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    A seventeen year old girl fell down a sand dune as wind gusted through a desert. The sky was black with raging storm clouds and lightning danced through the air. A figure wearing lavender colored boots approached the crying teenager.

    "You," said a deep, undistingiushable voice. "I will never let you be noticed. I will never let them be noticed, Magenta."

    Suddenly, the teenager thrust her upper body up from a bed. The girl felt that she was sweating when she put her right hand on her head. Before she could think for very long, a sweet voice called out to her from behind a door.

    "Magenta, it's breakfast time."

    "Coming," said the teenager, in a calm, yet slightly distraught voice. "I'll-I'll be down in five minutes."

    Upon climbing out of bed, Magenta walked into her bathroom. She changed out of her aqua colored pajamas into a pink and red styled outfit. The outfit consisted of a thin red crown that wrapped around Magenta's head, a pink shirt, a red armpit length see through jacket, a pink skirt with a twisty red leather belt, a short pink gather skirt* with a twisty red leather belt, and red ankle strap heels with fake pink gems in the shape of a cherry flower on the tow of the heels (the flower serves as kind of strap to hold the shoe together).

    After getting dressed, Magenta put on a little make-up. As she brushed her eyelashes, she thought about her dream. It could not have been a normal one. After all, why would an innocent girl have one like that? Magenta thought of reasons to go along with that question as she put on carnation pink lip gloss.

    "Sis, hurry up!"

    "Alright, I'm coming," responded Magenta.

    "Ugh, snail! I'm going downstairs and eating. Geez!"

    "Well, world, today is my day," said Magenta, before placing an oval blue topaz gemstone in the center of her forehead (there was a place on the crown to snap it into). "Today, I'm a huntress in training."

    "Sis! I know you are playing with your stupid black, wavy hair! Stop it!"

    "Stop screaming like a banshee and go down stairs already!" yelled Magenta.


    *Gather skirt-a full skirt with a gathered waistband. The image I was think of and looking at when imagining Magenta's skirt was for it to be a little above the knee and have a vertical wave like design.

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    Chapter 1: The Sister Who Loves Her Dearly

    A thirteen year old girl sat at an oak wood table while she at scrambled eggs. She frustratingly bit down on her fork while thinking of her sister. The young girl remembered she would be seeing her sister off today. Remember this made her eyes tear up.

    "I love you," said Magenta, before kissing the girl's forehead.

    "Sis!" said the girl, with a cheery voice. "I made you breakfast since mom left earlier for work."

    "I see that," said Magenta. "I love your eggs. Thanks."

    After thanking her sister, Magenta sat down to eat. The air grew kind of cold and empty as the two were eating. Neither one of them knew what to say to the other. Once they finished eating, Magenta's sister asked if she would help her pick out one last outfit before leaving for her new academy.

    "Sure," said Magenta, as she smiled. "But I don't know about the 'last time part'."

    In her sister's room, Magenta laid out the following outfit: a periwinkle blazer, a cyan halter top, denim blue jeans, and a pair of turquoise sandals with a strap to go around the ankles. Upon seeing the outfit, the thirteen year old hugged her sister. She then shoved her out of the room in order to get dressed. Giggling the entire time, Magenta's sister remembered all the times she played dress up to mimic her older fashion idle.

    "Can I come in now?" asked Magenta.

    "Yeah," said the younger sister.

    "I have a present for you," said Magenta.

    "Sis," said the thirteen year old, who got teary eyed. "I don't want it."

    "What?!" responded the seventeen year old. "What's wrong?"

    "I don't want to lose you," said the younger sister.

    "Ah, well, then open your gift," said Magenta, who handed over a letter.

    At the top of the letter, two criss-crossed books inside of a triangle decorated the letter. However, the young girl did not even notice the logo. Her eyes immediately fell on ten bold letters. Magenta, we have accepted your sister, Azure, into Mageia (pronounced: Ma-he-a) Academy.

    "No way," said Azure, as her azure colored eyes filled with life. "No, way. No, way! No, way!"

    "Yes, way," said Magenta, as she winked one of her blue eyes. "We're going to the same school. Mom liked the idea as well."

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    Chapter 2: A Confused Entrance

    "Where is it?" asked a teenage boy.

    As the teenager kept walking around, he bumped into a man wearing a black hoodie. At first, the surrounding audience of students thought a fight would break out with intensity of the glare that scowled down upon the disoriented teenager.

