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RWBY Characters in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

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    #33646502 - 1 week ago

    So guys I was catching up in some of the stuff watching the streams of RTX, just a few days, in youtube and I found out there was going to be an announcement on EVO about a Rwby fighting game. Then I went looking for it and I got a really got tease of Ruby in the upcoming game for next year of Arc System work BBCTB (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle) Which is gonna have 4 franchises on it. I know Persona 4 (really awesome game I recomend it if you like JP RPGs, the 5 looks much better though) BlazBlue, UNIEL, and RWBY.

    I'm just making this new topic, because I'm finding it strange that nobody created a topic about it. So lets begin guys, which characters are you hoping for besides team RWBY and what do you think which type of characters they will be.

    For example:

    Ruby is gonna be a character with a lot of mobility with fast combo chains, etc.

    This is so we can have some fun talking about it

    P.S: Something tells me that Weiss players are gonna cc (crowd control) our assess :P