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  • Manic79


    #33252855 - 1 year ago

    Name: Future Window

    Ability: The User will be able to see what is next going to happen, allowing them to predict attacks or avoid ambushes. When activated the user can increase the distance into the future they can see, possible knowing what happens in a fight before it even starts, at the cost of their aura.

    Limits: The semblance cannot be activated by the user, instead in a passive state until it feels required. This means that the user is unable to control where and when they use the semblance, meaning that sometimes weeks can go by without it being used. It may also become dangerous in a fight as it may distract the user by activating at a inappropriate time.

  • ImmaThinkin


    #33268488 - 1 year ago

    Name: True Survivor

    Ability: Helps the user to survive supposedly unsurvivable conditions, much like a microscopic organism called a Tardigrade (also known as a "water bear", which can survive temperature extremes and even the vacuum of space). This doesn't provide a substantial benefit in combat, as it does not boost speed, strength, endurance, etc. It simply provides a defense against environmental extremes.

    Limits: Literally creates an aura membrane over the user's body, which can last a long time, but sometimes requires days or even weeks to recharge.

  • Beerbearian

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    #33269324 - 1 year ago

    Name: Heart of the North

    Ability: Allows the user to freeze objects solid or enemies in their tracks. Can also be used to lower the ambient temperature to sub-zero temperatures.

    Limitations: Must be used conservatively as using it also slowly lowers the user's body temperature (temperature returns to normal within minutes to a hour or two as long as they remain conscious). Although they can resist and survive for longer with a colder nody temp, trying to freeze something too large can easily render them unconsious, put them in a coma, or possibly kill them.