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Is Qrow Ruby's real Father?

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  • drpainkiller

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    #33455987 - 1 year ago

    While i disagree that qrow is ruby's father, they share a LOT of traits with each other that makes it seem like they are.  There may be some possibility that he is but made tai be father figure just down to his bad luck semblance.

  • MaddyofRemnant


    #33489096 - 1 year ago

    My theory;

    After Volume 4 episode 8 it was established that Qrow has an uncontrollable 'Misfortune' Semblance that can cause harm to those he cares about (case and point the beam that nearly crushed Ruby and would probably have killed her had Qrow not intervened).

    Summer and Qrow were together, Raven and Tai were together.  Raven left Tai to go back to the tribe not long after Yang was born and Summer and Qrow tried to help Tai raised Yang.  Qrow tried to keep his distance though due to fear of his Semblance causing harm to Yang so Summer took on the mother figure in Yang's life whilst still being with Qrow.  Qrow then goes on a mission and is away for an extremely long time leaving behind Summer who is unknowingly pregnant with Ruby.  Qrow is presumed dead and Tai helps Summer through Qrow's death in much the same way she helped him through Raven's departure agreeing to take on a father figure for Ruby when she is born.  Yang is two when this happens and would not remember (I don't know about you but I don't remember anything in any detail until I was at least four).  Ruby and Yang are raised as sisters and Tai develops one sided feelings for Summer but doesn't say.

    Summer leaves on her final mission and Qrow returns after she leaves.  Tai is understandably surprised and the two wait for Summer's return with Qrow trying to bond with Ruby and Yang though Misfortune often causes a few issues.  Summer never returns from her mission leaving both of them heartbroken, Qrow copes by drinking a metric f***ton whereas Tai retreats in on himself wondering whether he should have tried to stop her from leaving.  Qrow helps to raise Yang and Ruby, though due to Misfortune, and Tai having raised Ruby as his own for the past two years (Ruby would have to be a toddler when Summer died), insists to Tai that Yang has the right to know about Raven despite her young age. 

    Cue Yang's obsessive search that almost led to the deaths of both Ruby and herself.  Tai is angered since he asked Qrow "numerous times not to" tell Yang about Raven causing a strain in their relationship. 

  • drpainkiller

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    #33489326 - 1 year ago

    In reply to MaddyofRemnant A lot of things do match up to qrow being ruby's father but it just feels diffrent. Qrow is known to be secretive which ruby hates, should this be the case then that's going down shit creek fast

  • Valkyrie28

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    #33499050 - 1 year ago

    It does kind of makes sense why qrow wouldn't sick around with Ruby either and instead give her to ty. He wouldn't won't to bring bad luck onto his own daughter. I'm still not sure though.

  • Midnight622B


    #33586155 - 1 year ago

    to the "Keep in mind that even though it feels like it, it was confirmed by Monty that Ruby and Yang are indeed half-sister in his twitter."

    Monty can't just say no they're totally not sisters, when we haven't got to the point in the store yet

  • FerrousOxcide

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    #33588836 - 1 year ago

    So far, nothing has happened in cannon to disprove the theory. As it is almost everything in the story points to a Crow/Summer ship and every Paternal action Crow makes reinforces. His Sembelance if anything creates the ultimate why for the adoption scenario. If summer dies when Ruby was very young, Yang was very young too so wouldn't remember with any real detail. Then i can totally buy Tai adopting Ruby to protect her from Crow semblance. I point you all again to that scene at the end of s3 where crow kicks Tai out of the room. No uncle has that authority over a father. 

  • vihuff


    #33593932 - 1 year ago

    Here's what I have gathered so far through the current volumes.

    Evidence for Yes:

    - It almost seems like their characters were designed with each other in mind. Which would be odd to say the least since as of what the show has said, they should share no relation. But their color schemes, and body types match up. Ruby is lean and agile the same way Qrow is while yang looks like her father, being stocky and powerful. Yang and her father's color scheme also match up being mostly yellows and earthy tones. It could be a coincidence having them paired this way, but it just seems to good.

    - For some, it's an easy one to explain away, but here it is. Ruby does not have her father's name. It seems strange that one daughter would have his name and not the other. Sure, this could just simply be the fact that he's married so Ruby is a bastard child and doesn't have his name. I realize this isn't our world so things could easily work differently, but in our world, all the mother has to do is state who a father is. Or in some places a father has to claim a child, but either way, it shouldn't have been that hard for Ruby to get his name, should Tai actually want that. But, if he's not her dad, he wouldn't have much reason to have actually claimed her and given her his name.

    - Qrow always seems to be there when she needs him. Despite the fact that he's always running out on mission. This again, could just be a coincidence, but it's been shown, in bits and pieces and especially the fourth volume, that Qrow watches over her. From a distance, sure, but he's there, and it makes me wonder. How many times was he around and she didn't know it. Especially now that we know that he can transform. Who's going to a notice a Qrow in a tree when playing in the yard?

