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  • Terratrox


    #33662802 - 10 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    Makes sense actually. The Semblance booster I based off of how people have to play Abathur from Heroes of the Storm. The Grimm character is inspired by Sorin Markov, and I'm not quite sure where Chroma came from.

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33664660 - 10 months ago

    I have an idea for a semblance like crows bad luck. its for gambler character the power would inverts probability so long shots pay off sure things fail. When he plays poker against honest people they tend to win when he play against cheaters they always lose. In combat he can make difficult shots but easy shots are less likely to hit.  a problem with this power is that if he relies on it to much the inversion works against him.  if you know long shots will pay out they stop being long shots.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33664700 - 10 months ago

    In reply to PaperGodzilla That seems too meticulous to ever be useful, if I'm honest. But it sure is creative.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33664746 - 10 months ago

    In reply to PaperGodzilla

    Definitely an interesting approach, that's for sure... It also kinda reminds me of myself, oddly enough... Especially with the whole backfiring bit (but yes, the whole making it work thing DOES happen too, come on now)...

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33664828 - 10 months ago

    well my main goal was to come up with something creative. I figure in combat this is much like qrow's semblance, So the character rely on the opponent being thrown off guard because things aren't working like they should.

  • JackIceheart


    #33666909 - 10 months ago

    Right. I'm back.

    Here is a semblance, that depends on the user to be either very practical or out of the league OP.

    The Garage

    If you ever played an RPG games before, you would notice that any tools or items that you acquire puts themselves into the special place called Inventory, or Item Box.

    This semblance is basically like that, but little bit more complicated.

    The semblance is basically composed of one "garage", "in-put" portal, and "out-put" portal.

    "Garage" itself is a space that only the user can use, a completely different "mini dimension" where user can store any non-living things, from weapons to consumables and even veichles, just like the notion of the Item Box. The garage itself is what we would call rectangular shape. The limits of how much the user can store inside the garage varies from user to user, and largely depends on their training and usage of the semblance. It is known that time flows normally in that space.

    "In-put" portal is basically portal that user opens when they want to put things in. The portal "sucks in" the object and stores it in the garage. Of course, "out-put" portal is for taking out the things that user needs right now. Important thing to note is that this portals can be summoned anywhere at anytime within 2m dome shaped radius centering around the user. For example, you may open the in-put portal to put the pencil 1.3m away from you in the garage. Same goes with output portal. The radius that you may open the portal could increase via training and frequent usage. It is interesting to note that in-put and out-put portal may be opened at the same time.

    Garage itself can take in living organisms, but not for too long. It will forcefully "spit out" the living organism when it is in the garage for too long. It is very taxing to the user to keep living beings inside the garage, and leads to serious case of aura depletion. It is VERY interesting thing to know that even user themselves may go inside the garage, even though it is extremely dangerous.  It is possible to put only the part of the living organism in without any consequences. 

    This semblance is constantly active, and cannot be deactivated unless the user is dead. Of course, you would need to use some amount of aura in order to put stuff in and out of the garage. Bigger the object you take in or out, more aura you will use up. 

    Pretty bland semblance, no? It just basically let you pack bigger bag packs without worrying about them getting in your way, or even store back up weapons just in case. Very useful in practical applications, both in daily lives and battles.

    Of course, that's about it when you are only using it for those kind of applications.

    If the user have masterful control over this semblance, this semblance can be utilized in very offensive way.

    Let's start with most obvious thing: if your enemy is within your portal radius, you may drop heavy things on them by creating out-putting portal over their head. Imagine a big Roadroller just dropping out of no where on top of your enemies' head. 

    User may open in-put and out-put portal at the same time, and they may put in part of themselves without any consequences. This may create some serious long range attack ability.

    For example: If enemy is in the portal range, user may open input portal right in front of them, stick their arm in, and at the same time open output portal in front of the enemy and choose that arm to go out. User may grab or slash at them with weapons if the arm was holding it to the enemy, even though they are at least some distance apart.

