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  • Dinobot01


    #33158571 - 2 years ago

    Everyone can use this post to post their own semblance ideas. Give it a name, its strengths and its limits. Post as many as you want.

    Name: Hyper Stride

    Power: The person gains the strength of Hercules, the speed of the Flash, super senses and becomes completely invulnerable to all harm

    Limits: This power only lasts for 15 minutes. Once activated, if the person has only used the power for 30 seconds then powers down, the person can still use 14 and a half minutes worth of the power. After the time limit is used up, the person must wait 24 hours until it can be used again.

  • TheGreatKoz

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    #33161944 - 2 years ago

    Name: Midas Touch

    Power: The person gains the ability to bring statues to life temporarily and have them be completely under the user's control.

    Limits: The user cannot get very far away or they become statues again, the statues are still subject to the durability of the material they're created out of, the more statues the user tries to create the more it depletes his/her own aura.

  • pietjepolo


    #33161945 - 2 years ago

    Original Semblane eh?

    The power to blow shit up with my mind

    I'll call it "mind is blown".........

  • Dinobot01


    #33162044 - 2 years ago

    Name: Guardian Beast

    Power: The ability to call upon the powers of the four Sacred Animals in Asian Myth. Tiger, Turtle, Phoenix and Dragon. Using the Tiger grant super strength, super senses, enhanced agility and the power to control Earth. The Phoenix grants flight, instant self healing, healing others and total control of fire. The Turtle grants total invulnerability to harm and control water. The Dragon grants super speed and the power to control wind.

    Limits: Each animal can only be used once a day. You can use an animal however long you want, but once it's done, the person must wait 24 hours before it can be used again.

  • Dinobot01


    #33167217 - 2 years ago

    Name: Shadow Wielding

    Power: The ability to use your shadow as a weapon. Use it for whips, swords, chains and any way you can think of

    Limits: It can only be used when your shadow is visible.

  • Asdrubael


    #33167478 - 2 years ago

    Name: Soul Rend

    Power: When in contact with another living thing, you can overload their nervous system to feel incredible, overwhelming pain, as every part of it activates at once.

    Limits: Requires physical contact, effects are not lethal unless contact is maintained, only works on living things (Not sure if Grimm have a nervous system or not but they seem to react in pain when hit so presumably so), and it only works on one target at a time.

  • Grim_Joker


    #33167537 - 2 years ago


    Ability to teleport leaving behind dusty outlines of themselves in their previous location.

    Create minature sandstorms and other such vortexes to trap, levitate, and cut at their enemies.

    Ultimate ability to become a living sandstorm, their body becoming like the ghostly images their teleports leave behind while a massive vortex whirls about them abscuring sight and dealing damage. Each time this ability is used the individual feels like they've lost a small part of themselves to the storm.

  • ImmaThinkin


    #33167685 - 2 years ago

    I already talked a little bit about this one with a new character I came up with, and it seems OP until you look at the costs of using it.

    Semblance: Cosmic Singularity- the ability to use Dark Energy and Dark Matter as sources of raw power (Cosmics are not powerful on their own; they only become powerful when "borrowing" Dark Energy and Dark Matter from the universe). Resulting abilities- wormhole teleportation, small-scale black hole simulations (nowhere near as powerful as the real deal, and doesn't tear apart the fabric of space and time), directed energy "Quasar jets". If you have more than 15% of your aura left, you can use most of it to collect Dark Energy and convert that energy into aura to heal yourself.

    *There are different kinds of cosmics, and all cosmic semblances are due to exposure to Dust mixed with Actinides (radioactive elements like Uranium, Actinium, and in the case of "Cosmic Singularity", Plutonium). Cosmic Singularity grants access to nearly all Cosmic abilities, but there are only two Cosmics who have ever had this semblance since Plutonium is an artificial element.

    Costs: This semblance is the most powerful semblance, but if used without caution, it disturbs the equilibrium of the Universe itself, and as a result, the Universe fights back. If you're shooting out a Quasar jet and you put too much energy into it, it can bounce back and kill you. Reckless wormhole usage can obliterate you on the subatomic level and send particles of you flying to the ends of reality. If your aura is below 15% and you try to replenish it by spending it to gather Dark Energy, it'll kill you. Intense nightmares or an abundance of stored energy can make you highly radioactive, which could give you and those around you cancer (but, usually benign tumors).