    - He taught her to use the scythe. This seems hugely important. As ozpin says it's one of the most difficult and dangerous weapons. He's only ever seen one other person that can wield it as well as she can. Qrow. Tai taught yang to fight and trained with her, while Qrow taught Ruby. Apparently Qrow was a teacher at one point but he never taught any of the others to use the scythe. Only Ruby. Maybe he wanted to pass some of his knowledge onto her. He could have seen some of himself or her great potential. Another coincidence that they paired the girls off again?

    - His speed. Qrow is extremely fast. His moves and reactions are almost faster than those of the attack. It's like he's anticipating them. When he goes to attack the griffon at Ironwood's back, everything is slowed down for us to see. Even as we watch in slow mo, his strike is still a blur, faster than the eye can see. This leads me to Ruby's semblance. Sure, she may not have inherited the misfortune of Qrow, but maybe a strong trait manifested itself in her. Is it possible that she inherited his great speed and it was amplified in her to become her semblance? I'm not sure, but it's food for thought.

    - He seems to know so much more about her, her mother, and her abilities that Tai. Maybe it;s just the fact that Tai doesn't talk about them and Qrow does, but sometimes it almost seems like Tai is in the dark. Which doesn't make sense if that's his daughter. He should know something. But then again, maybe Oz and his people just decided not to tell him. It just seems more likely that Qrow is her father.

    - The little moments. Why did he have to ask Tai for a moment to talk to Ruby alone? Is it just because of her abilities and he didn't want to share in front of him? Why not? If Tai really is her father he'd have a right to know. Maybe Qrow wanted to talk to her alone because he is her father and he's filling her in. This most recent volume packed full of little moments. Tender moments. Bonding moments. Dialogue that can be interpreted differently. One that catches me is when tyrion is attacking them and Ruby's Aura has just dispelled. If she gets hit at that point. She'll be hurt, or killed. Qrow comes flying in and he seems so desperate to get there. He manages to get between Ruby and Tyrion just in time. The frustration on his face and then the flash of a smile as he standing there. Then the sigh before he says hi. It's almost as if he's thinking of the fact that he almost didn't make it and then feeling relief that he did. I just died when I saw this moment. It's so small but it just spoke volumes.

    Why would he have left?

    - He's part of a secret group trying to protect the world. This would have made him very busy. Not only that but if you add on his semblance making it so that he is afraid to be near those he cares about. It makes sense that he would have trusted his best friend/team mate/brother in law with his love and his daughter. Qrow would either have been away on missions or have had to watch from a distance. Qrow would have wanted them to have a home. Summer knows and trusts Tai and at this point Raven is gone, so Yang would have needed a mother.

    Also, this could be entirely off and random but it's something that's popped into my head. What if the reason for all of Qrows drinking is because he lost Summer? Or because he's put himself in this position where he's forced to stay away from and lie to his daughter? Could be wrong. He could just be an alcoholic. But Qrow just seems like the kind that's drinking to forget something. A tortured soul.

    Sorry for the word vomit. And I'm sure there are some things I missed. I also know that most of these could be refuted in some way or another but in the most recent volume has just thrown so much emotional stuff at us. It's hard to ignore everything piling up. Yes, there was a tweet ages ago that said they were in fact half sisters, but writers and producers have been known to throw things out there to throw people off a trail. I wouldn't be surprised. And even if they had originally planned for them to be sisters, (which I find hard to believe with the character design) they have said that they alter things in the story depending on stuff the audience wants. They could have easily changed their minds.

  • Soul166


    #33616087 - 1 year ago

    What if the reason Qrow is such an alcoholic is not just because of his semblance in general. What if Summer died because of him, or rather, because of his semblance? This way even if he's not Ruby's biological father, he would want to take care of her, though I also think that he indeed is her father.

  • vihuff


    #33618317 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Soul166

    Well I don't think that he's responsible for her death. I think Salem's group are the one's who killed Summer. They mention that they've "dealt with their kind before." Based on how extremely rare the silver eyed trait is and then you have to think, out of how many of those silver eyed people actually become huntsman, I think it was Summer they were referring to. Especially since we know that she went off on a mission and never came back.



    #33623086 - 1 year ago

    I doubt Qrow is Ruby's true father. He is the twin brother (I believe) of Raven. That's why Ruby looks so similar to Qrow. She took from Raven's side rather than her actual father's side (Yang's dad). 

  • vihuff


    #33623103 - 1 year ago

    In reply to RWBYRUBY221

    Ruby is Summer's daughter, not Raven's, so that doesn't work. Yang is Raven's daughter.

