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Qrow's semblance/drunkness

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  • pokefan548


    #32933419 - 1 year ago

    I've been wondering, world or remnant states that all semblances are UNIQUE, yet Qrow seems to do more damage after getting smacked by Winter. By the rules of the world, that couldn't be his semblance, so what could it be? Well, what if his semblance is something that can be deactivated by being drunk? A punch or slap to the face is a common impromptu sobering method, and afterwords Qrow becomes much less susceptible to strikes, and generally keeps pace better with Winter. Could it be that Qrow's constantly drinking because his fights would be to short to enjoy when he's sober, is he just trying to keep a semblance with a powerful upside and downside at bay, is there another reason, or does he really just like cheap liquor?

  • REDbent

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    #32933546 - 1 year ago

    Who say his liquor is Cheap

  • ZelgiusPrime

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    #32933587 - 1 year ago

    Semblances are not unique. I forgot where I saw it but I know its listed somewhere that semblances are passed through bloodlines. Qrow has red eyes and we know that when Yang gets angry her eyes turn red. We also know that the mysterious person who met with Yang at the end of season 2, who looks a lot like Yang, has red eyes. My theory is that the woman is Yang's mother, is also Qrow's sister, and that the 'do more damage based on damage received' is a semblance that runs in the family (Yang, Qrow, and the mother). This would also mean by extension that Ruby is not Qrow's biological niece.

  • MisCon


    #32933688 - 1 year ago

    Also note, Winter has the same powers as Weiss, at least so it seems. She can create glyphs to throw herself and others around, and uses ice powers, just like Weiss.

    I also want to make it known, that I think ice is NOT a part of the Schnee's semblance, but is a preferred Dust type. Notice in earlier episodes we can see Weiss' sword (what is it? A Rapier? Cutlass? It's a certain type, I know that much), has a rotating compartment for at least 4 kinds of Dust, and she has used actual FIRE powers in the early episodes. In fact, I'm not sure if she's ever used anything BUT Ice more than that one use of Fire, so clearly Ice is a favorite, but I DO think it comes from her Dust supply, and not her semblance. Also note that for some reason Weiss hands Blake a sort of "magazine" for her blade that had about 4 colors in it, like Weiss' rotating compartment in her own sword. After which we see Blake making her decoy images as always, but now infused with multiple elemental powers, which makes me wonder why 1) Blake didn't get a Dust mag of her own before then, and 2), why Blake even HAS a compartment for a Dust mag if she never used it before? Didn't she make her weapon, like most of the heroes do?

    Anyway, cool stuff. Makes me wonder why the other characters don't use more elemental Dust powers. Or do they? Far as I can tell, if Ruby uses any Dust, it's as gunpowder for her Crescent Rose sniper-scythe.

  • beecs

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    #32934915 - 1 year ago

    I think Dust is expensive, so not everyone can afford it. The Schnee family made their money from Dust, and the two sisters are the only ones we've seen have it. I think most people can't afford to have enough to use it for everyday training and battles. Also Roman and his men were stealing Dust in the first episode, and they mentioned stealing Dust in volume 2 as well. If it's worth stealing then it would be valuable right?

  • MisCon


    #32935039 - 1 year ago

    In reply to beecs

    I can't think Dust is that valuable. We see the Old Man offer to let them take all his money, like a convenience store owner might, and not expect them to want the Dust. I'm sure it's moderately valuable, and probably something that people don't like to waste in practice battles, but it cannot be THAT costly. I don't know but have heard it said that Yang's "shells" for her shotgun gauntlets use Dust, and I suppose Ruby's sniper cartridges might, so maybe using it like Ms Dust Princess requires so much more Dust and is expensive. Though I still cannot be 100% sure that the ice powers are infact from the Dust, as it actually COULD be related to Weiss' semblance. But it's most likely that the fire blast she almost hit Ruby with WAS a Dust attack from her sword.

    I think Roman said once that "Dust prices are through the roof" or something, meaning it's not super valuable, but by stealing so much, they have driven the price up. Also, we still have no idea WHAT they are using it for. Maybe it actually IS to drive the prices up, and damage the economy so there will be less Dust to use in defense of whatever their master plan is.

  • Nathan5027

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    #32935902 - 1 year ago

    my interpretation of Weiss and Winters ability, is that the ice/fire etc is generated by the sword, but the form it takes is due to their aura, and that they have an easier time manipulating ice than others; maybe due to personality effecting aura and semblance abilities.

    as for the value, Weiss refers to the 'Shnee Dust Company' as being the worlds largest supplier of 'Energy Propelent' making Dust FUEL, if everything runs on dust, cars, bikes aircraft, mecha, ammunition etc, then it won't be very valuable, till the supply is threatened - look at petrol, it doesn't cost a lot, but because so much NEEDS it, if the supply diminishes slightly, the prices begin to climb.

    as far as i'm aware, all of the projectile weapons use dust in varying combinations, and somewhat molded but the users aura, to give the different effects, I.E. Yang, without changing ammo types, is able to use her shells as a propelant, usually with friends and allies behind her in the direction the spray of pellets/slugs would go, then use them as a ranged weapon, firing pellets/slugs as the need arises.

    this means ALL the characters have the ability to use dust in this manner, but the specifics of their use is down to a combintaion of financial means, semblance, and aura/personality. hence why each person uses a unique weapon and fighting style

  • DustChiphingGrim


    #32936409 - 1 year ago

    In reply to ZelgiusPrime

    " Semblances are not unique. I forgot where I saw it but I know its listed somewhere that semblances are passed through bloodlines. "

    This kinda thinking does not make much sense. At least not like the dumb Narutostuff like the Sharingan. Evolution is always changing stuff. And in that case, a Semblance is always unique. Alltough I can not say anything against similaritys in Semblances of Children in comparisation to their Parents.

