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  • DakotaAnselmo

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    #32842545 - 3 years ago

    Hey guys. I have a lot of RWBY OCs. I was thinking that one day, RT will do an OC contest and a winner's OC will be part of a cast. My OC entry will be Dimone Adalwolfa. What do you guys think?

  • silver_jack


    #32843604 - 3 years ago

    sounds good what are the weapons and semblance for the charecter?

  • DakotaAnselmo

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    #32843707 - 3 years ago

    In reply to silver_jack #32843604

    I will post my OC's Bio sometime today or tomorrow.

  • YAMF2


    #32844881 - 3 years ago

    That would be pretty cool to see, i would be down to do that if they ever want to make a contest based on original creates character by their fans : )



    #32847893 - 3 years ago

    First name: Mirei, Mirage, or Mireille...I'm not sure of which name, Raven is taken... Last name: Sephtis or Eris. For my OC, I can't draw a pic, but stay with me. A intimidating beauty. My OC has long purple hair, parted in middle, with a antenna ;) The outfit is a bluish, purple cloak. What she wears is a black leather- tight pants, a halter top. A silver sash tied around the waist loosely, where she keeps some weapons(short sword, parts of a bow an arrow which she can fit together, bombs, flash bangs, smoke screen, etc. She has black wrappings around her fists and arms- she hides throwing knives, ninja stars in there. Her eyes are a dark purple color with flecks of silver and black, also cat like(HINT HINT). She has a tan figure like Yoruichi from Bleach(another HINT HINT). Her main weapon is a large sword that can be taken apart to form two swords, it has chains with blades which she can use like Blake. She doesn't use this weapon often, only if she really needs it, it makes her more powerful,but it takes a toll on her. A red, thornlike tattoo thing grows after she uses it, it causes her severe pain. She mostly uses martial arts, which she's a expert at. Her sword is shaped like Nariko: The Heavenly Sword, but it's black, with a silver ribbon, the designs are blue thornlike. Her semblance is like Raven' s power from the show Teen Titans that aired on Cartoon Network in 2003. Mirei? has a dark past, and her personality is dark. People think she's emotionally dead, except for when she gets angry(you better run!), but that's because she doesn't want to get hurt... again. She's sarcastic with a monotonous voice, she's an awesome singer like a siren, controlling people with her voice by singing. She hates doing that though, doesn't want to take people's will from them. Her shoes, er, boots, are black. Her eyes have black around it, like heavy eyeliner, she has charcoal black, long eyelashes. Got into Beacon a half a year into the semester. Doesn't want to be evil, but finds herself falling.

  • EternalxEnigma


    #32847989 - 3 years ago

    My OC is Eiji Wakahisa. He is a laid back, smart, nerdy (he really likes video games and books), sarcastic, funny, and lazy person. He is a bit shy, not liking to introduce himself to others or start conversations, but is really friendly once you get to know him. He is more than capable of being a strong leader but prefers to sit in the back and work his own way. He tends to brood when alone due to his unhappy past but never lets his friends see because he feels that he needs to be strong so that those he cares about won't have to suffer too. He is about 6' tall, medium length brown hair, wearing jeans, a black t-shirt, and a grey sip-up hoodie (that he usually keeps unzipped). He wields twin daggers (he keeps them on his lower back) that interlock hilts to form a boomerang (he can also use dust to give them elemental attributes) and his semblance is a short term invisibility. He is quick on his feet and uses his abilities to the fullest keeping great mobility in combat and chaining together fluid strikes in close-mid range fights. He sticks to tactical combat over strength of arms, searching for weaknesses and exploiting openings over forcing them with strength.


