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  • boscocraftxd

    boscocraftxd 14th Xehanort Vessel

    #33411612 - 1 year ago

    Name: Ash Fall
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    age: 19
    Occupation: full time huntsman
    appearance: Tall (6 foot 11 to be exact), messy, unkept ash blonde hair, silver eyes
    Outfit: black combat boots, dark grey trench coat, red t-shirt with a Phoenix on the back, black cargo pants
    Schooling: Beacon Academy
    Weapons: E.M.B.E.R weapons kit (Electronic Mechanized Ballistics Eradication Rig)
    Semblance: Healing through the forms of contact, a mist-like cloud, and a healing ring


    Ash is the little brother of Cinder fall. He was much weaker than her in strength growing up, but where he lacked in strength, he made up in intellect, and Innovativeness
    he was constantly picked on for his silver eyes, which all t he other kids said looked like he was a robot, but Ash knew there might be more than what people let on, and as time went on, he and his sister grew apart.
    one day, an odd woman came and offered cinder a chance top be more than she was before. (cinder, being a glory hog, went with the woman) 7 months later, she returned.
    Ash and cinder began to grow closer again, and one day, they decided to go camping, which is when Cinder turned on Ash, and left him for dead... and that is when he discovered his semblance.

    A few days later, ash met a professor, who was just appointed to be  headmaster of beacon... Ozpin. He offered Ash a ride back to his village, and when they arrived, the village was nothing but a burnt, and smoldering wasteland.
    upon seeing the horrors that laid in front of him, Ash's silver eyed powers activated. after that, Ozpin asked him if he wanted to come back to Vale with him, and become a Huntsman, and at the age of 11, he graduated from Beacon Academy.

    Ash's weapons, The E.M.B.E.R Kit, is a epic piece of machinery. it has 4 main weapons, 2 auxiliary functions, and one super weapon.

    The E.M.B.E.R Strike

    most of the time, as is seen in combat with the MK14 Energized Strike force Gloves, or the Strike. They are a set of dual Gravity/Burn/Propulsion gloves. they should be self-explanatory.

    The E.M.B.E.R Charge

    the Twin Fusion Dust Charger Blades, or the Charges, are his trusty twin Burn Crow Claws. extending to a total length of 3 feet, with a width of 1 foot, these things can put down a Grimm in one strike... especially when he uses them in conjunction
    with his E.M.B.E.R Strike, which together allow him to charge though enemies with ease.

    The E.M.B.E.R Shock

    there are some times when Ash has to resort to his Twin Shock Katakana, which are the most fragile weapons in his kit, but where they lack in dexterity, they make up for in ammunition efficiency. and they do a TON of damage versus metal targets.

    The E.M.B.E.R Smash

    When Ash needs to, he goes full Berserk mode, unleashing his newest weapons: The MK1 Twin Gravity-Enhanced Morning stars, or his Smashers. with these, Ash can put an Ursa down in literally 1 blow!

    Aura Mode

    Ash has several tricks up his sleeve. one of which is Aura Mode. With this, Ash can successfully, and without any repercussions, copy someone's Aura, and with it, their semblance. however, these "Aura Crystals", don't last forever. they burn out
    after a short amount of time, rendering the crystal useless.

    Overcharge Mode

    Sometimes, there are targets that are just too big to attack close up. that is where the MK11 Turbo Fusion Dust Acceleration Beam comes in. Simply called the Overcharger, this baby empties all of ash's dust into one massive shot. this has serious repercussions however.
    this shot is so overpowered, it can literally blow Ash's arm off. so, he uses it only as a last resort

    Silver Mode

    Ash has a unique thing in the E.M.B.E.R Core, his control unit for his weapons kit. it can reroute the power from the silver eyes into his suit, supercharging all of its functions for a short amount of time, with the cost of
    damaging the core's logical processors, of course.

    And that's Ash. Tell me what you think. do you like him or is he a character that is too mecha?

  • SCMDR_Tombstone


    #33426467 - 1 year ago

    Does anyone know how to make character appearance portraits? I am not an artist.

    Name: Midnight Blue Mathews

    Age: 17

    Sex: Male

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 185 lbs

    Team MNSN (Moonstone) (Other teammates are Night Ki'lon, Storm Farfield, and Neta Teverio)

    Specialization: Tactician, Leader, Strategist  

    Symbol: Beowolf head within a moon.

