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  • WrightKnight


    #33666357 - 11 months ago

    In reply to DavidLekin

    The feeling is very much mutual.  Your sole intent is to bog down a discussion by constantly pretending that you don't understand pieces of points made and to ask for more on them, then when the person delivers on your request, you take pieces out of THOSE and ask for more.  This is a logical fallacy variant of "moving the goalposts" called "sealioning", and it's a NASTY variant, as the person pretends to want honest discussion, but only tries to bog down their opponent until they give up without having to contribute anything of their own.

  • neverconvex


    #33666412 - 11 months ago

    The best I can do? No, of course not. It's just the most I'm willing to further invest in this conversation, as I've said what I wanted to say. I advanced my argument clearly above and don't think it was ever squarely challenged. As a related aside, taking an aggressive, condescending tone isn't any more likely to provoke an invested response from me.