    Wow 11 months since I made this post. Well this is as good of a time as any to work on this character. First I will give a little background. Eiji grew up in a turbulent home. He lived in a poor home with his Dad, a chronic gambler with anger issues, his mother, a borderline alcoholic, and his two sisters. Many nights he would lie awake listening to his parents fighting in the rooms below him.This led to him developing his "byronic hero" personality. He always felt that he could and should be doing more. He felt that he ought to help bring peace and prosperity to the world so families like his wouldn't have to worry about money or food. With that dream tucked inside he joined Signal to train to become a hunter. In his early years at Signal he was bullied for not being "strong, tough, or manly" preferring to read books over sparring. He quickly rose to the top of his class, but he always felt distant from all of it. That is when he first saw her. A new arrival at Signal. A vibrant, outgoing girl with a red cloak. He admired the way she was always in good spirits; how even when she was having a tough time she pushed on and made it out with a smile. Being a year younger than him the two never got the chance to interact with each other. Then one day she was gone. He hadn't noticed how something as little as a stranger's smile impacted him.What loss he would feel when it disappeared. Now colder than ever he completed his term. He got accepted to Beacon Academy, became a part of the team PENX (Phoenix). His team helped him break out of his shell little by little. Just as he seemed to turn a new leaf at Beacon, there she was again, the girl in the red hood.

    So as a wrap up (for those who didn't understand my not-so-subtle hints or just don't want to read all of the above)

    Name: Eiji Wakahisa (pronounced AY-jee Wa-ka- he-sa)

    Age: 16 (1 year older that Ruby)

    Gender: Male

    Weapon: Dual Dagger that lock together into a boomerang (Dust enhanced)

    Team: PENX (Phoenix; fyi if you have a OC and want to be a part of team PENX pitch your character to me and I'll see if it fits the dynamic prob will just want to know the character before i give the ok)

    Looks: 5'11, medium brown hair, Jeans, black t-shirt, grey zip up hoodie

    School: Beacon Academy

    ECT: Crush on Ruby (the kind where you tease them a little), troubled home, byronic hero type personality (don't know what that is? Google it. Boils down to defiant, cynical,brooding, loner, but with the capability of strong affection) but with a more lax and placid demeanor about him in public. He is a jokester and can often be found using his semblance for a Cheshire cat effect

    Not sure what else I can add. I'm not a skilled artist so I don't have photos. Open for interpretation I guess. Hope you like it.



    #32850789 - 3 years ago

    In reply to CINDERAVEN #32847893

    Maybe a halter top/tube top...

  • ellis-noir


    #32851715 - 3 years ago

    i am so in on this.

    Oc Shiraz Candace Moon,hawk faunes her symbol is a red butterfly w/ diamond shaped wings over a crescent moon. her hair is a flamboyant red and dyed in wight at the tips, she usually keeps it up in a bun and under a military style hat.her eyes the right is sky blue while the other has a gray tint of blue. has a darker shade of pail skin. Shiraz is not a very trust worthy person,she juges about a lot of things and is verry blunt when stating her mind,(such as a weapon that dose not fit with a persons outfit,even tough the weapons complement the person, or a bad book) after ganeing her trust she is loyal to the bond till the end. Student at haven academy, second year open silver jacket 3/4 sleeves wit a tee that's a grim face wearing biker gloves, her symbol on an armor shoulder plate on the right, a red sash around her waist the knot on the left side the tales hanging down to the knee also a cross belt a sheath for her two weapons. she wears jeans and combat boots. Semblance is trick shot, she can basically make impossible shots with deadly accuracy.her weapons are short sword handguns one is red - wight accents fallen angel and the other wight - red accents saint demon . Fallen angel has light dust infused into the bullets making nice flash bombs when the right cartage is used, the blade has lighting dust making lightning arks when in contact with others weapons saint demon has fire dust bullets, and earth blade, when she attacks she leads with the left hand holding saint demon. Shiraz prefers to not use her semblance when in combat with other people and goes for close combat low and on the toes, agents grim she wants to finish it as soon as possible with little interation.

  • Dagoron


    #32854359 - 3 years ago

    Screw it. Might as well post it.

