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  • Horus1122


    #33705488 - 1 year ago

    thats pretty sweet

  • S.Haven


    #33705751 - 1 year ago

    Awesome .... great pun by the way Horus.

  • A-Tank


    #33706050 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Dinobot01

    I, too have a pun, but sadly this is a PG-13 forum.

  • Horus1122


    #33706732 - 11 months ago

    okay so I got this semblance but it is way op and I need help fixing it so that it want be as over powered any more 


    The user is able to program any physical object that they can touch ( like the ground, trees, walls, floors,etc) with the program active the user could make the object do practically anything they want. For example if they programmed the ground they could make it shoot up spikes at enemies or build a wall to defend them selves or  make the ground surround themselves and allies in order to protect them. Now every program takes time to finish and my semblance isn't a exception to that. The bigger a object is the longer it takes to program and the user must remain in physical contact with the object or they have to start all over. There is also a limited area of about 50 feet in which the users programmed object will remain under their control. If a programmed object is outside that area it will no longer be under the users control.

    Like I said its pretty overpowers and I hope I explained it right to give you guys a proper understanding about this semblance six you have any ideas or thoughts about how to make it better plz tell me I look forward to everyone's thoughts until next time

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33706805 - 11 months ago

    In reply to Horus1122 Why are you calling this 'programming'? Does the user carry a computer with them everywhere to hack into random objects?

    Also, yeah. It's OP as shit. I'd say limit the kinds of things it can be used on. Like it can't be used on living organisms and man-made materials, for instance.

  • Atalante


    #33706865 - 11 months ago

    Hi, I plan on writing a fanfic about three childhood friends of Adam Taurus. Nowadays they have no contact to each other and are spread all over Remnant.

    I would like to know if their Semblances are unbalanced or too op. I think they would represent the character of each OC.

    Selena Onyx (Moth-type Faunus, Antennae)

    Colour Reading

    Selena can see “the colour” of ones Aura, in other words the character and the mood a person currently is in. This means she can see at first sight if a person is rather introverted or extroverted, relaxed or ambitious etc. She can draw her conclusions from what she sees and try and guess the semblance a person has, but she will just have a vague idea.

    She can see the mood of a person, if she watches them, so she knows if someone is calm, exited, sad, angry, if someone is hurt or if someone’s Aura is about to break.

    When she really knows somebody and concentrates on him or her, she can get an idea of what he or she is thinking. Like, she can see whether someone thinks about food, his family, his enemy, his past etc., so she can`t really read someone’s thoughts, but again can gain some vague ideas about it.

    The more she focusses on her semblance and the more information she wants to collect about people, the more Aura it costs her. She cannot totally blend it out, though, she always sees the main colour of people’s character.

    Ocean Mås (Narwale-type Faunus, twisted horn)

    Improved Sonar

    He can sense every person and every item in a sphere of variable size around him. This sounds lame at first, but it makes it almost impossible for enemies to sneak up to him. He can even, for example, sense dust underground. The problem with this semblance is that is difficult for him to limit the size of the sphere, so all the input can make his brain hurt very easily. In this case, he loves to go and float far offshore, because there is almost nothing to distract him out there.

    Sina Chluaran (Donkey-type faunus, legs)


    When she doesn’t move, her aura recharges way faster than normally. She really has to stand still, don’t blink, best not even breathe. This makes her profit from situations where people freeze or stun her and think she is contained, because she can then use her regained strength to break free. She usually uses it for recharging after some exchange of blows and dashing against her enemies with force. Has potential in combination with Jaune’s Semblance.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33706896 - 11 months ago

    In reply to Atalante

    Color Reading seems like a good one. Improved Sonar... little underpowered if there isn't any say in how far the extent is; I would say maybe add heightened reflexes to the mix. Supercharge is interesting because it involves having to not do anything, as a means of being able to do more afterwards, so I like how it builds on that idea.

  • Atalante


    #33706915 - 11 months ago

    Improved sonar is meant to help Ocean coordinate his teammates. His intelligence helps him to keep in mind all the positions and movements of his team as well as of his enemies, while he can take advantege of the area as well. Slippery ground? Brittle stairs? Quicksand? Ocean would be able to avoid them and use them as traps. Hidden supplies or enemies? He will detect them. Nobody can sneak on him or manipulate something in his range without him knowing. I think the usual sphere would have a range of 5 meters, but even more than 10 meters would be possible without weakening his Aura to much. When there is no fight he would probably try to make his Sphere as small as possible, because this Semblance is even more mentally exhausting than Aura-draining. If he goes crazy like Emerald in the great Finale of Season 5, he could possibly cover kilometers, miles, but he would risk severe brain damage, i guess.

    I think, good reflexes are something he has besides from his Semblance, but when clever used, Improved Sonar can be a great Semblance in a team, cause it helps to predict the enemies moves and have control over your team, just like a chess player has. Combined with Colour Reading it would make a strategic component, while the other two Semblances of the team, Sinas Supercharge and Adams Damage Absorbing / new Teammates Semblance are meant to do the real damage.

  • Horus1122


    #33706916 - 11 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie okay thanks i'll try that suggestion I had originally made this semblance for a villain but realized that if he got into any fight she'd win. But no he doesn't carry a computer he uses his body as the computer basically and why I call it program is well uhhh I couldn't come up with anything else to call it

  • Horus1122


    #33706917 - 11 months ago

    In reply to Atalante dude All of those semblances are great if you added a area limit to the sonar one I'd say you are ready to start writing a oc fanfic surrounding these three characters but you would still need  forth one and I'm really curious about what you would come up with

  • Atalante


    #33706951 - 11 months ago

    In reply to Horus1122

    Its difficult because parts of the story happen in the past, when Adam, Blakes Ex, was friends with them and when they wanted to go to Beacon and to build one team, Team OASS (Oasis) in the future. For obvious reasons this plans failed.

