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  • thesonofcinder


    #33504130 - 2 months ago

    two figures walked into the village, at first glance, they looked very similar, but if you took a closer look the differences were astounding.

    the first boy had blue eyes and a cheerful expression, his dirty blond hair almost glowed in the sunlight , on his back was a bow and a quiver full of arrows. his dirty jeans and tee shirt did little to darken his complexion. he strode forwards happily, as if he was overjoyed to take the next step.

    the second boy radiated darkness, his green eyes took in the town as if he hated it. his red brown hair was wild and uncombed and two goat horns protruded from his head. his black leather jacket was dirty, and his jeans were ripped in one knee. a gun and a yellow object hung from his belt. he shuffled forward slowly as if each step pained him.

    the two boys walked through the town in the setting sun. finding a tavern, they both walked in and sat down. the bartender walked up to them.

    "what can i get you boys today?" he said the first boy looked at the second, who stared at the floor.

    "water, for both of us." the first said. the bartender nodded and walked away.

    a second man walked into the room, he had brown hair and a large broadsword. he took a stool next to the boys.

    "good evening," he said the first boy waved, but the faunus glared at the man. who nodded and turned his head, the bartender came back with the drinks.

    "are you a huntsman?" the first boy asked, the huntsman nodded.

    "four years in beacon academy and four times that as a professional." he said, the second boy grunted, then stiffened. the first boy spun around.

    "what is it?" he asked. suddenly screams came from outside. the first boy spun around in his chair and rushed for the door, the second boy following quickly.

    Beowulf crawled through the streets, a rinedeath charging after them the first boy drew his bow.

    "take the big guy, i got the little ones." he said the second boy nodded and rushed for the rinedeath, the first shooting at the Beowulf.

    the faunus leapt onto the monsters head, drawing his gun and shooting at the white armor of the grimm, who kicked his head back to dislodge him. the green eyed boy landed on the floor behind the grimm, putting the gun away he pulled out the yellow object which extended into a staff. he spun the black handled weapon in the air and brought it down on the nose of the monster, swinging it again, he knocked off the grimm's horn, causing it to bellow in pain, clasping his staff the boy pulled out his gun again, shooting at the hole in the monsters armor that he had formed, the grimm roared and kicked, thrashing as the faunus shot at its face.

     then it fell and lay still, black smoke rising as the body disintegrated. the boy turned from the dead grimm, and shot the remaining beowulfs. the first boy nodded his thanks and turned back to the inn, the huntsman and bartender stood, shocked.

    "who are you." the bartender said, the townspeople gathered around the vanishing  monsters.

    "i am Gregory Curtis and he is." the first boy started, but the faunus held up his hand.

    " i am Daniel Samuels."

  • thesonofcinder


    #33506032 - 2 months ago

    the huntsman sat down next to the two boys

    "now we can finally talk." he said, Daniel and Gregory were sitting at the tavern, the townspeople had been talking with them for hours. but finally, they had all gone home.

    "what is there to talk about?" Daniel said. Gregory but his hand on his brothers shoulder.

    "well," the huntsman said, "I guess I'm wondering the same thing as everyone else. where did you come from. how did you do that. those sort of things."

    Daniel spun around in his chair, but Gregory answered.

    " we live in the forest, pretty much, and we came here for supplies, we did that the same way anyone else would." he said with a slight smile

    the huntsman smiled.

    "but you never had any formal training?" he asked, Daniel shook his head .

    "well, I work for beacon academy, in vale, we train huntsman and---" the huntsman started.

    "we know what beacon is, were not stupid." Daniel growled, the huntsman stiffened, then continued.

    "well, I work on the recruiting and new students, very high on the totem pole if I say so myself, anyway, with your performance today, I was thinking about how amazing you would be after our training program."

    what are you saying?" Gregory asked. the huntsman smiled and spoke

    "boys, I would like to accept you into beacon academy."

  • thesonofcinder


    #33506041 - 2 months ago

    Daniel woke up to his brother bouncing on his bed.

