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Availability in terms of membership.

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  • Hector950717


    #33665533 - 11 months ago

    I Know that this topic is probably elsewhere but i just wanted to get something cleared up.

    I understand that when you pay for a rooster teeth first membership, one would be able to see shows like RWBY first, the day they premiere.

    I also understand that the episodes are released publicly on the RT website for all and on platforms like YouTube a week after.

    What i need clarification on is about whether RT website free members fall under the same public release time frame. Someone told me that free members can see the episodes a 2-3 days after the episode airs. I don't know if its true but i just wanted to know if anyone knew. I'm new around here so i'm not sure.

    Thank You! :)  

  • EricHVela

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    #33665553 - 11 months ago

    It is true that RWBY's exclusive cycle is only a few days instead of a whole week.