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  • SirSailorStar


    #33485910 - 1 year ago

    Chapter 18: The First Premonition

    "Magenta," said Professor Kuro, who stood in the training field on the north side of Mageia Academy, "I want us to practice your arrow magic this morning."

    "Got it," said Magenta.

    "Also," said the professor, "I know from the admission letter you sent the school that you have been unable to activate the full power of your family's line of magic. Is this correct?"

    "Yes," said Magenta. "It is the main reason I wanted to attend this school."

    "Then, let's get started," said Professor Kuro. "Azure, will you create a target for us?"

    "I'm on it!" yelled Azure.

    Upon taking out her periwinkle staff, Azure made a series of vines grow out of the ground. Once they collected into a beowolf shape a few feet above the ground, the white orb on Azure's staff shimmered brightly. This made the vines collect into a dense mass.

    "Nice job, Azure," said the professor. "Now, Magenta, fire an arrow."

    First, Magenta created a magical purple ring in front of her in order to collect the aura covering her body. Second, the aura inside the circle turned into a giant deep purple bow with one glowing arrow. Unlike the arrow Magenta had made in the fight with Vermilion, this arrow was half black and half white. Finally, when the arrow fired, the vines dried up as they hit the ground. It was not the arrow that had caused the vines to wither away as they fell, but the sheer force of the impact Magenta's spell had with them. The shock created from taking out the center of the vines killed Azure's artistic creation.

    "This reminds me of what happened to my fourth grade art project," said Azure.

    "Well, done," said Professor Kuro. "However, in a real fight, you would have died already. You cannot take so long just to fire one arrow. Not to mention the fact that you could die from a paper cut in the wrong place without any aura left to protect you. Start practicing how to make a smaller bow with multiple arrows to fire."

    "Yes, sir," said Magenta, as Kuro went to sit on a bench next to where Azure was standing.

    "Take one of the bows I got from the armory to practice firing smaller bows of magic," said Professor Kuro. "You can't re-use the spell that was just cast, but you can make small arrows out of your body's mana."

    After walking over to a line of bows, Magenta picked out a two inch bow. It was purple with white swirls decorating it's appearance. Magenta then walked in front of a newly formed vine Grimm. This time, Azure made her magic cause it to jump up and down. With a cleared mind, the seventeen year old elder sister created the same arrow as she had created before and began firing. A long day of training had thus commenced.

  • SirSailorStar


    #33491812 - 1 year ago

    Chapter 19: The Danger of Not Knowing

    Holding an arrow to the sky, Magenta charged up power on the tip of that arrow. Next, a small aura of circular power flowed inward to the tip of the arrow. Though it drained a small amount of Magenta's mana away, it was nowhere near the amount of aura that had been drained away from her earlier practice session the professor.

    "Magic," said Magenta, as she pulled the arrow back, "shot!"

    Upon the arrow's upward firing, a vine Nevermore had been blown to pieces by the power Magenta had sent out. Unfortunately, Vermilion noticed this display of power. Even worse, both Magenta and Azure had been left alone in the darkness of night on Mageia Academy's north training field.

    "Lamentable beam," said Vermilion, in a cold tone of voice.

    This attack sent Magenta flying up against a tree due to the earth underneath the seventeen year old giving way to the push of power impacting it. Azure looked on in shock as her sister screamed in pain. Some blood had been drawn, but Magenta managed to stand despite feeling pain from Vermilion's attack.

    "Darkness, dread, and danger," said Vermilion, "surround I and Magenta as if you were shadow. Transport us to a doomed sand dune. Transport us to my families doomed magic ruins."

    Before Azure could even blink, Magenta had disappeared. No trace of her was left behind. Fearing for her sister, Azure ran toward Mageia Academy in order to tell her professor what happened with the hope that he could save her.

    Meanwhile, across the world, in a forgotten ruin, Vermilion used her levitation semblance to hold Magenta facing forward. In horror, Magenta let out a shriek. Her kidnapper did not care about the fear felt though. This was going to be a lesson in failure for Magenta Aubergine.

    "This," said Vermilion. "This is what your family did to mine. My mother shoved all of my families magic into me when your family attacked. I know you yourself had nothing to do with it. However, I will make your mother understand what pain mine felt that day. I'll strip away your magic. The power of the Aubergine Bow."


    "Silence!" yelled Vermilion, as she dropped Magenta down a sand dune.

  • SirSailorStar


    #33646852 - 11 months ago

    Chapter 20: Loss

    Having been dropped down a sand dune, Magenta Aubergine fell down a sand dune as a strong wind gust blew through a desert. The sky above was black with raging storm clouds and crackling lightning danced through the air. Vermillion walked down the sand dune wearing lavender colored boots in order to approach the seventeen year old girl crying her eyes out.

    “Let me show you some magic that no one has the right to use,” said Vermillion. “It is the same magic used against my family when your mother attacked us.”

    “Why would mother have done that?” asked Magenta.

    “Don’t ask me!” screamed Vermillion, before kicking the defenseless girl.

    “Ah, stop!” cried Magenta. “What have I done to deserve this?”

    “You were born,” said Vermillion, as she raised the young girl into the air.

    “I-I don’t have any aura left,” said Magenta, with a pink aura surrounding her. “It hasn’t come back, since I used my semblance earlier today.”

    “My semblance!” screamed Vermillion, before throwing the girl up against a rock pillar.

    Unfortunately, it knocked her out. The enraged woman going after Magenta smiled with a joyous insanity at her victory against the weakened seventeen year old. This woman felt no remorse whatsoever. The pain she felt inside blinded Vermillion from logic and reason.

    “It’s time,” said Vermillion, as Magenta struggled to wake up. “You sure woke up quick.”

    “My friends,” whispered Magenta.

    “What?” asked the woman. “Do you think you can be rescued? Do you think they can find you?”

    “My friends, my teachers,” whispered Magenta. “My family…. None of them will stop…loo…looking for me. We will…stop you.”

    “Hah ha!” laughed Vermillion, before summoning all of her power into the palm of her hands. “I think I knocked some of your brain cells loose on that last blow. No one can stop me now!”

    “They will,” said Magenta. “We are all stronger…than…evil.”

    “You," said a deep, undistinguishable voice. "I will never let you be noticed. I will never let them be noticed, Magenta. I will not let a group of morons protect you from a destiny your mother sowed that day. I won’t let you grow into a huntress to be fawned over. And if you’re friends get in my, they won’t be fawned over either."

    Suddenly, a white fog began to roll into the vicinity out of nowhere. Growing worried from the ominous atmosphere beginning to rise inside her, Vermillion created two black rings of magic in front of her hands. These rings began to drain a stream of color from Magenta’s chest. The color was a bright pink in the center and blended into a dark lavender toward the outside edge of the stream. When all of the color that had surrounded Magenta faded away, she collapsed to ground.

    “Good-bye, Magenta,” said Vermillion, before disappearing with a transportation spell.

    Right when she was about to close her eyes, the seventeen year old girl saw a miracle. A glowing set of antlers appeared in the fog. As the antlers drew closure to her, Magenta began to make out the silhouette of a deer in the fog. However, she lost her consciousness soon after realizing the antlers were from a deer.

    “You are a troublesome girl, aren’t you?” asked Grey, who had mysteriously appeared over the girl. “Let’s get you back to Mageia Academy.”

    End of Volume 1