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Farewell, Monty Oum - Mourning Thread

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  • Crowgale


    #33667130 - 1 month ago

    I didn't actually know of Monty's existence until roughly March 2015, when I first happened across RWBY when both Vol 1 & 2 were on Netflix but I sorta glossed over them... was only moseying towards other things at the time. About a month later when I finally stuck my toe into the series and got pulled into a raging torrent of awe and beauty, I nose-dived into the fandom and finally learned what had eluded me so many times.

    This man, a Legend in no simpler terms, had passed on.

    It was a truth that stung the soul. I'd only been with the series a week and yet in that time I had grew to love it so much the news hit like a brick... with the brick being a crunchie and the shock of it making you recoil and bang your head off a bookcase.

    At the time and long before then, I wanted to become a Author... but I had hit a creative block and hadn't written anything in months.

    When Exam season came around I decided to dabble in it again. I went to my room, pulled out my laptop and started writing... and immediately got bored.

    So I put on me PS4, went onto Netflix and out of impulse (and because there was feck all else on) in put on Vol 1 and half-watched half-listened to it as I got into writing. By the end of the night I had written a full chapter and was half-way through the next one.

    It dawned fairly quickly to me that having RWBY on in the background helped me write.

    So I got to writing with that on in the background, spending a bit too much of time I should have used to study for GCSE's.

    Then when summer came I continued to repeat this process, alternating between RvB and RWBY as I wrote page after page, finally putting thoughts into words to create a story I had been building for years.

    3 Months, 313 pages, 180,000 odd words and only the stars know how many times I watched both series on a loop. I was able to commit the lines and the fight scenes to memory, I still dream of taking flying kicks to the cranium and waking up with migraines.

    Two years on and I'm a published author... psych, I'm actually in editing hell! 313 pages of crap to edit through, a significantly large word-count to drop by 10,000 and many changes I need to make to even be pleased enough with it to want to publish it.

    Why am I saying all this you ask? I'll tell you.

    Because even though I'm in writer's limbo, I'm determined to continue. Monty Oum- a man I never met and will never meet, through his legacy and his story alone, has taught me that to create something is to devote the soul and the heart to it in the hopes it touches the heart and souls of others.

    If the challenge is to create something that makes the world a better place then I will meet it head-on, I will do it!

    Thank you Monty Oum, for the stories you made and the ones that you left behind. I cannot truly mourn your death, so instead I shall celebrate your life and legend. 

    And with luck may we meet in the beyond... preferably in a bar in the beyond, if heaven hath no pubs I will be pissed.