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  • xi_m0nk_ix


    #33664612 - 11 months ago

    Hello there everyone! I have something I would very much like to share with you today, and I will do my best to keep it brief. My name is Steve, but I go by Kromert, or just Krom for short. (Rhymes with bomb- Like Andy.) Anyway, the reason I am posting here today is to share a musical project I've been working on for a little while now. I'm a big fan of RWBY, and RT in general. I've been watching their vids since a friend recommended them to me playing X-Box live 12 years ago. No regrets. But as you all know, season 5 of RWBY is right around the corner, and I just HAD to do something for it!

    Anyway, I am an independent hip-hop artist/ audio engineering student from Casper, WY. (Yes, people really do live here.) I am a HUGE fan of the soundtracks for RWBY. Don't get me wrong, I liked Jeff Williams' work on RvB, but his RWBY tracks are just excellent, and Casey Lee takes it to another level with her vocal work.

    So I started playing around with the idea a month or so ago of sampling some stuff from various tracks on the soundtracks, building hip-hop instrumentals around them, and then writing some lyrics inspired by a corresponding season. That being said, every Saturday this week, I will be releasing a SAFE FOR WORK track, starting with today's track, which features lyrics inspired by ONLY season 1. Next week I will do season 2, then season 3. You will get all 4 throughout the month!

    Today's track is called "This Will Be The Day" and features samples from the song "This Will Be The Day" from the volume 1 soundtrack. It would mean a lot to me if you took a minute to go listen to it, and I'd appreciate it EVEN MORE if you took the time to leave me a comment!

    You can find the track HERE-

    Thanks so much for reading. Only 7 days to go! =]

    And to everyone at RT, thanks for tirelessly putting out content for over a decade!! Much appreciated!!


    P.S. This track was made using samples for non-commercial use only. I love you guys, don't sue me please!!