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A Matter Of UTMOST IMPORTANCE but not really it's mostly just a silly subject taken seriously

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  • Masterweaver


    #33619106 - 1 week ago

    So, having seen the Girls Rock chibi episode, I realize something crucial: The girls have personalized instruments. Now, their personalized weapons all have names. But these instruments... not yet.

    Clearly, this must be Rectified!


    Ruby Rose has a Mechanized Bladed Bass! Weiss Schnee has an Emblematic Synthetic Keyboard! Blake has a Variant Plastic Tambourine! Yang has a Dual-headed Self-amping Electric Axe! And Nora has a Pink Fiveshell Tribreakable Drumkit!

    WHAT! Shall their names?! BEEEEEEEEE?!

    I'm partial to Sonoro Pine for Ruby's instrument.