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Things i have noticed about Volume 5 audience

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  • MRjokerPT


    #33698852 - 10 months ago

    Hey guys:

    In each volume of RWBY the fandom seems to be getting worse and worse by the minute, so i took the time to point some of the things that happenend this volume. If you want to talk about about a certain point, point the number of the post (just to avoid confusions) So let me point what got my atention in volume 5:

    1-> People saying that Ruby didnt and is not having character development,its normal for a story with a big 
    number of characters (Example: Naruto) to focus in ohter characters but ending always going to the protagonist(s). There are at least 5 or 7 Volumes to be created. She will have her time so please chill.

    2->Did you REALY THINK weiss would die? when she is a MAIN CHARACTER? You should see the drama and the threats the fandom did directly to the "rwby team". In the case of Pyhrra (that was a main support character) died for shock value and to evolve Ruby´s and Jaune´s character and that was a success case. And because she knew she couldnt win against Cinder.

    3-> People saying that part of the bad guys became bland when to this point they are wrong. AFter volume 3 they DID had sucess taking beacon tower down even thought Ruby having her eyes activated by surprise. The heroes had time to develop and to prepare for future events. And raven?... well she´s not really evil to begin with, she just wanted to be left alone and yang by means of talking broke her and changed her mind by trowing reality at her.

    4-> People dont understanding that the Blake related events (and this comes from the previous volume) when the serie shows that in their face, again not paying atention and blaming it on the creators for no reason. This is a less important poit but i felt i had to put it here.

    5-> The Adam/Blake story part is... to be fair not that important to make too much fuss about, why? Well because as opposed to Adam, Blake had time to develop as a character and to confront her fears (if you, the public were paying atention to that). And if you want to be more simple, Blake got to the battlefield at a time the battle was on its peak and was the table turn to it, see thats how you use common sense. Again the fandom being selfish and taking things to seriously again.

    6-> After 5 years of rwby, the fans still dont understand that "Cliffhangers" are one of the points that make this 
    serie good as it is. western shows and anime do THIS ALL THE TIME. Jesus, RvB did this A LOt and nobody  complained. So please stop being selfish please.

    7-> People DEMANDING and ORDERING things to the "rwby team" on twitter and in the RT site because they will do what you want... What will happen is because the actions of a few the creators will stop talking and hearing the fans opinions and sugestions.

    What i get from this years volume is that this fandom is becoming (in part) like the "Sonic fanbase" in the sense 
    that the majority of the fans are destroying the serie from the exterior because they cannot be pleased anymore.

    At least this post will not be deleted like some groups in facebook because they cant take a "Opinion".

  • hannah_rob_jen


    #33699717 - 10 months ago

    I agree whole heartedly with you on the fact that some fans have taken things a bit too far, and as far as myself, an avid fan who wishes to enjoy the series in peace, I would prefer RT ignore the critics and continue to wright and air the episodes as the late and great Monty Oum wished them to be aired. 

  • WrightKnight


    #33699864 - 10 months ago

    In reply to ladyruelleyn

    I don't know if you caught the gist of the OP, but he's actually pissed that you're criticizing the series at all.  It's a laundry list of crying about the very idea that people have a problem with the show AT ALL, full of basic swiss-cheese defenses and hypocrisy (the latter applies to the majority of the fanbase, revealed over the course of the past two years).  To the OP, the show ain't perfect, not by a long-shot.  Grow up and deal with it.

  • GenErick64

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    #33699876 - 10 months ago

    In reply to MRjokerPT

    #1 Ruby's Development

    This is my biggest issue with the story so far. As far as I can remember, there has not been a single mention of Ruby's silver eyes until the final fight.

    She's had several weeks with Qrow and several days with Oz at the very least.

    Even if they did a short scene where Ruby asks about Silver Eyes and they say "We'll talk about that later" I would have been quite a bit less dissatisfied

  • T_DAWG_1324


    #33699882 - 10 months ago

    I had a good feeling that Weiss wouldn't die. I do think it was a very good way to progress the story and reveal Juane's semblance and create a more connecting bond between the character and the viewers. And also RWBY does have great character development in my opinion. With Yang's temper being more controlled, she isn't as predictable like her dad says she was. Through the seasons, Weiss has become more confident in her team, and with Ruby, and truly has learned to be the best team mate she can be.

  • JustJaune

    JustJaune FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #33700116 - 10 months ago

    In reply to WrightKnight I've seen your comments on a different post and you seem wildly opposed to the idea of there being a semblance of peace in the community. I don't know what's wrong with you, but OP here is saying that they want the community to stop being a hate mob. Not once did OP say that they think the series is perfect and shouldn't be criticized, because they do have a point. Constant demand for something outrageous or stupid to happen will just make the series go to shit (as they said, Sonic). Maybe get off your high horse and grow up before you tell someone else what to do.

