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  • SneakyDex


    #33131700 - 2 years ago

    Hey guys, so I have been watching some old Episodes of late. And when I watched the Yang vs Neo fight scene in Ch. 11 vol. 2 again I stumbled upon something strange. When Yang is knocked down and Raven comes in to save her you see Neo back off and look concerned.

    In that scene, when you get to see the close up of Neos face you can see her eye color switch from her standard pink-brown to silver (both eyes). Now I know she can change her eye color (brown, pink and green is what I have seen so far). But why silver? It seemed SO strange to me. I know this might sound ridiculous, but the thing that came into my mind first was Ozpins comment about Ruby's silver eyes in Ch. 1 of vol. 1.

    Idk. Could be a coincidence, or have other reasons. I just wondered if any of you have some input or theories about that, or if any of you have even noticed it and also found it strange....

  • Bacs


    #33132005 - 2 years ago

    I have a few theories I might as well throw out here.

    -The simplest being that Neo, being an emotional type character which usually lingers around composed coolness to psychotic killer, showed a brief moment of reluctance and fear, and her eyes reflected this as a response. Emotional overload, sort to speak, swinging from joyous bloodlust to fright.

    -Neo's actual appearance as we know it, the Pink and Brown mixture, isn't her true appearance but is actually another one of her disguises, which she has to devote a bit of concentration towards in order to maintain it. Being sucker punched, not literally, by who she saw, Neo lost focus and started reverting back to her actual, normal, and real appearance. Thus she fled instead of fought realizing her disguise was coming apart.

    -This last one I want to keep short. Neo and Ruby are sisters. Neo started exhibiting wicked behavior as a child, was forced upon Qrow to raise, who couldn't handle it and started drinking, sent to Raven, who, known as a woman of few words, trained Neo before sending her to Beacon, where Ozpin took notice in her skill, became a huntress but ultimately joined the 'dark side,' sort to speak, and now tries to extinguish her past connections and the people she felt replaced her, i.e., Ruby and Yang. Ozpin, realizing the potential Ruby might possess, accelerates Ruby's training, although this goes against the wishes of Summer Rose and Ozpin knows it, because Summer knows the risks and temptations of that path, both herself and Neo's experiences. Neo might have rebelled against Raven and joined Torchwick, where Raven realized her mistake and that some people are just born evil and can't be cared for, judging and possibly killing them as to not make that mistake again, (thus Qrow and Raven having differing world views that Qrow deems dangerous/and it's a rash thought, which Yang is prone to rashness, obviously, so why not Raven?). As well, Neo and Yang got a trait from their father that Ruby did not, being able to change the color of their eyes; Neo more so than Yang. And also, both Neo and Raven know the power of materialization (teleportation), which might be a taught technique instead of an inherited one. Lastly, Neo is familiar with Raven's fighting style, thus flees knowing she can't best her teacher when Raven saves Yang, and flashes her eyes silver in a manipulative manner, hoping to quell Raven's anger by reminding her of their family bonds, only to see Raven doesn't care (Hence Neo's exhilaration at the mere thought of killing Yang, Raven's daughter, deeming it payback for her grueling childhood).

    That last one is wild speculation, though. I'm sure there's a ton of holes in it that I haven't thought of. And personally, I kind of like the idea of Neo not being related to any of the main cast, being a villain for villain's sake. If I had to choose one, I'd just go with the first theory. Just Neo's way of showing emotion, although the second theory would be a nice twist.

  • SneakyDex


    #33132075 - 2 years ago

    Wow. Great theories. But even if the last one is wild speculation, you bring up a good point.

    Both Raven and Yang seem to be able to change their eye color. Maybe (partially) willingly as well. Or as a reflection of their emotions. Which makes one wonder about a possible connection between Yang, Neo and Raven.

