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  • Dinobot01


    #33487068 - 1 year ago

    Now that Volume 4 is over we can now discuss what we would like to see in Volume 5 coming out in the Fall.

    Here's my list:

    1. Jaunes Semblance (For Gods sake, RT!! Stop screwing with us and reveal it already!!! It's really getting on our nerves!!)

    2. Meeting Jaunes family (Especially his sisters)

    3. Why is Leo working for Salem?

    4. Noras backstory

    5. How will Blake, her parents and Sun take back the White Fang?

    6. Raven and Yang meeting

    7. Is one of the Relics in Ozpins cane?

    8. Is Jaune a descendant of the Warrior King of Vale?

    9. Pyrrhas voice in Rubys dreams

    10. Why does Tyrian find Jaune interesting?

    11. Who are the other three Maidens?

    12. How will Ozpin be whole again?

    Everyone can post there wants and theories on here and we can all discuss them

  • JROY

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    #33487123 - 1 year ago

    Wow Dino your right on top of this aren't you bud.

  • wedwarrd45

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    #33487131 - 1 year ago

    You forgot one important thing: Team RWBY reuniting.

  • JROY

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    #33487138 - 1 year ago

    In reply to wedwarrd45

    ...yeah that might be important

  • Dinobot01


    #33487187 - 1 year ago

    In reply to wedwarrd45

    True, but there's only ONE thing more important than that. When team RWBY reunites, what will happen to Jaune, Ren and Nora? Where does that leave them?

    In reply to JROY

    You bet I am, pal. I'm still angry at RT though

  • wedwarrd45

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    #33487192 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Dinobot01

    If it's about Jaune's Semblance, my guess is that they're saving it for when the heroes next fight Cinder.

  • HeatherFeatherBed


    #33487199 - 1 year ago

    I actually have a theory about Nora myself so I also concur more Nora. 

  • Dinobot01


    #33487982 - 1 year ago

    In reply to HeatherFeatherBed

    Well, post it so everyone can discuss it

    In reply to wedwarrd45

    That could be another 3 volumes for all we know. And it shouldn't take more than 4 seasons to reveal the semblance of the final member of the Original 8.  I'm fed up with it. RT has let me and many others down

  • maverickx12


    #33488063 - 1 year ago

    Is Leo really working for Salem though? It sounds like it but I feel like Ozpin would not have made such a crucial mistake in making a Salem follower the headmaster of Haven. Also, if he was working for Salem, wouldn't Salem already have the Haven Relic then? I mean there is no evidence to really say she doesn't have it, but I feel like if she did she would be using it. 

  • Blue-Rose-89


    #33488194 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Maverickx12

    I have an idea that suggests the Lionheart is a double agent who's willing to go along with Salem's plan if it means that he can keep Haven safe and get information on defeating the bad guys later (it will backfire of course). Given that Mistral is a shady place, it wouldn't be stretch to believe that Lionheart is the unpredictable one of all the Headmasters we know.

    As for my wants and theories for Vol 5, let's see........


    -Ruby getting character development.

    -Yang struggling with PTSD. Just because she's out and about it doesn't mean she's complexity free from it. Remember how Korra tried to rush through her recovery?

    - Cinder's backstory. With her making a comeback after being benched for the volume, I think it's a good time for her story to be revealed.

    -Pyrrha's family.

    -Raven and the Spring Maiden.

    -Team RWBY learning to be a team again after reuniting. Just because Blake has decided to stop running it doesn't mean that Yang will be quick to forgive her. 


    -Pyrrha's mother is a professor of Haven Academy and part of the Ozlumenatti. The reason why Pyrrha was the perfect warrior was because her mother was grooming her into being a Maiden candidate (think of her as a stage mom).

    -Without Ozpin stopping him, Ironwood tells Winter about the Maidens and relics and orders her to steal Haven's relic because he doesn't trust Leo. If caught, this will cause even more paranoia about Atlas trying to invade other Kingdoms.