    Weapons: Grim Mire- Large Broadsword that turns into a high-powered rifle. Midnight made this weapon when he attended Signal Academy. The sword requires a good deal of strength to use, but he has no problem using it.

    Furies Edge- A short blade that Midnight dual wields along with Grim Mire. This blade was also made at Signal Academy, however it was during his final months. The blade turns into a handgun that shoots projectiles similar to a .45. This is part of his signature fighting style.

    Shattering Claws- Similar to that of Yang's Ember Celica shotgun gauntlets, Midnight didn't make them until he saw Yang use them once he was accepted into Beacon. They use nearly the same kinect rounds, however he fashioned them to have blunt fangs at the ends to accustom his fighting style. Transforms from a pair of black and gray battle gloves.

    Midnight's weapons can have dust crystals inserted into special slots built into his weapons. The dust will then add additional properties to them such as increased striking force or freezing something solid.

     Appearance- Midnight is a fairly light skin individual. He has steel colored eyes, with midnight blue rings around the pupils, and black hair that gradually turns to a dark gray near the tips. His hair is worn in a spiked back look (Not to be confused with spiking up). He wears casual clothes most of the time, with the exception being the Beacon Academy uniform, his pajamas, and his alternate clothes. His everyday wear consists of, dark gray jeans, black combat boots, a t-shirt sporting his symbol, a black and gray jacket over top, his combat gloves, over his shoulders he wears a red pauldron on his left shoulder to protect it, a red chest piece. He wears a black tactical belt for some of his ammo, and a tactical belt down from his right should to he left hip with more ammo.

    Dark Knight- His special outfit for the toughest of fights, codenamed Dark Knight. He wears a black and gold set of special armor with glowing seams running through parts of it. The glows correspond to his semblance. He carries tactical ammo belts across his chest and waist. The armor can take enormous punishment and is surprisingly light for how it is built. The suit comes built with environmental hazard systems to lessen the exposure to smoke, frostbite, poison, etc. however it does not make him immune to these hazards.

    Pajamas- Midnight wears a plain black t-shirt and dark gray sweat pants with his symbol on the left pant leg. He sometimes sleeps with his gloves on for emergencies. When cold, and sometimes when he just wants to, he will add a zip-up hoodie to the outfit.

    Personality- Though he may come off as rough at first, Midnight is one of the nicest people to have around, that is until you piss him off. He is the textbook definition of "Looks can be deceiving," and wouldn't have it any other way. He is protective of his friends, family, and teammates, and is likely to go berserk if any of them are harmed. He will put himself into harms way to save innocents, and stop at nothing to stop those who do others harm. He is socially awkward and hates large crowds, but puts that aside for big events, such as the Vital Festival. He is an inspiring leader and a great tactician/strategist. However his personality wasn't always like the way it is. He used to be a "shut-in" and always in conflict with his father. One of the reasons he came to Signal and Beacon was to get away from him, but he always knew his father was there, even when he wasn't. His father was an unknown follower of the White Fang, and seeks to lead it one day. Now Midnight knows the truth and hopes to one day face his father and put a stop to the White Fang once and for all.

    Midnight because of his early life doesn't trust people at first, but there are some he trusted as soon as he met them, which include Ruby Rose, Yang Xao Long, Jaune Arc, and Nora Valkyrie. He can make harsh judgments because of this, but he comes to see people for who they really are, given with enough time.

    Skills and Traits: Midnight is a great marksman and an even better close-quarters fighter. With his signature fighting style Dual Storm, he can inflict heavy damage to those he is against. Grim Mire may be heavy, but Midnight swings it with great speed and efficiency, and he trained to be ambidextrous when he his right-handed, so he can wield Furies Edge with the same efficiency.

    Though not as good as Yang when is comes to hand-to-hand with gauntlets, Midnight should not be taken lightly. While using the Shattering Claws he focuses on speed, and defense. He can unleash devastating hits onto other combatants and send them flying.

    He is quick to find weaknesses in enemy tactics, formations, and fighting styles. But can be oblivious to his own, especially when angered.

    Likes: Video Games, Ruby (yes, that Ruby), Swords, Guns.

