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  • demiladeadefope


    #33681868 - 1 year ago

    In reply to TourmalineC

    Another one I thought of for my other OC, Blanche

    Semblance: Slipstream, the character suddenly puts on a burst of speed that allows them to seemingly disappear and reappear a distance away. This isn't teleportation, they just travel really fast.

    Limits: The character can only travel a few feet away, it's not teleportation, they can only go somewhere if it is within a certain radius. Also using this semblance is very taxing and the user will end up burning a lot of calories in a short amount of time, making them liable to pass out.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33682078 - 1 year ago

    In reply to TourmalineC I like this! It's pretty interesting, if not UNDERpowered. Being able to use it only once before passing out is pretty weak. I say several uses should be more than ok, as long as she doesn't travel too far or too often in a row.

  • DarthLemon66


    #33682501 - 1 year ago

    In reply to TourmalineC

    this reminds me of an ability in bleach. I wanna say it's called flash step, but it does pretty much the same thing to my knowledge.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33682551 - 1 year ago

    In reply to DarthLemon66

    It's ALSO similar to one of the abilities of Tracer from Overwatch, though Tracer's is thanks to that whole time thing about her (not something I've read into, really)

  • MeowffenSS


    #33684189 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Zs_skayr The drawback could also be that they're forced to take on the semblence of whoever they touch, and they can never really train their semblence that well, so they do everything they can to stay a long range away from opponents unless they want the speed to go in for the semblence steal

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33684247 - 1 year ago

    Cloud Minds basing this idea on the old pulp hero The Shadow: they can hypnotize people on a large scale but only to send out a message that they are unseen. The only thing that can be seen is their shadow since they are still physically there.  On an individual level they can planet hypnotic suggestions into peoples heads depending on how susceptible they are to hypnotism.  With willing subjects they can actually do hypnotherapy to help people.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33684274 - 1 year ago

    In reply to PaperGodzilla That entire description didn't make a bit of sense...

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33684350 - 11 months ago

    In reply to MeowffenSS

    One of my OC's has a Semblance similar to that... Sort of combines that and the idea behind Velvet's. Basically, whenever he sees someone use their Semblance, that Semblance becomes available for random selection, the process of which he has to go through each day for a new Semblance (the drawback is he can't reselect a different Semblance or use a selected Semblance for more than a day at a time, or else the ability deactivates for about a week). It doesn't give much time for training, but how the Semblances work are known from what he's already seen, which can be built on if he can get further information from those he gets the Semblance options from.

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33684427 - 11 months ago

    ok so what  I was trying to explains is a power similar to the power of the 1930 hero the Shadow. the power is hypnotic mental-clouding the abilities altering a person's thoughts and perceptions.

    As the radio program describes it, The Shadow has the power to cloud men's minds so he cannot be seen, all that remains is his shadow.  Its not literal invisibly but a psychic ability to make people believe they can not see him but it does not hide the shadow that he cast.  besides making people believe they can not see him the Shadow can focus on individuals and hypnotize them but this requires focus.

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33684441 - 11 months ago

    In reply to NovelVanguard the "do not see me" effects groups because its a simple command, The hypnotic altering of person's thoughts has to be focused on individual.   

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33684462 - 11 months ago

    In reply to NovelVanguard I also have characters who have pretty much the same as magnetize and, I thought I was original ;_; 

    -Zero-G: Sugar Sahara's semblance. This semblance allows the user to entirely cancel out the effect of gravity on anything within a certain radius (about 5 meters) around themselves. Using this semblance on heavier objects or on objects that are further away, or affecting anything for a longer period of time, all tax the user's aura level more. Furthermore, using the semblance on heavier objects or on objects falling at higher speeds (thus 'more' gravity needing to be halted) may increase the time it takes for the semblance to take full effect. So, a falling object may slow down gently before coming to a full stop.

    -[no name yet, possibly: charge]: Amber Hopbush's semblance. The user has the ability to attract objects towards the user, or repel objects away from the user. Attraction and repulsion of larger objects, objects repelled or attracted at higher velocities and more objects attracted or repelled at once all tax the user's aura level more.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33684798 - 11 months ago

    In reply to NovelVanguard I'm upset that Pyrrha took the word 'polarity'. 'Magnetism' fits her power way better, and 'polarity' fits mine better.

  • Dinobot01

    Dinobot01 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #33684970 - 11 months ago

    Name: Animal Kingdom

    Powers: The power to summon the avatar of any creature in the animal kingdom. When using this the Huntsmen created a giant spirit-like animal around their body. EX: Like Weiss' Knight summoning, but summons a wolf and the user is in the wolf.

    Limits: The more animals the Huntsmen uses the more it drains their aura. Can only use that one animal once a day. 

  • Owen_Cooke

    Owen_Cooke FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold AnotherGinger

    #33686150 - 11 months ago

    I had an idea for a semblance but not got it fully down yet not sure if any changes need to be made here it is.

    Name: Rejuvenation/ Auramancy

    Power: the Ability to transfer Aura to other people and the cost of the characters own, can also project their aura better than most making larger physical barriers and bubble shields even at range. Further more the user can connect to another aura user and if either aura is damaged they both become damaged.