    "wake up, wake up, today's the day." he said, Daniel rolled out of bed as Gregory bounced to the floor.

    " i know that, don't bounce on my bed." he said , Gregory apologized and the boys got dressed, after they were ready, they left their room and went down to the lobby, where the huntsman was waiting for them.

    "good morning boys, today's the day." he said, Daniel sighed as he continued.

    "we are going to take a airship to vale, where i will drop you off to catch the flight to beacon."

    Daniel interrupted him," why are we taking the flight to vale, why not go directly to beacon?" he asked the huntsman snapped his fingers.

    " because, the flight from vale to beacon has the introduction to the academy that they would like you to here, also you need to meet your classmates." the huntsman said, Daniel sighed, but said nothing. a loud sound of rushing wind came from outside.

    "here it is now," the huntsman said," step lively boys, we have no time to lose."

    he left the in, followed closely by the boys. when they saw the small white ship, Gregory stopped.

    "are their doors, or seat-belts in that ship?" he asked, the huntsman laughed.

    "of course not, wheres the fun in that?" he said, Daniel turned to face his brother, whose face was white as a ghost.

    "its ok, we faced worse, right." he said, Gregory nodded and breathed deeply.

    "ok. lets go." he said, and the boys entered the ship

  • thesonofcinder


    #33510301 - 2 months ago

    the airship rose high above the clouds, Daniel stood, legs apart, arms behind his back staring at the sky as it sunk beneath them. Gregory grasped the pole above them. the huntsman stood behind the boys looking at their reactions. the forest speed around underneath them.

    soon they came to the city, the green trees gave way to the silver metal of the buildings.

    "welcome to vale boys." the huntsman said Gregory smiled and nodded but Daniel just stared out the window. the ship began to descend, the small lines grew to large roads, and the city grew huge. landing the large doors opened. revealing

    a large port filled with kids, all different shapes and sizes.

    "well then, lets go." Gregory said. Daniel nodded


  • thesonofcinder


    #33518003 - 2 months ago

    "there it is!" a voice in the crowd said, the children looked up, a large airship was landing in the port in front of them, the doors slid open and a man stepped onto the gangplank.

    "hello, children, please board in a single file line with your letter of acceptance out and ready for taking.

    the children rushed in, handing their letters to the man to study.

    the man read them over nodding, to most he looked at them smiled, and said welcome to beacon, but to others he frowned, and said,

    "I'm sorry, this doesn't appear to be valid, please contact the number you used to get this and see if you can fix it."

    Gregory and Daniel approached the large ship slowly.

    "why is there so much flying here?" Gregory said nervously.

    "its fine." Daniel said, " it wont crash, its brand new, and its most likely very sturdy and reliable."

    "if you say so." Gregory responded. the boys worked their way to the front of the line, the huntsman had given them papers, which they handed to the man, who studied them.

    "a little late to the party, are we boys?" the man said before waving them on.

    "welcome to beacon boys."

  • thesonofcinder


    #33524696 - 1 month ago

    Daniel stood in the airship, Gregory sat next to him, holding his head as he stared out the window.

    "if your so scared of heights, why don't you just step away from the window?" Daniel said. Gregory nodded as he responded.

    "nothing much else to look at, you know." he said, Daniel shook his head and turned to watch the TV screen.

    "the robbery was led by nefarious criminal Roman Torchwick, who continues to evade authorities, any information on his whereabouts, please contact the vale police department, back to you in the studio Lisa." the man said.

    "thanks, in other news, a peaceful faunus protest was disrupted by the white fang. the once peaceful organization has now disrupted." the girl on the screen said, suddenly the screen vanished, replaced by a woman hologram.

    "Hello, and welcome to Beacon. My name is Glynda Goodwitch. You are among a privileged few who have received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy! Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future Huntsmen and Huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and the training to protect our world."

    she said, Daniel smiled to himself.