    OC's name is Westley Aurum. Westley is brash, ambitious, and hot headed. He is typically described as being a student part-time and womanizer full-time. He makes many escapades into the world of women and typically strikes out every time. This does not stop him from remaining in the game however. He consistently acts cool and suave in an attempt to impress others. Despite this exterior, Westley is actually surprisingly caring and loyal to those he calls friend. He will almost always put his safety on the back burner if a friend or loved one is in danger.

    Westley wears a dark brown duster, white dress shirt with black vest (three gold buttons), brown slacks, dark boots, dark gloves with oversized cuffs, pocket watch in vest pocket. His aura color is bronze/dusty brown.

    Westley's weapon is called Asuran Reliquary. It's primary form takes the shape of two intricately crafted chakram inscribed with faintly glowing runes. These runes are Dust infused and cause explosions upon impact. The runes can also form medium ranged Dust attacks in the shape of a crescent arc. Westley has low level telekinetic control of his chakram. This is typically used to instantly recall them to himself after they are thrown.

    AR's alternate form has the two chakram taking position on the user’s arm (one at the elbow joint, the other one foot in front of the hand). Via a Dust catalyst, the chakram form an elaborate arm cannon. The cannon can fire highly volatile Dust bolts that vary in elemental affinity based on user preference.

    Westley's Semblance get's a bit more complicated. Dubbed by him, Quantum Grey Shift, QGS allows Westley to manipulate gravity on a localized scale. He can use QGS either on himself or on a single other person (only one person can be affected at a time). Use on himself can yield a number of results depending on how he manipulates the gravity (he calls beneficial effects granted by QGS "Grey Shifting" and detrimental effects "Dark Shifting"):

    Grey Shift 1 lightens the gravity on himself or someone else, allowing him/them an increase to speed and maneuverability.

    Grey Shift 2 increases the gravity and slightly increases his/their durability by compacting his/their cell structure tighter together as well as an added boost to his/their strength.

    In addition to the increase in durability/strength, Grey Shift 2 also weighs down on internal blood vessels causing them to move more slowly. The most significant impact this has on an effected party is that when grievously injured, they cannot go into shock from loss of blood or pain. This is due to the fact that the slower blood flow in their body allows them to retain blood rather than loose it quickly. Instead of a gushing flow from a full body shot, it's more of a trickle. This effect is ended immediately (and all the subsequent negative factors return) following either Westley falling unconscious or the time limit on his ability being reached.

    Dark Shift 1 increases the amount of gravity in constantly changing variables on the target making it much harder to move and attack.

    Dark Shift 2 decreases the amount of gravity sporadically on the target making it much harder to move competently.

    Using QGS is incredibly taxing on him and he can only maintain it for a total of five minutes per day unless he has a significant time to rest between uses (usually a minimum of four hours). The limit of one target can be bypassed by extreme focus, but the effects of a wide spread QGS only lasts 25 seconds. Following a wide spread QGS he cannot use it again for 24 hours, no matter how long he rests.

    I've got a semi-complex background written up for him, but probably not going to post it as the character concept itself is the only thing that would likely be used.

  • DakotaAnselmo

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    #32854450 - 3 years ago

    Name: Dimone Adalwolfa

    Color Representation: Red

    Race: Wolf Faunus

    Age: 34

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 137 lbs

    Status: Alive

    Team: DRAB

    Personality: Wise, Kind, Artistic, Brave, Calm, Introverted, Strict at times, Strong, and Mature

    History: Dimone was born and raised outside the kingdoms but was near Vale.

    During her childhood, she was a member of a White Fang, even during her times at Signal and Beacon. She is a leader of team DRAB at Beacon.

    4 years after graduation from Beacon, she left the White Fang due to the leader stepping down and a new one taking place with violent problem solving.

    When she left, she realized that her father, Rojelio Adalwolfa, has been captured by the White Fang. She is now a huntress and searched for her father for 6 years.