    They will then live their lifes, doing different stuff, only Ocean will become a huntsmen. They will reunite after the big fight in Haven and I want a human fighter to become part of their new Team. I have some ideas about main characters joining the team, Neptun would be my favorite, but he probably wont leave Team SSSN... 

    If i cant find someone, I have a Character named Aurora with a Time-Freeze Semblance.

  • Atalante


    #33706962 - 11 months ago

    In reply to Horus1122

    U could call the Semblance:

    Lord of the Things  ;D

    Animator of the Inanimate


  • Horus1122


    #33707015 - 11 months ago

    In reply to Atalante lord of things 

    yang would be so proud right now

  • Horus1122


    #33707017 - 11 months ago

    okay so I have two questions and i be been thinking about them for awhile

    First question : how do you think someone with Elasticity as a semblance would do in the RWBYverse 

    Second question: Yang's semblances allows her to take on the pain she has gain from battle and turn it into strength but does it only apply to physical pain or could mental pain also be allowed. Example say yang was fighting martian manhunter and he used a physic attack on her would she still gain strength or would that just completely wreak her. Also for of those of you saying no because of Emerald remember Emeralds semblance doesn't deal out pain it just causes hallucinations, but still these have been bothering me for awhile and I wanted other people opinions I'm really interested in what people say

  • Horus1122


    #33707019 - 11 months ago

    In reply to Atalante cool I agree with the human idea but I think you might need to change the semblance because that sounds op and that would kinda ruin the story if you know what I mean

  • DragonicDoom


    #33707280 - 11 months ago

    In reply to Horus1122 Personally I think its based on damage that her body sustains, rather than her mind. Since her semblance is compared to a power meter its likely that she only gets a power boost from a physical hit. Though it would be interesting to see Yang fight a psychic I'd say the only way she could accumulate power would be if the psychic threw her around and smashed her into things. Maybe being crushed by psychic power (think a darth vader force choke hold on your entire body) would give her a power boost but my guess is its strictly physical trauma, not mental, that causes her power boost. 

  • DragonicDoom


    #33707284 - 11 months ago

    One of my more recent posts was about a semblance idea called Crystal Claws that turned its user's arms into an organic crystal that is quite strong but still allows the user to feel as though it were flesh and blood. On top of this the user can crush small Dust crystals to absorb them, granting their arms a different power based on the Dust type absorbed. I also though it would be cool if the user could absorb 2 Dust crystals at the same time, allowing for a hybrid of the 2 elements. Below is a list of the effects that each Dust type gives as well as the available fusions. I didn't make a fusion between each Dust type because the range of abilities becomes insane and would be way too OP. 

    Fire – Fireballs

    Lightning – Lightning Bolts

    Wind – Tornadoes

    Gravity – Force Bursts

    Earth – Stone Armour

    Fire + Lightning = Plasma

    Fire + Earth = Magma

    Lightning + Wind = Storm

    Wind + Gravity = Sonic Boom

    Just to clarify Sonic Booms are different to Gravity Force Bursts in that they are much stronger and more widespread, plus they create incredibly loud sounds that can be used to disorient or stun an opponent. The time that each power up lasts is limited, about 5 minutes for the single Dust ones and only 3 minutes for the fusions. Add to the fact that overuse causes the user's arms to get sore from the raw energy causing through them and it balances out quite nicely. Plus the time limit shortens as the user attacks. For example, if the user launched over 2 dozen fireballs or lightning bolts then the power would fade much faster, or they can conserve it to use at a later time. 

  • DragonicDoom


    #33708178 - 11 months ago


    -Grants the user near limitless energy to move at high speed and increase their striking power

    -Causes Fire Dust to react very violently upon use (imagine Blast Burn from Pokemon)

    -While the user can move at high speed they can only travel in a straight line and have difficulty changing direction (think Dyspo from Dragon Ball Super but obviously nowhere near as fast)

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33708206 - 11 months ago

    In reply to DragonicDoom The way you describe it, it doesn't sound that much different from Ruby's semblance, except it can only go in a straight line...

  • DragonicDoom


    #33708415 - 11 months ago

    Yeah it does sound like Ruby's so I'll try to make it slightly different. While Ruby's just grants insane movement speed Volatile makes the user go wild like a living fireball. They can jump around and attack with high speed, the added momentum increasing striking power. Causes Fire Dust to become far more potent than normal. 

  • GammaEmerald


    #33708450 - 11 months ago

    Has Ruby attacked while morphed into petals? I don’t think so

    Your semblance was fine as it was imo

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33708460 - 11 months ago

    In reply to GammaEmerald The petals are there for aesthetic reasons.

  • GammaEmerald


    #33708513 - 11 months ago

    Not the point, Ruby can’t attack while using her semblance

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33708584 - 11 months ago

    In reply to GammaEmerald She can't? How did she beat the gorilla grimm in the short?

  • Axmew


    #33708843 - 11 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie Recently it's been more apparant though that Ruby's semblance isn't speed. Qrow even mentioned her semblance itself was to burst into petals, which is why in that one character trailer she had she was seen splitting into 3 and even sort of flying. Because the petals are so light she moves fast. Or at least that seems more of the case then simply speed.