  • ECox


    #32936438 - 1 year ago

    In reply to MisCon

    Weis' sword is a rapier, Winter's is a saber that divides into a saber and a parrying dagger

  • corwinblack

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    #32936441 - 1 year ago

    In reply to beecs

    We've definitely seen more than just Winter and Weiss use Dust. Ruby uses an ice-type dust shell in the first arena battle of season 3.

    Rather than dust being prohibitively expensive, it's probably a reflection of the changes in character that we've seen more recently. Nearly everyone (notable exception: Jaune) constructs their own weapons. Who's to say that they hadn't modified Blake's Gambol Shroud to have additional dust-using capacity in some off camera moment?

  • falconlol


    #32936453 - 1 year ago

    In reply to ZelgiusPrime

    dude thats not a theory it has already been confirmed and that mysterious figure is raven qrow's sister and yang's mother

  • Nathan5027

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    #32936493 - 1 year ago

    In reply to DustChiphingGrim

    I think what he was getting at, is that there is a Genetic component to it, meaning that families will have very similar semblances, but it would still be unique; no-one has the same DNA as you, but they have similar traits, hair, eye colour, et

  • Nathan5027

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    #32936495 - 1 year ago

    In reply to corwinblack

    We only assume (fairly safe assumption tbh) everyone makes there own weapon, the only ones confirmed as doing so are students at Signal, Ruby and Yangs old school. i wouldn't be surprised to find out that some people start with a stock weapon, and modify it from there

  • MisCon


    #32936739 - 1 year ago

    In reply to corwinblack

    Sure, it's possible, but Weiss is all like "Oh hey, try this, it's cool!", as if she just thought Blake might wanna try some of her Dust for no reason. It looked spontaneous, is what I mean.

    That said, about everything that should take large amounts of time planning, happens spontaneously, in RWBY. For example, all Jaune has to do is shout "Pyrrha!", and Pyrrha says "Got it!" and throws her shield Captian-Miss-America style and cuts off the deathstalker's tail stinger! Yeah, how did she know to do that?!? That said, it's more evidence for why Jaune deserves to be JNPR's leader; he's been leading them since before they were JNPR!

  • MisCon


    #32936744 - 1 year ago

    On a more topic-related note, I bet I know why Qrow drinks... Just a theory, but...

    First, Raven, his sister, is gone. Perhaps even he doesn't know she still lives. That's gotta hurt.

    Second, Summer, his partner, hooked up with the only other man in their team, and thus friend-zoned him, and then SHE DIED TOO.

    Sucks to be Qrow...

  • DustChiphingGrim


    #32936829 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Nathan5027

    Ah ok now I get it. Yeah now it makes sense people think Crow is Rubys true father. He has this darkhair and reddish theme going on. Also his fightingstyle... but for whatever the reason the Parents made everyone belief Ruby and Yang are halfsisters.

    When in truth they are just Cousins or something like that, right? ; 3

  • sthom0202


    #32936863 - 1 year ago

    In reply to DustChiphingGrim

    This is the first time I heard this theory, but I came to this conclusion too. First, Yang and Ruby aren't really all that similar to begin with. Features, skills and personalities are all really different for them to be sisters. Not impossible, but suspicious. Then you have Crow taking a personal interest in Ruby, who happens to share a similar personality, fighting skills, and features (gray eyes). Plus, when you see Ruby and Yang's "Dad" in the opening scene, he reminds you distinctly of Yang....but not so much of Ruby. Actually, not of Ruby AT ALL.

    My personal theory: Summer was with Crow, but then Raven "died", and Crow went on his super secret mission (which we still have no details about but I'm betting has something to do with Raven's disappearance). So Yang's dad (sorry forgot his name) takes in a (pregnant) Summer to help protect her while Crow is away. Crow's mission takes too long, Ruby is born and a worried and confused Summer and Co. raise Ruby and Yang as sisters. Then Summer dies, Crow finds his woman gone and decides to let Ruby grow up with Yang as sisters because he's always gone, doesn't know how to be a father, and is brutally grieving. Also, likely the reason why he's always drunk. End result: "Uncle Crow".

  • AshtonCharcoal


    #33420402 - 7 months ago

    I think Qrow's Semblance might be the ability to turn into a Crow, call it far fetched but it KINDA makes sense either that or like enter the body of one/anyone, like possession or hitching a ride

    think about ti episode 7 of volume 4 Qrow shows up out of nowhere the same time a Crow vanishes after swooping in, it'd make sense

  • LemonZombie


    #33566538 - 4 months ago

    In the last season Qrow states in a non-direct way that his semblance is in a way bad luck to those around him. And as a side note, Weiss and Winter have both said their semblance is through the bloodline, and its the ability to summon past defeated enemies, so far that's the only one that appears to be hereditary.