    "I'm so sorry," said the teenager.

    "Citron, do me a favor and get lost," said the man. "More than usual."

    "G-grey!" said a female student. "Don't be so rude."

    "Tch! I don't need to be anything," said Grey.

    The situation thankfully resolved with the disappearance of the indifferent trouble maker. Except, Citron was still lost. Even less of a surprise, he followed Grey because he knew that would lead him to class. Grey did not take kindly to this common occurrence. He abruptly turned, grabbed Citron's apricot colored down vest, and furiously asked why he had to constantly follow behind him like an elephant Grimm.

    "I know you always go where I need to be," responded Citron, while smiling. "Come on. I'm not hurting you."

    "You got that right," said Grey, before releasing his grip on Citron. "Follow me if you want. One day that may make you as depressed as me."

    "Maybe I learn how to find things by then and won't be depressed for," retorted the teenager.

    "Heh," scoffed Grey.

    After their little exchange, the two males made it to class to right before the teacher locked the door. Of course, the duo were yelled at for almost being late before being sent to their respective seats. Meanwhile, at the front of the school this class took place inside of, two fashionable girls arrived.

    "Well, Azure, are you ready for Mageia Academy?" asked Magenta.

    "I am Azure," responded the thirteen year old. "Full of happiness bubbling up to the sky! I will greet everyone today with my special catchphrase and start my semester off as loud as my sister!"

    "You sure like magical girl styled introductions, don't you?" said Magenta, as her sister rushed toward the school. "Well, at least she is not worried. Now, I'll just lock the car and-done! Off to check in!"

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    Chapter 3: Magical Girl

    Standing on the left side of a stage, Magenta stared at her first rival. Her heart thumped with every cheer from the audience. Every bit of her attention was on one single person. Every inch of training she endured was going to come out before everyone.

    "This is it," said Magenta. "Everyone will see my power."

    "Little girl," said a woman dressed in purple. "I will destroy that week will of yours!"


    Magenta sent a beam of power soaring through the air at her opponent. To her surprise, the opponent blocked. You're going to have to do better than that, kindergardener. Those words of attack echoed in Magenta's mind. Of course, her opponent could block such a weak attack. It was a school for people specifically with magic based semblemences! Everyone had to go through basic training in order to get in. By default, that meant everyone would have the potential to block silly beams.

    "I can't freeze up," thought Magenta, as the crowd cheered and equally booed.

    "I'm sorry, Magenta," spoke the seventeen year old's opponent. "You're time as a hero won't come. Ever."

    The impact that statement had on Magenta's heart almost caused her collapse. Why would you make such a jarring proclamation in front of a crowd like that? An answer to Magenta's question would soon come.

    "Vermilion Coquelicot, watashi wa maho no on'nanoko ni henshin suru," said the emotionless woman.*

    Suddenly, a blast of black magic shot out of the book floating in front Vermilion. Magenta had never seen a color that empty before. Sure, she had seen the color black before; yet, this was different. This was pure hatred in the form of a color. Darkness. I see only darkness.


    *I typed "I transform into a magical girl" into Google Translate to get the japanese phrase after the introduction of the characters name. It is the only phrase I will type in a foreign language and it will only be for this character.

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    In reply to sonofcinder

    Thanks! I'm excited to read more of your fan-fiction to! I hope you and everyone reading enjoys it to the end.

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    Chapter 4: Nightmare Strike

    Darkness. I see only darkness. Magenta was so caught off guard by Vermilion she was thinking her thoughts out loud. When the black beam of magic reached a peak above Vermilion's head, it shot downward. Once it reached the top of the emotionless woman's head, the beam turned into four rings of power that traveled over her body until it reached the bottom of her feet. Afterward, a beautiful outfit had appeared on Vermilion.

    This outfit consisted of the following items: red high heels, a coral colored ball gown decorated with raspberry colored ribbons, red elbow length leather gloves, and an alternating red and coral colored gem necklace. Vermilion's brown hair was shaped into a chignon style hairdo*.

    "She looks fancy," said Azure, who was watching her sister's fight from the front row of the audience.

    "Magenta," said Vermilion, as she placed her hand over the book floating in front of her. "I am not doing this because I personally hate you. Its just, your family did mine something I can't forgive."

    "Impossible," said Magenta, as her eyes widened in shock.

    "Nightmare," spoke Vermilion.