    Or you can do the opposite and input the enemy's arm and output the arm right in front of you, so you can chop it off or something. However, they may pull their arm out, so careful

    This ability maybe used in the defense, too. Remember, you may use input and output portal at the same time. So when your enemy is going to run you through with a sword, activate input portal in front of their face and activate output portal on their back. They will end up stabbing themselves on the back. Same principal works with guns.

    Note*(Accurate representation may be found in X-Men:Days of the Future Past, X-Men Blink uses the portal in very similar way against the Centinals)

    If user is master of master with this semblance, then they may do something out of a league, like literally hiding themselves inside the garage, which cannot be destroyed nor touched by the enemy. They may teleport to the random place using portals 2m at a time, or in some extremely rare cases,  push the enemy or grimm themselves inside the portal, locking them up in a garage without getting the users killed.

    Of course, this extreme utilization of the semblance is possible only if the user had put in efforts and time to develop their semblance to the fullest, and in most cases, it is extremely hard to achieve that kind of level. Also, this semblance does not go well with long range fighters or enemies with fast reflexes and speed.

  • scottjamesme


    #33666995 - 10 months ago

    Grimm's Howl: Aggravates all Grimm within a 10 mile radius to the users' location. User may leave once the 'call' has been made, the location itself acts as a frenzied zone. Note; The stronger / 'wiser' the Grimm is, the more they are able to resist call. Call is weakest at edge of radius, and strongest at center. After 30 minutes, Grimm disperse at their own discretion, but may still be re-agro'ed under normal circumstances.

    Pro: Can be used to lure Grimm from a certain area, or cause havoc during battle. 

    Con: Grimm are simply agro'ed, not controlled. User and allies are susceptible to attack. If no Grimm are within radius, semblance is useless. 

    Clairvoyance: User may focus on what is -about- to happen (up to 1 second). Rather than predicting the actual future, Clairvoyance heightens the users' predictive capabilities.

    Pro: Having a sleight edge in every movement gives a significant advantage to the user (Basically a visual spidey sense)

    Con: Vision is not the absolute outcome, and may be tricked by false information.

    True Stealth: While semblance is active, all trace of the user is 'obscured' from existence. Any memory, audio, video, writing, or any other conceivable form of acknowledgement is met with hazy comprehension. Even face to face confrontation with the user gives recipients no more sensation than feeling "Something is in the corner of my eye" or "I feel like I'm being watched."

    Pro: Although best paired with other forms of cover, may be used to hide in plain sight from both animals and people. Gives a similar impression as a stranger walking through a moving crowd.

    Con: Semblance requires focus, complex tasks such as using weaponry or talking may break semblance. Effects both allies and enemies, meaning tactics may fall apart if teammates forget the user, or may be startle by the users' reappearance.

    Silver Tongue: Targets are more susceptible to users' suggestion. Range of effectiveness varies greatly depending on the targets feelings. Ex; An enemy may be no more effected than 'double-taking' a suggestion, while a stranger may obey direct commands. many variables effect the semblances' potency such as contact (face-to-face conversation is more effective than radio), tone of voice, stress, trust, etc.

    Pro: At the very least can be used as a distraction, at the most may be used to convince others to do things they normally would not.

    Con: Depends greatly on the target. Under certain conditions, may be borderline useless.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33667298 - 10 months ago

    In reply to JackIceheart I really like the idea of this, it's very creative. However, two things:

    I don't like the name 'garage'. Doesn't feel like a name someone in the RWBY universe would use. I actually like the sound of 'inventory' much more.

    You say something about that it varies from user per user. Does that mean there is more than one user with this semblance? That is very rare in the main show.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33667299 - 10 months ago

    In reply to ScottJamesMe I like these! I take it they belong to a team you've made up?

  • JackIceheart


    #33667308 - 10 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie  Thank You! Hmmm.....maybe I should change its name to The Room. Inventory or Item Box feels too game like.

