did never like each other.

    He was best friends with Adam Taurus when they were young. He also knew Blake, but they never really talked, because Blake was always with Taurus. Sina and Ocean are fighting most of the time. Selena really likes him.

    He joined the White Fang because of Adam and because he thought it was a noble thing to fight for justice, but he noticed that Adam changed. Not only that he paid no attention to him, his loyal friend, but he seemed to turn mad without Ocean having any influence on him. Although Adam always had been narcistic and hot-headed, he now began to be just cruel and insane.

    Likes: Swimming, playing chess, reading, talking about philosophy, Sushi

    Hates: Being called unicorn (Adam and Sina do this), Headaches, his horn (he hates to be a faunus), injustice, noise, his father and his expactations

    Trivia: His team-move with Adam would be called “Three-horned Beast”. Ocean would shoot his harpoon, missing his enemy. Adam would then dash towards their opponent and distract him with massive amounts of stabs/hits, while ocean would haul in the harpoon, impaling the enemy with one of the stingers sitting on the pike that faces backwords.

    Add. Theory: Faunus often like food similar to what the animal of their faunus trait would like, because their metabolism is a bit different to human metabolism and similar to their connected animal. You can find enzymes and proteins in Faunus bodies that usually cannot be found in normal humans. This allows Faunus to have specific abilities, Ocean for example has blood with a higher oxygen-binding capacity, which makes him able to hold his breath for an increased amount of time. Now, would Blake be poisoned if she would drink coffee or eat chocolate? (They contain caffeine/theobromine, which are both toxic to cats because they lack the enzymes to decompose them.) Don’t know, maybe she would, maybe she has the enzymes because of the human part of her metabolism and her cat instinct makes her avoid it.

  • Atalante


    #33705989 - 3 months ago

    Name: Selena Onyx (Selena means moon in Greek, Onyx is a black stone, but also referring to the Greek word “nyx” which means night)

    Species: Faunus (Moth)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 23

    Height: 5´9´´

    Colours: Black, purple (Byzantium), silver, mahogany

    Influence: I really don’t know. Maybe she has the Butterfly effect?

    Personality: She is mute by birth. Communicates with her friends and family through a sign language similar to ASL. She always has a notebook with her to communicate with others by scribbling or writing down what she wants to say. Ocean is good in sign language, because he can see what gesture she is doing, even when he is not looking, whereas Sina is too impatient for long talks in sign language.

    Even if she could talk, Selena would prefer to stay silent most of the time though. If there is someone more introvert then Ocean, it is her.  People act like she was invisible some time, because she is so quiet. She loves to watch people from the distance and by this she learned a lot about human relationships, which makes her able to kind of read people. She seems slow, but she just takes time to think a thing completely through before she talks about it.

    Her fighting style is defensive, she prefers to fight from the distance or sneak up on her opponents. Would not attack if not attacked first or told to do by a team mate.

    Appearance: She has long, black hear with a purple shine. Usually wears it in a long braid on her back. Has dark skin und light, almost white eyes. (Maybe silver eyes, ‘cause I would like her as a teacher for Ruby).

    Her Faunus traits are her feathery moth-antennae. They are purple with silver tips and she moves them depending on her mood just like Blake moves her ears.

    She almost never wears shoes. Wears a dress with a complicated green and white pattern, a belt pouch made of light brown material and, sometimes, a black robe with a silver brooch. She has a ring made of mahogany wood with silver ornaments and her emblem, the scattered moon of remnant sitting on a stalk as if it were a flower.

    She is left handed.

    Weapon of Choice: Mirror shards

    Two silver and black slingshots that also can be used as daggers.

    How is having two slingshots useful? Because of her trained manual dexterity Selena can hold one slingshot in each hand and load and bend the slingshots with the other hand, accomplishing a good hit rate.

    Why not use guns? Slingshots have the great advantage that one can use almost anything as ammo. Guns need bullets, so u either need to craft them on your one or buy them. With a slingshot u can use stones or steel balls as well as raw dust pieces to make decent damage, but u can as well use sand or dirt as ammo to blind an enemy or u can even throw small items (such as healing potions for example) to your teammates.

