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  • thesonofcinder


    #33504133 - 2 months ago

    Nichole got into her costume. Wiggling her feet into the large boots and pulling on her mask, she walked to her partner and a stagehand connected the two children together. They wandered to the side of the stage where the main character was finishing his speech.

    “ i dare any and all grimm to attack me.” he bragged, taking her que nicole charged onto the stage, roaring she used her hands to operate the masks mouth and snapping at the hero.

    “Oh ho,” he said with a grin, “a challenger?” the ‘grimm’ roared and the audience began chanting. “Fight fight fight.” the hero nodded and pulled out his weapon, a plastic sword, coated with reflective metal to look real and sharp enough to cut through the costume. Nichole began her elaborate dance. Standing on her partners shoulders and using her hands to operate the costumes claws as her partner charged forward. The audience roared their approval as the two characters fought across the stage. At one point the hero was on his back as nicole stood over him, operating the grimms mouth, then the hero did something unscripted, he kicked the grimm in the jaw, the costume caved under the impact and the foot hit nicole's face. She stumbled backwards and fell her partner called out to her as the hero readied his sword as if nothing happened, he cut the two costume parts in half like he was supposed to do, but this time nicole was right in the middle, the sword cut through the costume, and into nicole's stomach, she screamed in pain as the plastic blade broke her skin. Suddenly she glowed green and vines crashed through the stage grabbing the hero and reaching for the audience. What was wrong with her. The audience ran screaming.


    “Grimm magic”

    “ burn her”

    “Grimm worshiper”

    Nichole wanted to scream, she wanted to say that it wasn't true, she has no idea what was happening, suddenly the vines wrapped around her, she screamed louder, eyes squeezed shut, expecting to be dragged from the ground like the others, but the vines seemed to be protecting her. Suddenly they stopped moving, nichole pushed the shredded remains of her costume out of the way and gasped, the beautiful theater, the set, the costumes, were gone, in their place was a thick jungle of vines, suddenly the door burst down. She heard voices.

    “yikes , there are no survivors in here.” a voice said. Nichole tried to yell, but the vines tightened around her stomach, squeezing the air out of her. The men shut the door and moved away. The vines opened and nicole fell, she looked up and saw a sight that would stay with her the rest of her life. Her partner and the hero, hanging up about ten feet. Vines around their neck.

    “Let them go,” she cried, the vines responded, unwrapping themselves from the humans bodies, they fell with a sickening thud, their eyes stared at the vine covered ceilings, unseeing. Nichole fell to her knees and wept. The vines picked her up gently and carried her to a back exit. She took the cue and ran, out of the theater, out of the town, out of mantle. She collapsed with exhaustion, but still dragged herself forward, she couldn't stop, she couldn't get caught.

    She couldn't go home.

  • thesonofcinder


    #33504134 - 2 months ago

    The sun slowly set over the desert landscape. A crackling fire and a lone tent was the only man made thing in sight. The fire kept the nocturnal grimm away, they were scared of the light. Isaac smiled to himself, cooking his food over the fire, he glanced down at his weapon, a simple bow. He frowned, a mistral representative had visited the kingdom a month ago. His silver pistol still looked sharp in the boy's mind. He had known that vacuo was not as advanced as the other kingdoms, but he never knew by how much. Slowly chewing his food. He crawled into hs tent and drifted off to sleep.

    A few hours later, isaac woke up with a start, the howl of a grimm, but close, like it was in the confines of his camp, he rushed out of the tent, the fire was dead, it had run out of fuel hours ago, issac kicked himself for not waking up sooner as he piled wood onto the charred ground.he was struggling with a match when he heard it. A nightblade, sneaking up behind him, isaac fell onto the unlight wood the grimm standing over him. The claws of the monster came down and isaac closed his eyes, waiting for the end.

    It never came. Isaac slowly opened his eyes, his body was glowing blue and the grimm was tearing at his chest. But his skin could not be broken, no matter how many times the monsters claws hit it. The grimm swiped at the boy again and again. Isaac sat still, unable to believe what was happening to him. As the sun slowly crept its way up, the grimm collapsed in exhaustion. Isaac stood and shot him in the crook of the neck. As the monster erupted into smoke, isaac looked at his hands, the blue was fading away. He looked around, until his eyes fell upon his satchel. It was torn open, pieces of paper mixed with shards of glass. His map and compass. He groaned, then sat in shock, without those, he couldn't get home. He desperately searched the landscape for anything familiar. Finding nothing. He sat down with a sigh. He was lost, he was alone, he could not go home.

  • thesonofcinder


    #33504135 - 2 months ago

    Lyndsy stood in the empty hallway.

