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Some RWBY theories about the future of the show from Volume 5 until the end(Spoiler Heavy)!

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  • Skyknight1980


    #33662687 - 1 year ago

    I think I've got some of the background of RWBY figured out. I'm just trying to get those out before volume 5 comes out, so I can say I called it if any of my predictions actually happen in the show!

    Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers! Do only read if you're caught up with the show(End of Volume4)!

    Like many people I also think Ozpin is the reincarnation of the wizard from the maiden's story.
    But I also believe that in one of his former lifes he was the king of Vale who is also Jaune's great great grandfather. Why does no one know that Jaune is related to the former king? That's because he stopped being a king after the great war. I believe he changed his name and married a woman who did not know who he was. He never told her or their children and all male heirs of the family became strong huntsmen. After the king died and the wizzard was reincarnated in someone else, the sword was kept in the Arc family and passed down from father to son for four generations until it came into Jaunes possession. This sword is also the "Relic of Destruction"! I don't have any proof for this one. It's just a gut feeling, but it would fit the other relics that I think I have discovered!

    I think that Ozpins cane either is or hosts the "Relic of Knowledge" and it works in a way that the soul and memories of the wizard are on death transfered to a new host so he gets wiser with each reincarnation. The cane then always finds a way to the new wizard!

    Why do I think the cane is a relic? Simple, I expect Cinder to have burned Ozpins body completely after she killed him, like she did with Pyrrha. That's why nobody could find his body and all said he was missing, but Qrow found his cane. It must be something very powerful to be able to resist such a destructive force that can completely disintegrate metal armor pieces! Which brings me to my next theory.

    Pyrrhas headpiece is also one of the four relics! Cinder disintegrated not only her body, but also her armor. Almost everything turned to dust, not only the leather parts, the metal arm and leg pieces, too! The only thing that wasn't destroyed is her headpiece falling to the ground. I feel that Rooster Teeth have shown us this little detail has some sort of meaning. They wouldn't do it like that if it meant nothing. Many times before small details that looked unimportant have shown to become important at a later point of the story and the people who caught those details when they were shown always kinda knew some of the things that were coming. However I believe that her headpiece will turn out later to be the "Relic of Choice". Why that one? Simply because her last days on Remnant were all about choice and I think Rooster Teeth would follow that symbolism!

    The last relic, the "Relic of Creation" I don't have any clue what it looks like at this moment, but I believe that Salem has it(or will get it in the near future with the help of Professor Lionheart) and used(or will use) it to create new, more terrifying species of Grimm.

    Now this is what I think will happen in future volumes:

    Volume 5 will be for the most part getting team RWBY back together. At the end of volume 5 and throughout volume 6 Ruby and her friends prepare for a big attack on Haven that will never come. Because Salem gets the relic that was there without any fight and instead her allies prepare to attack either Shade in Vacuo or Atlas. While in Mistral Ruby tries to learn how to control her Silver Eyes. The information about the White Fang attacking Haven was false information to lure Blake into a trap set by Adam! She will escape somehow and find out where the real attack is going to happen. She'll rush to her friends to tell them, but it will be too late! Whichever school the real target is will be destroyed by the end of volume 6. By this time Salem will realise that the relic there has been removed beforehand, like at Beacon. We will learn that Ozpin knew all along that something was coming and was always two steps ahead of Salem. Volume 7-9 will then be the remaining school and all the teams we've met preparing for the final battle against Salem. Oscar/Ozpin will join Jaunes team and it will be named team ORNJ(orange) and tell him that he has two of the relics since he embedded Pyrrhas in his shield. With the cane team ORNJ will have 3 of the relics against Salems 1 relic. At the end Lionheart will sacrifice himself to get the one relic back, because he was working for Ozpin all along and only gave her the relic to get her trust and distract her from the fact that the other relics were not at the academies anymore. With the power of all four relics combined they will finally defeat Salem!

