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  • Fwee


    #33592980 - 2 months ago

    I'd just like to have it on record that I appreciate your knowledge and I love your generous use of images.

  • Flagwaver


    #33593563 - 2 months ago


    Viridian carries Caliber-X, a variable form Assault Rifle Bastard Sword (ARBS).  It can carry a thirty-round magazine and can accept either Dust ammunition or a direct infusion of powder or crystals.  In its bastard sword configuration, it can fire single-shot at short range.  In its carbine configuration, he uses the blade as a bayonet and can fire it in single-fire or three-round burst at medium ranges.  In the standard configuration, the assault rifle, it is accurate at long ranges and has the additional option of fully-automatic fire.  It stores across his back in assault rifle configuration.




    Ikkonzome’s weapons, Kame and Kaze, are normal pistols that can accept dust ammunition or shoot normal rounds.  With a flick of the wrist, she opens them into a pair of battle fans.  These fans have a razor edge and can block most any attack.  The face of Kami has a painting of a sunrise on the ocean while Kaze has a moonrise on the ocean.


    The wide and flowing movements of her martial art lend to moving her fans around herself in a defensive circle, shielding her from incoming attacks while slicing at any opponents in melee range.  Besides fighting, her fans also allow her to glide and maneuver in the air as well as slow herself for a soft landing from high falls.


    When charged with dust ammunition, her pistols act like any other pistol with similar ammunition.  Hers fans, on the other hand, are able to blow the effects of the dust against her enemies.




    Liath is armed with Sceitseala.  It is nothing more than a sketchbook with a charcoal stylus attached to it.  The edges look brand new, but the pages have charcoal marks on them as if things have been erased from the blank pages.


    There are three distinct sections in the sketchbook, each with a tabbed card-page to separate them.   The first section is full of pages and pages of projectiles in every shape and size; from single high caliber bullets to smaller multiple bullets like a machine gun would fire, to large grenades.  The second section contains various depictions of Grimm in every shape and size.  The third section contains beautifully depicted sketches of Huntsmen and Huntresses with their weapons in various poses and movements complete with the motion lines to show how they are moving.


    Liath’s semblance allows him to case whatever is drawn into reality.  Bullets become fired projectiles.  The living characters take on a life of their own, but retain the appearance of a black sketched version.  If Liath uses a dust pencil to draw the characters or rounds, then they have the empowerment of the dust color used.




    Tuttifrutti’s weapon of choice is Nox, a dust-infused whip.  Because of the infusion of dust, Nox becomes like an extension of Tuttifrutti’s arm when she wields it in combat.  Though the whip is only eight feet in length, it can strike enemies up to twenty feet away and can wrap around anything she wants at the same distance.


    In reality, Nox is a Grimm that has been transmogrified into a whip.  In order to control it, Tuttifrutti had to give up part of her soul.  As a result, she went from a happy and bright child to a humorless goth.

  • Hydra645


    #33619352 - 1 month ago

    I've been trying to think of a which of multiple options for an Oc and his weapon(s) to go with for a while now and I think I've finally come to a decision.

    The weapon is to play into his semblance, which is to teleport to a recently touched object. Not sure about a name, but the weapons I've come up with are a pair of Chakram that can be affected by dust to produce an effect when they hit something, whether they ricochet or slice through. I was trying to think of an idea that could also include a gun of some kind, but I've decided to scrap that since I feel like there's not enough characters with weapons that don't have guns of some kind. I feel like his semblances mobility, and the fact that the weapons can be thrown make up for it anyway.

  • Exiakaiser


    #33627351 - 1 month ago

    I'm designing one, but I only have words.  Its a large Double-bit Axe that separates in a way to become two Sub Machine Guns.

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33629335 - 1 month ago

    In reply to Hydra645  you might want to have more then two there is nothing that says your limited to two.  Gren Darcy of team ndgo uses multiple throwing daggers you could keep teleporting around the battle field so you could have 3 or 4 chakram in the air while you keep a pair in your hand to use as melee weapons. 

    In reply to Exiakaiser Are you thinking of working guns the blade into the blade or the shaft

    Iron Sage a hammer that turns into a revolver type rocket gun. the ammunition is based on real world gyro jet rounds which were rocket ammunition instead of conventional bullets.  The rocket ammunition also allow the hammer to be used as a welding torch 

    Iron Sage 

    <img src=" alt="Iron Sage 2 by brightbrawn">

  • Hydra645


    #33629510 - 1 month ago

    In reply to PaperGodzilla this is true, I was just thinking of him throwing them and then teleporting to keep 2 in his hands, but I guess having extra's would make him more versatile.