    Dislikes: Being forced to do something, people who hurt his friends and family, his father, the White Fang

    Relations: Tycus Mathews (Father)

                     Angelica Mathews (Mother) (Deceased)

                     Valentine Mathews (Sister)  

    Aura Semblance- Energy Projection

    Midnight can focus his aura onto his weapon he is currently using. When he does this, he strikes with such force that it creates a wave of pure energy that can slice through, or pulverize his foes or anything in his path. The more energy he focuses the more his aura is drained. The projected energy is changed depending on what type of dust is in his weapon at the time, if he has any in them at all. 

    Background- Midnight led a troubled life. His father wasn't around very often after his 5th birthday. Once he turned 14 and going to attend Beacon, Tycus and Angelica decided to try and stop Midnight from leaving. Tycus then, after Midnight left, executed a plan to kill his mother. Midnight found out but wasn't able to stop Tycus. After witnessing his mother's death Midnight left his home of Atlas behind. Taking his best friend Neta with him. After being accepted into Beacon, he found friends he would eventually become a team with. Storm and Night joined Neta and Midnight during the team ceremonies. Forming Team MNSN or Moonstone. Midnight later met the members of Team RWBY and JNPR, becoming quick friends with Ruby, Jaune, Nora, and Yang. He would later start developing strong feelings for Ruby, which would later cause Storm to question his leaders motives. Despite that, Midnight remains loyal to his team, friends, and family. However, there is one inescapable feeling, that Tycus is planning something, and whatever it is, cannot be allowed to come to fruition. 

    Combo Attacks:

    Blue Lightning- Storm

    Black Rose- Ruby

    Earth Breaker- Neta

    Special Thanks:



    I would have never have found names for my character and team without your guys help

  • SCMDR_Tombstone


    #33426468 - 1 year ago

    Name: Storm Farfield

    Age: 19

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 167 lbs

    Team: MNSN

    Specialization: Sniper

    Symbol: Three Bullets

    Weapons and Equipment: Eagle Eye- A high caliber sniper rifle made by Storm in Mistral. The rifle comes with a versatile scope, being able to switch between normal, thermal, and magnetic visions. The thermal scope is used when targets are unable to be seen, and magnetic is used to scout interiors of buildings without being inside. The uses a special double-chambering system which allows two shots to be fired before re-chambering the rifle. The sniper can turn into a sword if needed for close-quarters combat.

    Shield Projector: A shield projection device used to impede enemy progress, grant extra cover, or create a shield sphere to cover a medium sized area. Storm is always asked where he retrieved it from, but never laments to discussing it, causing suspicion to others.

    Grapple Hook: A grapple hook mounted on Storms wrist. Like the shield projector no one knows how he obtained it, causing suspicion to others.

    Appearance: Storm has pale skin compared to that of his teammates. His hair is red with two yellow streaks that resemble lightning bolts running across both sides. He bears a scar running down his left eye, and two near his upper lip. His eyes are dual colored, his left is an emerald color, his right is a deep maroon. He wears a simple outfit usually containing a yellow long sleeve shirt, two lightweight pauldrons for protection, blue jeans, leather straps crossing over his torso region, and combat boots. The leather straps hold extra bullets for his rifle.

    Pajamas: When sleeping he wears a white t-shirt and yellow sweatpants.

    Personality: Storm is not anyone would call a reasonable person. He is stubborn and usually sees the worst in everybody. He constantly keeps to himself and doesn't communicate well with his team. He hates being told what to do, and will often act against someone should they try.

    He can often times be seen bickering and/or fighting others sometimes for no reason. He questions the role Midnight has as leader of MNSN. This questioning of leadership and dominance has sparked tension within the team with Storm and Midnight and they have both fought each other on multiple occasions with the battles often ending before one was knocked out.

    With no sign of changing his ways Storm is constantly on the verge of making everyone come after him, but he knows he can't let his intentions be known, not now, not ever.

    Skills and Traits: Storm is one of Remnants best sharpshooters. He can hit a small coin from miles away with the use of his rifle. He participated in the Mistral Tournaments but lost to Pryyha Nikos every time.

    Storm can track humans, faunus, and grimm alike with ease. He has a heightened sense of hearing and smell due to training under his father and some other unknown circumstances.