    Some smaller predictions what could happen between the big plotpoints:

    The relics can change their appearance. That makes it harder to find them and is also the reason why Cinder did not take the cane and the headpiece with her, because she didn't know those things were relics. Ozpin could've embedded the one in his cane just so nobody finds it! The sword of the Arc family could have been altered to fit the current owner. It can have a different hilt and parry from the one the king used to make it more balanced for his son, grandson, great grandson you get the idea. The headpiece of the Nicos family could have been a bracelet or any other kind of protective item. Can't say anything about the last one, because I don't know how it looks!

    Penny will return. I feel RT is trying to mislead us with telling us she's gone for good!
    I will not go into detail, but we've never been told in universe how robot souls work and if the soul leaves an artificial body if it is turned off or only when the brain and memories of that unit are completely destroyed!

    The power of the relics combined could be strong enough to bring Pyrrha back, but that's just wishful thinking at this point, because we don't know how powerful they really are! They could turn out to be some kind of Deus Ex Machina like the Dragonballs and have that much power when they come together!

    Jaune has seven sisters. I believe the chance that one of them might be a maiden is pretty high! Why would he mention it that much if it wasn't somehow relevant?

    The Spring Maiden is part of Ravens clan. For all we know it could be Neo(or Coco but I think that's more unlikely)! They all wear the same necklace, which could be a symbol for her tribe!

    If turning into a bird wasn't Qrows semblance then it could be a possibility that he and Raven are Faunus. Or that there is some weird magic out their that can turn people into animals. If they're Faunus Raven could be Adams mother, making him Yangs half brother!(just speculation on this one) I don't really think they will go that route, but if they do, learning that he almost killed his sister will force Adam to reconsider his actions and change.

    Cinders weakness against the silver eyes is because that insect Grimm she used to steal the Fall Maidens power fused with her body(the glove disappeared after the transfer) making her part Grimm!

    Summer Rose is really dead. I know some believe RT is trying to pull a Vader making Salem go all "No! I AM YOUR MOTHER!" on poor Ruby, but I think that one is BS. It was one of the biggest plot twists in movie history, but that's exactly why I think it wouldn't work a second time. It's too well known and too many people would expect it today! I would be very disappointed if RT couldn't think of something more original. Also, I believe when Hazel said in the beginning of V4 "Yes, we dealt with her kind before!" after Dr. Watts mentioned "The girl with the Silver Eyes" this was clearly a reference to them killing off Rubys mom!

    I don't know how many of my predictions hit home but I think I can trust my gut with most of these. These are just my thoughts after Volume 4. Some of those might change after I get more new informations within one of the future chapters. But with the info I have now, I'm like 90% sure that's how it's supposed to continue. After all I can tell you how a book or movie ends by the time I'm halfway through. Bear in mind that I've never read any official statements made by Rooster Teeth, because like I said before they could willfully lead us into the wrong directions!

  • Skyknight1980


    #33671724 - 1 year ago

    Two episodes into the new volume and RT already proved some of my theories wrong. I'm glad you guys are not as predictable as I thought. I really thought I had figured out where you're going with the plot, but it's nice to see that you can still surprise me. That's what makes a good show great. And RWBY is a great show! At least better than most of the stuff that was on german tv over the last couple of years.

    Okay some new predictions about the near future.

    Raven has Weiss. When Yang comes to see her mom she'll find out that she holds her friend captured and will try to rescue her. But she'll get caught by doing so. Raven will make a bet that Yang can have Weiss if she can defeat either her or Spring in a duel.

    But before the match starts Cinder, Emerald, Mercury and Watts will attack the tribe to capture Spring, because Raven refused to hand her over when they asked her to do so.

    During this fight Weiss and Yang manage to escape, but the bad guys get Spring. They will later run into the group that was assembled to bring back Spring. After Qrow tells them the story Yang will blame herself for letting them get away, but everyone will say it's not her fault because she could not know this!

    The White Fang will now turn completely into a group of terrorists under Adam's leadership. I think Blake will start a counter organization maybe the "Black Fang" that will mostly sabotage White Fang operations.

    Tyrian will get a mechanical tail.