    She is married to her partner at Beacon, Argyros Silverman and had 4 children; 3 wolf faunus and one human. A names of the faunus children are Dimon who is named after her grandfather (oldest child), and a set of fraternal twins named Gin and Kin. The human child is a girl named Rose.

    Weapon: Silver Wolf Fang (Katana and Assault Rifle)

    Semblance and Aura: Ergokinetic Combat- an ability to fuse physical form with energy.

    She can fuse her aura in a physical form when she either clenches her fists or is about to kick her opponent.

    Weaknesses: Can be too calm, if she gets hit at a waist area, speed is not her thing, she often loses when outsmarted or when using her semblance too much, and hates seeing

  • IridescentIris


    #32854974 - 3 years ago

    This seems fun.

    Name: Iris Faye

    Race: Human

    Weapon & Semblance: Her 'Weapon' is a deck of playing cards made of pure diamond, and her Semblance is carbon manipulation. She can manipulate carbon to her will, which is how she uses her deck of cards as a weapon, either shooting them out at enemies, forming a makeshift sword with them, or creating walls to block attacks. She can also draw carbon from the air around her for more material to use, though it takes some time to gather any meaningful amount, and even longer to gain enough carbon to compress into a usable amount of diamond.

    Personality: The first thing anyone seems to notice about Iris is that she's Carefree, and very risky. Her fighting style is extremely risky, often charging into the center of battle and taking on the toughest enemies first. The reason why? She wants the thrill, she loves the feeling of adrenaline pumping through her veins. This also explains why she's a gambling addict. The money isn't a problem, seeing as she had an unlimited supply of diamonds. She liked the chance of it, how everything hinged on luck. It gives her just as much adrenaline as fighting. She's very hot-headed and stubborn, and extremely loud.

    Beyond the risk-taking and carefree facade, Iris is actually very friendly and loving, if she comes to care for someone, and often can be downright protective of them, constantly worrying about them. While being very reckless when it comes to herself, she often objects to her friend's doing anything that may cause them to be hurt, as she wishes to do everything she can to ensure they are safe. She's quite flirtatious, and very much a tease. (Juane would probably be a favorite target of hers). She also shows a very understanding and caring side if a friend is in distress. Though she seems carefree, she actually is always anxious about something or another, whether it be her friends, her current situation, or her past. One of her ways of dealing with this is through her alcoholism (this can be removed if needed). When she is able, she is usually drinking, though it's hardly noticeable in the way she acts, unless she has ingested very large amounts of alcohol.

    Fighting style: As mentioned above, Iris is extremely reckless, as in, she will go straight for the biggest group or the strongest enemy, and fight them. She rarely blocks, preferring to be offensive. Even her blocks tend to be offensive, either attempting to ricochet, or turn attacks, or stagger/disarm enemies. Her control range for semblance is about the same as Phyrra's, So if she shoots a card out further than her control range, she has to move closer to the card in order to retrieve it. She relies on speed and offense. Her cards can also be used to help her move, as she can use it to make platforms, or throw one of her diamond cards down, step on it, and then rapidly raise the card to launch herself a short distance into the air. She excels against less-mobile enemies, though she is on equal footing with those who can move at the same or higher speed than her. She's also at a disadvantage in long-range fights, as she loses cards that are launched beyond her control range and has to use a great deal of cards to form a shield that can reliably block bullets. She can be very strategic, but isn't good at adjusting those strategies in the heat of battle, and oftentimes can be seen continuing to fight a certain way, even if her plan at that moment had been foiled. She also tends to exhaust herself too quickly, leaving her badly-suited to drawn-out fights, and also spreads herself too thin if her friends are fighting alongside her, trying to defend them and fight at the same time.

