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New RWBY 3.75 inch Figures idea

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  • dapperalarm3767


    #33704123 - 1 year ago

    Rooster Teeth 

    I love your apparel and accessories from the different series you have. I am a fan of Red vs. Blue, RWBY and Camp camp and it's nice seeing you guys make different products of our favorite series. Something that came in mind was the RWBY figures that exist already. You guys have the chibi line, the coming plush line but most importantly the mc farlane collectables. I like the details they have given the figures and how they release them according to their teams. I don't know if it's just me but I see the 6 inch figures to be more for adult collectors and the chibi to be more for a decoration. I would like to see if you guys can create 3.75 inch articulated action figures of RWBY. So what I would see in this figure would be detailed like the mc farlane 6 inch line but smaller, they would have knee, wrist and elbow joints and a rotatable head. The figure would come with their weapon/s and detachable accessories. Example: Ruby Rose with crescent rose and Zwei or Weiss with the Myrtenaster Rapier and her semblance snowflake rings similar on what Good smile company did. The reason I would like the figures like this is that it grants more utility of the figures. You could pose them in multiple simple ways, fit them into a small scenario or moc, use them as action figures or just have them for collection. You could sell this in waves just like the mc farlane line does and since of their size not only can you sell the same ones but add grimm types as well. Imagine posing team RWBY and JNPR vs. 4 inch beowolves, gorillas, or mammoths. 

    I got inspired to share this idea with you guys because I would like to see this become a thing. It adds something nice to collect or play with. The idea came from the 3.75 inch star wars figures from black series and the revenge of the sith line. Example on how the figures articulation and size could be

    I hope you guys see this and take it to consideration.

    Thank you for your time