    I still think the hunt for the maidens is a red herring, because Ozpin already removed the relics from their chambers ages ago with the help of the last generation of maidens(who are all dead now and the current maidens don't know). That's something only he knows, the last safety measure in case of a traitor in their own ranks. Oz is a chess player and he tries to be always some moves ahead of the opponent(Salem in this case). He won't reveal any of his plans before the final volume. I'll leave it like that, because most things from my first post could still happen with some adjustments!

  • Skyknight1980


    #33675709 - 1 year ago

    Just watched Ch4 on the tube and it was almost completely a Yang episode. The freeing of Weiss was a little bit different from what I expected. So was the reason why Yang was looking for Raven. I really thought she wanted to confront her about why she left her and Tai just after she was born. But now it looks like she doesn't care anymore and just needs her to find Ruby. I guess she realised who her real family are. 

    And the portals are really Ravens semblance. I thought she was making them with her sword, that maybe she found some new combination type of dust that the Atlas military has not discovered yet and she was the only one knowing about it. Guess I was wrong again!

    Not much to predict here but I think Raven will tell Yang and Weiss her version of the stuff Qrow told RNJR in V4 leaving some things out and change some parts!

    Still think Cinders team will attack the bandit camp while the two are still there.

    The training arc. Heard some interesting things about semblances. That each one is discovered in a different way. I think RT will hold off Jaunes semblance for a while longer. It will kick in for the first time when they are in big trouble and have no way to escape and it will save them all. Right now he doesn't want to loose any more friends so I think it could be something like complete healing of someone who's close to death or some kind of impenetrable forcefield that protects the whole group. Or given the historical person he's based on, he could get a direct line to the gods and talk to them but that wouldn't be as cool!

  • Skyknight1980


    #33676642 - 1 year ago

    In reply to fa8aus8


    What's that supposed to mean?

  • raikou14


    #33676690 - 1 year ago

    Something I noticed in the RWBY Volume 4 Opening was that the events that were shown from 1:00-1:16 have all (expect for Blake and Adam fighting) come true sometime in the show. So I guess RWBY was foreshadowing it's events for the show. So if all of the events came true expect for Blake and Adam fighting, I think it's safe to say that we can expect an upcoming fight between them towards the end of Volume 5

  • Skyknight1980


    #33677087 - 1 year ago

    I think Blake isn't strong enough to fight Adam right now, but I also think he uses the planned attack on Haven as a trap to lure her in. He might have arranged that Blake gets Illias scroll to make sure she'll be there on the day the fight starts. All part of his plan to get his hands on her while he destroys the school. Two birds with one stone!

  • Skyknight1980


    #33682343 - 1 year ago

    And I was wrong again. Weiss and Yang almost immediately left Ravens camp after hearing her side of the story which was basically nothing but "I hate Ozpin because he keeps his secrets! Oh and he gave me and Qrow the ability to turn into birds whenever we want, isn't this terrible?" So they're not faunus and it was some kind of magic, which was my second guess. This means that the chances of Adam being related to one of the main characters were reduced to zero.

    Speaking of the White Fang, they killed the messenger guy that Ghira sent to Mistral to warn them about the attack on Haven. I think Blake will find out that the message didn't get through and will go there herself with Sun. Given that her story is a month in the past from the rest of team RWBY she could reunite with them within the next 2-3 chapters.

    All of Qrows old friends are dead or M.I.A. that's a bummer. Now where do they get enough huntsmen for their plan?

    Not that I think they will really get to attack Ravens bandits! Now that Cinder and her crew arrived there they will kill everyone and take the Spring Maiden with them. Raven will escape with her bird powers and maybe realise that it doesn't matter to Salem if someone tries to stay neutral and that she'll destroy everyone that's not on her side. After that maybe she realises that Oz was right and joins the fight even if it's just to get revenge for her dead people at first!

    So now comes the part where everyone on the internet shouts "Called it!".

    Oz really is the wizard from the maidens story. No surprise here. Everyone and their mother called it the day the story was introduced to the series! It became even more obvious during V4 when we learned that his soul fused with Oscar after his body was killed by Cinder.