    "well then lady, you clearly never left beacon. peace left this world years ago." he muttered to himself, turning back to the window, he stared at the shrinking city.

  • thesonofcinder


    #33531020 - 1 month ago

    the airship docked at the port, its doors hissed open and the students exited. Daniel and Gregory were one of the first ones off. they looked around at the large area. Gregory was slightly pale.

    "you ok buddy?" Daniel asked. a blonde haired boy rushed by towards the nearest garbage can.

    "better than that guy." Gregory responded. Daniel nodded, then continued.

    the large academy loomed above them. white buildings surrounded by equally white arches. in the very center was a large building with a cage like structure on the top. inside of this stricter was several large green orbs.

    "you still have you pendant?" Gregory asked. Daniel reached under his shirt and pulled out a black disk on a chain. the disk had a thin center and wider circle around it. at its center was a creature that looked like some form of grimm. it had a large head and a dress like body. under the dress, four tentacles snaked out, with a stinger shaped object at the end of each one\.

    "all good." Daniel said, he tucked the pendant back into his shirt as the boys passed by a statue of a girl and a boy standing on a rock. the boy had a sword raised up and the girl was resting a large battle axe on the ground. under the stone stood a Beowulf, claws facing outwards.

    "you know, the girl sort of looks like you." Gregory said.

    "yeah, and the Beowulf looms like you." Daniel retaliated. he stepped around the statue and continued walking. Gregory shook his head.

    "I was being serious."

  • thesonofcinder


    #33535884 - 1 month ago

    the boys came into a large room, it had the vale symbol on the floor and a large stage on the far side, there were only a few people there, but was quickly being filled up, Gregory checked his map and looked around.

    "so, the headmaster is supposed to give a speech here soon." he said. Daniel nodded then looked around. the room was huge and circular, with pillars and large windows. Daniel sighed.

    "the beauty of mankind, hanging over the edge of the darkness of the grimm." he muttered to himself, the room was almost completely full now, and the headmaster was standing near the corner, or a old man was standing in the corner.

    the large wooden doors shut with a bang.

    "and now we all get murdered by a psychopath." Gregory joked, then fell back as Daniel smacked him in the face.

    "you do not joke about that." he said, Gregory nodded  then stood as the headmaster came onstage. he stepped up to the mike and cleared his throat

    "I'll...keep this brief." he said,"  You have traveled here today in search of knowledge--to hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy, in need of purpose – direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step." he looked at the group of students then turned and walked off the stage.

    "that's it?" Gregory said, the woman that was on the ship came to the microphone.

    "your initiation will take place tomorrow, be ready, you are dismissed." she said, then followed the headmaster off the stage.

    "inspirational." Daniel said sarcastically," why did we come here again?"

    "oh whatever, lets go." Gregory said, he turned and began to push his way through the crowd, Daniel stared at the stage for a few more seconds, then turned and followed his brother

  • thesonofcinder


    #33540007 - 1 month ago

    Gregory flopped down on his sleeping bag, the boys were in a large ballroom, designed with large windows and beams in the ceiling, students covered the floor, sleeping bags spread out. a border between the boys and the girls had been made, the teachers had told them to do that. Daniel scanned the room, taking it all in, behind him Gregory started to talk.

    "life is really funny isn't it?" he said, " yesterday morning, we were homeless people wandering the forest, now were prodigy students and a prestigious academy."

    "we weren't homeless, we were nomadic." Daniel said, " and we cant be prodigy students until we have our first class." Gregory tossed his pillow at him, Daniel ducked and it flew across the room.

    "your getting that." he muttered as Gregory stood quickly, the faunus sat cross legged on his sleeping bag and stared at the people. he felt a pair of eyes on him and turned to see a orange haired boy make horn signs with his hands, Daniel smiled and pulled out his gun. the boy spun around and began to deeply study the wall. Daniel sighed and put his gun away, this was why he didn't put it with his other weapon in the locker.

