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  • OnyxTheWolf


    #33664911 - 10 months ago

    Hello Everyone! OnyxTheWolf here!!!! And Im here to get as many people to see this as possible, as ive spent a while trying to write it. Lemme know what you think! 

    Below are two links. The first is my HomeBrew TableTop RPG, RWBY: Desert of Vacuo. The second link is the corresponding character sheet placeholder.

    DISCLAIMER!: This is heavily work in progress, and is subject to change, and in its current state is only meant to be functional.

    Additionally, I do not own any copyrighted material contained with in, as this is a fan creation.

    SPOILER ALERT!: There is major world event details that can be seen as spoiler for anyone who has not AT LEAST seen through Vol. 3 of the RWBY animated show. Though I highly recommend watching all 4 current volumes to get the best understanding of the game world in its current state.

    So, with these in mind. Give it a look-see, show it to other people, give it a try (either as a player or as a GM), and constructive feedback is always appreciated! I am always making changes and will add more as time goes!

    And without further adieu. Have fun, and welcome to my "White-Box" edition of RWBY: Desert of Vacuo Role Playing Game.

    RWBY: Desert of Vacuo Role Playing Game (Work In Progress)

    RWBY: DoV Character Sheet (Placeholder)