  • Bannannas

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    #33638483 - 11 months ago

    So I was listening to Qrow's theme ,'Bad Luck Charm' - which is amazing btw I've listened to it like 20 times - and some of the lyrics definitely back up this theory.

    'You don't want the burden of my name.' Seriously shook me ngl. Because obviously Ruby doesn't have Tai's name, but her mum's, Summer rose. And this is very confusing, as if Tai and Ruby were related by blood, why wouldn't she have his name? Of course it could be out of memory for her mother or something or other, but I feel like Qrow being her father, and then wanting to distance himself from Ruby as much as possible in fear that his semblance would harm her, and so leaves her to Tai and Summer- and then just Tai when Summer dies- and have her take her mother's name so she doesn't make the connection, is pretty plausible.

    Also, just to give a bit more credit to the theory, if Summer and Qrow were actually a thing, then again if he had a child, he'd be afraid of harming them and so leave. But if Summer and Qrow were just a one time thing, then (Complete theory, literally no evidence to support this) with his bad luck, they got unlucky and then condom broke? It sounds pretty stupid, but at the same time kinda plausaible.

    The only problem with this is that it proves nothing. It only holds weight if you're already on board with the whole Daddy Qrow thing, but I really love this theory and I kinda totally hope it's true, so this has given me a tiny bit of hope. And regardless I find the 'hidden messages' in the RWBY soundtrack really interesting.

  • RexFrost

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    #33639093 - 11 months ago

    In reply to Sushi_and_egg

    The RWBY soundtrack are always a great source for theories & speculation. Just remember that the songs are strictly for theory material, not to be taken as confirming something's canon. At least, not yet, anyway. I don't want another "Bumblebee is Canon" fiasco that popped up when BMBLB was revealed, & I say that as a die-hard Bumblebee shipper. For now, take the songs as they are: awesome music & fuel for theories & speculation.

  • drpainkiller

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    #33639105 - 11 months ago

    In reply to Sushi_and_egg while I have listened to it too and it's a good album, they are just songs, such as this life of mine is on weiss' opinion of her father, armed and ready is about suiting up for the next battle. Heel even a song called bumblebee is there.

  • rosefiammotta

    rosefiammotta spoopy

    #33667562 - 8 months ago

    Oh wow, I've always picked up and dropped this theory but the way everyone here explains it really does lead me to believe Qrow could be Ruby's dad. It's a stretch, but it's possible.

  • chezamaiden

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    #33667623 - 8 months ago

    this is me not reading anyone else's comments lol so sorry if its already been said but here's what I think happened...

    Tai yang is with Raven, Qrow is with Summer,

    This is my theory and explanation on why Qrow acts like he does with the drinking etc, and also gives some light on Summer Rose and Ruby.

    so Qrow and Summer have ruby and everything is grand, Then because of raven leaving the team, it is not as strong and Tai Yang has to stay behind because someone has to look after the kids, it just ends up being Summer and Qrow on a mission to save the world against Salem.   In the end of volume 3 salem is speaking and says

    "Divide them place doubt into their minds, and any semblance of power they once had will be washed away.... and when they fail and you turn to your smaller soul, know that you send her to the same pitiful demise" I think she's obviously talking about Summer here.    so my theory is summer ends up ether dying or getting captured or going into hiding but whatever it is, its because of Qrow being bad luck and the fact that the rest of the team is not there to help ether. So if they were lovers this would just reinforce how much that would destroy Qrow, So of course after that he knows he can't be to involved in ruby's life because he is scared the same thing will happen to her so its best if Tai Yang raises them as sisters and she doesn't know, but he still is always there for her teaching her and even in the end of vol 3 he's the one to talk to ruby about her silver eyes etc.   (BTW i would LOVE to see summer end up being alive and showing up in her cape like Micky mouse in Kingdom hearts)... 

    I just think that is a better story than Tai Yang getting with half his Team..  player lol 

    Of course I do love that Ruby and Yang are "Sisters" love that relationship so whatever happens i wont be disappointed i just gotta say though  

    ROOSTER TEETH please give us more on Summer Rose a flash back, ANYTHING!!!

    I love her character and shes not even in the show yet!!!!

  • rosefiammotta

    rosefiammotta spoopy

    #33667722 - 8 months ago

    The thing is about this theory guys is that I always remember what Yang says in Volume 2. The way that Yang says "Summer isn't the first love he'd lost, she was his second." Then goes on to explain about Raven just makes me doubt it just a tad. I mean, Tai "shut off" meaning he was grieving. But of course there's the color scheme difference; Yang has the same color scheme of her dad and the build of her mom(her hair, body, eyes). But Ruby takes after Summer's color scheme but her colors aren't white and red like it's shown in the small amount of pictures for her. Ruby is somewhat of a mix of Qrow's and Summer's which just leads to the idea that she's Qrow's daughter and not Tai's. 