    "what's the point of a rocket locker anyway." he muttered to himself, he pulled out a small book and opened it.

    creatures of grimm come in all sorts of sizes, whether believed to be real or myth. grimm such as the dragon and human type have been speculated to be the myths of old story books, while several other grimm have been clearly spotted in---

    Daniel read in the dim lights of the room, Gregory fell asleep in the sleeping bag next to him.

    tomorrow would be a very busy day

  • thesonofcinder


    #33545537 - 1 month ago

    Daniel stood on a rock. it was dark, he was surrounded by trees and grass. in front of him was a large cliff, dropping off into oblivion.

    "why did you come back.." a voice said the faunus spun around in a circle.

    "where are you? he demanded. the voice seemed to come from every direction.

    "they are gone, they won't come back, why have you returned now?" it said.

    "where are you?" he repeated. he reached for his pendant, but it wasn't there.

    "she can't save you now, why are you trying?" the voice said.

    "you aren't real, you aren't real." Daniel said, a figure appeared on the cliff, it was a boy with blonde hair and a leather jacket on.

    "no, you can't make me." Daniel demanded. he stood and walked up to the cli.

    "you can't control me, so you cannot control yourself." the voice said, Daniels hand reached out to grab the boys shoulder. a pendant appeared next to him. Daniel reached his hand for the black disk, using all his streanght.

    "no, you can't." the voice said, its tone unchanging, the green eyed boy grabbed the pendent, the world around him began to shake, and crack, blinding light penetrated the dark forest.

    "Daniel," a voice said. this voice was difrent, familiar, brighter.

    Daniel opened his eyes and looked around the dark ballroom, Gregory was shaking him.

    "are you ok?" he asked, the faunus nodded.

    "just a normal dream buddy, just a normal dream."

  • thesonofcinder


    #33554564 - 1 month ago

    Daniel sat on a hard wooden bench. He held his gun in his hand and examined it, it was a old thing, it's green highlights had faded almost completely out and its once shiny white barrel had faded to grey and gained several dents over the years. The brightly colored rounds of ammo sat next to the weapon. Daniel slid his finger down the barrel tripping a lever, the barrel tipped back and a small blade shot up out of the muzzle. Striking the lever again retracted the blade and daniel pulled the barrel down himself.

    “This is so exciting!” daniel said, he looked around as each student unpacked their lockers.

    “Super.” muttered daniel he put his gun down and pulled out his staff, it extended to full length and broke into the two pieces then the tips of the staff rocketed off and floated in the air awhile before returning to the staff, which recombined and collapsed as the faunus put it in his pocket.

    “Why aren't you excited?” gregory said, “ our initiation is today, we are about to be real beacon academy students!”

    “ i know, it's just that i don't know things, like what the initiation is and what we need to do it.” daniel said, he pulled on his jacket and stood as gregory shut his locker.

    “Minor details, this is going to be great!” gregory said. Suddenly the intercom screeched to life.

    “All first year students please report to beacon cliff for inauguration.” the voice daid, gregory froze.

    “ a cliff’” he said panickdly daniel smirked and began to walk away.

    “Minor details.”

  • thesonofcinder


    #33559680 - 3 weeks ago

    The boys stood on the top of beacon cliff.

    “Good luck Gregory!” another boy called from a few feet away.

    “Thank you!” gregoery said nervously he was looking at the forest thousands of feet below him and white as a sheet.

    “Who’s that?” daniel said. Gregory tore his eyes away from the dizzing height and stuttered

    “Hes a kid i m-m-m-met-t-t a-a-a-fter you f-f-f-ell as-s-sleep” he said, paniked expression on his face.

    “Buddy, its going to be fine, do landing strategy five.” daniel said reasuringly

    “Shut my eyes and scream a lot?” gregory responded.

    “No,” daniel responded,” that is landing strategy--- oh never mind, just don’t die.”

    The headmaster came to the front of the group. The children quieted when they saw him.

    “Oh boy, another elaborate speech.”