    -Cinder will take out one of Ruby's eyes as retaliation for losing her own and to cripple a SEW. Speaking of SEW's, if there's a weakness then it needs to be revealed in order to show that having Silver eyes won't make Ruby invincible. 

    -The reason Qrow grabbed Jaune's arm wasn't because the boy is special, but because it was a hint on how he lost Summer Rose. Qrow could've been on a mission with her, got wounded, and carried away to safety by Summer only for her to go back to the battle field an never come back. Qrow may have reliving that scene in his delusional mind when he made that gesture to Jaune.

  • MisCon


    #33489863 - 1 year ago

    I want to see most of what everyone else here wants to see...

    But, most importantly of all of them...


    BTW, anybody else find it hard to believe that Jaune ate at least 50 boxes worth of Pumpkin Pete's cereal to get his hoodie, and STILL didn't recognize Pyrrha at first sight?

  • maverickx12


    #33489984 - 1 year ago

    I have a theory/scenario. It's absolutely nuts. I don't expect it to happen. Nevertheless it's pretty fun. 

    The start of this can go one of two ways, either Cinder goes crazy and tries to kill Salem or something like that, or Cinder has second thoughts and tries to escape. Personally I don't want Cinder having second thoughts and I want her to go like an honorable villain so I'm sticking with that side. Both end in the same conclusion for Cinder and Emerald though. 

    Cinder eventually stops holding back and unlocks her true power. After seeing Tyrion harness his rage, Cinder has been inspired to do the same against people like Ruby who have held her back and made her miserable. During a training session after realizing how powerful she is, Cinder thinks about her Salem is just using her as a pawn and she deserves more true power than the henchman role Salem has given her, so she lashes out at Salem and Salem just ends up bitch slapping Cinder around. Salem decides that Cinder is too unstable, and seeing how easy it was for Cinder to control Emerald and how faithful she is, Salem threatens Emerald unless she kills Cinder and takes her maiden powers. Emerald goes to kill Cinder because she is so afraid of Salem and a bit because she thinks Cinder is too damaged, but Cinder gets up and fights Emerald. Even more chaos ensues, allowing Mercury to realize what's going on and use it as his chance to escape. Emerald eventually gets Cinder down and kills her, and Emerald makes sure she gets the Maiden powers because she manipulates Cinder into think about her. Mercury escapes in the chaos and goes to Mistral, where he is from. He crosses paths with Yang, who almost kills him for screwing with her and helping destroy Beacon, but she holds back to get information out of him. He tells her what's going on and what just happened, then they get attacked by Grimm. Yang and Mercury fight but get overwhelmed and Mercury gets lost in the swarm of Grimm so Yang assumes he is a goner and flees. Suddenly Mercury saves himself after Yang is gone and kills all the Grimm. Then Raven shows up and takes Mercury with her to the Tribe because she had been keeping an eye on Yang but was impressed with Mercury's skill and strength. Raven also knew Mercury's father because he was an assassin in Mistral and they had crosses paths a few times. Raven takes Mercury under her wing and he becomes her adopted son and new agent in the game being played for power in Remnant because he already knows about that's happening and he has inside information on Salem. 

  • sthom0202


    #33490022 - 1 year ago


    Development for Ruby! (check out the theories)

    More Qrow!

    mini-ozpin to meet up with team RWBY

    Pyrrah's apparition explained!

    Jaune's semblance

    Blake leading the WF through a civil war!!

    SEW (explain where they are or have one hit the scene!)


    1. I know it's been gone over a thousand times. But...Qrow is totally Ruby's biological dad right? I have YET to see a scene involving Ruby and Qrow where I didn't get that impression. Plus, what's the fastest way to get Ruby some character growth? One of her closest friends DIED and she's still the most underdeveloped character in a show named after her! Qrow being her dad would offer up huge potential for character growth and more backstory on STRQ.

    2. The main storyline will focus on Blake taking over the WF with side plot going to the headmaster of mistral and cinder's continued 'evolution'.