  • BaldwinMI

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    #33671573 - 7 months ago

    Word of warning, I did not read through all of the posts.  I tried to skim.  I don't feel that Qrow is Ruby's father.  My theory is this:

    During the "school years", Summer had a crush on Tai.  Qrow had a crush on Summer.  I didn't act upon it.  Mostly because of his semblance and the fact she seen him as a friend.  Raven and Tai hooked up.

    Some point, Raven ditches Tai with Yang.  I think I seen it that he told Yang it was her fault their team broke up.  It's assumed the team was kind of close then.  Summer, still having the crush, steps in to help Tai with raising baby Yang.

    This is where it's a tad hazy.  Summer and Tai fall in love, before or after Ruby.  I can see that "moment of weakness" where it was kind of a rebound (This is my opinion).  Anyways, explaining Ruby's existence.

    Qrow realizes they are now in love, doesn't want to "make it worse".  He's already an Uncle and decides to be that for Ruby too.  I guess to sum up Qrow:


    He's a twisted version of Snape.

    He loved Summer, but couldn't have her.  He lost Summer to some sort of evil.  Ruby looks a lot like Summer, so he loves her like a daughter.  He has no hard feelings towards Tai (Nothing open).

    *End of SPOILER*

    So, when Tai shut down, Qrow stepped up.

  • Whalety26


    #33673102 - 7 months ago

    After reading through all these theories, I realize how much thought you guys really put into this theory and it's amazing!  You're not just watching a show for enjoyment but it's making you really think about the realm of possibilities.  As a writer, I also find myself thinking (and overthinking) about things I read and watch.  So now to contribute to the actual theory:

    Since I'm still relatively new to Rooster Teeth, it's hard to find the exact Tweets or official statements by the writers and creators of RWBY that tell us the facts of certain characters.  This can just be my opinion, but I don't think they would have any reason to lie to their audience about the characters.  If they indeed said that Yang and Ruby are half-sisters biologically, then I don't think they would turn around later and say that it was a lie.  But if it was stated within the show itself, it's a different story.  If Yang and Ruby had always been told that they had the same dad, there's always room to say that it was a lie to protect them for whatever reason.  But the fact the creators told the audience on a social platform, I would think the writers would continue with those specific facts as the story goes on.  (If you have any input on this, please let me know.  I like to critically analyze my own thinking and I can't do that without your input and critiques.)

    I do feel like Volume 5 began to emphasize the close relationship between Ruby and Qrow.  People can interpret what that closeness really entails between the two characters in whatever way they want.  As much as I would love for Qrow to end up being Ruby's real father, I would not be surprised if it turns out he is just still her uncle.  However, I think there would be a point where Ruby admits to Qrow that she has always seen him like a dad.  If this happens, I feel like it ties in both outcomes: he's her uncle by family ties but he is also her dad in a more figurative sense.

    I love how theorizing facilitates all these discussions because it's cool to see what everyone comes up with.  You get a new look on things that you never considered beforehand.

  • FerrousOxcide

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    #33673286 - 7 months ago

    " I would think the writers would continue with those specific facts as the story goes on.  (If you have any input on this, please let me know.  I like to critically analyze my own thinking and I can't do that without your input and critiques.) ". That's kinda what i thought too. But it occurred to me if they wanted it to be a big story important twist with a lot riding on it, having fans preempt it and not denying it would would by proxy confirm it and ruin the impact they are aiming for in the reveal.. That is if the theory is true. There still is more circumstantial proof in the show, in both tone and actions of Crow and Tai to support the theory that there is to disprove it.
    I say this after re watching of the show in it entirety several times more recently just to look for more hints and clues to this theory.. ((That i am compiling to put together a you tube Vid in support of this theory.))

  • chezamaiden

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    #33673352 - 7 months ago

    In reply to FerrousOxcide Would love to see your video you should post the link when you finish it! ^_^

  • lehh

    lehh Leka

    #33673630 - 7 months ago

    I'm probably overthinking it but I will leave here what Raven said in last chapter (s5c4):

    "If you are really going after your sister, then you need to know the truth".

    Of course it can be other kinds of truths, since we have a lot to know about team STRQ, but the emphasis in "your sister" and then "know the truth", made me believe that this truth got something to do with Ruby.

    Or not. Maybe i'm just thinking too much about it...

    Anyway, apparently this means that we are finally close to an answer regarding this whole theory XD.

  • wraithlord1476


    #33673842 - 7 months ago

    In reply to lehh well if anyone was going to spill the beans on this it stands to reason that it would be Raven. Although I would have preferred if Raven did tell the truth about Ruby's father it would have been to Ruby herself.

  • Kelleycaudle

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    #33673948 - 7 months ago

    In reply to lehh

    I took that as she is going to get them caught up like Qrow did RNJR and is going to tell them more about Ozpin. He even admitted to making some bad mistakes.