    “For years you have trained to become warriors, and today your abilities will be evaluated in the Emerald Forest.” he said, suddenly clicking sounds came from under the platforms, one of them shot up throwing the student on it high into the air.

    “Daniel?!” gregory said,

    “You will be fine” daniel respoinded. He waited as the platforms to the left of him shot off.

    “See you on the other side.” he said, suddenly he was sent flying into the air.

    “Yeah, hopfully not death.” gregory said as his platform threw him into the air

  • thesonofcinder


    #33559834 - 3 weeks ago

    Daniel flew through the air, trees passing bellow him, he stuck his arms out to steady himself as he slowly began to sink in the rushing wind. When he felt steady he unzipped his jacket and spread it out, it caught the wind and slowly began to let him decend, after around three minutes he landed on a branch and climbed down to the floor.

    “Perfect landing,” he said dusting off his jacket, then he looked up, “wonder where gregery is.”

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”  gregory screamed, he flew through the air like a fish out of a cannon, floping around and dropping fast. He shut his eyes.

    “Calm down, gregory, calm down.” he wispered to himself, “ what did daniel say?”

    Remembering the conversation, he tucked into a ball, wrapping his legs around his head and hugging his knees with all the streanght he had in him, he fell faster and faster, then. He splashed into a shallow pond, he came up spluttering and gasping for breath, he looked up intp the sky he had just dropped out of.

    “That could have gone better.” he said. A figure sailed over him, propeling themselelves forward with blast after blast of fire dust bullets, even from down in the pond, gregory could hear her shouts of joy.

    “That could have gone much better.”

  • thesonofcinder


    #33564872 - 2 weeks ago

    Daniel stood in a clearing, he looked left, then right. He looked at the trees.

    “North.” he muttered. He turned to the lefty and continued on. A few minutes later he came across a beowulf the monster growled, then charged, daniel pulled out his staff and sidestepped the beast as it came close, he spun around and smashed the grimm in the head, the armour shattered, cracking the grimms skull, the monster erupted into black smoke. Daniel scaled a tree and looked around.

    “Hello.” a voice said from behind him, he spun around, a small blond haired girl with a white and blue chestplate. Her hazel eyes stared at him, gun out and ready for a fight.

    “Relax, im not a grimm, grimm wouldent warn you before attacking.” the girl said, daniel nodded and put away the weapon.

    “What are you doing up here?” he asked.

    “Peobably the same thing that you are, scoping the area to find the relics.” the girl said cheerily. Daniel noticed that she looked disheveled, her hair was messy and her rifle looked out of place.

    “Were you attacked.” he asked, the girl looked suprised, then nodded.

    “Is it that obvious?” she asked.

    “Well, yes, just know, that i don’t wait for people, if you can;t keep up, go find another partner.” daniel said, the girl looked suprised, then angry.

    “Your saying just because i got chased into a tree by a PACK of beowulfs, you think im not fast enough for you?” she said, eyes glaring into the faunus’

    “No, i am telling you my basic rules, never stop moving and keep going forward. And if some one can;t keep up, their not worth waiting around for.” the boy said.

    “Well then, on that, rude, note. My name is lizzie owens, and im happy to b your teamate, should be a great four years.”

    Daniel nodded.

    “My name is daniel samuels and i think they will at least be interesting."

  • thesonofcinder


    #33566301 - 2 weeks ago

    Gregory walked through the forest, dripping wet. he had tried to dry his clothes as best he could in the few minutes he had to spare. he had his bow out with a arrow knocked and ready in case of a surprise attack. Gregory eyed the trees warily ready for any attack.

    a rustle sounded from the nearby bushes, Gregory stopped and paled, breathing rapidly he slowly creeped up to the brush and kicked it to the side, arrow pointed directly at the head of the.


    it was a small boy with black hair and purple eyes, he had a large ring shaped object in his hand and a few more in his belt. he was ready to attack spikes raised around the outside of the rings. the two boys stared at each other for a few seconds. then began to laugh.

