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Community Design Choice Spectacular Character Choice Week 105!

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    #33676157 - 1 year ago

    Hello again all you Huntresses and Huntsmen out there!

    Have you all had an adventurous weekend since we last talked? I hope so.

    Welcome to the battle of champions, hand selected by you the community! Pull up a seat, sit back and prepare. To those of you who have been here before welcome back! You know how this goes. To those arriving for the first time, welcome! This marks the 105th week of this community challenge! With it comes the start of a new community battle. If you wish to view the results of last week's battle with Arthur Watts Mug click here! These challenges have been battled out week to week, thanks for stopping by as you have dear community member. These challenges have been posted for sometime now and one has to wonder if you have been enjoying them dear reader, if you have any feedback on what could make these challenges more interesting, place a comment about it. Now it's been a while since we all last gathered to talk like this. Shall we?

    Over the course of the past weekend a battle was fought over the selection of a medium of choice for last weeks community champion Oscar Pine! A winning medium of course has been selected, can you guess which medium won?

    The winning medium is a custom themed Poster!

    That's right a custom themed Poster has taken the first place spot with 43% of the vote! In second place is a custom themed T-Shirt with 29% of the vote! Following in third is a tie between a custom themed Hoodie and Lanyard with 14%! Well fought to all who participated and congratulations to those who voted for their medium of choice. Well done indeed.

    Now before we continue lets go over a few things for those of you joining us for the first time, shall we? A new week signals the start of a new battle for the selection of a community champion. This community champion gets some custom designs made of them as the community chooses. The battle of selection for the new community champion lasts until the start of the weekend. The start of the weekend signals the unveiling of that champion. Choose from the listed champions or choose one yourself if you don't see a certain character on the list add them with the "other" listing option.

    Choose well.

    See you all at the end of the week.


    TL;DR- A custom themed Poster has been chosen as the medium of choice for last weeks community champion Oscar Pine! A new battle has now begun for the selection of a new community champion! With the return of a few familiar faces. Choose well. Battle well. Talk with you all again soon. Enjoy.