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Roman and Neo's Relationship

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  • triox11


    #33138937 - 2 years ago

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    Yea background story is important.

  • triox11


    #33139071 - 2 years ago

    Roman reminded me of the joker one reason I like him so much

  • Elfcow

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    #33474977 - 1 year ago

    In reply to triox11 I think Roman cares for her more than he does for anyone else. Whether you believe their relationship is romantic is up to you. If you pay attention to Roman's scenes, he never exhibits compassion or true caring for another character. His henchmen have died in front of him, he's watched civilians die - and he brushes off all of these with his signature humor. But when Ruby sends Neo flying, he cries out "NEO!" and his face and voice are genuinely upset. Look through all of his scenes. He never does that for anyone else.