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RWBY Merchandise you'd like to see

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  • spaceace1123


    #33676637 - 1 year ago

    In reply to redwolfguardian15

    they have ones with Zwei and Ruby

  • spaceace1123


    #33676639 - 1 year ago

    "Please do nothing to the cook" apron 

  • Castanza


    #33705782 - 1 year ago

    A quality (and legit) shower curtain.  US standard size.  With team RWBY characters in a group scene (as opposed to a 4 section panel).  Full bodies, visible faces, dark background (black or dark red).   I see that there may have been a curtain sold at one point but web page is defunct (plus it's just the rose on black background).  I know, I'm being rather specific but it would go awesomely in my bathroom.