    Now Idk if Neo is Rubys sister. But she might be related to Raven and Yang. It would not explain the silver eyes, but it would explain the change of eye color. Then again, it could just be a side effect of her illusionistic semblance. Now if Neo is related to Yang (who we know can change her eye color) and not to Raven (of whom we have only seen the red eyes yet (maybe Yangs eye-change is her tapping into her mothers side of the gene pool, since her mothers eyes are red)) then it's possible she is Rubys and Yangs half-sister. Now that might even imply Ruby and Neo being full sisters. Lets look at the facts:

    - Semblances are (most of the time) not hereditary

    - Ruby has silver eyes -- Neo MIGHT have silver eyes

    - Ruby is short, Summer was short, Neo is short

    - Raven and Neo might know each other

    - Neo and Raven can teleport (though differently)

    Raven might have trained Neo, yes, but why and how? I doubt Taiyan giving up one of his daughters. I also doubt Qrow failing to train her or Raven of all people raising her instead of her own flesh and blood (Yang).

    She might have been a daughter of Summer and NOT of Taiyang though, that is a possibility. But where does the eye changing play into it? Summer and Qrow maybe? Maybe they were a thing before Summer started with Taiyang and it didn't work out (man that would be a complicated family/team).

    I really don't know. But yes, there is a possible connection between Ruby (silver eyes), Yang (eye color changing), Raven (eye color + possibly know each other), Summer (silver eyes) and Neo (silver eyes, eye changing). Not sure of course.

    Also we still don't know what Summers semblance was. Or Qrows. Or Ravens. Or Taiyangs. If we knew that we might be able to start analyzing how semblances relate to family, because even if they are not inherited they might be SIMILAR to each other. Like family member Nr. 1 has "type A" of illusions as semblance while family member Nr. 2 has "type B" of illusions. When parent 1 has the "A" semblance and parent 2 has the "C" semblance the child might either get a form of "AC" semblance. Kind of like genetics. Possible. And the reason why some (rare) rare semblances are hereditary is because the parents had a very similar semblance.

  • SneakyDex


    #33132718 - 2 years ago

    Yeah, you can't tell with an illusionist such as her.

  • Flameo326


    #33239807 - 1 year ago

    Ok so I just noticed something really important. If you look at Raven and Neo's accessories, I'm pretty certain they're wearing the same necklaces. They both have three red necklaces and two white necklaces.

    Unfortunately I have practically no idea what this means. Could it be a memento? A cult thing? I'm not sure. If anything I think it just reinsures us that they know each other somehow.

  • thomas.settle


    #33339287 - 1 year ago

    so here's my insane theory that may or may not be true: 

    Neo is Summer, corrupted (and likely memory lost) by Salem.

    Here is all we know about Summer's death - she went on a mission and NEVER CAME BACK (Yang says that, season 2, the burning of the candle i believe) thus, i think she came across salem's fortress, and instead of being killed, she was tortured, maybe for information. driven to insanity, and her memory gone, but broke out, went to vale, her home, and having nowhere to go, becomes Neo, andaligns herself with torchwick.

    Neo means "New" - maybe just shortened Neopolitan, but perhaps used as Neo is a "new" Summer, one who is enslaved by the forces of evil.

    thus, in her new and twisted mind, she would enjoy killing Yang, as her subconscious knows this is not her child, but would also have recognized Raven, and thus, in a flash of fear, she loses control of her disguise, and her true eye color - SILVER - is revealed. 

    raven may also know of summer's corruption and that is why her world views are different, as she believes that Summer has become irreversibly evil while Qrow still sees good, and that is why he marks Raven as dangerous - she only sees black and white while he accepts gray.

    The Necklaces - I have many theories - gifts from Taiyang, Team STRQ mementos, it would make sense.

    i might be crazy, but Neo waits to kill Ruby. she may just be waiting for torchwick to finish his ramble, or she may recognize ruby, and holds back. we dont see her face so this is probably the most likely debunk of my theory. 

    this theory is full of holes and i am praying for a reappearance of Neo to prove or disprove, but we shall see.