    3. Pyrrah will play a bigger role. As an astral projection or whatever that was (I don't think she's alive). Ruby will reunite with RWBY, so JNPR will need a fourth player....and in comes Pyrrah. I don't think they're going to replace her, I think her ghost (to be crude about it) is going to become a big enough presence to continue in her role on the team.

  • maverickx12


    #33490035 - 1 year ago

    In reply to sthom0202

    Who is SEW?

  • maverickx12


    #33490128 - 1 year ago

    In reply to WalkingSpirit

    Oh gotcha, idk why I didn't think of that. I was thinking you were referring to people in an acronym 

  • Splinted


    #33491438 - 1 year ago

    One of the biggest( or should I say, smallest) things I want in vol. 5 is Neo. She's is my favorite villain and has been confirmed to be alive after vol. 3  so just forgetting her would be kind of annoying. But the problem with her is that she has little to no importance to the main plot making her kind of unnecessary and unnecessary characters usually don't last vary long. So I have been coming up with ways to make her relevant to the plot and this is the best I've come up with:

     Neo wants revenge on both Ruby and Cinder for the death of Roman, the one person she actually cared about, but she doesn't just want to kill them. For Cinder, she wants her to see all her hard work to be for nothing, all of her plans to have failed and then kill her. As for Ruby, I kinda want her to do something terrible to Ruby, such as killing Taiyang, and then offer her information and help she needs to take down Cinder, so that when Ruby does succeed in defeating Cinder Neo can be there to remind her that is was only possible Neo, the woman who murdered her father, allowed her to do so, resulting in a hollow victory. I also imagine Neo tormenting Ruby the whole time they work together by her using her semblance to make herself look like (possibly dead) Penny or Pyrrha just to upset her. 

     Also, one fight that I think would be cool is Neo vs Mercury. I mean, two highly skilled, unapologetic murderers in a fight to the death, what's not to love.      

       But all that is just an idea I cam up with, and the main point is I don't just want a standard Neo wants to kill Ruby revenge plot for her and I really don't want a redemption plot for her at all. Keep her psychotic, keep her be a villain, just with her own agenda that goes against the villains of the show. 

  • OFJehuty

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    #33491467 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Maverickx12

    In reply to sthom0202

    Who is SEW?   

    Acronym for silvered eyed warrior. 

  • OFJehuty

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    #33491469 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Dinobot01

    In reply to wedwarrd45

    True, but there's only ONE thing more important than that. When team RWBY reunites, what will happen to Jaune, Ren and Nora? Where does that leave them?

    Oscar joins them forming team ORNJ. Orange. 

  • greenpoint

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    #33491496 - 1 year ago

    What I really want for Vol. 5: Less Jaune.

    The thing that bothered me through the entirety of RWBY and especially in Vol. 4 is that Jaune had way more consistent character development than anyone in Team RWBY. While character development is good for any character, I shouldn't come at the expense of the development of the main characters. Remember, this show is called RWBY. R.W.B.Y.Ruby Weiss Blake Yang. This show is supposed to be about them. They are the main characters. If it wasn't for Rubys monologue in the last episode, her line count would have ranked 3rd. Behind Jaune. She always had the first spot since the start of the series. And I don't think I need to repeat that Blake had less lines than Emerald last Volume (If you wan't to know more here's a chart for you:

    I'm glad that we finally got some backstory and development for Weiss and Blake, but we shouldn't have to wait for 4 Volumes. Why was it necessary that Jaune got an entire episode back in Vol.1 when the focus shouldn't even be on him? Why did we have to learn that Weiss has a Mother and a brother in Vol. 4? Why did we have to learn that Blake actually has a family in Vol.4?! THEY ARE THE MAIN CHARACTERS. JAUNE ISN'T.

    My hope is that once RWBY is reunited in Vol. 5, that they become the focus of the show again like they are supposed to be. I became interested in RWBY because of Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang. Not some dudebro who needs half a Volume to realize that Weiss isn't fucking interested. 

    Please RT. Give team RWBY the attention they deserve. And if you are reading this Miles; please, I think you are great and have a lot of talent but please, take a look at what the show is called. Thank you.