    Oh, and as for the varies from user to user, what I actually mean is that the power of the semblance largely depends on which kind of character you are giving it to. How old are they? Are they lazy or hardworking? Do they have talent or no talent? What are their beliefs? How much did they trained? Are they even an hunter? Stuff like that. Of course, the semblance itself is a one unique thing.

    For example, let's take a person called Bob, give him this semblance. The power of semblance will depend on above stated factors. 7 year old Bob may only carry about 12kg of stuff in his room, but 8 year old Bob might be able to carry 23.5kg of stuff. Lazy Bob might have a smaller portal opening radius then the hard working Bob. Talented Bob might find a way to open 3 portals at once faster then the not so talented Bob. Bob that trains about 2 hours a day might have a average 2m opening portal radius, while Bob that trains 22hours a day may have 8m of opening portal radius.

    I put it in the words "differs from user to user" to show that this semblance may develop or stay that way depending on the user's trait, and that there are no limits on evolution of semblance.

    Lazy Bob and Hardworking Bob, while the same "Bob", is not the same user of the semblance.

    On that note...........I really do think that Ruby's semblance is literally tops of any semblance, because if it is developed fully, she will be the living cannonball of death. What ever she touches, it will turn into a ripped shreds of things because of the law of physics, and she can literally move so fast that she can cause sonic boom everywhere. She won't even need her weapon at that point. I imagine she could also move so fast that she could surpass time and time would slow down on her.........

    Oh, wait. Time? She DID froze that dragon grimm......and nobody said she froze it with ice? She turned it into rock, like it became fossilized?

    Maybe Ruby's, and all silver eyed warrior tribes have semblance that is Time related? I don't know. Just ignore that part. 

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33667310 - 10 months ago

    In reply to JackIceheart I see, I just figured you already had a character to go with the semblance. But turns out it's still openstuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

  • scottjamesme


    #33667584 - 10 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie Yea nothing in stone, but I have a general idea about where the teammates come from and how they interact. Maybe I'll post in the character creation forum one day.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33667662 - 10 months ago

    In reply to scottjamesme Looking forward to seeing them!

  • thesilverj


    #33667943 - 10 months ago

    Moonlight Sonata: When the user sings specific songs, they can affect all those surrounding them in different ways. While one song makes them doze off for a moment, another will make them burst with energy as long as the user keeps singing. One song can accelerate aura regeneration, while the other makes their punches weaker.

    Eclipse: This allows user to increase their full potential in combat up to 125% its original amount. User can regulate how much of their power they can grow (they can make it only double as strong sometimes), which is useful because this semblance weakens them as a side effect. User can only stay at maximum power for about seven minutes, before collapsing. Another side effect is the appearance of their eyes. When they use their semblance, user's eyes shift into a bit of a more darker and sinister tone, kind of simulating an actual eclipse.

    SoulTech: Allows user to transfer their soul into electronics and take control of them. However, due to security and technical construct, gaining control over certain devices can take longer than with others.

    Hertz-Sight: Gives user the ability to see through inanimate by the use of vibrations.

    Bear Might: They can summon a hard light bear that envelops around them and user can control through their own movements. Only works for a limited time.

    Refracted Dispersion: Similar to Flynt Coal’s Killer Quartet, but the doppelgangers move freely and it reduces their remaining aura depending on the amount of clones made. One clone drops to half, two clones gives you a third of it, and so on.

    Shadow Steps: Allows user to move through shadows or simply hide among them, enveloping themselves in it and disappearing. The countermeasure of this is the quanta of energy consumption it takes to move among the shadows, and it’s even worse when trying to jump from one shadow to the other. Hiding in one spot takes less energy, but is still very tiresome.

    Ichor: User can shed tears of blood that can heal injuries. They can also use their blood to summon the dead, but the greater the being, the greater the blood loss.

    Shadow Mode: To other people, they becomes less visible. A shadow, if you will. The maximum duration of the illusion depends on their movements. The more they moves (like let’s say user starts running), the less it will last. User can, however, exert their aura supply to maintain the illusion for longer.