    “Mom?” she called, eyes searching the hallway,”dad”

    “Hi lyndsy.” her brother said. The girl instinctively took a step back.

    “Comon sis, aren't you happy to see me?” the messy haired boy took steps to his little sister.

    “Whats with the pie?” he said gesturing to the box in lindsay's hands.

    “I bought it, with my money.” lyndsy said, her back hit the wall, before she could move, her brother grabbed her by he neck and lifted her up into the air, with the other hand he pulled away the box and took out the pie.

    “Apple,“ he said, smiling tightly, “ tell me how it tastes,” with those words he shoved the steaming pie into lindsey's face.

    “How's it taste huh?” he said, as the pie fell from her face, she could smell the alcohol on his breath. She stayed silent.

    “Talk you little--” he started. Suddenly lyndsy exploded.

    The ball of fire consumed her house, and the houses next to hres, fires raged as the people raced from their homes. The firemen came, but it was too late, three streets, gone 10 streets blazing. And in the center of it all was lyndsy.

    “What just happened.” she whispered to herself.

    “The fire burned for days and nights, battling the water of the firemen.

    Lyndsy sat in the middle of the flames, the tongues of fire licked at her, but she was not burned.

  • thesonofcinder


    #33504136 - 2 months ago

    Alec sat in his father's inn, suddenly the bell jingled. A new customer.

    The redheaded boy leapt to his feet.

    “Hello, hello,” he said smiling

    “Hello,” the man said, ‘ one room please.”

    “ of course,” alec said , grabbing a key from behind him, “ room four o two, comes with breakfast at eight, enjoy your stay!”

    “Thanks,” the man grumbled, he snatched the key and walked down a hallway. Alec sighed and sat down by the window again.

    The day went on like that, alec giving the room keys to customers and trying to keep a smile on his face. When another employee came to relieve him, he stood and strode to the kitchen, grabbed a snack, then went to bed.

    At six o'clock the next morning alec awoke. He quickly got dressed and walked to the dining room, at eight o'clock, he was standing by a table as the guests came in for breakfast.

    “Hello, how was your sleep?” he asked to the tired family that sat down, a group of murmured responses answered him.

    “great , can i start you off with drinks.” he said. The family ordered and alec weaved to the kitchen. Stepping around tables and over feet. Ariving in the kitchen, alec grabbed a tray and began piling drinks onto it . when he finished he marched back, studing the ground carefully, but not carefully enough.

    A foot came out of nowhere, tripping the readheaded boy, as he fell the tay with the drins flew out of his hands. He hit the floor, and stayed there, waiting for the wet splash of the liquids hitting the tables and chairs. Eventally he looked up, the drinks were hovering about five feet in the air.


  • thesonofcinder


    #33507059 - 2 months ago

    Alec stood behind the curtain. Looking down at his outfit, he frowns, a magician's robe and slippers. He looked ridiculous.

    His father put his hand on his son's shoulders, they locked eyes.

    “Vale peacekeepers are here today. Lets show them the arts aren't dead in vale, shale we?” his father said, the boy nodded, his silver eyes meeting his father's golden ones.

    Around the dining room, silverware began to pound against the table, then the glasses joined in, the sound grew louder as the people who had seen this before joined in, then louder still as the newcomers started as well.

    When the sound was almost deafening, alec came onto the stage.

    “Hello, hello.” he said, “how are we doing, good? Good, i am alec gundam, and i am also thirsty, i forgot to drink today. One second.”

    Suddenly a glass of water flew out of the kitchen. Stopping in front of the stage it lifted to the boys mouth and drained the cup.

    “Ah thats better, now where were we.” he said

    The performance continued in a similar way. Alec lifting items with his mind and the audience eating it up. After he left the stage, he sat down in a chair.

    Life was good.

    For now.

  • thesonofcinder


    #33522749 - 1 month ago

    "an orphanage, they sent me to an orphanage." Lindsey said, she sat in a bedroom in a old brick building at the center of town. from her window she could see the west tower of the castle . around her room were paintings and a easel sat next to her bed.

    near a bucket of water.

    the girl was sick of it. the staff of the orphanage walked on eggshells around her, always trying to keep her happy, she barely saw the other kids, for fear that their street would end up like her.

    if they are so scared of me, why don't they just throw me into the forests to be eaten by grimm?" she said . she flopped down on her bed and picked up her brushes.

    swiping at the canvas she began a new painting.

    her home was gone, her street badly burned, surrounding streets damaged.

    her family was dead, her brother with her at the center of her ball of fury, her parents coming down the street.

    each thought caused her to swipe harder at the canvas. the edges began to smoke, then spark, soon the entire easel was in flames, she jumped back and grabbed the water, splashing it on her creation, she sat down on her bed, and cried


  • thesonofcinder


    #33526475 - 1 month ago

    Isaac came to the edge of the forest. He was ready to collapse, his clothes were torn, his hair was a mess, his eyes were sunken and dark, and his quiver was nearly empty. He looked into the dense forest, would he make the trip, most likely not, but he wouldn't make the trip home either, and a water filled forest was better than a parched desert at any time. With a sigh he plunged into the trees.