  • SalemSvartulv


    #33491518 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Blue-Rose-89 Man, if Pyrrha's mother actually was raising her as a future maiden, I'll have to put down that on my 'things Pyrrha didn't deserved' list xD

    i really don't think that's true.. But it will be so heartbreaking and cool at the same time xD 

    Things I want... 

    1. Winter definitely.  I spent all this volume waiting for Weiss running away to Winter, and I'm glad I was right on that one. Now, more Ice Queen please!

    2. Qrow talking about Summer, I also think he was with Summer on the mission she didn't came back from, and I would like to know more about that. 

    3. Drama between Yang and Blake, a big fight, coldness, awkwardness, I don't know... I just want them to make it clear that things are not OK, because they can't be ok after volume 3. 

    4. More Adam!  He is simply and awesome character, the only bad guy on this series that I hate but respect at the same time! And with this, yes, I also want PTSD from Yang, she just can't let all behind that easily, maybe when the time comes, we'll see her freeze or get pretty scared before she can get her revenge 

    5. Neo xD talking about awesome characters, that little psycho got me from the start. And since we won't see more of Roman, more of Neo would be a great choice. 

    6. Honestly, Cinder getting back to the coolness she used to have TAT seeing her like she's in volume 4 hurts me a little. 

    7. I would love to see Pyrrha's family and how they deal with her death, it could do some good to Jaune and Ruby 

    8. More Raven!  She's probably one of my 3 favorite characters, and though things seems to make it very clear that she's awful on many ways, I still want to hear her reasons. She's fascinating. 

    9. It would also be cool to see more of CVFY, but meh, I don't see that happening xD 

  • snapdragon54


    #33491755 - 1 year ago

    So, volume 5 may come in Fall?

  • Dinobot01


    #33491904 - 1 year ago

    In reply to GreenPoint

    I have to disagree completely on that subject

  • Dinobot01


    #33491905 - 1 year ago

    I would love to see a scene between Jaune and Oscar. Where Jaune has a conversation through Oscar

  • revanninja

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    #33492029 - 1 year ago

    In reply to GreenPoint

    Actually nearly all this shows a startling lack of understanding.

    The Show has from the start shown Jaune as being a main character the only reason why people think he isnt is because of the RWBY thing which is a pretty poor argument.

    Take for example Boku no hero academia which is Deku's story he has a class full of people yet they all get development. Some more then others but even though Deku is the MC you dont see this argument.

    Take Naruto which is just as much about Sasuke as it is about Naruto.

    The title doesnt mean who is the most important character. Or even who is and is not the main character.

    Jaune has from the START back when Monty was alive and in control to be shown to be an incredibly important character seeing how even when the show had a much smaller run time they took the time to have arcs on him. 

    And Chances are good there is a good reason for it.

    Also in case you didnt realize there is issues with the line count. As they point out they count it by Line so something like someone insulting Weiss by calling her Ice queen as she responds with HEY is equal to Ruby saying No I know you have a heart.

    So there is issues with not all lines are created equal yet this measures them as if they are. 

    Jaune's lion share of dialogue % is from Volume 1 which again notice back when Monty was alive and in control.

  • proxicide26


    #33492049 - 1 year ago

    In reply to GreenPoint

    You are wrong... you are so, so wrong xD Jaune is one of the main characters (heck, he might even be the second most important character behind Ruby), he even had arcs focused on him in the last three volumes. I think it is quite obvious, but he might be the hero (not the main protagonist) of the story, since there's a high possibility his great great grandfather is the king of Vale. He might pull something like the king.

    Also, because a show has the same name as some characters (team RWBY, in this case) doesn't mean that they are the main characters and the only one they should be focused on. Dude, RT might read you, but they won't obey, I love this show because it gives, within time, focus on everyone involved in it, not just the main four. And you know? I am a fan of Jaune, so I enjoy watching him. So sorry, RT will follow the story that is written, if you don't enjoy it, I am sorry for you, but you are not the only part of the audience here. xD (And they already stated that they won't change anything just because the fans asks for it)