    Appearance:It's preferable that she has tan skin, but a Caucasian skin color is acceptable. Eye color doesn't matter, choose what you think goes best. Her hair looks something like this(The one on the left, that's mostly white with the black tip. now change the black to purple.) Free-Shipping-New-Black-and-White-Japane

    As for clothing, she wears a purple-and-white striped scarf wrapped around her neck. Both ends to hang behind her, almost to her knees. She has a white cardigan on, as well as purple t-shirt beneath it. White shorts and purple thigh-socks, with white sneakers. (Clothing design can be changed, obviously).

    Her sleepwear is a simple set of comfortable white shorts and a purple t-shirt.

    Her body is very athletic, and she's about 5'9, making her of average height. Though she doesn't look like it, She's rather strong (But not extremely so)

    Bio: Iris is no stranger to corruption. Her father was drowning in it, and tried to drag her down into it as well. She never knew her mother, as she died when Iris was young. Her father was harsh, unforgiving. And when he discovered her semblance could create valuable gemstones, he became controlling. She became a possession to him, a way for him to make easy money. With the money, he did whatever he wished. He brought home different women every night, bought anything and everything he wanted, and paid to have those he disliked hurt. Iris didn't like his use of her gems to hurt others, so she objected. He didn't take it so well, and after that, she rarely objected. She lived in fear and hatred most of her life. It was here she found fighting as a way to vent her frustration, often sparring against others, eventually loving the adrenaline rush. it was in her search for ways to take her mind off things that she also discovered a passion for gambling, and drinking. So for the most part, she lived a secluded life with her father, venturing into the world only to fight and play and drink. However, she had one friend she knew as a child a fox faunus named Zeravica Rubin. As they grew up, Zeravica came upon hard times, and in order to help her friend out, Iris gave her some of her diamonds. As the years went on, Iris always gave a steady supply to her friend to help her. However, her father soon found out, and enraged that Iris's gems were not only his, he had Zeravica disappear one night. Iris attacked her father when she found out what he had done, and out of desperation he revealed Zeravica had not been killed. That night, Iris left home, bought forged documents, and made her way into Beacon Academy. A hunter could travel far and wide.... and that's what she needed to do to find her friend.

    ((anything and everything is subject to change, obviously))

  • Sword-play


    #32855734 - 3 years ago

    Hm, intriguing. I'm going to try this, probably do it bit by bit on this. I did a change to follow the supposed rules of making a RWBY OC that I found online. This character kinda got carried away with the whole motifs of cats, and I do apologize.


    OC Name: Cana Straparola

    Name's meaning: The first name a shortened version of "Cannella", which is italian for one of the colors of a British Shortfur's fur (Cinnamon); and the surname is the one of the author of "Puss in Boots".

    Hair color: Cinnamon brown

    Eyes: Amber

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female (if not already obvious)

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 185 lbs

    Home Kingdom: Vacuo

    Semblance: Chesire's grace- Cana has the ability to temporarily allow her to do the impossible using electrical charges. Her main trick is to walk-up walls or stick to another person with no sign of difficulty. However Cana can focus this ability and use it to allow her to glide down from high places or make large jumps. With her ability she can send electrity to the end of her weapons to send an extra shock to the fight.

    Weapon: "Byakko and Maahes"- Cana's main weapon of choice is a shuang fei zhua (dual flying claws) attatched to thick titanium cords with two pommels in the middle to affirm a good grasp. The cords wrap around to a mechanical belt which allows Cana to accurately and quickly pull and push the weapons to make an effect middle ground defense. When the claws are fully retracted to the pommel, Cana can lock them in place and load an ammo cartridge allowing her to rapidly shoot the tips of the weapon at an enemy while quickly replacing them; effectively making the locked claws into SMGs or automatic pistols.

    Because of how 'Byakko and Maahes' her best ground is the middle. Getting too close makes her unable to make effective speed of her swings, and can present errors in her aim, while being too far simply puts her out of reach. However, even with these flaws this young woman effectively can switch between offense and defense thanks to her two claws. Her biggest weakness though still remains anyone who can breach her circle, partially due to her fear of people being too close.