    It was dark, and chillier than he was used to. He looked around cautiously, a grimm could come out from behind the trees at any moment, ending his adventure with a single swipe with his claws.

    A few hours went by, and isaac came to a clearing, the dense trees surrounded him, and the canopy of leaves above him cast a unnatural green light on the floor. In the center of the clearing was a grimm, but not like any he had seen before.

    It was white, with several black and red designs around his body, his head had the shape of a sort of mushroom, getting bigger and thicker as it traveled back. Its body billowed out like a dress, with four black tentacles waving slowly in the air. Each ending with a golden colored stiger. His face looked almost human from the nose down, but above the nose, a mask like object hid where his eyes would be. It hovered around four feet from the ground, issac panicked and drew his bow.

    Suddenly a voice filled his head

    “Stop, i assure you, fighting me will end in your death. You are tired and weak. i have just come from a series of meditation and feel refreshed. You would stand no chance. If this was a normal circumstance, you would have already been destroyed, for i do not take kindly to intrusions on my meditation. However, i see that our fates intertwine through another. So, for fear of the power of fate, i shall give you time to run, i advise you to take this chance, you will never receive a better one.”

    Isaac backed up, scared, the monster stared at him, even though it looked like his eyes were closed.

    Isaac backed out of the clearing, then raced away. As he ran he heard the voice again

    “Goodbye, isaac, i hope for your sake we never meet again.”

  • thesonofcinder


    #33535207 - 1 month ago

    "uh, this is a very, dangerous looking, tool, what is this for?" the metalsmith said. a hooded figure stood on the other side of the counter.

    "grimm hunting." she said, the metalsmith nodded.

    "ok." he said, he took the plan in his large grubby hand and walked away into the back of the shop while the hooded figure moved to the wall of the shop and sat down in a chair.

    30 minutes later, the man came out again.

    "here we are." he said, he a large battle-axe on the counter. it had a shiny wooden handle and two mettle axe heads at the top. on the end of the handle there was a half foot long meatal spike.

    "it looks great, thank you." the hooded person said.

    "well, you know, the more you pay, the better your stuff, and your pay was quite substantial. "

    "yes, well it looks amazing, thank you. the hooded man said, she turned and walked out of the shop.

    Nicole came to the edge of mistral, the sun was setting into the ground. the  a large plain extended in front of her, and she could see a grimm far in the distance, she pulled out her new axe and charged forward into the fading sunlight

  • thesonofcinder


    #33536439 - 1 month ago

    Lyndsey sat in her room, bag opened in front of her, she put in a box of colored paints and some paintbrushes, then a change of clothes and some food that she snuck down from dinner.

    "looks good," she muttered to herself, zipping up the bag, she went under her bed and brought out a large spear, it had a four foot long handle and a large steel head with fire dust infused at the tip, she smiled every time she saw it.

    "graceful flame, the perfect weapon for me." she said, she strapped the spear onto her back and opened the window. climbing out she took one last look at her painting covered room.

    " good bye, good riddance." she said, scaling down the uneven bricks to the floor, she set off.

    a note sat on her bed, to be found by the orphanage workers.

    "I'm sorry, I had to, life is boring, I have to get this. I hope you understand"

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    #33552715 - 1 month ago

    Searin floated above a small cliff overlooking the city of vale, suddenly he sensed a presence, a small girl was climbing the cliff


    Searin floated away. This wasn't good. He moved to a secluded part of the forest and called a portal, the red and black mist circled as the monster flew into it.

    He came out the other side, in this area, the green and brown of the forest was long gone, the land was red and black and rocks from fallen castles littered the ground along with blackened bones of those who tried to enter since, in the distance a large mountain arose. Home. his father's lands. The grimm floated towards the mountains and a large red and purple castle appeared, dark as the bloody sky. The monster sighed,

    Time to go see his sister.

  • thesonofcinder


    #33559679 - 3 weeks ago

    Searin floated above a small cliff overlooking the city of vale, suddenly he sensed a presence, a small girl was climbing the cliff


    Searin floated away. This wasn't good. He moved to a secluded part of the forest and called a portal, the red and black mist circled as the monster flew into it.