    *That's just to name a few, but I would like a bit of help for another one please.*

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33667956 - 10 months ago

    In reply to thesilverj I generally think these are very creative! I especially like bear might. The only ones I have trouble with are ichor and eclipse. Ichor just seems overpowered, especially the dead summoning part. Eclipse is more of a personal gripe because 'stat boost' semblances are very common and I just think they aren't very good. Also, arbitrary usage times or percentages seem overly video game stat-like, and less organic, so to speak. No one in the canon show has a semblance of which usage times, recharge times, or any type of percentages are ever mentioned. Mostly, I just see these kinds of semblances be used on characters the creator doesn't know what else to give. However, there could be exceptions. For instance, if the personality of the character fits perfectly with that semblance. However, this is such a 'general' stat boost, that I doubt it. But again, this one is more of a personal opinion.

    What other one did you need help with?

  • tsuyoross59


    #33667960 - 10 months ago

    Intangibility: The ability to phase through objects and people for a short period of time.

    Benefits: Stealth. Can use ability on other people and objects, but for a shorter time.

    Drawbacks: If used too much aura is completely depleted.

  • thesilverj


    #33668025 - 9 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie I started working on a fanfic and I always have problems with weapons and semblances for the characters. So my last team member needs a bit of help with that.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33668027 - 9 months ago

    In reply to thesilverj Alright, tell me about this character! You can PM me if you want, or do it in the thread, both are fine.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33668431 - 9 months ago

    In reply to thesilverj

    I can assist as well, especially in the weapon department, if need be. Let's just say it's a talent I have with using an outdated version of MS Paint (6 years of experience with it, not even joking)  yang You can look in the images on my profile if you want any ideas on what I could draw...

  • Fwee


    #33668494 - 9 months ago

    I have two semblances that ended up somewhat similar, even though that was not the intention.

    Beacon: A shine emanates from the user that is luminating and visible from large distances, but is not blindingly intense.  The light causes a weak, stinging pain to Grimm; stealthy and cowardly variants may flee, but most attack the source.  The pain does no damage, but motivates and distracts them.  The purpose of this semblance is to draw the Grimm to the user, to spare others from their attacks.

    Crawling in My Skin (or any other emo lyric): Aura manifests itself as a dark pulse that draws the attention of Grimm.  The user may retract this pulse, reducing the radius to within themselves and essentially nullifying it, or extend the pulse. drawing more Grimm from a wider area.  Both require concentration and effort to maintain.

    I came up with the second semblance for a jerk of a hunter/huntress who meets my protagonists in some small town and after an angry confrontation with them, has a mental breakdown (they weren't that stable to begin with). They let their power slip in anger, causing the town to be swarmed with Grimm.

  • thesilverj


    #33668508 - 9 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis I'll accept your help for the weapon. Thanks.

  • greydreamer

    greydreamer Greydreamer

    #33668552 - 9 months ago

    I had a few semblance Ideas but after realizing that they were either overused or problematic mechanic-wise, I figured I'd go with this one in hopes it's not too unoriginal.

    Light Conjuration: The user can create a small speck of light up to 30 feet away from them in any color they choose (I like to think Neon Black is a thing this semblance can achieve at full mastery, despite that not making much sense realistically UwU). They can manipulate how dim or bright this light is. The light feels warm to the touch and is completely harmless. The user can alternatively make a small object like a rock or a hand glow.

    Limits: This light is about the size of a candle flame and the user can only create one at a time. The lights will start to flicker and eventually fade if this semblance is used for more than an hour without the user taking a break .

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33668669 - 9 months ago

    In reply to thesilverj

    Go ahead and let me know what details you have on whatever weapon idea you have in mind. I'll try my best to draw up something that best fits the description. Whether you do it by replying or PMing is entirely up to you.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33668672 - 9 months ago

    In reply to greydreamer

    Well, you definitely made one I haven't seen before. Seems like something that would be great in the dark, whether its a warning light or a means of lighting the way. Good for groups too, in that sense.

  • greydreamer

    greydreamer Greydreamer

    #33668785 - 9 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis Oh sweet, Thank you!