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  • zoeotic


    #33682032 - 1 week ago

    So here are my theories/thoughts/questions:

    1. I really think Qrow is Ruby's dad

    2. They REALLY need to name Jaune's semblance

    3. Holy crap Oz is the wizard (I guess you could say he's the wizard of Oz? Lol)

    4. Raven's probably gonna join Salem's court

    5. Anyone else ship Ruby and Oscar?

    6. What's the extent of Ozpin's powers?

    7. Can Qrow and Raven do anything other than turn into birds?

    8. Oscar is my child and needs to be protected because he is a smol bean

    9. They should really make more stuff in the RT store about Neo

    10. I heard something about Neo's voice actor?

    11. I really hope Neo's in this season

  • ValentineHeart

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    #33684214 - 1 day ago

    Roman Torchwick is alive, his semblance is luck, he blew up an airship, launched a robot invasion, and initiated a self destruct by just randomly pressing buttons to see what they'd do. The grim that swallowed him whole protected him from the blast.

    But Pyrrha is totally dead.

  • BlackRose99


    #33684269 - 1 day ago

    In reply to ValentineHeart  Does  that  mean  that  Roman  is  Qrow's  other  half?

  • BlackRose99


    #33684270 - 1 day ago

    Also,  I'd  like  to  add  the  fact  that  Qrow  is  Ruby's  half  uncle.  Just  like  how  she's  Yang's  half sister

  • zoeotic


    #33684411 - 15 hours ago How do you know?

  • BlackRose99


    #33684459 - 11 hours ago

    In reply to zoeotic   I've  seen  every  episode  three  times  and  because  I  have  my  own  private  sources