    -Story, in progress-

  • Santai

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    #32858463 - 3 years ago

    Oeh fun! I'll throw my hat into this ring, I made these a while ago and posted them somewhere else on a forum somewhere, but here goes.


    Might need to flesh them out a bit more but..

    This is team JSTR (pronounced Jester) comprised of the four OC’s Jazz, Sienna, Tea and Rouge. The backstory that I made up in my mind for them is that they’re hunters from a wandering caravan that travels outside the borders of the four remaining settled regions of Remnant. Though only touched upon briefly in a World of Remnant video, I thought the idea of people still living and disappearing in the wilderness of the world quite interesting.

    I Imagined the caravan to take in wayward people of different places wherever they go. These would include Faunus. Some would name them a “Circus” out of disrespect, but the caravan would take to the name more with pride than shame. I figured that since Grimm are attracted to negative emotions, most of the people in the caravan would have to be quite adept at controlling their emotions which would be mirrored in it’s protectors. Hunters from the Circus would have such control that when Grimm would attack, they alone would succumb to internal negative emotions, rage, fear, hate etc. to draw the Grimm to them and away from the people they’d be protecting. When those people they’d be safe they’d leave this battle-state and become less visible to the Grimm again. The weapons they use are somewhat different from those of other Hunters. Since upkeep of weapons with a lot of moving parts would be harder for people outside of the major cities. Their weapons have taken on a different appearance altogether because of this. Combining both tech and dust to essentially make the parts that do the “cutting” less susceptible to decay and dulling.

    The outfits the characters wear are designed to more easily take on the role of distraction. Though Grimm don’t see the difference of course, it is more for themselves, since an actor takes on a role more easily if he/she dresses the part. The designs themselves carry influences from different sources of clowns/tricksters/jesters in our own cultures and mythology.

    Jazz is the leader of the group and the sister of Tea. Wearing a dust claw and fighting more like a berserker. Though underneath the surface there is a lot of control, as is required from a Circus huntress. She cloaks herself from head to toe to embody the fear and hate with which she and her brother were treated as children. Though these idea’s might be similar to those of the White Fang, she doesn’t differentiate between Human or Faunus as the Circus houses both. Her design is influenced by renaissance jesters and warlocks and was originally my submission to the Velvet design contest.…

    Sienna lost his arms due to the strain his semblance puts on his body. His semblance being the ability to create hard light objects. His semblance requires him to imagine an object perfectly in order for it to remain stable. This is something his current mechanical eye helps him with greatly, as it can simply project what he wishes to create. Making it not necessary to imagine something from scratch. Both his arms and eye were created by several mechanically brilliant people that call the circus their home. His arms being again a combination of dust and tech and being able to withstand the pressure his ability puts on them. His design is influenced by renaissance jesters and western clowns.

    Tea is the probable the most laid-back person from the team. It’s his semblance that enables him to wield the sword he does. Though the weight of the sword is less than it seems, Tea’s possesses increased muscle density enabling him to run faster and have more strength than other people. Though these traits aren’t as extreme as say Ruby’s or Yang’s (when enraged) they are more in balance with each other and allow a greater degree of control. It’s for this reason that he often takes on more of a “tank” role when in combat. He also carries dust-bombs on his belt. His design is influenced by monks, tricksters and the mythical creature Faun.

    Rouge is the “mage” of the group, firing dust blasts from the orbs of her staff. She’s also the most athletic and energetic of the group. She’s the only one from the group that was born in the wilderness her mother being a Circus huntress before her. Her design is influenced by western clowns with a touch of a certain DC character.

  • Hindle

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    #32860285 - 3 years ago

    For those of you interested there is a Fannon site

  • BluePixelz


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  • CameronAR


    #32938477 - 3 years ago

    I think this would be an awesome contest for Rooster Teeth to do! Though, sadly I have no idea where to find the contests anymore since they re-did the RT website.