    Storm appears to be mediocre when it comes to close-quarters combat. He has sloppy movements and weak stances, however this assumed weakness is lessened by his ability to hide and his teammates watching out for him.

    He can cause a bullet to ricochet and kill up to five people in a single room.

    Background: Born in Atlas but raised in Mistral's wilderness, Storm's life was not an easy one. After his mother died after giving birth to him, Storm always felt disconnected from the rest of his family, mainly due to his bothers blaming him for their mother's death. Though he knew it wasn't his fault, but rather a tragic accident before his mother gave birth, his brother's refused to listen to him and their father. At the age of 13 Storm witnessed yet another tragedy, his family slaughtered by the Grimm. He alone was able to sneak away and hide in a nearby village. After his families death, he became further disconnected from the world and was turned cold, ruthless, and distrustful as a result. He seems to blame the world for what happened and always finds conflict with others. After participating in the Haven Academy until he was 17, he strove to become accepted into Beacon. He got his wish on his 18th birthday, but he had different intentions than everyone else... Very dark, and very malicious intentions.

    Semblance- Kinetic Overload

    Storm can channel pure kinetic energy into a projectile to cause further damage to his enemies. His semblance is believed to be hereditary as his father had the same one as he does. However, depending on the amount of energy added to the projectile, this may cause his aura to drain by a significant amount.

    Combo Attacks: 

    Blue Lightning- Midnight

    Stormy Night- Night

  • SCMDR_Tombstone


    #33426470 - 1 year ago

    Name: Night Ki'lon

    Age: 17

    Sex: Female

    Height 5'9"

    Weight: 125 lbs

    Team: MNSN

    Symbol: The Night Sky

    Specialization: Healer, Fighter

    Weapons and Equipment: Argos- A highly durable shield made by Night in Atlas Academy. Night uses this both as a way of attack and of defense. It has built in slots for dust crystals to be added enabling it to become a versatile weapon in her arsenal.

    Nox (Latin for night)- A sword built in Atlas by Night. It can transform into a hand cannon and can also transform into a mace. Though her skill with a blade is not yet honed, she is still a deadly combatant when wielding this blade. Like her shield it can be powered up with dust crystals.

    Healing Kit- Taking on her role as the groups medic and support, Night has several items at her disposal to heal her comrades. This kit includes, Medical Dispersion Generators, Medical Syringes, Medicinal Herbs that she collects habitually, and much more.

    Smoke Grenades- She has a vast array of Smoke Grenades that can help her team. Some include electrified molecules of conductive metals to shock any one standing inside. Some emit a gas that can knock people unconscious.

    Appearance- Night has darker skin compared to her teammates. Her hair is purple with dark blue and red highlights, her hair is usually in a ponytail due to its length. She wears a dark purple jacket with a deep red, long sleeve shirt and a dark blue tank-top underneath that. She wears a sheath on her right side, indicating her being left-handed to pull the sword out. Her shield is strapped to her right side in a compressed state to lessen the risk of sloppy movements when not in use. She wears dark blue shorts with red leggings. She wears black calf-high boots and gold, bejeweled bracelets and sapphire earrings.

    Pajamas- She wears a dark red tank-top with blue pajama pants with her symbol on both legs.

    Personality- Night is a lighthearted person compared to everyone else on her team. She takes things to heart and is quick to open up to people. Though she has asked Midnight to help her keep more things to herself, he told her as long as she finds the right people, it wouldn't bring any harm. However she was insistent, so he complied with her wish. She has darker secrets she wouldn't want any of her friends to know, as she thinks that this would change their outlook on her

    She cares deeply for her friends, as they are the only family she ever really had. Because of this, she believes that her parents were killed during a Grimm attack. But nonetheless keeps trying to find clues that they are indeed alive.

    She often times relies on her friends to help her with certain situations regarding her life. Because she is heavily reliant, this has caused some of the students to secretly pick on her. She looks to Midnight for guidance and often times, physical and emotional protection.

    Skills and Traits: While she lacks some fighting skills, Night is an excellent healer and can create great distractions for her comrades.

    She is very efficient when is comes to teamwork and planning strategies, she will often times use her weapons as a last resort due to her non-aggressive nature.

    She has excellent survival and herbalist skills as it is shown she has knowledge on every plant, animal, and thing that resides in the wilderness, other than that she is not very street smart.