  • WrightKnight


    #33700155 - 10 months ago

    In reply to JustJaune

    And I've gotten massive amounts of hate and vitriol directed at me because I A) pointed out massive mechanical flaws in the writing regarding Pyrrha's death, B) I see strong narrative potential in bringing Pyrrha back (likely one of the outrageous things being "demanded" of the writers), and C) key dialogue by Raven in season 5 puts that possibility firmly on the table, with no objective way of taking it off.  I've gotten hate for holding these viewpoints, and would receive hate, regardless of how I presented the argument.  The only thing I've done is stopped being polite about it.  The OP is essentially asking for the moon.  I'm not opposed to the idea of peace in the RWBY community, I've just accepted the fact that for there to BE peace, I have to be in lockstep with people that have expressed the opinion that I am a lesser person for holding the perspective that I do.  Therefore, I have accepted that there will not be peace in the community. 

    Look at it this way: I can effortlessly break down and dismantle OP's claim #2, on the grounds that A) Weiss has not been used as a "Main-tier" character in any way, and B) Pyrrha, as a billed "Main-tier" essentially got thrown away in what was a mechanically ineffective use of a death-triggered Traumatic Superpower Awakening trope.  I can do the same for all of his list.  What do you think his reaction will be?  I have gotten hate directed at me in the past for this, and that was me being polite and reasonable.  So why should I be polite?

    And in the end, if I turn out to be right about Pyrrha, I fully expect the OP to be one of the ones howling and screaming about it.

  • JustJaune

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    #33700247 - 10 months ago

    In reply to WrightKnight Well, you can do that, but still try to be polite about it. The RWBY community's weakness is positivity and politeness. But it does not change the fact that there is a hate mob in the RWBY community that won't take anything as good and herald volume 1 as the best thing ever. I'm not saying you have to be polite, but if you do be polite, you'll be the better man. Thank you for taking the time to read my argument, and I hope you have a nice day!

  • kaijuguy19


    #33709696 - 9 months ago

    I agree that lately the fandom has moved beyond normal criticisms and concerns into Sonic fandom/Transformers fandom levels of bashing and complaining. It's actually starting to get annoying seeing certain characters and other stuff made out to be worse then they actually are. There's also points of actually insulting the creators and each other over simple opinions.

    I know the series hasn't made a lot of people happy lately but that doesn't excuse being insane jerks about it either. I think we need to seriously lighten up and remember that in the end it's just a web series that isn't worth going rabid over. I don't want to see the RWBY fandom end up like the Sonic fanbase.

  • gothh


    #33709983 - 9 months ago

    In reply to MRjokerPT

    1) i agree, Ruby developement i good has it is now. they actually did some development on ruby with her training and her talk with Oscar. The problem is people want to now more about the silver eyes no matter what. The writer could indeed give us more info ... or not . The story can hold both way 

    2) I agree the idea of Weiss dead is absurd, nobody want to watch the RBY show. My problem with Weiss near death is that it's just a way to unlock Jaune semblance. Cinder attack Weiss only because of what Jaune said and Weiss didn't manage to avoid only so he can go help her. I'm disappoint with Jaune semblance, it's confirm him as a support character, a healer behind the team. I don't say it's bad, just I was hoping for more.

    4) yeah i hear some say Blake becoming a secondary character, it's enraging. She's the one who did the most in the last 2 Volume : she reinforce her relation with Sun, make peace with her parent, confront and help an old friend, fight the white fang on two continent, successfully change the mentality of the faunus of menagerie (not an easy one) and change the way human see the faunus in heaven (and soon the all remnant world one the news spread). I can't understand why people don't see that.

    5) Agree, it's like Blake said to Adam "I have more important thing to do" . 

    6) Well "Cliffhangers" are meant to be annoying .So you came back. I disagree (for one's :)), having cliffhangers didn't make the show better, but it didn't make it worse either. It's just kinda becoming the norm, you can't avoid it, like ads on TV.

    In reply to WrightKnight
    Sorry but i agree with Justjaune (on some point) even if I have no idea who the hell is OP. 

    You have an obsession on Pyrrha's death and you bring it on every topic. Look at this topic, you don't even bother give MRjokerPT a decent answer but you immediately start complain about someone else. I don't want to talk about Pyrrha now, I already did on the raven topic, but Justjaune is right to criticize you attitude he just give you a light slap and you reply with and AK47

  • JustJaune

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    #33709993 - 9 months ago

    In reply to gothh OP is abbreviation for "original poster" or the source of this thread.

  • gothh


    #33710004 - 9 months ago

    In reply to JustJaune

    OK thanks,

    make my reply to wrightknight quite weird but still a bit correct.

    I'm now 100% ok with what you said

    In reply to WrightKnight

    That OP thing kinda show the problem. you're not just not polite you're also disrespectful. You don't even call him by his name. Actually there is some true in what you say about MrjokerPT's original post but with all the spite melt in your post it lost is meaning because it's prove his point that Fandom community getting worse (with the lack of politeness and respect). 

    Please try to be less aggressive, at least on your first respond (you can still come out with the heavy artillery later if necessary)