    Now here's what I think. The wizard moved into the woods to hide from the world after he was cursed to reincarnate over and over. He was tired of the fight and just wanted to be left alone. In the WoR Four Maidens story the wizard said he had lived there alone for centuries. Nobody gets that old, not even with magic. I think it's safe to presume that he reincarnated a few times since he got there first.

    It was the kindness of the maidens that restored his faith in humanity and made him return to society.

    One of his later reincarnations became the last king of Vale(which I still think is Jaunes ancestor)! I think all of his incarnations after he created the maidens at some point of their lifes got married and had children. He did so to create more individuals that are able to become the next vessel of his soul and memories.

    And the Ozpin we knew made sure that Jaune gets those fake transcripts because he thought the boy was a likely candidate for his next rebirth and wanted him close so he would be able to act immediately should something happen to his current body. He didn't know that there was someone who was a better match(Oscar)! Remember the last thing he said to Pyrrha? "Take Jaune and get out of here!" It wasn't because he thought she would "only get in the way"! He wanted her to protect the one he thought would become his new body!

    Maybe I'm overthinking some of this stuff, but it's fun!

  • Skyknight1980


    #33689178 - 1 year ago

    Things are turning out a bit different than I thought, again! Raven made an agreement with Cinder that I'm sure none of the involved parties planned to keep. At the moment it seems like she wants to play her enemies against each other to escape with the relic that she planned to use to keep her clan safe. But I think it's not gonna work. If she gets the relic, Salem's people will hunt her even more merciless and maybe even kill her, but for sure kill the rest of her people. If that happens she will use her bird powers to escape and then join the heroes to take revenge.

    If Raven doesn't get the relic it depends on if Cinder realises that she betrayed her. If yes, she will kill her on the spot during the battle of Haven. If Cinder gets the relic, Raven might see no other choice that to join forces with the other group to survive.

    But I don't think we will get the battle of Haven until Volume 6. The rest of Volume 5 will show a lot of preparations from all sides and Bake's journey to Mistral and her surprise when she finds out that all of her friends are there. She will either rejoin team RWBY in this Volume and work out her differences with Yang, or and I think that would be better, arrive next Volume during the battle when her friends seem hopelessly outnumbered and the arrival of the Faunus turns the odds around!(maybe even the most of the White Fang don't want to fight their own people and will put their weopons down)

    Oh and I think Neptune and the other two of Sun's team will join team RWBY as soon as they find out that they are in Mistral(if they haven't yet, I don't know I'm waiting for YT to watch the newest episodes)

  • Skyknight1980


    #33691260 - 1 year ago

    After the episode that dropped on YT last weekend I'm shocked and don't really know what to say.

    Well maybe one thing: I'm really, really sorry!

    To explain this I have to go a little further back. It was quite a while ago when I posted a joke in the youtube comment section. I can't remember if it was under one of the RWBY episodes or under one of the countless reactors I watched. But it was something along the lines of: 

    If any more characters die, they have to rename the show into "Game of Remnant : A Song of Weiss and Cinder"!

    I thought it was clever at the time I posted it, because Weiss is the "Ice Queen" and she's a singer and Cinder is fire! And they had no relations to each other. What bad could possibly happen?

    Now that events occurred that involved both of them in the worst possible way, I feel kind of responsible for what happened. Maybe I should change my name into "Stormcrow"!

    I really thought they would delay the battle until the next volume, but then they moved forward really fast. Things are looking pretty dark for our friends and of course, team CLFFHNGR strikes again right after Weiss gets stabbed with a burning spear!

    Now would be a good time for Jaune's semblance to kick in to save his friends. Unless RT wants to push his relationship with Ruby over the loss of both of their partners, I think his powers will save Weiss.

    Another thought I had was that Raven could be the real Spring Maiden and Vernal is nothing more than a decoy! She was always wearing her mask when maiden powers were used. I think she does that so that nobody can see her eyes which would be a dead giveaway that she got the powers. And Vernal plays the role Raven told her to play. How would she have gotten them? I don't know, maybe she killed the maiden or tried to save her and was the last one she thought of!

    Blake and the faunus will definitely arrive in the middle of the battle to turn the odds!