    She is very deceptive, causing certain foes to believe that she is knocked-out or disabled. This can enable her to cause a good deal of damage 

    Aura Semblance- Angelic Soul- Night's Semblance is very unique. No one know exactly why, but she can focus her aura and her life force onto another living being, essentially reversing damage done to both the aura and body of the person. This power does come at a price however. This can severely weaken Night and make her vulnerable to attacks, and even dissipate her aura completely. This power also has a one-time use ability, this ability allows Night to revive someone who has died within the first hour of death. But. since she focuses all her energy at one time, this will cause Night herself to die, causing her to save it for a special moment.

    Background: Hailing from Atlas, Night was born into a very wealthy family. However, when she wasn't even a year old her family mysteriously disappeared. Later she was found by the Ki'lon family. They took her home and nursed her back to health, and during that time they tried to find information about little Night's family. No one knew, nor did they care. Night went to Atlas Academy once she was 14, and later was accepted into Beacon. However, she was not accepted based on her fighting ability, but on account of her healing abilities and knowledge. She would later become friends with the members of Team RWBY and JNPR. Before the Team Ceremonies, she found Midnight and later they found Neta and Storm, thus forming Team MNSN. After forming the Team see found friends in Midnight and Neta, but Storm constantly ignored any advances from her, but she is the only one not to have any suspicion regarding his activities. She may have had a troubled life, but with her friends and her team, she knows she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

  • SCMDR_Tombstone


    #33426471 - 1 year ago

    Name: Neta Teverio (Neta is Hebrew for "plant" or "shrub")

    Age: 17

    Sex: Male

    Height: 6'8"

    Weight: 221 lbs

    Team: MNSN

    Symbol: A Two-headed Viper.

    Specialization: Fighter, Strategist

    Weapons: Viper Strikers- Made in Menagerie, Neta's fist guards are formed from a collapsed state. When formed they have blades on the sides and blunt ends on the front. They have no ranged capabilities so they have added weight to help with striking. The blades are made of a light, but durable material that is easy to sharpen, and they become dull at a significantly lessened rate than that of regular blades. They are called Viper Strikers because they can release an extremely powerful venom, or paralytic poison, if released into the blades. The venom is released through small openings if any venom is supplied to the blades. The paralytic poison wears off naturally within 24-48 hours, with medical attention, 30 minutes-2 hours.

    Clawed Gloves- In absence of claws, Neta decided to make clawed gloves when his family moved to Atlas. The blades that represent the claws are made of the same material as the blades on the Viper Strikers. The claws allow him to climb obstacles with ease, even cliff-sides are a breeze. 

    Bull Rush- A high caliber, bull barrel revolver. This gun was made when Neta was accepted into Beacon. It is mainly used for long range combat, but it can be transformed into a dagger should the need arise. This weapon bears Neta's symbol on the barrel.

    Appearance: Neta is the only Faunus in Team MNSN, sporting cat ears as his feature. His hair is a bright green that fades into a darker green at the roots and his ears share the dark green color. He wears his hair in a messy style. His eyes are green with mysteriously changing irises, one moment they could be a matching green, the next a vibrant yellow. He bears three scars on his face, one across his entire face, one down his left eye, and one underneath his chin. He hails from Menagerie, and has a darker complexion because of the warmer climate. He wears a dark green vest with a brown jacket over the vest. The jacket bears his symbol on the front. Underneath the vest is a thin, ash gray shirt. The pattern of his clothes represent earthy elements. His pants are a mud brown, and he wears a matching pair of lower calf-high boots. He wears gloves that have blades that take place of claws with collapsible fist guards over them. He wears a brown holster to hold his ranged weapon when he isn't using it. On the holster is four magazine holders for extra ammunition. His gloves are dark green, and the fist guards are brown and ash gray. 

    Pajamas- Neta sleeps in a green t-shirt and brown shorts. His symbol is shown on the front and back of the shirt. He has green slippers that he will wear after he wakes up.

    Personality- Neta is a calm and collected individual. Because of this he is often times the mediator of his team, and among others. He rarely gets angry at others, but will put someone in their place if he needs to. He will defend his friends if they are being singled out or picked on, such as with Night. Neta lives by the philosophy "do what you want to me, but never do anything to my friends," this causes him to be very protective of those he cares about, and will cause him to lash out if someone does something to them.