    In theory, Cosmics could be extremely more powerful than Ruby, but in reality Cosmics deal with some of the least conventional (by our standards) matter and energy in the universe, so the risks build up so fast that it vastly limits the range within which they can use their powers. For example, the new character I've been working on is Silas Nikos, Pyrrha's twin. Silas went all-out in a battle with both Adam (Blake's crazy ex with the red katana) and Cinder, shooting out two quasar jets at them. But, the jets backfired and hit him with 1.7 gigawatts of energy- that's the power of 8.8 Nimitz-class nuclear aircraft carriers! It's a miracle he survives!

    Imagine it like this: In theory, Superman is ultra-OP, but in reality, to get that powerful he needs to eat Kryptonite for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Dinobot01


    #33175707 - 2 years ago

    Name: Pathway

    Ability: Open portals to anywhere in the world. Whether to on the other side of the planet or right behind your enemy to avoid an attack

    Limits: The father the destination of where you wan to go, the more energy it will consume. If you want to open a portal to the other side of the planet, it will consume all of your energy

  • triox11


    #33177063 - 2 years ago

    Name: Behemoth

    The user can summon a Wolf which has no real physical shape so he cant ber harmed by weapons or anything like that. Everything he does to somebody will inflict Pain but no real damage. Thw wolf will stay until the user releases him or his Aura is Depleted. behemoth can Capture lost and dead souls and feed on them to grow bigger and stronger until he will be able to summon himself. every use of behemoth costs the owner Blood in the Form of a wolven head. Behemoth is a semblence which can be given away if behemoth and his user agree to the next user.

    It is a Family tradition to feed behemoth so he can Finally start to exist in this World Behemoth knows where Grim come from he knows where dust comes from because he is old as the Time himself. But he wont share this knowledge with anyone until he gets his real from.

  • Dinobot01


    #33177172 - 2 years ago

    In reply to triox11

    Very nice. Do another one

  • ImmaThinkin


    #33177195 - 2 years ago

    Name: Predator's Instinct

    Unique to and common among predator-derived faunus (snow leopard, wolf, etc.)

    The user's speed, strength, agility and tenacity drastically increase, allowing for either swifter attacks (allowing the faunus to either take out more enemies in a rapid stealth blitz before they realize what's going on) or improved performance mid-combat. As a result, the user gets exhausted faster, potentially leaving them vulnerable in the end. However, predatorial faunus wouldn't fight their enemies, they'd hunt them.

  • Dinobot01


    #33177483 - 2 years ago

    In reply to ImmaThinkin

    Ooooh. I like that one

  • user-56b6b344112f3


    #33178325 - 2 years ago

    Here's a few that my OC's use:

    Harmonize: Can channel one's Aura through music for sound-based attacks or to empower allies within hearing range.

    Feel the Beat: Causes Aura to pulsate rhythmically, enhancing attacks or actions performed in time with said rhythm. The stronger the boost, the slower the beat.

    Volatility: Can channel Aura into an object or a point on a surface to create an "explosive rune" that either detonates on contact or when remotely triggered by the user. Either one or the other, decided when the rune is created.

    Shining Speed: Grants super-speed that leaves a shimmering wall of energy in its wake, think the light-cycles from Tron. This wall lasts for a short amount of time after the user stops moving, but shatters fairly easily. User may also continue moving back and forth through this trail at high speeds to leave fairly convincing afterimages in their wake, making them harder to target.

    Force Redirection: User can transfer momentum from one object he is in contact with to another, allowing them to shunt the force of incoming attacks away from themselves and into another valid receptacle. The transfer is not 100% efficient negation of momentum, as the user may still receive a portion of the damage that would be inflicted by an attack, and there is still a force threshold under which this Semblance will have no effect.

    Shift Your Weight: User can alter the weight of themselves or anything they have direct or indirect contact with. This Semblance can allow its user to render themself light enough to float in air or heavier by a similar proportion, but its effect when used on other things weakens as it goes further away from the user.

    Unerring Strike: User can focus onto a target to "lock on" to them, causing them to glow and ensuring their next ranged attack will strike the targeted area. When used on a single target, the user may lock on to a particular point or region of their body, but on multiple targets they cannot be so specific.

    Authority: User has a compelling voice- any one who hears a verbal order given by the user while this Semblance is active will reflexively obey to the best of their ability until the task is complete or they make an effort to stop themselves. Usually works best with some other external incentive e.g. intimidation or obligation to decrease probability of victims attempting to resist.

    Many Faces: User can freely alter their appearance to resemble any sort of human or Faunus. Faunus traits do not grant abilities beyond what the user already possessed, and size alterations are very limited in scope. Does not allow the copying of Semblances or weapon proficiencies.