    This weapon is best used to distract or incite a single enemy so u can sneak up on them and surprise them with a stealth attack.

    Skills: She is deft and stealthy, which helps her in hand on and combat as well as in using her weapon as well as in avoiding attention in every day situations.

    Has increased smelling ability as well as haptic abilities because of her antennae. Her eyes can see in the dark like other Faunus’ eyes, but she is a bit far-sighted.

    She is trained to read people’s body language, because she rather stands apart and listens when other people talk than participating in their conversation.

    When she is older, she will know everything about herbs and spices and a bit about medicine.


    Semblance: Colour Reading

    Selena can see “the colour” of ones Aura, in other words the character and the mood a person currently is in. This means she can see at first sight if a person is rather introverted or extroverted, relaxed or ambitious etc. She can draw her conclusions from what she sees and try and guess the semblance a person has, but she will just have a vague idea.

    She can see the mood of a person, if she watches them, so she knows if someone is calm, exited, sad, angry, if someone is hurt or if someone’s Aura is about to break.

    When she really knows somebody and concentrates on him or her, she can get an idea of what he or she is thinking. Like, she can see whether someone thinks about food, his family, his enemy, his past etc., so she can`t really read someone’s thoughts, but again can gain some vague ideas about it.

    The more she focusses on her semblance and the more information she wants to collect about people, the more Aura it costs her. She cannot totally blend it out, though, she always sees the main colour of people’s character.

    History: Her parents both were oryx-type Faunus, so they were expecting to have a oryx-type child. When Selena was one and a half years old, it was clear that her little antennae could not be some kind of misshapen horns, so the father left her mother. (I don’t know how important monogamy is to the people of Remnant in general, since there is barely any problem with Ruby and Yang having different mothers, but to this father it surely was an important issue.) It is not clear, if her mother did indeed cheat on her husband or if their child is just a whim of nature.

    Because of this, her mother became a withdrawn but hard-working person. She still loved her daughter, but she had difficulties to show it.

    Selena turned out to be mute when she was five years old and still not spoke one word. They found out that it was some sort of neurological problem, but they could not fix it in menagerie. The only thing Atlas did to help them was to give them a technologically outdated device that could measure the brainwaves of a person through some electrodes on the persons head, proceed it and give some emotionless computer-voice as output. Selena hated it, because it was uncomfortable, creepy and hard to control, so she never really used it.

    She hated Adam from the beginning, because she was able see what bad person he is.

    Adam on the other hand never liked her for being so silent, boring and, in his eyes, useless. He wanted to kick her out of the “team”, he wanted to form a Team with Blake, Ocean and Sina, that he wanted to call Team “ABOS” (a boss), because he wanted to rule beacon like a boss. Ocean had to stop him several times when Adam tried to bully Selena out of the team, whereas Sina would just laugh about the stupid Team name (“it’s not even a colour, douchebag!”).

    Likes: Ocean, starring at the moon, fruit juice, juggling (another way to train her dexterity), drawing in her notebook, the woods at night, fireflies, nice smells

    Hates: Adam, crowded areas, people staring at her, alcohol, seeing someone hurt, snow, people trying to touch her antennae

    Trivia: Her team-move with Ocean would be called “Blue Morpho” (like the blue Butterfly). It is a simple move, both of them would focus on one side (usually Selena would take the left side because she is left-handed) and defend every attack by using their semblances excessively to predict every move of the enemies, even if there is a large number of them, allowing their teammates to rest, regain some energy or to prepare more attacks. Ideally, Ocean and Selena would even be able to start counter attacks and to push their enemies back.

    Her team-move with Sina is called “Silver Thistle”. It is a finishing move, with Selena marking and blinding an enemy who is almost out of Aura with a silver colour bomb, which is a sign for Sina to constantly follow the enemy, while Selena is trying to stun the enemy by hitting them with electric dust or just hitting their legs with stones from her slingshots.

    She has no team-move with Adam.


    Add. Theory: Faunus Genetics is explained by Qrow in a WoR episode, but it is a bit more complicated than that.

