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The Group fights needs to stop

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  • anzure

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    #33692179 - 1 week ago

    The group fighting is killing the fighting scenes so hard, like it happen in chapter 11. DO NOT get me wrong, story wise the series are good but the good chunck that RWBY is remembered for is the fighting. But having like 10 important characters in the same episode and scene killed chapter 11. There havent been many good 1v1s lately in the series the last one was Tyrion v Qrow (mostly) but the last official 1v1 was since volume 3 Cinder v Phyrra. The cuts in the middle of each fight in chapter 11 killed the importance of what was happening and did not let the audience focus on one fight, there was a lot happening around that killed the important feelings that the characters tried to convey or had against  each other.

    I miss the fights that we had before like the Qrow v Winter, Yang v mercury, even the Ozpin v Cinder was good (even though it was short). Chapter 11 ended with weiss being skewered by spear, making people fill hungry to buy some real hot pipping skewers in real life. Other than that chapter 11 was the worst of this season FIGHTING wise.

  • dustmagick


    #33692390 - 6 days ago

    Really? Cause the most memorable fight that probably gets most people into RWBY is the GROUP fight against the Nevermore and King Scorpion in volume 1.