  • TheGoVnah


    #33566994 - 1 year ago

    At first, I thought that the color was simply draining from her face in a literal sense upon seeing Raven and that it was meant to be comical, but now I think it's definitely too specific, given the importance of silver eyes thus far, for it to simply be a joke.

    I don't however, think that Neo is related in any way to Yang or Raven. As we've seen in Vol. 4, Weiss' butler, Klein, can also change eye color in accordance to his mood. Unless Klein is secretly Raven's father and thus Yang's long lost grandfather, this seems to be a fairly common trait.

    Silver eyes, though, are not common at all, as we know. However, that does not mean that all silver eyes warriors must be directly related. While Ruby probably received the gift of silver eyes from her mother, who's to say that Summer was the only Silver-eyed Warrior left? It seems to me as though there was once a clan of them, and that they have descendants, such as Summer, Ruby, and, very possibly, Neo.

    While writing this, I had an epiphany, if one could call it that. More of a random thought that, upon thinking about it, makes a bit more sense than simple coincidence.

    Think back to the opening for Volume 3. Towards the end, whilst the main characters spiral downwards to display their helplessness, a familiar red void appears. This same void seems all too similar to the portal that Raven uses to teleport. It must have some sort of meaning, and I thought that Raven may make an appearance. She did not, though, so it must mean something else.

    A character that did appear a few times, however, was Neo. The last of which being when she was elected from Ironwood's airship by Ruby before Torchwick died, never to be seen again in that or the next Volume. Why introduce such an interesting character and leave her fight with Yang unsettled only to not show her for a whole season? All of the other characters were shown, even supposedly dead Ozpin, Professors Port, Oobleck and Glynda, and of course, Raven.

    And then it hit me: during Raven's talk with Qrow in Vol. 4, Qrow implies that someone new and powerful was taken in by Raven's group. This was the first we heard of this group, and still don't know much about it, but it must be important that someone capable of destroying villages was added to their numbers. The fact that this addition occurs after Neo's disappearance, as well as her obvious skill in combat, would suggest that she might be this mystery member. Given that Ruby managed to freeze the Dragon Grimm and almost kill Cinder with her silver eyed power, Neo would be plenty strong enough to take out villages outside of the kingdoms, especially if she knew how to use her abilities. Of course, if Neo were scared of Raven, then it wouldn't make sense that she would go to her group willingly, would it? 

    Unless, of course, she were already a part of that group.

    Humor me, for a moment, as I recall the fight between Team RWBY and Torchwick's Mech. After Torchwick has been defeated, Neo saves him, making her fist appearance in the show. Given that Yang points out that she's a "new henchman," this must have been the first time she's helped Torchwick as well.

    But why join such a street rat? I refuse to believe that she was just thrown in to make things interesting. She must have come from somewhere, and believe that somewhere is the mysterious group led by Raven.

    Raven obviously knows of and is opposed to Salem. It would make sense that she would send a spy to infiltrate her ranks from the easiest point of entry: as a mercenary, hired by Torchwick. The reason she seemed afraid of Raven, and why she flashed her silver eyes, was because she wasn't sure that Raven would recognize her disguise as the Neo that we all know, and that she might kill her. Once she saw that Raven was still intent upon saving Yang, she left, never to finish the job, because Raven is her leader. After Torchwick dies, Neo returns to Raven.

    When Raven leaves Qrow in the bar in Vol. 4 via the red void, the waitress was visibly afraid of the sight of it. Qrow's nonchalance about her reaction seems to imply that it's a common for people to be afraid of it, and, given the implication that Raven's group destroyed Shion village, it's probably because it's their known symbol. The appearance of it in Vol. 3's opening is meant to symbolize Neo returning to the group after the Fall of Beacon, possibly with information about this "artifact" everyone's so worried about.

    TL;DR Neo is a spy, sent by Raven, to infiltrate Salem's forces.