  • 09philj


    #32938616 - 3 years ago

    If only I could competently wield a pencil or write fiction beyond a few isolated lines or speeches. I have the idea for a character, but I have nothing to do with it. Eh, I can always stick it here. Someone else can take the idea, or elements of it, and run with if they like it enough. Better that than it languishing in my head doing nothing.

    Coal Eisenturm

    Physical appearance: Human. Fairly average height. Thin, but not muscular. Dark brown hair. Wears thick spectacles. Wears a nice but plain black three piece suit, neatly pressed.

    Armament and fighting style: His personal weapon is small high calibre pistol that converts into a straight backsword. While fairly proficient in it's use, he is not a top tier fighter. Thus, he prefers to use specialist weapons specifically suited to the task at hand, and makes use of power armour for more serious engagements, of which he has built several sets.

    Semblance: Perception. Cole sees all the details other people miss. The flaw in their guard, the nervous tic at the corner of their mouth, the loose panel on their battletank. Of course, exploiting the details is another matter.

    Personality: Calculating. Manipulative. Cunning. Highly refined and intelligent. Masks true feelings with a general mask of contempt. A threatening presence. Usually cold and has difficulty opening up, but has a weakness for cute things. Prefers to see everything as a potential threat or asset, leading to a somewhat paranoid, but inspired operative. Seems most alive when responding to a problem. A genius with computers and machines.

    Background: Orphan. Prodigy. Withdrawn from others. Made small fortune in investments, but felt unfulfilled. While drifting through cyberspace, found records of a defunct covert ops hunter team named Spectra. He elected to resurrect it to combat the growing threats he felt the world faced. Having laid the groundwork himself, he now seeks to bring people over to his side, regardless of what affiliation they presently had, believing anyone can be persuaded with the right tools.

    Quotes: "You're good. Clearly, one of the best out there. In a straight fight, I'm sure you'd defeat me easily. Of course, this isn't a straight fight."

    "People are too preoccupied with the use of weapons. Warriors need armour as well."

    "You have numbers, terrain, and skill on your side. I have a massive gun. I'm backing me, personally. How about you?"

  • pot8oSwag


    #32942006 - 3 years ago

    this looks funz

    Name: Topaz Crypt

    Appearance: Kind of jaune looking but with brown hair and prominent green eyes, wears an outfit similar to mercurys.

    Personality: similar to blake and ren with their quietness and often ignores most people but can get really chatty when fighting

    Weapon: A black coloured javelin combined with a high powered sniper rifle. (found by using shindan weapon generator)

    semblance: Shield construction

    background: unknown....

  • GamerGoonFTW


    #33131379 - 2 years ago

    I have a OC for you his name is Sanguine Kindle. He is 20 years old and he has a sister named Chisa who is 8 years old. He has Satan black hair that goes a little above his eyes . His eyes are red and when he fights he wears a Black Long Coat with a dark red shirt under it along with black jeans.(Think of Dante's clothing from DMC but with a red shirt T-shirt underneath instead)

    He is friendly and caring but can be the most serious person you know and is known for being wise beyond his years. He is as dense as titanium when it comes to girls and can unknowingly make a girl like him.( His friends sometimes complain when they see him unknowingly ,as they say "Work his Magic" and playfully say to leave some for them which he gets confused by).He keeps himself busy by training or reading(He loves reading) because if he had nothing to do he reminisces on life and when he thinks about how if he did something different he could have saved his parents he breaks into tears. He tells himself that the reason he exists is to protect his sister and without her he would have nothing to live for.

    His parents weren't rich nor were they poor and were killed in a robbery when he was 20 like him or his sister and he had to practically take care of her and while usually level headed loses all control when someone comments on his sister and can only be calmed by her as well and is very protective of the people he loves.He almost killed a man who tried to kill his sister(He only stopped when his sister told him to) He isn't afraid of dieing for what he believes in and will protect someone with his life if needed. He is often reprimanded by his sister for being reckless.