    "Wind," spoke Magenta.

    "Strike!" yelled Vermilion, before sending three slicing waves of energy toward her opponent.

    "Waft," said Magenta.

    Magenta's blue topaz gem shimmered as a light breeze of air came forth from the teenager's hands. Unfortunately, Vermilion's attack was not going to be stopped by such a weak attack. The three energy waves slammed Magenta up against the wall five feet away from the stage this fight was taking place on.

    "Sis!" screamed Azure, after rushing up from her seat.

    "Weak," said Vermilion, in an emotionless tone of voice. "I cannot stand people like you."

    "I-I'm not finished," responded Magenta, who struggled to stand up.

    "Heh. Your aura should be gone now," said Vermilion. "This fight will be over with my next attack."

    "Liar! My sister is stronger than that!" yelled Azure. "Sis, show that gaudy dresser who's boss!"

    "Haah. Hahahaha!" laughed Vermilion, while her opponent walked back onto the stage. "The only thing she is going to show is a pool of blood when I am done with her."

    "Don't underestimate me," said Magenta, before summoning a circular ring in the air. "My aura has gone nowhere."


    *Chignon hairstyle-hair on the back of the head is styled into a bun which is pinned at the nape of the neck and requires tighter binding than ordinary buns.

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    Chapter 5: Magenta Aubergine

    Standing once again on the left side of the stage, Magenta summoned all of her aura into the circular ring that had formed in the air. The deep purple color of Magenta's aura matched the color her eyes had become with the enactment of this spell. As the ring grew larger and larger the more Magenta's aura collected inside of it, Vermilion used her semblence to make the shields near the left edge of the stage float in front of her for protection.

    "Ancestors hear my plea," said Magenta, before her sister's eyes widened as she watched from the audience. "I summon the power you have stored for generations. Through the strength of my aura, let it be dispersed!"

    Upon completion of her incantation, all of the aura she had gathered shaped in a giant bow with one glowing arrow. Once this arrow was fired, it shot through every one of the shields Vermilion had levitated. Not only that but also shot Vermilion's book.

    "You wretch!" yelled Vermilion, as her transformation faded away. "I won't forget this!"

    "Time," said the automated voice from the giant speaker located above the stage. "All participants await judging from your instructor."

    "I-I did it," said Magenta, after looking at her sister sitting in the front row of the audience. "Azure, I used my semblence without fainting!"

    "Sis, is so amazing," thought Azure. "I can't be lacking in my amazingness this semester. In this school, I'll show Magenta we can stand on equal ground."

    "Judging complete," said the automated voice. "Your instructor has decided that Magenta Aubergine has won the example mock fight."

    "Where is the instructor?" asked Azure.

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    Chapter 6: The Sister Who Felt Envy

    Once the mock match was over, several students rushed to the stage to talk with Magenta. However, Azure was not among them. The Aubergine sibling was happy her sister won the fight, but suddenly began to remember how life used to be at her old school. Magenta was always the popular girl years ahead of her. Though her older sister made it a daily goal to encourage growth and confidence, Azure never felt she could reach Magenta's heights.

    "Please watch where you are going," said a man.

    "Oh, I'm so sorry!" exclaimed the thirteen year old. "I did not mean to bump into you. I, just, kind of wondered here."

    "Well, why don't I get you back to where you belong," said the man. "My name is Alba* by the way. Have you heard of me before?"

    "No, sir," responded Azure, who turned away from the man. "I think came from that direction. But can we not go back yet? I don't want see my sister right now."

    "Why not?" asked Alba, who knelt down to Azure's eye level. "Didn't she just win the semester's mock fight? Why not go congratulate her?"

    "I don't want to her frown because of my attitude," said Azure. "Also, I'm to used to seeing people shower her with praise. For once, I want that praise."

    "Ah, feeling envious are we?" said Alba. "Be careful darling. Envy is a dangerous emotion. It can lead to much sorrow and much suffering."

    "It's just-"

    "Azure, there you are!" yelled Magenta, before running up to hug her younger sister. "I thought something had happened to you."

    "No, I'm fine," said Azure. "Alba has been here with me."

    "Oh, good!" exclaimed Magenta. "I'm glad you have met your white magic teacher."

    "My teacher," thought Azure.

    "He is the brother of my black magic teacher," said Magenta.


    *Alba is Latin for white.