    He came out the other side, in this area, the green and brown of the forest was long gone, the land was red and black and rocks from fallen castles littered the ground along with blackened bones of those who tried to enter since, in the distance a large mountain arose. Home. his father's lands. The grimm floated towards the mountains and a large red and purple castle appeared, dark as the bloody sky. The monster sighed,

    Time to go see his sister.

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    #33559701 - 3 weeks ago

    the doors to the castle loomed over the hovering grimm. his long tentacles wrapped around the handles as he pulled the red mettle entryway open, he took off down the hall, red and black covered the walls, matching the outside world perfectly. every window he passed was filled with a purple translucent material. he moved down the halls alone, setting his course straight for the "throne room" upon reaching the entrance he pulled the door open in a similar matter to that of the entrance, his sister sat in a red throne, Beowulf on either side of her, she started when he entered, only slightly, unable to be precived by a normal person or monster, but he noticed.

    "Searin, how, nice of you to visit me." she said, false smile spread across her face. searin stayed silent, staring at the "queen of the grimm" who stared back with impatience.

    "speak, i will not allow you to enter my head with your logic." she said, searin stared at her, she finally sighed.

    "fine." she said, almost immediately the voice of searin flowed through her her head.

    " the creatures of light have unlocked the workings of the soul. the future is nigh" 

    the woman stared at her brother, unmoving.

    "how does that concern me?" she asked searin sighed in her head and then continued.

    "the grimm will have to expand their horizons, learn to fight different ways. leaders will be overthrown and---"

    the girl interrupted. 

    "leaders, are you saying, that i will be overthrown in this 'apocalypse of the soul'" she said

    "that depends, do i say that you are a leader in general?" searin said. the woman glared at him, her red eyes staring at his black face.

    " the humans are growing stronger, soon, pure force will not defeat them, it might be time to think of a new stragety. think about it salem." the voice said, searin then turned and began to hover away.

    "what, not even a goodbye for your sister." salem said teasingly.

    "i will say goodbye when the time is right." searin said

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    #33561305 - 3 weeks ago

    Issac sat in a tree, three grianites circling around the trunk. The ten legged monsters leapt into the air until one of them got a grip on the tree with its frontal grabbers, after that, a second one grabbed on to the first one while the third climbed up. When the third reached the top of the tree it turned around and pulled up the other two.

    This continued as the monsters worked their way up the tall tree, one or two forming a bridge for the others to climb across with. Issac stood up cautiously being careful not to fall from the top of the tree, he reached behind him and pulled out his bow. Pulling back an arrow, he waited for the right moment.

    Two creatures formed a bridge to the next branch, they were almost up to the boy now. As the third monster was halfway across issac let his arrow fly. The speeding projectile caught the one of the creatures eyes. It released the other creature and fell, breaking the bridge. The second creature fell as the bridge broke, cracking its skull on a branch and killing it immediately as the body fell the rest of the way down. The last grianite grasped the branch with all its might, but its large mass weighed it down until it released its grip and fell to join the others in death. Issac leapt down from the tree. He pulled the arrow out of the grianite and looked at the sinking sunlight, he turned and began walking.

    “North is this way, and i hope that civilization is to, i only have four arrows left.”

  • thesonofcinder


    #33565943 - 2 weeks ago

    alec woke up to a loud pounding on the door. he sat up in his bed and looked to the door leading to the entrance hallway. the inn was closed, who was that.

    "mantle police, open up!" a voice came from the front, alec rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of pants and a shirt at record speed. he rushed to his parents adjoining room.

    "wake up!" he said, his parents snapped awake and ran to the front of the inn. alec's father braced against the door with his burly frame as alec's mom called back.

    "yes?" she asked.

    "we have been informed by several concerned citizens that you have a magic user on your facilities, as that is against the rules, we must ask you to hand the boy over so he can be properly dealt with.

    two more men entered the room as alec's  mother 's eyes widened in shock.

    "alec?" she whispered. the two men looked out the window and frowned, they were two valiant peacekeepers, they had come to discus matters with the emperor and were about to head home.

    alec's father looked at the silver eyed boy.

    "go to your room until we send for you." he said, alec nodded and raced to his small room. he got dressed in better clothes and pulled out a small sword. if he had to fight his way out, he would.

    there was a knock on the door, it was his mother.

    "come here." she said shortly.

    alec obeyed promptly and raced back to the front of the front of the room, the peacekeepers stood with his father, speaking to him. they turned as he entered.