    Often times, Neta will write to his family about his time at Beacon Academy, allowing him to stay connected with them.

    He is very attentive to details about others, noticing little quirks and habits about them within the first few times seeing them. He can almost read someone's emotions and predict their thoughts through those emotions. If one of his friends were around someone they liked, he would mention to them that they should go talk to them.

    Aura Semblance: Aura Projection- Neta has an unusually strong aura, with a very unusual feature. This feature allows Neta to actively project his aura into a sort of force field. He can also project his aura onto others further strengthening the recipients aura. Neta can pull vast amounts of aura out of his own, but this power does weaken him from time to time. With his team he can use his aura to it's fullest potential.

    Background- Hailing from Menagerie, Neta's family lived in a small village on the coast. When Neta was just 8 years old they moved to Atlas. When in Atlas Neta's parents hoped to make a name for themselves and their son with them. However, their was much prejudice against them, making it hard to do much without being suspected of crime. The first person to show any kindness to Neta was Midnight, much to Tycus' disapproval. When Neta joined Atlas Academy he found that his career there wouldn't last long, Midnight told him of his plan to escape his father and offered to take Neta with him to Signal Academy in Vale. Neta told his parents, and they allowed him to go. After attending Signal until he was 17, he was accepted into Beacon, along with Midnight. During the trek through the Emerald Forest, he found Storm and both of them became partners. Later Midnight, and Night found them both and during the Team Ceremonies formed Team MNSN. Neta hopes that one day the Faunus will become equal citizens along with humanity, but he believes that it cannot be done as long as the White Fang continues down the path they are taking.

    Combo Attacks: Earth Breaker- Midnight 

  • ThatGuyWynters


    #33572454 - 1 year ago

    So, you remember Ross and Danny, and how they worked together in the White Fang? Well, this is a short description of how that worked out.

    Being one of the best agents in the WF, Ross was assigned the job of assembling a Special Tasks Force, and he did so quite successfully. Besides Danny, Ross had two other members:

    The Soldier: Clifford

    Legend: Clifford the Big Red Dog

    Color: Red

    Faunus Attribute: Unknown

    Brief History: Ross found Clifford in a rogue WF bio research facility that was testing chemical compounds to make Faunus more human. The result, ironically, was Clifford, who mutated into what was essentially a humanoid dog. Clifford, called "Mutt" by WF soldiers, felt he owed Ross his life, and will serve to the bitter end. 

    Weapon: Assault rifle that converts into a bullet-propelled club.

    Semblance: All Aura was lost in the mutation, and with it, the Semblance he never discovered. 

    The Spy: Maine Coone

    Legend: Genevieve, my mother's cat, who is, in fact, a Maine coon

    Colors: Brown as a primary, white for detail

    Faunus Attribute: Fluffy cay tail

    Brief History: Ross met Maine on the front lines of a nasty battle against a Schnee security force after she'd been shot and left for dead. With Clifford providing covering fire for them, Ross carried Maine to safety, and once she recovered, she requested that she join Ross's team, at this point few in numbers at only two full-time members, plus a handful of elite soldiers who couldn't exactly agree with Ross's philosophy that Faunus should stop fighting for superiority and start fighting for equality like they claimed, and he also believed Faunus were inherently human, which was, in Ross's mind, what truly made them equal. Ross gave Maine a chance, and she proved invaluable to the Force.

    Weapons: Dual gauntlets with clawed fingertips and small SMGs attached to the top of the forearms.

    Semblance: Invisibility--Maine has the ability to turn invisible on command, and wears a special combat suit that changes with her. However, the longer she remains transparent, the more powerful an unpredictable debuff, such as a sore foot, vertigo, or even temporary blindness, is to take effect. The same holds true if she frequently disappears for short periods of time.

    So that is the basis of the White Fang Special Tasks Force. Hope you enjoyed this and I would love feedback. 

  • user-59867188638ee


    #33646765 - 1 year ago

    In reply to EternalxEnigma

    Love to join your team. I think my OC would fit in your team name PENX.

    Here's my OC information.


    Name: Everest Tridence

    Race: Faunus (Blue Tiger Ears)

    Appearance: Has silver hair and blue eyes.  Very handsome, in an intelligence type of way. Has a lean, athletic body build.

