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  • Dinobot01


    #33680054 - 9 months ago

    Everyone can use this to post there own ideas of a scene in RWBY. Be it a ship, a fight or a death. Anything goes here. And everyone is free to post their opinions.

    RWY and JNR are at a bar or restaurant having a nice dinner and trying to catch up, when Jaune and Ren go to the restroom. After a few minutes, some puck dudes approach the girls and start hitting on them. At first, the girls try to politely ask the guys to go away, saying they're already with some boys. But the boys refuse to leave at start getting aggressive, then Jaune and Ren return and ask the punks to leave the girls alone. Again, the punks refuse to leave. Jaune and Ren then say an insulting joke that makes the girls laugh. The punks then, take a swing at Jaune and Ren and a fight breaks out. Jaune and Ren easily kick the punks asses, with Jaune doing the most ass kicking. The girls are impressed and thankful that the boys stood up for them. Yang then says "Our heroes".

    Same situation, different ways: Just Ren and Nora with Ren defending Nora, Just Weiss and Jaune with Jaune defending Weiss.

    Or the best one: Picture the food fight in season 2, but with RWY and JNR and its in a bar.

    What do you think?

  • JacquesSchnee


    #33680133 - 9 months ago

    Interesting idea, but I'm not sure how it would fit into the action now that we seem to be about to refocus on what Cinder and her team are doing.

    Also, if you could check out my forum on a possible RWBY novelization, I would appreciate it, and please, spread the word.

  • Dinobot01


    #33680503 - 9 months ago

    In reply to JacquesSchnee

    Well, I never said you had to put them into the spot and time where they are now. Just come up with something and post it. This is just for fun.

    I'll have a look and your forum and spread it around