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    Chapter 7: The Healer and the Helper

    The sun shone brightly through a large glass window in Mageia Academy Classroom 102. As Azure sat in the front row of a long line of seats waiting for her instructor, she began to look around at the students. Most of them were in the late seventeen's to eighteens. Though it seemed intimidating at first, her attention quickly turned to Alba as soon as he walked in.

    "Hello, class," said the man. "I am going to be your teacher for this Freshmen semester. As you probably know by now, you are in classroom 102. It is specifically reserved for entrance into this school. Even more specifically, it is reserved for teaching healers."

    "I'm a healer," said Azure, before everyone giggle.

    "Azure, my dear," said Alba. "Everyone in this room is a healer."

    "Oh, right," said Azure.

    "Anyway," continued Instructor Alba, "by the time you have finished this semester, you will be able to use healing magic on your allies to keep them alive after a deadly Grimm battle; you will begin to find ways to more effectively use your semblances in combat; and most importantly, you will find a new you. We all know the class my brother teaches is about fighting and killing the foe who stares you down on the battlefield, but we are more in tune with protecting and healing. Its not to say the fighters cannot heal or protect, I just train to be better at it than them."

    "Yes," thought Azure. "This will be my semester. Look out Sis, I'm going to catch up."

    Meanwhile, down the hall in classroom 101, Magenta sat listening to her instructor in the middle row of a long line of seats. Although, unlike her sister, she was quite board. The instructor, named Kuro*, was babbling about how he was going to train his students to outshine the healers. Not only that but he was going to prepare his students for a rigorous selection board exam that would send some of them to class 103.

    "You see, class," said Kuro, "room 103 teaches you to mix your fighting abilities with healing abilities and vice versa for healers."

    "Mr. Kuro, will the exam be taking place at the end of the semester?" asked Citron.

    "Yes," said Kuro. "Now, where was I."

    "Who is that boy?" thought Magenta, as her blue topaz gemstone glowed faintly.


    *Kuro is Japanese for black.

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    In reply to sonofcinder

    Thank you!

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    Chapter 8: Ambiguous Articulation

    When class ended for lunch at noon, Magenta went to find her younger sister. However, once she saw that Azure had found a group of students to spend time with, Magenta decided to leave her alone for a little while. In the meantime, Citron instinctively followed Grey to get where he wanted to go. That destination happened to be the cafeteria.

    "I think I'm getting used to you, Disoriented Fool," said Grey, before Citron sat down with his food.

    "I've long been used to you and your insults," said Citron. "It's your special way of showing affection."

    "It is not!" responded Grey, after shoving a huge spoonful of cream potatoes into his mouth.

    "Attractive," said Citron.

    "What?!" exclaimed Grey, as he spit out the food onto Citron's face.

    "Thank you so much," responded Citron. "Don't flatter yourself though. I was talking about the girl who just walked in."

    "Ah, yes," said Grey, after turning around to see Magenta buying a bag of chips from a vending machine. "Quite attractive in deed."

    "That made me shiver, Grey," said Citron. "Could you have said that any creepier?"

    Upon turning, Magenta saw the boy from class who had asked about the selection board exam. She also saw a handsome man sitting in front of him. The man walked over to her to ask if she would like to sit with them. Magenta happily accepted his invitation.

    "I'm Grey by the way," said the man. "This is my acquaintance, Citron."

    "Nice to meet you," said Citron.

    "Nice to meet you as well," said Magenta.

    "So, what brings you to this fine establishment?" asked Grey.

    "Smooth," thought Citron.

    "Eh, I'm hungry, I guess," said Magenta. "Why are you here?"

    "I had to bring this doofus here," said Grey.

    "Hey!" yelled Citron.

    "Hee hee hee," giggle Magenta.

    Suddenly, a voice echoed in the seventeen year old girl's mind. Although she could not make out the words, Magenta could tell it was a woman's voice. She knew it was not anyone in the cafeteria. To prevent her two lunch companions from questioning her, Magenta giggled at Grey a little more. On the downside of that giggle, the academy's bad boy now had his eyes on Magenta Aubergine.

    "Hey, would you like to come exploring with me tonight?" asked Grey, before Magenta's giggle turned into a gasp of shock.

    "I-uh-have to study tonight," said the teenager, who was not necessarily lying. "Tomorrow is the second day of class this semester."

    "Oh, yes," said Citron. "I have to study for Kuro's class as well."