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33638130 - 3 weeks ago

    Celestial Chorus: a monks spade combined with an automatic rifle.  a monks spade is a Chinese pole arm a flared spade blade on one end the other end a crescent shaped blade.  the weapon is linked with Buddhist monks. the gun is based on the (BAR) M-1918 Browning Automatic Rifle firing 30-06 Springfield  the bi-pod on the front is beefed up and the but sock is larger.   the bi-pod flip forward and folds into the crescent blade the but stock unfolds like a a books and extends out form the base to become the pole arm.  When fighting recoil of the gun can be use to trust the spade blade into targets the crescent blade centers on the muzzle. so you can pin targets between the crescent blade and fire a burst into them point blank.   standard dust ammo can be used but the character prefers standard ammo and gravity ammo for moving with the gun.  current idea is they carry it as the rifle slung over shoulder but might have a compact mode were barrel folds back for smaller traveling package

    the weapon (simple image)

    Celestial Chorus

    weapons its based on

    Monk Sade


  • e-moss


    #33640490 - 3 weeks ago

    I've been working on this idea for the last couple of days, I call it the Chain Drive.  There are gauntlets connected to a backpack by tubes.  Each gauntlet can extend a heavy chain at great speed.  The tubes move the chains from the backpack to the gauntlets.  At the end of the chains are 12 inch spikes.  The user could use the chains as whips, with slashing damage from the spiked ends, as grapples to quickly move about the battlefield, with the chains all the way retracted and just the spikes out, one could some punching, and I imagine you could b*tch slap the hell out of a grimm by retracting the chain mid-slap to gain insane velocities.  I'm thinking that to reduce encumbrance during non-combat situations, the chain tubes could quickly detach from and reattach to the gauntlets and be holstered on the thighs.  Dust could be optionally used to coat the chains for a variety of effects.  Any ideas for refinement?  I'm thinking about sketching or 3D modeling this later, but I'm not the best artist.

  • ImmaThinkin


    #33640598 - 3 weeks ago

    In reply to e-moss

    Sounds like one of those backpack belt machine gun systems, except... more of a morning star/ gauntlet hybrid.


    So, what if the gauntlets and spikes assemble into a machine gun or a Dust-thrower- like a flamethrower but it uses Dust?

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33640659 - 3 weeks ago

    In reply to e-moss

    you might want to look into the martial arts weapon of a chain whip.

    In reply to ImmaThinkin

    I had an idea similar to this where the back pack was a shield.  so when on the back you pull the ammo belt out to feed the weapon. in melee combat the shield was then moved to the arm

    whats interesting Is I have been working on a flexible weapon myself. 

    the idea is a weapon that starts as a baton.  a lash extends out form one end.  when wielded by the baton end it works like a bull whip. when wielded by the lash end it becomes a Chinese rope dart.  the weapon is going to use dust as it ranged attack like Myrtenaste. different types of dust are inserted in to the baton like the clip of an automatic pistol so to change from fire dust to ice dust a clip must be exacted and a new one inserted.  the rope dart delvers large concentrated blast of dust on impact with target. the bull whip can throw the dust as the whip cracks. usually sending the dust out in a slashing like attack.  when in baton form the weapon either delivers dust on impact in melee combat or is used like a wand. the dust used more like magic where it requires the users will to use it but this requires more concentration to use safely

  • Hydra645


    #33644614 - 1 week ago

    In reply to e-moss I know some people don't always like taking ideas from other characters, but if you're not one of them, I'd recommend checking out different incarnations of the Marvel/Iron Man villain Whiplash, as it sounds somewhat close to what he uses, at least the whip part anyway.

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33645368 - 1 week ago

    Espino Fuego  (Spanish translation for firethorn) 

    The weapon itself is a combination of a nagamaki and an owen gun, a submachine gun.

    Nagamaki is Japanese sword with a long handled close to or the length of the blade.  The weapon is kind of a cross between a sword and a polearm. The gun is based on the owen gun a submachine gun used by  Australian forces in WWII.  The gun is the long handle of the nagamaki the grips fold flush with the body of the gun the magazine stays out. The nagamaki blade folds and slides under the own gun to become the butt of the owen gun.  The blade will use fire dust for flaming sword effect. The gun usually use standard ammunition. The gun can be fired in both forms, in nagamaki form it fires out the bottom of the handle.

    the weapon simple images

     Espino Fuego

    based on


    Owen Gun