    Height: 6'4" 

    Age: 15 (Same as your character)

    Aura Color: Blue

    Semblance: Ability to absorb energy (kinetic, solar, etc) and use it to enhance his physical attributes such as speed, agility, strength, or to regenerate aura for himself. 

    Personality: An introvert, preferring to spend his time alone, he is also able to socially communicate with his teammates. He cares about his team, and often is a great person to tell your troubles to. He is intelligent and patient, and also funny. Although Everest has good social skills, he becomes extremely awkward when near pretty girls or people he has a crush on (thinks too much because of his intelligence, lol). Everest isn't afraid to use force when threatened, as indicated when he was bullied by a group of fellow students because of his Faunus heritage. They taunted him with words and when those didn't work, they started to surround him. The bullies then ended up in the hospital severely injured.



    (Azure Elegance): Everest uses a long katana as a weapon, normally preferring to fight in the iadojutsu style with a hint of fencing. The weapon has a white hilt decorated with a blue Grimm Sea Dragon's head, where on the tip of the mouth is a small opening to insert dust. The blade is very sharp and thin, with a translucent glowing effect on it to disorient enemies.  

    (Water Pistol): A small gun that shoots harmless water. Because of this, it has an extremely high range. Everest uses this to coat the battlegrounds with water so he could use his mage skills to utilize the water into a deadly force.

    Clothing: (Azure Grimm Robe): A white silken robe filled with intricate blue patterns (water dust imbued) and attached with Grimm Sea Dragon heads. The beautiful decoration gives a feeling of deadly elegance, complimenting Everest's fighting style. Everest also has 2 metal heels on his boots for enhanced impact when he kicks. 

    Pet: Similar to Rwby, Everest has a pet owl. It has white feathers and silver eyes. Loves to eat mouse, and is a great companion. Can carry messages around places.

    Hope I can join your team. Reply if I can! Thanks!

  • drchillin


    #33673993 - 1 year ago

    Guess I'll join in too, why not. 

    I would post my entire team, but i'm too lazy too. So, i'll post individually. I'm not great at describing my character's through a grocery store type list, but i'll give it a go.  

    Name - Hans Worthen

    Age - Mid Seventeens

    Height - 5 foot 7 inches. 

    Hair color - Chestnut Brown.

    Team - AASH (Ash)

    Attributes - Has bandages around eyes because of an Alpha Ursa attack at a young childhood. 

    Personality - Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but certainly not the dullest. Has a knack of pulling pranks and albeit being laid back. He makes fun of himself and his disability by cracking Eye puns. Despite being permanently, because having no eyes will do that to you, he is quite the crackshot. His dual revolvers pack a punch, and he is deadly accurate... most of the time. 

    Aura color - White.

    Attire - Open black, buttoned, jacket (Kinda like Han Solo. And yeah, I know: Han... Hans... omg u jus copyd Hon Salo. No, I didn't. :P) and a white shirt underneath. 

    Semblance: Time Lock.

    Hans can stop time in a certain area for a short period of time. The larger the area, the more strain it puts on him and his Aura.   - Hans pictures. 

    *Note, on the second picture, I know his arm is screwed up. I couldn't find my most recent drawing oh him, so I went with that one instead.*

  • RedlinRanger


    #33702899 - 10 months ago

    hope someone see this if not then that ok , i'll add the story on team hope and Hanzo  on my deviantart account when i have time.

    Name Hanzo Redorin 

    Height 6 foot

    Hair Black

    Race: Human

    Eyes Silver Eyes

    Age 19


    Two Custom Duel Dust Revolver and of course his silver eyes power if he has too on grimm or something else?


    something like this but without the hat and bowtie, Get it Bow Tie.FDFUN2431ebay.jpg


    Red mix Orange


    He can alter and stop reality and time it used it move without no one notice, however it put to much pressure on his aura and can not used it if he has to use it to end the fight or take out a grimm or someone that trying to kill him.


    He can with stand powerful explosion in close range, and with stand any injuring from guns, sword, and even bite from a beowolf in the face. Hanzo can survive from a fall of a 2000 foot drop and not break a single bone in his body.