    "Why are you retaking that class?" asked Grey, in a hushed tone.

    "I failed it in my first semester," said Citron, as Grey rolled his eyes. "Since it was my only class as a Freshman, I have to retake it before I can advance to the rest of the academy's academic offerings."

    "Well, this has been an interesting conversation," said Magenta, before picking up her bag of chips. "I'm going to go share this with my sister. Bye."

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    Chapter 9: Doomed Foreshadowing

    The moon was shining brightly onto Magenta's face as she slept in a cozy warm bed. Azure was also sound asleep across the room. During this peaceful time, Grey was sneaking around the campus parking lot. Or, so it had seemed at first anyway.

    "Young man," said a security guard. "What do you think you are doing?"

    "I saw a cloaking figure running around so I got curious," said Grey.

    "Where did this figure go?" asked the guard.

    "Toward the woman's dorms," responded Grey.

    "Go to bed, Grey," said the security guard.

    Meanwhile, back in Magenta's room, that very cloaked figure crept through the door. She was going for the gemstone laying on Magenta's bedside dresser. However, something strange happened when the figure touched the gem.

    "Awaken," said a mysterious voice, which caused the figure to jump back and made the hood of the cloak fall backward. "Awaken."

    "Hmmm," murmured Magenta.

    "Awaken, huntress, of destruction," said the mysterious voice. "Awaken!"

    "What the?" said Magenta, as she burst upward. "Azure get up! There's an intruder!"

    "What!" yelled Azure, before screaming for help.

    "Darn!" yelled the figure, before running out the door.

    "Hey, wait!" shouted a female student. "Vermilion, where are you going?"

    "Ugh!" grunted Vermilion. "Now those girl have heard my name. Just great!"

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    Chapter 10: Enemy Among Them

    After reporting Vermilion to the headmaster of the school, Magenta went to class 101. Upon arriving, Citron waved at the seventeen year old. She took that as an invitation to sit next to him during class. Citron had been nice enough to take notes for the both of them. To repay the favor, Magenta wrote her cell phone number on the edge of his paper with a little note. It said to call if he ever needed help studying.

    "Thanks," whispered Citron.

    Meanwhile, Azure walked around the hallways looking at all the different surroundings she could find. Her class had ended ten minutes ago and she had nothing to do while Magenta was in class. Thankfully, Grey came along.

    "Hi, there," said Grey. "Your Magenta's sister, right?"

    "Yes," said Azure. "Who are you?"

    "A friend," said Grey. "Would you like to spend time with me while you wait for your sister?"

    "Sure, I guess," said Azure. "I'm just walking around looking at things."

    "As am I," said Grey. "I'll join you. My name is Grey, if you'd like to know."

    "I'm Azure."

    Suddenly, Vermilion appeared wearing her magical girl outfit. Her eyes giving off a piercing stare of rage, Vermilion held up a blue book containing spells. She was infuriated with Magenta. The best way to get her revenge would be to hurt the precious girl standing in front of her.

    "Grey, I can't fight," said Azure, who started to tear up.

    "Got it," said Grey, before pulling shuriken* out of the pockets in his hoodie.

    "Water bombardment," said Vermilion, as jolts of liquid shot out out toward Grey from thin air.

    To counter, Azure created a shield using her semblance. Once it was clear to attack, Grey threw two shuriken at Vermilion. Unfortunately, they were melted with a fire spell. Taking that as hint, Grey pulled out the last two shuriken he had in his hoodie.

    "I can play that game," said Vermilion. "Fire shuriken!"

    Suddenly, Grey vanished. When her spell hit Azure's shield, Vermilion immediately knew she had messed up. A tingling sensation spread across her body similar to what someone feels when there arms is "waking" up from being "asleep". Grey had drained her aura away by slicing her with the shuriken. Of course, no blood or wound appeared thanks to her aura. However, it cost Vermilion her fight.

    "I'll get her eventually," said the woman, before transporting away. "Next time you won't be able to surprise me like that."
    "Threaten all you want, creep," said Grey. "What kind of person attacks an innocent kid?"


    *A shuriken is a thin star shaped weapon with projecting points or blades. It fits in the hand easily and can be thrown to attack.

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    Chapter 11: The Sister Who Wanted to Grow

    When she heard of the attack on her sister after classes had ended for the day, Magenta went into a rage in her dorm. She yelled at her sister for waiting so long to tell her, she yelled at Grey for not reporting the incident, and she yelled at Citron for being present in the room. Her face was almost as red as a tomato when she finished her rant.