    "alec." his father said.

    "your going with the peacekeepers"

  • thesonofcinder


    #33566754 - 1 week ago

    alec put on a black robe that the peacekeepers had given him, his parents were still in the front of the inn, stalling the soldiers.

    "I have absolutely no idea what your talking about, the only show we preform here is a comedy show." alec's mother said with a confused expression on her face.

    "please madam, we know you are lying, several people have told us about your magic show." the soldier replied.

    "but I have no idea----" alec's mother started.

    "wait" interrupted alec's father," are you talking about that person who came here a couple weeks ago? the one who claimed that he could lift the entire building off the ground?"

    "what?" alec's mother replied. "oh, wait, that guy, yeah, he left a few days ago, but I think he left a few, uh things in his room, would you like me to grab them?"

    "of course." the solider said. alec's father nodded and raced for the hallway, he came to the room alec was in.

    "are you almost ready?" he asked, the peacekeepers nodded and turned to alec who looked down at himself.

    "dad?" he asked, fear creeping into his voice.

    "it'll be ok alec." his father replied. " just a few weeks in vale and you will be right back here."

    he knelt down in front of his son and took his red scarf off, wrapping it around alec's shoulders he smiled.

    "just a little something to remind you of me and your mother." he said with a smile, alec nodded, tears beginning to pile up in his eyes, he silently promised to never take it off until he came back.

    "there's a back door, go now, alec stay with them and stay safe." his father said.

    "we will protect him with our lives sir." the peacekeepers said. they made their way to the door. opening it the three speed out into the dark streets of mantle. alec's father watched from the doorway as they disappeared into the shadows.

    "stay safe, son, come home soon."


  • thesonofcinder


    #33572712 - 5 days ago

    Nicole came to the edge of the continent of anima. open ocean stretched out in both directions, looking around she thought to herself.

    what were her options? she could stay there and try to hide from the mistralian authorities. she could cross the mountains and find a village away from the main city. or she could cross the ocean and hope that vale lets her through. she remembered reading about a tension between their two kingdoms, but she didn't think it was that bad, mistral has always been known for drama, both in plays or reality.

    she saw a ship at a nearby dock, it was being loaded with crates and cargo. she leaned over to read the name on the side.

    it was the 'destiny' Nicole smiled and walked up to a group of people standing near the ship.

    "excuse me," she said, praying that they wouldn't recognize her, "where is this ship going?"

    "its going to the northern part of sanus, it is carrying supplies for a colony there." a man replied, not looking up. 

    "is it accepting passengers, I've been hoping to get to that part of remnant for a while, i can pay for it." Nicole responded. the man looked up at her, then shook his head.

    "sorry, i think it's cargo only." he said, Nicole squirmed under his stare.

    "well, could you check for me, just in case?" she asked. avoiding eye contact. the man nodded and grabbed a cane from the side of a box. he was blind, Nicole laughed silently at her luck

    "whats your name, sweetie?" the man asked, looking to the side of her this time.

    "uh, Rene." Nicole lied, the man nodded.then walked off.

    Nicole sat on the ground and breathed a sigh of relief. of all the people that payed attention to her, it was the one that couldn't see what she looked like. 

    "RENE!" a voice called, she looked over, it was the man, slowly making his way back.

    "here!" she called the man turned at the sound of her voice and walked over to her.

    "i'm sorry, the captain said that it was just cargo this trip." he said.

    "oh, please, i really need to get to sanus." Nicole begged, "i'll do anything, i just need to get there."

    the blind man thought for a moment then smiled.

    "you know, sometimes, people who promised donations for the colonies drop out and don't send their supplies at the last minute. so their are a lot of empty crates lying around here. my job is to tack a full or empty sing onto the boxes before they are put on the ship, however, i'm blind, so if say, a no-good stowaway was to tack one of those signs to a empty box and get inside, i won't be able to tell and they would get easy passage to the ship."

    Nicole smiled in understanding, thanking the man, she took a full sign and put it on a crate, climbing in. she pulled the lid back on and waited.

    in a few minutes, she heard voices outside, the box was suddenly lifted into the air.

    "this one seems lighter than its supposed to be." a voice said from the outside,

    "the man said its full, so we should trust him." another responded.

    "i never trust that old coot, lets see whats inside," the first voice said, Nicole stiffened as the lid of the box moved to let some light in.

    "we are already late enough as is, just nail it shut and load it up." the second voice said, their was a long pause, Nicole, grabbed her ax, just in case.

    "fine," the first voice huffed. the lid was replaces and hammer sounds filled the small area. Nicole smiled to herself again.

    things were finally going her way