    When two Faunus with the same animal trait have a child together it is likely to have the same trait. This makes sense. Similar Genes, similar offspring.

    When a human and a Faunus have a child, it has the same trait as it’s Faunus parent (maybe in a milder form?), which indicates that Faunus Genes are dominant.

    When two completely different Faunus have a child, it could have any animal’s trait. But why? In my opinion, Faunus DNA is somehow instable, which allows the DNA of other animals they came in touch with (by ingestion or touching or breathing something in that contains the animals DNA) to be collected in a pool of genetic information on an extra chromosome. Grimm, Plants and Bacteria have different DNA than animals, so they would just “not fit” into the Faunus DNA.

    So, what happens exactly when a Faunus has a child? At first, their “active” DNA is checked for compatibility with the “active” DNA of their partner. The active DNA contains information about the animal, the position of the visible trait, the further metabolic consequences, the habitat of the animal, the class of animal etc. If the active animal DNA is the same in both parents, the child will have the same traits as their parents.

    If some information differs, the silent extra DNA pool will be searched and the information that does not fit will be filled with the next random information that does fit the rest of the information. Example:

    Oceans mother is a Faunus with the information: Orca, fluke instead of human feat, ocean, likes fish

    His father has the information: Seagull, wings on back, ocean, likes fish

    It is very likely that their child lives somehow near the ocean and likes fish. The other information is not clear. Narwhale information fits, but it requires both parents to have come in contact with narwhale DNA, which is easy If they swam anywhere in the northern sea.

    It is harder for totally different Faunus to get children, because they would have the have a fitting passive genepool, which also would explain why there are so many cat and dog Faunus.

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    Oh, I really want to read about her! 

    She is working well as a character, because her character fits her background story, her flaws and skills are balanced and, of course, I love to read about gay characters! Also, she sounds really cute.

    @ all

    Sorry, my posts got a bit out of order plus a huge wall of text. But I would be happy if someone would fight his way through the poor grammar and share his thoughts about the 3 Characters.

    I am like a cat on hot bricks for the last few days, cause i really wanna get started with my fanfic idea.

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    Alright, I've gone through Chapter 2.

    That was some exciting stuff.

    I should be able to get to 3 and 4 next weekend.

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    Hi, everybody. I just thought I'd swing by with another prompt: your OCs react to this in a


    NJ: "Oh--" (sputters in laughter) "Dude."


    Aqua: (laughs) "That's NJ right there."


    Azura: "So, how many times is it going to...oh--pbfth--" (laughs)


    Kin: (while drinking a glass of milk) (spits said milk out as he laughs) "It came out of my nose..."


    Blaine: (laughing) "Those guys...!"


    Daisy: (desperately tries not to laugh but cracks up anyway) (sigh) "That might count."


    Idunn: (falls on the floor, laughing) "Help me! I'm dying!"


    Monty: "I wonder how many cr(giggle)abapples that squirrel ate." (snicker) "...yeah, I've failed."


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    Herman Grauer: *Amused Short* followed by looking over the trench and noticing multiple enemies bearing down on his position. "Yeah, time well spent."

    Jon Oliva: "Har! Oh wait, I wasn't meant ta laugh. Ach, pass some of those crabapples  'ere, son."

    Beckendorf: *Vein dilates above right eye* "M-must n-not laugh....(hysterical laughter)....damn it, go home drunk, you're squirrel."

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    This question isn't OC related, but if someone could answer it I'd be very grateful. So really long story short, I was designing some symbols to represent various academies in my original series, and I wanted to look up reference pictures to get some ideas for more, but I have no clue what the name of the art style I used is.... if it even has a name. I feel like it does have a specific art style name, but not being able to think of it is driving me crazy. Does anyone know? Here's the two symbols I've got so far:

    Symbol 1

    Symbol 2

    Also, can I just say I'm really proud of how these turned out, because I am TERRIBLE at anything art related, and I did these using MS paint, with a mouse (granted, using the various shape tool eliminated 90% of the harder stuff, but still).