    "Why I am being yelled at?" asked Citron.

    "I don't know," said Magenta, who began to calm down. "Boys get out."

    "Alright," responded Citron and Grey.

    "Thanks for saving me," said Azure, as Grey walked out the door.

    "Yes, thank you for saving her," said Magenta, before closing the door.

    Without delay, Azure jumped up from her bed to run toward Magenta. Once she reached her sister, Azure looked up with teary eyes. The thirteen year old girl reached out to hold her older sister's hands. Finally, without a single pause in her words, Azure asked the most empowering question for a healer.

    "Will you teach me how to fight?"

    "W-what?" asked Magenta, with a look of shock on her face.

    "I want to be able to help myself the next time I am attacked," said Azure. "What if no one is around when your insane rival attacks me again?"

    "Got it," responded Magenta. "But on one condition. If I teach you how to fight, you have to teach me how to heal. At least a little. That way, neither one of us will be missing out just in case we don't make it to room 103."

    "Deal," said Azure.

    Meanwhile, Grey could not help but be flustered by Magenta's outrage. He protected her sister. Why couldn't she just be happy no harm came to them? No. She had to be angry. To a brand new friend no less. Contumelious.

    "Relax," said Citron. "Your glaring as if someone punched you."

    "I'll break you in half if you even try," responded Grey.

    "See this level of ridiculous threatening is why Magenta is not coming out with a huge show of affection for your heroic actions," said Citron. "If you want her to like you, calm down a little."

    "Listen, you," said Grey, who was scowling at this point. "If I ever want help in romance, you will be the last person I come to. Now get lost!"

    "Again with that," mumbled Citron, while Grey stormed onward.

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    Chapter 12: Mystery Dream

    Magenta repeatedly swung a periwinkle practice staff back and forth to attempt healing a practice dummy in the nurses office. However, nothing came from this action. Azure began to think it was going to be impossible to teach her sister how to heal. Thankfully, the school's nurse stepped in to give some advice.

    "Azure, you should not give up on her so quickly," said the lady. "Did anyone give up on training you?"

    "No, ma'am," responded Azure. "I'm not sure how to help though. This is my first day teaching someone."

    "I'll give a few pointers then," said the nurse, before turning to Magenta. "Try focusing on a happy memory from your childhood. Unlike your fighting that comes naturally to you, healing is going to require a bit more positivity at the start of your training."

    "Got it," said Magenta.

    Once she positioned both of her hands on the staff, Magenta held the short object in front of herself. Then, she closed her eyes. When Magenta opened her eyes she was standing in a field of blue forget-me-not flower petals. In front of her, a woman clothed in yellow stood staring at her.

    "Are you the one I seek?" asked the woman.

    "W-what?" responded Magenta. "Who are you?"

    "Are you the one I seek?" repeated the woman.

    "Is this a dream?" asked Magenta.

    "What is your name?" asked the woman.

    "M-Magenta," said the teenager. "My name is Magenta."

    Suddenly, the woman thrust her arms outward, This caused all the flower petals to blow away revealing a crack underneath Magenta's feet. As the crack opened up beneath her, Magenta heard her sister calling out her name while also hearing the woman give out a chilling statement.

    "You will fail."

    "Are you alright?" asked the nurse, as Magenta woke up on the floor. "My dear, you were standing one second and fell the next. Do you feel dizzy?"

    "Uh, no," said the teenager. "Here is your staff back, Azure."

    "Thanks," said Magenta's sister. "I'm sorry I couldn't help you much today."

    "It's okay," responded the older sister. "Come on. Our classes are out for the day. I'm going to give you a lesson in fighting."

    "I'll do my best!" shouted Azure.

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    Chapter 13: The Succeeding Sister

    "You will fail."

    Those words echoed through Magenta's mind while she watched her sister aimlessly swing a sword at a practice dummy in Mageia's Academy gymnasium. After realizing her sister's physical power was not really going to get her anywhere, Magenta decided to teach Azure a basic spell using a small amount of her Aura.

    "Will that work?" asked Azure.

    "Believe in yourself, Azure," said Magenta. "Honestly, I'm not sure our idea to better ourselves will go very far. If we don't try though, we won't know. So, my beloved sister, focus on the practice dummy and pretend it is a Grimm. Then, send a small beam of power at the enemy. Try to visualize what you feel and do when healing, but send that soaring toward your opponent instead of an ally."