    He is no push over when fighting and his main weapon is a long sword (look up SAO Excalibur but instead of gold is black and instead of the blueish-green jems they are blood red) that transforms into a Anti-Material Rifle (50 Cal). His build is muscular but not life he point to where it is noticeable with his clothing on. He is a natural leader and while not the best strategist, he works well under pressure. Here is my OC sorry it's so long.

  • ThatGuyWynters


    #33145409 - 2 years ago

    Hi there. I literally just created an account just so I could post this fan-made OC I've had for a couple years now. I've made a couple teams by now, but my favorite and most original is Team GHLD, or "gold."

    If I could draw, I'd put a few pictures in here, but, alas, I can't draw.

    GHLD's leader is a young man named Gildas Aurum, and he got his start as a lone vigilante fighting for justice around the area of the city Kroy-Wen. Gildas wears a titanium-steel alloy armor that he forged to reflect light so that it almost always appears gold. His weapons are much the same, one being a collapsible sword and the other being an electromagnetic tomahawk that has a hatchet blade which detaches at the pull of a trigger to be flung around like a boomerang. It's intended for use as a grappling hook, pulling things to him or taking him to them. The sword and axe combine to form a battle axe, where the majority of the handle is taken up by the sword blade. His gauntlets (that sadly do not carry shotgun shells...) are both equipped with electromagnetic pulse generators intended for use as a substitute for Polarity as a Semblance (little trick he learned from an old friend I think you can all name). While official records indicate that Polarity really is his Semblance, his Aura actually allows him to influence others' virtues, like courage and patience. He can make people look on the bright side of almost anything or can seriously disorient them when they get on his bad side. Back to the gauntlets, his left glove carries a collapsible shield that is made similarly to the axe, but is made up of mostly an electromagnetic energy shield. For physical appearance, he has blonde hair, an ever-so-slightly tan pallor (like most characters in most animes) that contradict his black eyes, which turn gold when he is overly happy... or mighty pissed.

    Gildas spent years in his early teens fighting crime outside the law, but found his rightful place in the world when he met Hearth Burna. Hearth was an extremely beautiful girl who represented Team WHLD, or at least its remaining members. Gildas joined Hearth and her other teammates, Lilith Abbiniccii and Dustin Bracca, forming Team GHLD. GHLD spent the duration of its time at Remnant University as close friends, often working with Team SLVR. A tragedy involving one of SLVR's members, Hearth's older brother Ross Burna (named for "rust"), caused Gildas to retire back to the academy as professor, teaching psychoanalysis and criminology. In this time, he ditched the flashy attire and weapons for an outfit similar to Dr. Ugoway (the green haired professor, in case I'm getting that wrong) and adopting gold framed spectacles, partially just to look the part. I have no idea where to leave off at, but I think that this is as good a place to stop as any, all things considered. So see you all on the Web, I guess.

  • Ghengis_John


    #33145510 - 2 years ago

    My character wouldn't have a color name. He'd be a descendant from the other side of the great war and would offer some insight into why anyone would have fought for the end of self expression and individuality. They're team players. They work with the majority's agenda now (the victors) because a united front is necessary for the good of humanity, even if they don't fully agree with it, and they remember what they fought for.

    I like to imagine it had something to do with averting conflict with the grim. The grim being manifestations of anonymity or something like that. So if asked about individuality or self expression he would state of the other side that "they chose hubris, they chose never-ending conflict." You hear what these people were fighting to give up and you have to ask why anyone would fight for that?

    Of course that is if any of them are even left alive.

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    Well, i probably would try it with them (and the rest of my team SNZT, if i finished their looks):



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    Is this a real contest? Just asking before I post anything here to be sure.

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    In reply to Garro

    lol no

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    That's a shame, truly.