    If Cinder dies, either in this battle or somewhere in the future, Jaune will be the one to end her, maybe with some help Ruby. But he will definitely play a major part in her fall(pun intended)!

    Also Cinder's Phantom of the Opera facemask will fall off, now that it's damaged and reveal that half of her face looks like a Grimm!

  • Luffygear55


    #33691413 - 1 year ago

    i think cinder might have Raven in a 1v1 high diff but as for murc and em vs ruby and yang well I feel like the two girls are going to have a really hard time but Weiss is gonna get better and Blake's gonna come in with some team rwby team attacks to save the day then that frees up the rest of team ranger mostly Nora and ren (mostly Nora) to save oz\oscar from hazel bing bang boom happy ending

  • Skyknight1980


    #33693094 - 1 year ago

    Just coming over from YT and I got so many instances of "Called It"

    Jaune healing semblance

    Raven the spring maiden

    Cinder half Grimm

    I think I'm getting better at understanding how the writers tick!

    What I find much more interesting in this episode is that for the first time we see someone actually infusing Dust into his body and it looks really painfull.

    And Oz taking over Oscar's body without his consent was not nice. I can see why he did it, because with the little training he had he would not have a chance. Still bad form! That will leave a big crack in the  trust between them.

    Now with 3 of their strongest opponents gone the chances look a little bit better for our heroes. If they can get Weiss back up to full health again, they'll have the upper hand over those left behind to fight them.

    And in the vault two maidens are about to fight each other. I've got the feeling that only one of them makes it out alive. If it's Raven, she'll take the relic and escapes. But if it's Cinder she'll get even more powerfull with two maidens inside her. If they go that route I think she'll also go after the remaining maidens and get all of their powers to the point where Ruby is the only weakness she has left.

    There's still a small chance that she accidentally kills Raven before she can steal her powers. In that case I think the power would go to Yang. Every one of those possibillities is going to change the course the overall story is gonna take.

    We still haven't seen anything about Blake and the faunus army. So I think they will come in next episode. Or they will skip this part entirely and when the fight in the academy is over and they prepare to go out to fight the White Fang they find them all lying on the floor with Blake and Sun coming towards the entrance telling them they would have helped them inside, but were a bit busy out here.

  • Skyknight1980


    #33693340 - 1 year ago

    Another thought I just had. Ozpin said that his cane wasn't a relic but it could be used as a key to open the path to the door only the Fall Maiden can open. You know, just like Lionheart's pocket watch! Double security all around. That's why they could'nt find the relic at Beacon! They are still missing one of the keys!

    I also think that Rooster Teeth had planned for it to be a relic but changed their plans because too many people suspected that!

  • Skyknight1980


    #33695589 - 11 months ago

    Just saw Chapter 13 over on YT.

    Jaunes Semblance is more amplifying than healing. After Ch12 I was going just by what I could see and what I saw was him healing Weiss. 

    That's interesting and way more useful. He can use this in many more ways than just healing. If he learns to master it he could extend his Aura's protection field to party members standing close to him aka absorb damage that was directed at them. Or strenghten others active Aura abillities like making Ruby even faster than she already is or give Weiss the abillity to make her summons appear faster or be stronger or make her time dilation last longer. Or push Yang's strenght beyond the next higher Super Sayan level, allow Nora to absorb even more electricity to become more powerful than ever before, let Ren hide an entire village from the Grimm... the possibilities are endless!

    Alone he seems to be weaker than anyone else, but pair him up with whomever and he will come up with an idea how to boost their power! He's smart and has proven many times that he can come up with a plan in the middle of a fight! He wasn't a bad tank, but now he's also the support. A real team player!

    I think Hazel's Semblance is more dangerous to himself than it is useful. Pain is a warning sign of your body that tells you when to stop. Feeling no pain doesn't mean he can continue fighting forever. It means that he will not realise that his body is close to giving up and die until it's too late. Sure it allows him to "fight 'til his last breath" but what is this good for? Even if he didn't "feel" the impact of Nora's attack, he'll not be able to tell how many blows like that he'll be able to survive! Or when his body will give up due to the dust poisoning!