    "I'll try," responded Azure, as she put her periwinkle staff in her hands to take the place of the sword.

    The thirteen year old imagined a beowolf Grimm was about to charge as she focused onto the tip of her staff. Then, the white orb on the tip started to glow. The girl then twirled before swinging her staff upward. When Azure did that, a beam of concentrated white aura caused the practice dummy to wave back and forth for a few seconds.

    "I did it," said Azure, as she jumped in happiness. "Magenta, I did it! I did it! On the first try, I really did it! I love you for this, Sis!"

    "Alright, alright," said Magenta. "Calm down. That attack was very weak and hardly had any power behind it."

    "Aww, praise me, would you?" responded Azure.

    "No, you need to be calm now," said Magenta. "Though I am proud, I must ask that you continuously strive forward to make that attack grow stronger. Got it?"

    "Got it," said Azure. "Will you keep striving toward being able to heal?"

    "Of course," said Magenta. "I'll believe in us. We will both do our best!"

    "Yeah!" yelled Azure.

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    #33429166 - 1 year ago

    Chapter 14: Secrets

    A half moon shined its rays of light through a forest as Grey flashed in and out of the shadows. Suddenly, he was knocked up against a tree by a bear Grimm. Then, he threw a shuriken into the evil creatures right eye. Blinded by this, the Grimm could not see clearly enough with it's left eye to swipe properly. With the force of wind from the creatures swipe brushing against the top of his head, Grey flashed back into the shadows.

    "Good thing its not a full moon," said the student.

    Meanwhile, Professor Kuro walked through the same forest holding an old map a couple miles from the bear Grimm. When he heard it's roar, the professor picked up his pace. The map he was holding had circles filled in with X's drawn in several places.

    "I wonder if I will find the cave tonight," thought the man.

    Back with Grey, multiple shurikens flew at the obtuse stomach of the Grimm he was fighting. Since the creature was standing on its back legs, it could not dodge the attack. A roar of pain filled the crisp air of night when those sharp stars hit there mark. The bear Grimm decided to flee after a burst of magic went up toward the sky.

    "Darn it!" yelled Kuro, before he marked an X inside of another circle. "That is the fifth location this month. I have to find it. I have to find the Cave of the White Stag*."

    In frustration, the professor decided to go back to the academy. If he was gone for too long, his brother would begin to notice his absence. Not only that but Kuro also had a class at 8 in the morning he had teach. Staying up looking for a cave was not going to make that class lesson easy to get through.

    After he left, Grey flashed into the vicinity out of the shadow of a large, bulky tree. He walked over to a ring that had clearly been made out of magic. Grey could tell because there was leftover dust on the ground. He smiled as he walked into the circle. A few seconds later, he vanished from sight.

    In place of Grey, a white fog spread outward. Professor Kuro soon took notice of this fog that crept its way through the forest. It made him get an eerie feeling in his spine. Almost as if something was watching him! However, the man took a deep breath to cause the feeling of creepiness to leave him. Kuro then continued his walk back to Mageia Academy.


    *A stag is an adult male deer.

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    #33455507 - 1 year ago

    Chapter 15: Struggles Can Be Climbed Like Towers

    A few weeks of training passed for Azure and Magenta as they strove for success in their respective magics. At the same time, the duo practiced outside of their main magic fields. In that amount of time, Citron spent several evenings studying with both of the girls. Soon afterward, he was intrigued by the art of healing. This brought about a unique scenario.

    "Thank you, sir," said Citron, while walking into classroom 102. "I can't wait to learn in your class."

    "And I cannot wait to teach you," said Alba. "Have a seat next to Azure."

    Meanwhile, Magenta sat talking to Grey in the cafeteria. The two had been getting along quite well over the past week. Grey mellowed himself out enough to charm his way onto Magenta's good side. As a consequence, he learned of what Magenta and her little sister were attempting to accomplish. In addition, Grey also learned that Azure had been excelling so much at her attack spells that she could create a gust of wind around herself while Magenta was not even able to heal a paper cut.

    "Don't worry," said the man, before putting his arm on her shoulder. "I know you can succeed."

    "Th-thanks," said Magenta, as she blushed. "Anyway, let's go to the gym. Citron will be there with Azure when their class lets out."

