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  • Okami999


    #33710752 - 9 months ago

    As the title may imply, I have recently created a Discord server that is entirely dedicated to the many ships in the series. Do you want to express your love for a certain ship, or convince others that your favorite ship has a chance of becoming canon? Then you are free to do so.

    No matter how unpopular or controversial your opinions may seem, I want this server to provide a safe and friendly environment, away from judgment and the insults of others. Playful and harmless discussions and disagreements are perfectly acceptable, but I'm going to step in if things escalate, as I take my job of enforcing the rules very seriously.

    I'm allowing every individual user to have up to 5 tags/roles for their favorite RWBY ships, so it'll be easier for you to find others who are potentially into the same couples as you are.

    If anyone is interested, I would greatly appreciate if you decided to give the server a chance. Currently, it's quite small, but rest assured that I will continue to try my best to make it flourish into a nice little community.

    The link to the server is below. Any suggestions to help better the server are welcome.