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Community Design Choice Spectacular Week #100!

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    #33664569 - 11 months ago

    Hello again all you Huntsmen and Huntresses out there!

    Have you all had an exciting week since we last talked? I hope so.

    Welcome dear community to another gathering of this the community design challenge. Thanks for stopping by, there are some new designs waiting to be seen just ahead. If you are new to these gatherings of ours welcome, for it is here that battles are fought and champions chosen. Where community choice and design meet! Today the victor of the past week is announced, and a battle to support that champion starts.

    Today also marks the release of RWBY Chibi Season 2 finale episode 22 for FIRST members with episode 21 now available for public viewing. If you haven't seen it yet go check it out, and be sure to let the RWBY crew know how much you dig it. No spoilers here though, theres an official place for that. Now, shall we?

    Over the course of the past week a battle was fought over the selection of a new community champion. A winner of course has been selected, can you guess which champion won? (Drum roll please)...

    The winner is Hazel Rainart!

    Thats right the Mysterious Stoic Warrior Hazel Rainart has taken the first place spot with 33% of the vote! In second place is Yang Xiao Long with 22% of the vote! Following in third is a four way tie between Neptune Vasilias, Blake Belladonna, James Ironwood, and Ilia Amitola with 11% of the vote! Well fought to all who participated and congratulations to those who voted for their champion of choice. Well done indeed!

    Now with the selection of a new champion completed, a new battle is underway. A battle for the selection of a medium of choice that will be sporting Hazel' personal branded theme. You know the rules. But just in case you don't, here's a quick go over. The battle will last through the weekend. On the start of the new week the winning medium will be announced. Pick from the selection or recommend a medium of your own choice to sport the champions theme. Pick well.


    Now speaking of mediums lets take a look at last weeks community champion Nora Valkyrie! Last week a custom themed T-Shirt was chosen as Nora's medium of choice! So created below for your viewing is just such a T-Shirt (with a bonus wallpaper form as well)! Nora and the rest of Team RNJR have been heading to the Kingdom of Mistral to assist Ruby in her mission of stopping Cinder and her plans of crushing the remaining Kingdoms. Nora the colossal fighter that she is lends her fighting abilities when needed throughout the volume to keep her team safe. With more of Nora's backstory shown in the previous volume I wanted to make sure that this design showed Nora as the huntress she is. I am quite pleased with how the final design turned out. I hope you agree, I hope you enjoy.


    That's all the news for now my dear community members. Thanks for stopping by!

    I will talk with you all again soon.

    Until then. Enjoy.

    TL;DR- Hazel Rainart has been selected as your new community champion! Battle now over the selection of a medium of choice that will be sporting Hazel's personal branded theme! Last weeks champion Nora Valkyrie now has a custom themed T-Shirt available for viewing as well! Fight well community. Talk with you all again soon. Enjoy.