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  • Blueworgen


    #32556630 - 4 years ago

    Create and submit your characters here, your character can be who\whatever you want Here's the character sheet You may also make your character(s) part of the U.C.C if you want to








  • Blueworgen


    #32556631 - 4 years ago

    Name: Mr. Jackal Torgue, the psychopath

    Age: not recorded

    Gender: male

    Sexuality: straight

    Race\being: seven tailed kitsune (maybe even a demon kitsune)

    Description: jackal wears a long black trench coat, black fingerless gloves, carries a shotgun and several concealable weapons on him like pistols and other small arms, and a sword

    Bio: they say Jackal is an arms dealer but he's more of an adventurer and bringer of chaos as wherever he goes, it always seems that all hell breaks loose

  • cote117


    #32556632 - 3 years ago

    Name: Dorian

    Age: 21

    Gender: male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Race\being: Augmented Human

    Description: 5'8", feminen look, pale skinned caucasian, Dark brown hair and mahogony eyes. Has uplink ports lining his spine to the base of his skull. Wears a black leather duster and blue jeans when not in his armor along with a pair of glasses

    Bio: Dorian is one of a few Augmented Humans left in the wastes. Many call him the Armored Juggernaut, due to the exoskeleton he wears as he goes about the wastes killing abominations and raiders alike.


  • Blueworgen


    #32556633 - 3 years ago

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  • phailphox


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    Am I late for the party? lol

    Name: Skye Parnell. (nicknames are "Grim" and "Deadeye")

    Age: somewhere in late 20s to early 30s (birthday is November 14)

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Asexual

    Race\being: Hyena Anthro

    Description: She wears a cloak that covers most of her body that is the average color of the terrain that can turn inside out for more uses in other terrain. Other than her cloak she has metal boots that go just below her knees and are wrapped a material that is like her cloaks, wears metal knee and elbow pads, shoulder pads, leather fingerless gloves and a bullet resistant vest. She wears a long sleeve shirt that is loose fitting that is the average color of the waste's terrain same with her pants. Her weapon of choice is a heavily custom semi-auto sniper with material wrapped around the barrel like her cloaks

    Bio: Skye is dead inside and shows no emotion due to living in solitude so she doesn't know how to express it and doesn't talk much. She's quite smart for living in solitude and since she made her sniper and practiced every day with it on unsuspecting raiders, bandits etc. she is now a mercenary and lives a nomadic life wondering around place to place. She also has dyslexia.