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Question from somebody who dropped this a few episodes into season 4

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  • logros13


    #33645817 - 11 months ago

    So i used to be a major fan of this for the first two and a half season (got a first membership, read fanfics... stereotypical fanboy), it was fun charming and had a good action scene from time to time... Then the season 3 ending rolled around and the decided to dropp the "fun and charming" part and focus on generic grimdark action, trying to be more "serious" and "mature", killing of most interesting chracters breaking up the main cast etc (not trying to bash anyone who liked it, but i did not).

    I watched a few episodes of season 4 to see if it would get better again (i.e remember what fun is besides a few token jokes) but it seemed content to stay the course so i dropped it. Now with season 5 on the way i wonder if that ever changed, that is did they ever stop trying to hard to be a action drama and remember that the show was originally essentially 50% slice of life comedy? (try to avoid spoilers when answering please)

  • Akhaos


    #33645946 - 11 months ago

    If dark drama and political intrigue aren't your thing, that's fine. Unfortunately, from the looks of things, that''s not changing anytime soon.

    See, that's not going to happen because light-hearted comedy wasn't the show's original purpose. The first two Volumes were meant to ease into the finale of Volume 3 with the Fall of Beacon, foreshadowing key events and Cinder's hidden plot in order to surprise its readers. The writers (Monty, Miles and Kerry) admitted after Volume 3 (although I don't remember where) that they began to design the story around Volume 4, but knew that some form of introduction was necessary. Yes, RT Animation and the writers probably went too far to incorporate heavy anime themes into Volumes 1 and 2, that was a mistake and attracted some wrong audience.

    Volume 4, without divulging into spoilers, has held a dark atmosphere with tinges of hope sprinkled in-between chapters. Most of the relief we now get comes from winning battles, internal conflict victories, and that characters don't die. I hope this helped!

  • logros13


    #33645983 - 11 months ago

    oh well looks like i wont be picking it up again then, but thanks for the answer. :)

  • WrightKnight


    #33645992 - 11 months ago

    In reply to Akhaos

    See, where I'm from, that's called "lying to your audience".  If they didn't want the slice-of-life concept to be what people were to focus on, they should not have made it the prominent feature of the show.  Go read up on Orson Scott Card's "Contract With The Reader" for more.  Bullshit reasons are bullshit.  Hell, their clear inspiration in Soul Eater handled the dark tones far better than RWBY did (hell, NARUTO handled this aspect of it with the combat school setting better)....then again, if they had done it that way, then RWBY would be pretty much Soul Eater....not like it isn't that already.

    And to think, all of the first three seasons for a cheap-ass Super Saiyan knock-off, without ANY of the required support and foundation behind that event.