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  • A_Random_AI


    #33619277 - 11 months ago

    now before I start, I just want to say a few things. This is my first time in the RT forums, so I'm a little new to this whole thing. Also, I'm doing this on my phone at 10:30 pm (or 22:30 for you 24-hour people, I don't judge) because reasons. So any misformating issues might be pretty hard to fix. 

    Now that that's out of the way, on to the reason I started this thread. I think RT Games' next project should be an open-world rpg set in the work of Remnant. I've had some time to think about this, and I think a cool title would be "The Vale Reclamation Project" because plot. Obviously, the plot would be about The Vale Reclamation Project. But what is that?

    I can't picture it now, the opening cutscene to the game. Qrow: "So, if you've been keeping up with recent events, you know that some of Remnant's fairy tales are true. Even some of the crazier ones. I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised if I told you that some of those conspiracy theories are true as well. And I'm not talking about some of the plausible ones, either. I'm talking about the crazy, crackpot conspiracies that are usually so outlandish, they can't possibly be true. *sips drink* There's one in particular, surrounding the fallen kingdom of Vale..."

    And so the game continues. The Vale Reclamation Project (I'll just call it the VRP for short. Also so I don't have to keep typing it out.) is a failed attempt to reclaim the kingdom of Vale, or at least get the people in the villages and smaller towns out of Vale. A team of Atlas Specialists (minus one) is sent as a scout team/preliminary strike team, but run in to some trouble. The fourth member, who is a replacement for one of the specialists who got very sick (or something like that. Just know that they can't do the mission for whatever reason), is an ex-Specialist-turned-mercenary. Atlas recruited him for the mission because, despite being dishonorably discharged, (cliché) he was one of the best fighters they knew of (everyone else is off fight fighting Salem or something). 

    He and the leader of the team don't exactly work well together. The Leader wants to get to the capital city ASAP because orders, but the Merc wants to save the innocent people because f*ck Atlas and also good guy is good. I don't have name s because I'm not good at thinking of names, but if you guys have any suggestions for further plot/names/anything else feel free to use that "reply" button. I'm go stop now because I'm tired and also autocorrect is on drugs or something (it's going nuts).

  • Akhaos


    #33619288 - 11 months ago

    The discussion of a RWBY, open-world RPG has been a topic of debate ever since Volume 2, and only really hit serious discussion when RWBY Grimm Eclipse was unveiled. Talks have ranged among ideas of an open world map of the continent of Sanus, including Vale/Beacon, to a full, semi-open world experience spanning all of Remnant. Talks have also included a fighting game during the Vytal Festival Tournament, an action packed Role Play of a Beacon student, and more. Your idea is one of the unique ones, and considering what you've presented revolves around the reclamation of Vale, I would assume this game would be an open world game involving the city of Vale, Beacon, and some areas of Sanus, including possibly Mountain Glenn. I should say, right off the bat, Vale isn't occupied with Grimm, it is actually quite secure now, and is in the process of recovery. You're mistaking the city proper with Beacon, which is overrun by Grimm because of the presence of the frozen Grimm dragon. So, the title would have to be changed to something along the lines of Beacon Reclamation Project.

    Also, why does the Fall of Beacon warrant a story from Drunkle Qrow regarding a fairy tale? I understand the implications of Ruby's silver eyed powers, but beyond that, I don't understand the connotation fairy tale would have here. Unless you were to create a unique story with it, based from the real world or fabricated on your own, the point of Qrow's introduction dialogue doesn't quite make sense to me. I apologize for nitpicking here, but the cutscene piece would need a relevant topic, although I like the enthusiasm.

    I personally do adore the idea of a RWBY RPG, and share your enthusiasm of a game like that. Keep in mind, though, that Rooster Teeth Games isn't quite experienced in the development of open world games. Most releases they've made have been smaller titles, and even Grimm Eclipse was a fair leap in their usual splendor. So, if say they were to work on something like this, we would have to expect some stretches in quality, an extended production time, and quite a bit of pressure from the community. This is a large potential project, and while I feel that RT could realistically fulfill a goal like this, we'll likely have to wait a couple of years to flesh out the story and the word of Remnant.

    I appreciate the idea, however, and am glad you placed this out here. I can see that you really like the world of RWBY, and hope that something emerges from this, too.