    Spring Raven is awesome. But I think she should be a lot stronger than Cinder since she had the power for a much longer time. I think RT made them similar in strenght because it would've been boring to see her wipe the floor with Cinder without effort. They can explain it away with a simple "She could not train as much, because she didn't want anyone to see that she has the powers!". And we all saw Cinder getting extra training at the end of V4. Anyway a fight between two powerful magical beings is intense. I don't know how any of the regular fighters could stand against a force like this.

    I don't think Cinder is dead. She's still the Fall Maiden and fire is her personal favorite power. She will unfreeze before she hits the ground. But I suspect when we see her the next time(which won't be too soon) that Grimm parasite will have assimilated even more of her body.

    Like I predicted, the heroes have distracted the bad guys long enough for the cavalry to arrive. Unlike us viewers they didn't even know that help was on the way, so it looked much darker and more hopeless from their point of view. That made it an even more pleasant surprise for them when Blake showed up. And like I guessed most of the White Fang members did not want to fight their own people. Kali even managed to get to the council in time to get the help of Mistral police. And Ilia used her camouflage to disarm the bombs without being seen. Adam is a sore looser who didn't know when he lost. He let his temper get the better of him, he was so angry that he even forgot Blake's abillity. But I think he will somehow escape either at the end of the fight or make a prison break later!

    Ruby really put to use what she learned from Oz during the few weeks of training. Mercury thought she would still be useless without her weapon and she was all like "In your face!" LITERALLY! 

    Weiss is back on her feet and it really looks like the good guys are getting the upper hand in the fight inside the academy, too.

    What will Yang do in the Vault? Will she try to stop her mother or will she let Raven get away with the Relic?

    All in all, it looks like the heroes are winning this round, like they did in V2. That makes me worried that the next volume will get even darker like it did in V3!

    I think I will make an exception for the V5 finale and watch it here as soon as it's available for non first members.

  • Skyknight1980


    #33710744 - 10 months ago

    Allright, it took me a bit longer to find some time to write about the final chapter.

    The confrontation between Yang and Raven went different from what I expected. She was beating her with cold logic and that's really cool.

    So Raven did kill the previous Maiden. If she had gotten the powers in another way I think it would've made a big difference. But maybe, and I'm leaning far out of the window with that one, she just acted like she did kill her to push Yang even further away from her. Maybe that's why she was crying before she ran away again. She was making her daughter hate her on purpose so she won't try to come and find her again, because it's better for her to have no contact to her!

    Emerald clearly thinks Cinder bit the dust. First it made her sad, then angry and then her semblance got out of control. It seems to have grown stronger, because it made everyone in the room hallucinate. But it also knocked her out. I remember when she got a headache from using it on the two paramedics in volume 3. Now she used it on at least 9 people(RWBY, JNR, Qrow and Oz/Oscar). No wonder she blacked out and had to be carried by Hazel. But I think she will get stronger and be able to use it on more people without side effects.

    I think Adam will follow Salem's pawns, because he nowhere else to go now!

    A lot of people seem to think Lionheart is dead and that would be logically reasonable. But because his death wasn't shown on screen I doubt it. Here's what I think happened off screen:

    The jellyfish Grimm stabbed out his eyes. Because that's what Salem was threatening to do in V5Ch2! It's the kind of punishment I think Salem would enjoy. And since she has Watts on her side, who was an atlesian scientist and is also a doctor, it wouldn't make Leo completely useless because he could make him new eyes! She uses this pain of loosing both eyes as a warning to not fail her again.

    The girls are back together again. And they won a small battle but not the war. They are not stupid, they know that they only got lucky this time. They got a small taste of what they're really up against and I think it will be really depressing for them as soon as they get a chance to think about it!

    Looks like they're heading towards Atlas next time. But I don't know if they'll get in with the closed borders. Maybe they have to find another way in or decide to go to Vacuo first. Or they spend the whole volume to try to get in but when they do the Atlas Relic has already fallen into Salem's hands, because everything Ironwood did played into her hands entirely without knowing. If this show follows any pattern I think an ending like that would be very likely and make V6 a lot like V3!