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  • DrPainKiller


    #33638807 - 1 month ago

    In reply to revanninja ah thx for the clear up, was not 100% on what the rule was. I was aware atlas forces students to serve under atlas

  • revanninja

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    #33638821 - 1 month ago

    In reply to DrPainKiller

    As far as I am aware they dont FORCE them to serve they just HEAVILY hint to them it would be a good idea.

  • DrPainKiller


    #33638836 - 1 month ago

    In reply to revanninja Ah

  • Sesshomaru222


    #33644612 - 2 weeks ago

  • Sesshomaru222


    #33644613 - 2 weeks ago

    In reply to Splinted

    This is less of a of a vol. 5 theory and more of a down the road theory but I could see Jaune and whats left of JN_R leading the army fighting Salem while RWBY does their own thing. A good example would be Lord of the Rings with Jaune being Aragorn fighting Saurons armies head on but with no chance of outright victory while Ruby plays the part of Frodo using the opportunity to destroy the ring. 

    On a side note: Ozpin= Gandalf, Jaune= Aragorn, Nora= Gimli, Ren= Legolas, Pyrrha= Borimar (cry) Ruby= Frodo, Yang= Sam, Weiss and Blake= Mary and Pippin?( honestly the comparison kinda falls apart here, as Sun and Neptune would be much better Mary and Pippin's but I can't give them top billing over Weiss and Blake, so I don't know) 

    Pyrrah boramir, sun pipin, Neptune merry, blake faramir for his ranger abilities :),8 weiss galadrial, qrow, treebeard


  • Ddraig1276


    #33645060 - 2 weeks ago

    In reply to GreenPoint

    So Jaune the guy who was with Pyrrha the most, the one who she specifically saved and also the one who lost his girlfriend. Sure the whole RWBY crew felt it; but Nora has Ren to cope, Ruby has Weiss if they meet again, Yang might have Blake if their paths cross (which let's face it will as you stated the series is named RWBY after all). Then there's Jaune, alone emotionally unstable trying to become stronger, because he feels that Pyrrha didn't want his help because he was weak. You want to see him less? The show is RWBY yes, I will give you that, but Pyrrha died (not part of Team RWBY) Ozpin was killed and so were many others. RWBY is named that way because that was the team we as viewers believed were really strong, the ones who we thought would win all their battles but Team JNPR is the team who suffered the most, Yang lost an arm, Jaune lost a partner and his love interest he is a walking memorial to Pyrrha's memory and only Ruby knows he isn't okay. Maybe, he was on more because he lost the most. Maybe he will be the next to sacrifice himself, he's always been too kind, but he earned his place he is not a supporting character, he needs support, he needs closure.

  • Ddraig1276


    #33645061 - 2 weeks ago

    In reply to Sesshomaru222

    But I believe Weiss is Samwise Gamgee, Yang and Blake are Merry and Pippin.

  • Ddraig1276


    #33645062 - 2 weeks ago

    I want Jaune to have closure, I'd be fine with him just going on a training rampage until he collapses and then just cries everything he has out. I want Neo to make an appearence, and I hope that Ruby develops more as a character.

  • Dinobot01


    #33645186 - 2 weeks ago

    In reply to Ddraig1276

    I couldn't agree more. Jaune is my #1 character. RT has confirmed that Volume 5 will focus more on semblances and how that work. That gives me hope that Jaunes semblance will finally awaken and maybe, the new season will be about him. For part of it anyway

  • RexFrost

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    #33645995 - 1 week ago

    For Blake's Volume 5 Character Short, I'm hoping we get a flashback of her early days in the White Fang when the organization turned violent. More specifically, I want to see exactly what kind of relationship Blake had with Adam. She's said before that he was "close to her", & that he was like a mentor to her. However, Adam seems like there was more between them than just a mentor-apprentice relationship, seeing as how he calls her "his darling" & "his love". This makes me wonder what really went on between these two before Adam turned violent & caused Blake to eventually leave him & the WF. I'm hoping this next trailer can shed some light on this rather bizarre (& perhaps unhealthy) relationship.

  • JustJaune

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    #33646049 - 1 week ago

    In reply to RexFrost Adam is what we in the industry call a yandere. Except, he's not likeable.

