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Is Cinder Truly Evil?

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    #33495229 - 11 months ago

    In reply to MisCon

    I completely agree.

    Shocking, I know.

    I am a big fan of the tried & true idea that an individual's choices have consequences.

    Now, before you begin celebrating — remember that it cuts both ways.  Heroes are only heroes because they maintain a higher ethical standard than the average bear.  And revenge is — well, it can be satisfying — but it's not ethical.  I don't think she will be absolved.  She will always be a villain in some way.

    Personally, I feel she fits into the Anti-Villain role more than others.

    Examples of the Anti-Villain — for those who are wondering — would be Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs), Vincent & Jules (Pulp Fiction) & Patrick Bateman (American Psycho).  Make no mistake, these are not good people.  They can be witty, they can even be charming.  Some even have tragic origins but they are still bad people.

    Another possibility is the Corrupted Villain whose examples include Michael Corleone (The Godfather Part II), Alonzo Harris (Training Day), Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist), Mrs. John Iselin (The Manchurian Candidate) & Captain Bligh (Mutiny on the Bounty).  The Corrupted are often — but not always — those that were once good, but have fallen.  If that is not the case, they are simply characters that are in positions of authority that should be good, but aren’t.  Sometimes — in the case of Regan MacNeil — their souls are corrupted.

    In short, Cinder will always be a villain in some way whether she deserves absolution or not.

    As to the question about Raven, I have no idea why people aren't hunting her down.  Maybe the area is too dangerous.  Maybe the fans like her more.  I honestly can't say.  Though she definitely has more blood on her her hands than Cinder.

    And someone correct me if I'm wrong — Raven saved Yang in Volume II, that's well established — but was she part of everything?  I'm still not sure about that.

  • maverickx12


    #33496858 - 11 months ago

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    Raven certainly has a bigger role in something because she knows about the relics, about Ozpin's group, about Salem's plans, and she is clearly feeding Qrow at least warnings if not information. She can also move around as a raven? and through portals she opens up, and she has a tribe of bloodthirsty warriors at her back that she deems "strong enough" meaning they are formidable threats. But she is loyal to the tribe so I think she is her own faction. As for how or why she saved Yang, I have my own theory that Raven,s semblance is prophecy or visions of the future. It explains how she knows a lot of things like that Beacon would fall and that her daughter was in danger. How else was she certain of those things?

  • MisCon


    #33496950 - 11 months ago

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    Maybe anti-villain, but I have yet to see anything so far to indicate she actually is. IF she is, it'll have to be revealed in the future. Unless she's out-and-out possessed, I don't think corrupted fits. Heck, Vader is a corrupted villain, but Cinder revels in her evil. Vader doesn't seem to enjoy anything. Vader is what happens when angst is played by James Earl Jones. All anger, hate, and bitterness. In The Force Unleashed, a robot that holographically changes to the image of the person "on the phone" in Starwars-land, ends a call from Vader, he says to the person Vader called "I hate being him", to which said person said "I think he hates being him too". But right now I see no more evidence that Cinder is an evil woman bent on power and glory.