    "well then, good morning." the black haired boy said, " you gave me quite a fright."

    "sorry, I thought that you were a..."  Gregory began faltering off.

    "a grimm, its ok, this forest gives me the creeps as well," the boy said, he extended his hand out as the other one put the ring back with the others.

    "Olsen, Olsen Gretzing." he said shaking Gregory's hand.

    "Gregory Samuels, pleasure to meet you." the blonde boy said, shaking Olsen's hand, " I guess we're partners now."

    " I guess so." Olsen said, he glanced down at Gregory's wet clothes.

    "rough landing?" he asked, Gregory nodded.

    "right into a lake." he said with a smile.

    "that's rough, anyway which way were you going, I am embarrassed to say that I have no idea where I'm going."

    Gregory nodded and looked up at the sun.

    "north." he muttered.

    "lets go."

  • thesonofcinder


    #33567322 - 1 week ago

    lizze sat at the bottom of the tree, back to the trunk she thought about her new partner. the only word she could use to describe him would be, weird.

    the blonde haired girl looked at the still smoking corpse of the grimm. she remembered how Daniel had attacked the grimm with a ferociousness she had never seen before, after the monster collapsed to the ground dead, the boy had turned to her and asked if she was ok.

    'I didn't even get the chance to touch the grimm, much less get hurt by them." she muttered to herself, the faunus swung down from the branches above her,

    "this way." he said simply pointing in a direction before wandering off. the girl nodded and stood quickly to run after him.

    a few moments later, they came to a clearing, in the center of the grass stood a abandoned temple like structure. several pillars circled the rim of the thing, each having a different chess piece on them.

    "we were first!" lizze said, indeed they were, all of the pillars had their relics, none were missing.

    "that hardly matters." Daniel said, grabbing a black knight. the girl nodded and followed the green eyed boy as he went back into the trees.

    the group of two walked in silenced for a few minutes suddenly lizze heard a faint buzzing sound. Daniel heard it to, he took out his staff, and lizze took out her rifle and loaded it.

    "shh." Daniel hissed, the two sat in silence for a few minutes the buzzing sounded louder, Daniel's eyes widened.

    "that's a beadrile." lizze said, Daniel shook his head.

    "worse, much worse." he said, "do you trust me?"

    "what?" lizze asked.

    "do you trust me?" Daniel said again.

    "I don't know, I guess?" lizze said.

    "then, run to the cliff, if I'm not there in three hours I'm dead." Daniel said, the buzzing was almost deafening. a huge screech filled the air.

    "what is that!" lizze said. Daniel stood, ready to attack as he replied.

    "is the queen."

  • thesonofcinder


    #33575590 - 1 day ago

    Gregory and Olsen came into the clearing, in front of them was the abandoned temple, some of the pieces were missing, but the boys grabbed a black knight from one of the pedestals without a word. looking at the other pieces Olsen spoke up.

    "they told me he was unpredictable." he said. picking up a gold colored horse piece.

    "what do you mean?" Gregory said. the black haired boy looked at him.

    "professor ozpin, they say he's crazy, in both teaching methods and fighting style."

    Olsen said,

    "you mean that the fact he just launched a dozen students off a cliff didn't tip you off, my brother said he was weird ever since he heard his first speech." Gregory said, pocketing the knight.

    "you have a brother?" Olsen asked as the boys began to walk back into the forest.

    "yeah, Daniel." Gregory said with a chuckle. Olsen looked at the blond hair.

    "is he like you." he asked

    "oh not at all, he's much stronger, a lot more, random, in their fighting style."  Gregory said.

    "is he here too?" Olsen asked. Gregory nodded and looked around.

    "knowing him, he somehow managed to get his relic and get back to the cliff without making eye contact with one person."

    "antisocial?" Olsen said.

    "like a grimm is black." Gregory said. the boys continued into the forests, suddenly they heard a screech and a loud buzzing. Gregory stopped and listened for a second, then turned and walked away from the sound.

    "lets not get into that things way."