    Weakness: when aura is depleted it can not be used unless the user expends themselves as a resource so damages their own health and can even kill them if overused such as a mass aura regen. while the user has no aura they can rejuvenate their own aura at the cost of some of their life force.  The link can also be continued to use when aura is gone and if one person dies do does the one thier linked too.

    I imagine this could do with some work but ideas are welcome.

  • Dinobot01

    Dinobot01 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #33686252 - 11 months ago

    Name: Obsidian Titan

    Power: The user transforms into a giant humanoid monster made of a rock like material that can absorb and redirect energy.

    Weakness: The longer the user is in Titan form, the more Aura is consumed and becomes tired

  • dermitdog


    #33686638 - 11 months ago

    In reply to Dinobot01 it's like one for all from MHA

  • dermitdog


    #33686639 - 11 months ago

    In reply to dermitdog I put this on the wrong comment didn't I.

  • dermitdog


    #33686641 - 11 months ago

    In reply to DarthLemon66 In cannon, Tracer speeds up her own time and therefore goes faster. To herself (opposing whats in the game) everything else goes slower.

  • dermitdog


    #33686642 - 11 months ago

    Yeah I've been using this forum wrong.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33686650 - 11 months ago

    In reply to dermitdog You can edit your comments, you know. You don't have to post 4 in a row.

  • Dinobot01

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    #33686743 - 11 months ago

    In reply to dermitdog


  • RlyehianBuddha


    #33686821 - 11 months ago

    New to the forum, been on a RWBY kick lately. Decided to create some semblances and characters and would greatly appreciate feedback. 

    my three favorite Semblance creations are:


    - Creates a cloud of frozen fog in an area proportional to the user's remaining aura. This can be extended with training, but i was figuring a maximum of ~15m or 50ft radius.

    This fog drains anyone inside the AOE of their stamina slowly and vastly diminishes their sight to around 3ft in front of them at most. The user is not drained of stamina, but is affected by the visual detriment. The cloud moves with the user at the center, and will repair itself with a speed proportional to the amount of aura used when disturbed or blown away. The fog dissipates normally after the semblance is deactivated. 

    Additionally ice based elemental effects can be absorbed by the user directly into their aura pool. (Although I fear this is a bit too much to tack onto this).

    2."Heaven's Flow" (paired with a fire-dancer)

    - The manipulation or disruption of aura of oneself or of someone in physical contact with them.

    This is allows the user to create gaps in aura shields, disrupt Semblances, and shift their own aura to a point instead of a single thin layer.

    This leaves the unspecified spots unprotected, or at least weaker, but with proper training moving aura to impact zones would lessen the damage to both aura and physical body.

    The user would have to have at least one hand's worth of area touching the aura of the target to affect them and must stay in contact with the body to prolong the ability. Disruptions may take a few seconds or less than that to reestablish once the hand is released depending on the competency of the target's aura control.

    3."Miasmic Theory" (Based off Plague Doctor Masks; Paired with a villain)

    - The user generates a thin gas of poison that radiates off of their aura.

    this gas is akin to a neurotoxin that slows muscle movements and eventually paralysis if exposed to prolonged exposure. The poison covers the users body and weapon as long as it is attached to the user.

    This gas can be condensed into a liquid and splashed onto a target to administer a strong dose directly through the target's aura/body. This liquid takes considerably more aura to use and dissipates quickly after leaving the gas's range.

    The poison has an aromatic scent to it, smelling like herbs and spices masking its poisonous intent from victims.

    Trying to come up with two more before I'm satisfied with my team composition, but this is what I have at the moment.

  • Horus1122


    #33686833 - 11 months ago

    Dude heaven flow is a real good one man

    I have a good one just hope i can explain it properly

    semblance: flash forward (open to different name)

    This semblance allows the user to speed up their physical attacks faster, its clearly shown by a astral projection (like Blake and Sun semblance for better image) plz note only physical attacks such as fist kicks headbutts and etc

    Example: say your punching someone then before your fist reaches then, bam semblance activates and astral fist continues going and hits target where you fist was originally heading

    I hope that's a good explanation plz thought feedback do think its a good idea all feedback is welcome as well has criticism

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33686846 - 11 months ago

    In reply to RlyehianBuddha So it really seems you like 'area of effect' semblances. I have to say that both the ice and poison ones seem very OP to me, as well as not directly very useful? The poison gas is way too fucking toxic, and the ice mist hinders the user too. Then, your other semblance, heaven's flow, is what I call an 'aura tap' semblance. A semblance that somehow influences aura reserves of oneself or of others, either draining it or strengthening it. And I gotta say; I'm so sick of seeing these. Many newbies to the OC scene give their character an aura tap semblance, and they always feel tacked onto them. Semblances are a reflection of one's soul; they relate to the personality of the user. What kind of personality does the user of this meta-ass power have? Influencing aura is so vanilla, it doesn't tell you anything about the user. It's boring, and shows me the user is likely boring too. None of these semblances feel like they would belong to only one person. They could be tacked onto anyone. Furthermore, the 'area of effect' ones don't even sound like they'd fit into the world of RWBY. You couldn't have epic fights with them; the enemy would just fall to the ground because of their loss of stamina or the poison gas. It seems OP and boring.

    Sorry for being so harsh. I am trying to help but I have just a certain way of typing, I guess...

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33686847 - 11 months ago

    In reply to Horus1122 So how would this help you if you already landed the punch? Maybe I'm just having trouble picturing it from your description.