  • triox11


    #33178381 - 2 years ago

    In reply to user-56b6b344112f3

    Very many interesting ideas but I somehow felt like reading One Piece devil fruits wiki still interesting ideas.

  • user-56b6b344112f3


    #33178457 - 2 years ago

    In reply to triox11

    Might have just been the way I phrased the descriptions like they could belong to anyone and not just particular people.

  • OFJehuty

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    #33179438 - 2 years ago

    Here are a few I'm doing for some characters I am working on.

    Shockwave: The user emits shockwaves of energy. The shockwave can be sent out in a spherical(like a typically shockwave you would see when blowing up something) or can be concentrated on a weapon or physical strike. Concentrating the shockwave increases the force and damage of the shockwave, but spherical burst has more range. Dust types can be added for elemental effects to the shockwaves. A greater amount of aura can be added to increase the force.

    Intangibility: The user's aura allows the user to become intangible for a couple of seconds. The user is immune to physical and energy based attacks why in his intangible form. The user can also extend there aura to cover weapons and teammates to also allow them to be intangible.

    The intangible effect lasts for at most 3 seconds(user and aura level dependent). The user's aura shield dissipates when the user reverts backs to a tangible state, the aura shield must reform of the user's aura reserve is not depleted. Major thing about this semblance is that the user must use it tactically.

    Gravity Well: The user channels her aura into projectiles and fires them at the ground. The projectile dissapates the aura into a glyph that holds anything in contact with it to ground.

    The glyph only works on the ground, so it has no area of effect above ground level. The glyph maintains of former five seconds. The user also has to channel a significant amount of aura into the projectile to form the glyph.

  • smd111


    #33179569 - 2 years ago

    Name: Shadow Walk

    Stage 1: The ability to walk the shadows(enter one shadow leave through another)

    Stage 2: The ability to send your weapons through the shadows(send weapons in to one shadow and have them come out another)

    Stage 3: The ability to trap your foe in the shadows(when trapped in the shadows your foe can not see but you can)

    !!Every thing beyond this point is not for the novice in this skill!!

    --this is because they have the potential to kill your allies as well as your enemy's

    Stage 4: Shadow Spear(cause the shadows to become your weapons and pierce your foes)

    Stage 5: Shadow Blade(causes the shadows to form blades that attack your foes)

  • ImmaThinkin


    #33180278 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Afr0

    About limbs being cut off, could it be possible to reconnect a limb by using a sling and medical adhesives to hold the limb in place during the healing process?

    Also, nice rifle bro. That's an HK, right?

  • user-56b6b344112f3


    #33180321 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Afr0

    In reply to smd111

    I don't exactly recall Semblances coming in "Stages"...

  • smd111


    #33180479 - 2 years ago

    In reply to user-56b6b344112f3

    I don't exactly recall Semblances coming in "Stages"...

    in RWBY: GRIMM ECLIPSE your Semblance advances as you get stronger

    even Ruby's and Weiss' has advanced in the show

    i also remember Monty saying that a persons Semblance can get stronger

  • Dinobot01


    #33180546 - 2 years ago

    Name: Animorph

    Ability:Transform into any creature in the Animal Kingdom. Insects, Birds, Beasts, and even extinct animals.

    Limits: While in animal form, the person keeps their human intellect, but must fight the animal instinct at all times.

  • jkfeldy


    #33180631 - 2 years ago

    Name: Mimic

    Ability: The user gains the ability to copy and semblance that someone else has. Also gains limited knowledge of how to use the semblance.

    Limits: Only works on people who know their semblance (looking at you Jaune) and the user must have met the person who's semblance is being copied. Only lasts until combat ends.

  • Mattattack01

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    #33181423 - 2 years ago

    Name: Time shift

    Stage 1: slows the users perception of time allowing them to react faster to incoming threats.

    Stage 2: Slows time for everyone but the user making them appear like they are moving at super speed.

    Stage 3: Can create a sphere where everything inside freezes in time.

    stage 4: For no mare than 10 seconds the user can basically stop time making it appear as if he could teleport.

    Stage 5: At the cost of all his energy the user can reverse time up to two minutes before hand to undo a mistake.

    Limit: Every stage costs more and more energy and focus. Stage 1 can be used fairly easily but will put a strain on the mind if used to much in one day. Stage 5 will make the user completely helpless though for several days atleast.

  • Dinobot01


    #33181755 - 2 years ago

    In reply to Mattattack01