    "Ah, I forgot about that," said Grey. "I'm glad we don't have class today."

    "I'm glad you agreed to watch us practice today," said Magenta, after she stood up from her seat. "Let's go."

    "Coming," said Grey, as he threw an empty juice bottle in a trash can.

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    Chapter 16: Petals of Misery

    Wind gust after wind gust pushed a training dummy side to side as Azure tried to advance her air spell. Magenta saw she was getting close to her goal with every spell that was cast. To try to help, Magenta mentioned for Azure to try a twirl when visualizing what she wants her spell to do.

    In response to the advice, Azure raised her periwinkle staff above her head. Next, the thirteen year old spun in a circle. During that short amount of time, Azure imagined a tornado carry the training dummy into the sky. Suddenly, the white orb on end of her staff let out a blinding flash of light. Then, a horrifying event occurred.

    "Magenta," said Azure, as tears rolled down her cheek. "Magenta!"

    Lying on the ground next to the broken training dummy was an unconscious Magenta. The seventeen year old girl had been hit over the head with it when Azure's overpowered tornado spell came about. Unfortunately, Azure's success now caused her to feel fear and pain as she tried with all of her might to heal Magenta's bleeding head.

    With her sister pouring every ounce of power she had toward healing, Magenta started to regain consciousness. Before waking up, however, she found herself in another dreamscape. Standing in a field of red carnation flower petals was the same yellow clothed woman from her last dream. This time Magenta was sitting in front of her.

    "You, who refuse to abandon your will," said the woman, while pointing at Magenta's face, "be warned of a disaster to come. When the moon bathes the land in its rays of truth; when a roar fills the air with hateful vengeance; when life reaches a point where history cannot be corrected; you, Magenta Aubergine, will stand at a crossroad. A White Stag leading to life and happiness or a Black Dog leading to death and pain. Will you take fate into your own hands and change the world? Or, will you fall when gravity ways more than a brick?"

    "Wait a minute," said Magenta. "What is going on?"

    "As long as you ask that question, one thing is certain," said the woman. "You will fail."

    "Hold it!" yelled the seventeen year old.

    "Awaken," said the woman.

    "Magenta, wake up!" shrieked Azure.

    "Awaken," said the woman, as Magenta's eye opened. "Huntress of Destruction."

    "Magenta," said Azure, in a soft tone of voice.

    "What's going on?" asked Magenta, as a tear fell down her left cheek.

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    Edit: Oh, wait, I get it. Please don't post Hairy Potter or any official things from a book on this thread. I don't want my story to get removed because of copyright that protects those books or anything. (I don't know if that would happen, but I want to play it safe.)

    Also, just wanted you to know, my story is not inspired by Hairy Potter. It is initially inspired by a combination of the anime genre Magical Girl, the show RWBY, and maybe the video game Fire Emblem (but not too much on that last one.)

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    thought i would check up on you. Good job. The story is great

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    Hey! I'm glad your back with your account!

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    as am I buddy, as am i

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    Chapter 17: Caution for The Approaching Limits

    On the night of the day the gym incident took place, where Magenta's mind was swirling through hundreds of thoughts, Professor Kuro took it as an obligated duty to keep tabs on his prized student. Despite the fact that he was missing an opportunity to search for the White Stag, the professor refused to let his inner selfishness prevent him from helping the recovery of such a hard working student as Magenta.

    "Sir," said Magenta, "I'm fully healed thanks to my friends and sister."

    "That may be," said the professor, "but we still have those dreams to think about. Why did you not come to me sooner?"

    "I wanted to learn more first...I, guess," said Magenta. "Honestly, I don't even now."

    "Magenta," said Professor Kuro, "you are helping your sister gain an advantage over others by just teaching her to protect herself, you are putting pressure on yourself to succeed with healing, you are trying to think of ways to protect your sister from a crazed student we apparently can't control, and on top of all of that, you manage to have dreams about an ominous event coming?"

    "I don't know what that dream is fully telling me to do," responded Magenta.

    "Get some rest," said the professor, after sighing. "I'm going to talk to your sister and tell her everything is fine with your health."

    "I understand," said Magenta, before Professor Kuro turned to walk out of the room. "I'll try."

    "Yes," said Vermilion Coquelicot, who held a red book with a dog's image on the page she was looking at. "Relax and rest. Hold your peace. I'll snatch it away all the more quick of pace."