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RWBY Novelization: Help me get the word out

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  • JacquesSchnee


    #33680132 - 6 months ago

    Hey guys! I've been a RWBY and RT fan for about two years or so, now, and I am full heartedly gung-ho about this show! Recently, I decided to try and attempt to write a novelized version of the show thus-far, and I am currently in the midst of Volume Three. Everyone I've shared it with thinks I'm doing good, and I would love for this to make it to Miles or Kerry so that it can actually be released as the show progresses. Please, if you could help me, I would be beyond grateful. I will update this frequently whenever I complete a Volume, then every year when the hiatus is up and a Volume finishes. Please, let's put this out there!

    Volume One -

    Volume Two -

    Volume Three -

    More to come soon!

  • dkdearing

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    #33681104 - 6 months ago

    I wish you all the best with this. I hope it goes further than I could with my attempt.

  • SmiggieBall5


    #33681250 - 6 months ago

    So far I've only read the red trailer, but it was really good. It's hard to describe the precise moments of a fight without sounding either repetitive or confusing, but I was surprised at how well done this was. I'm definitely going to keep reading, and if it ever gets published officially I'll buy it for sure. However, definitely find someone who has extensive experience as an editor to help you out. All writing has some places to improve, after all.

  • JacquesSchnee


    #33683084 - 6 months ago

    Thank you both for checking it out! If you could spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested, that would be so awesome! Thanks!