  • DrPainKiller


    #33646056 - 1 week ago

    In reply to RexFrost more interesting to see blake argue with her parents over them stepping down as leader.

  • BluntObjekt

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    #33646684 - 1 week ago

    I want to see and hear more about Emerald and Neo 

    - Especially Neo's ambitions what made her choose to obey Roman and Cinder?   

    -I want to learn more about the legend behind the aforementioned king? 

    -More Headmaster backstories. How and when did they reach a decision to teach at Beacon? 

    This may be a moot point at this time but, perhaps a recasting decision if the bad blood between Glynda's VA and RT hasn't already come to a conclusion. 

    -t would be awesome if Colleen Clinkenbeard and Monica Rial were added to the growing cast of characters.

    - Emerald actually getting the chance to speak up.    

    -Anything hinting at the possibility of seeing Penny again.

    - Coco, Velvet, Flint, Yatsuhashi, Neon and co. returning. 

    --Upping the fighting choreography to match the intensity of the original Red, White, Yellow and Black trailers.   From what we've seen from Weiss' flashbacks things are shaping up nicely.

    -Where has Weiss and Winter's mom been after all this time.

    -A pissed off Jaune.  Because Miles has that nice guy act down pat. 

    -more BTS content:  Because I would like to see what goes into or gets let out of the voice recording and musical scoring for this show.  

  • FrostzWayne


    #33647860 - 1 week ago

    In reply to Dinobot01 I would love if 'Rose Garden' would happen.

  • Dinobot01


    #33647983 - 1 week ago

    You know, I wouldn't mind Jaune and Blake speaking to each other for the first time in EVER!!! Has anyone noticed that Jaune has spoken to everyone on Team RWBY except Blake?

  • DrPainKiller


    #33647990 - 1 week ago

    In reply to Dinobot01 yup, even got made into a skit in chibi about it

  • Dinobot01


    #33648446 - 6 days ago

    In reply to DrPainKiller

    That doesn't count, it was funny though. Not surprising that Blake doesn't even know his name

  • DrPainKiller


    #33648456 - 6 days ago

    In reply to Dinobot01 I know it doesn't count. Port never had a heart attack and ozpin didn't name the relics after his personal items

  • Dinobot01


    #33648765 - 5 days ago

    i would like to know how magic works in Remnant

  • user-599bab05abc0b


    #33649745 - 1 day ago

    I want Ruby to stop taking a back seat to everybody else's story's 

    she lost penny and it had no visible change on her (didn't even mention her from that point on AT ALL despite them being such good friends) I want to see her actually struggle with her new views and threatened security of her world view.. not just have jaune at the end of the volume TELL us how much shes "grown" not it just being shoved in our faces and told rather than SEEN 

    what did Ruby think of her uncle using her as bait? 

    (guess we'll never know because they quickly moved past it)

    some kind of verbal communication between her and her uncle about his semblance and what she thought of it would have been nice, also in the finale when qrow was all like "aren't I the one who's usually saving you?" that was a good opportunity for some dialogue about Rubys guilt in jumping in recklessly and him getting injured as a result of it or how she see's the world now after having seen 2 people die in front of her and her sister who was so strong and looked up too, lose an arm! 

    Ruby, who's semblance gives her a boost of speed was ignored when the nevermore was trying to attack an unconscious "honorary uncle Qrow" in favor of Jaune doing his hero thing wtf? why would ren and nora be so surprised and freeze up at its appearance when they had already seen and KNEW it would appear? 

    also her never changing hero black and white moral mentality makes her boring and bland af

    she's also used often as comedy relief so often ugh....I hope volume 5 gives her something 

    maybe meet penny's "father", meet up with weiss, actually shows some interest in these silver eyes ability's she has, that just seems like something she would be interested in learning about.. as a huntsman

  • JustJaune

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    #33649802 - 1 day ago

    In reply to user-599bab05abc0b To answer the Ren and Nora one: just because they knew it was coming and that it was going to be there doesn't mean that they were prepared to face it again. They just knew they had to save Jaune and Ruby. Remember, Ren didn't even want to step foot in Kuroyuri. It would be him reliving his entire disturbing childhood. He watched his parents die, remember?