    Physical Abilities

    able to lift heavy object larger then car and larger grimm creatures and can even take out a Nevermore with a single blow


    He is well know as a great detective on solving some crimes, and even predict his opponent movement, attack or straight before they ever plan it as he counter back by attack the opponent weak  pressure points tactics. he also a great hacker and can easily hack in base with out them even notice he or his team were coming.

    Team (HOPE)

    Team Mates Names

    Odin Stormcrow (Male)

    Piron Tamashi (Male) 

    Eba Shin  (Female)

    I'll post the story later but until then gotta go bye

  • competivekid


    #33721563 - 7 months ago

    This is the 1st character I've created

    Name: Azul Arsenic

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male 

    Appearance: Light tan skin, black hair, military style haircut, grayish light green eyes, scar on his cheek that goes from his face to earlobe that is cut off. Wears pad armor.

    Weapon of choice: 2 hydraulic rectangular pounders as gauntlets; can extend in the front and back for increased range or power as well as launch themselves with a cable to grab people or objects, or use to climb steep heights, even as small shields. 2 expandable blades behind the legs. (Like the ones the GECKOS have in MGS4: Guns of the Patriots). Standard pistol for targets at range. When extended they can spin, this is for him to slam in the ground, extend his blades, and so a wide slash. 

    Personality: stoic and cynical at times. When fighting he can be vicious if pushed, and will prolong pain to those that he believes deserve it unless someone stops him, but when calm can be tactical, and brutal. Professional when working with a team if the goal is important, and he gets something in return or he considers someone a friend. Can be sarcastic at times. When he finds something/one he likes, he talks more although can be awkward since he doesn't have much to say. Suffers from PTSD so he may snap at people and can be very distrusting of others. He cares about the wellbeing of children and will sometimes play with them. He can be blunt, and for some comedic relief, will criticize some people's fashion, more specifically Suns (really, guy should button up his shirt it makes him a bigger target). Isolates himself from others unless he needs something urgent or others come to him. Willing to sacrifice others if necessary. Will sometimes drink alcohol when depressed later in his life. Has an intense hate for any tribals/raiders, and hopes to wipe out as many tribes as he can. Believes the world is a harsh, and cruel, and criticizes anyone idealistic, but will fight for the weak. Enjoys proving people wrong.

    Skills: proficient in melee, and unarmed fighting. Decent shot with guns. Great survival skills. Amateur pickpocket. Amateur chemist. Good at stealth. Somewhat knowledgeable of the underworld(gangs). Experienced tracker. 

    Semblance: Dead Ash(open to suggestions on the name)- transforms his body into ash allowing him to slip through holes, cracks, anyplace that is slightly bigger than dust, move almost unseen from cover to cover, and to hide. When focused he can have specific parts of his body to slip out of restraints, and let projectiles pass through him. It's similar to Ruby's, only with ash, and not petals or for speed. The downside is it lasts 5-10 seconds depending on aura levels so he has to use sparingly. 

    History: Azul was born to 2 parents that were in a gang to a large town. Both parents loved the other, but were very competitive and would both try to 1 up each other when attempting to climb the ranks. Azuls parents didn't intend to have a kid and were more focused on beating each other, so he was neglected, and hit when he bothered them. At age 3 his parents got into a fight, and one threw a knife atthe other, missed and cut Azul which is how he got that scar. Fearing police, they sold the boy away to a merchant guild. The guild was ambushed by tribals/raiders later that day and he is forced to work brutally as a child slave and soldier for 7 years, where he got his aura unlocked, and found his semblance, before escaping to Atlas. Lived on the streets for 3 years as a pickpocket, and robber till he tried, and failed, to steal from an Atlas military officer, who saw potential in him, trained for the next 3 years till he entered Atlas academy. He spent nearly 2 years in the academy till on one assignment he and his team went to his hometown where he saw his parents who barely recognized him. The reunion brought back emotions of his past and in a fit of rage he killed both his parents in front of his little sister that was born 3 years after he was sold away. Shocked a what happened he ran and went into hiding, until he joined a small mercenary group where he was given the code name 'ash'. The group is then hired by salems group to try and steal the artifact from Ozpins group in Haven.

    Likes: comics, children, letting bad people suffer, cooked animals, 

    Dislikes/hates: bullying, tribals/raiders, his parents, innocents murdered, heights,