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Crossoverthat would be funny if lets say Caboose made a cameo in Strangerhood out of uniform or vice versa
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In reply to StarSickness, #2:

yeah i was thinking that as well like they prolly dont want to spoil what on the inside of the suit and all i see your point but it would be funny maybe even if it ends up somone being related to somoen in the RvB world maybe churchs cousin ehose a douche haha
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In reply to ice40i, #3:

Or someone could (and probably already has) make a Halo skin for Sims 2. Then the characters could come have a cameo (probably something to do with the teleporter problem at the end of S2)
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In reply to brooza, #4:

Or they could have cast members as cameos rather than their characters. Burnie showed us a guS skin wearing a Simmons shirt at the old site.
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In reply to Zimmy, #5:

I never saw that pic.

Is that skin available for DL?
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thiers a gus skin? cool.

I bet they make mentions to rvb. like someone is using the computer to watch a rvb video...or while downloading one it crashes the comp and they curse the download.

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In reply to RoboChocobo, #7:

Yeah, most likely there would be just slight refernece to RVB but nothing too overt otherwise that would suck all your attention away from this series and the episode would suffer greatly for it. I must say I am quite excited to see what kind of things they are gonna do in this new series of theirs.
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In reply to ice40i, #1:

It would be nice to see cecil have another muted appearance ;)
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i think it would be cool but it might ruin some peoples perspective of what the guyz look like under the suit.
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They could have a crossover - if they do a Public Service Annoncement type episodes - or do a eepisode of the RvB in the sims (i bet someone could make blood gultch with the landscaping tools.)
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Namons Sponsor
In reply to Shadedsprite, #11:

Here's something to bake some noodles... what if the cast of Stangerhood is really all the characters of RvB, out of their armour and moved to an isolated spot after the war was threatened to be exposed as a fraud!
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In reply to Namons, #12:

well on the sims 2 website about strangerhood it says everyone has amnisia (however its spelt) so it could be possible.
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An easy thing they could do is have the folks in the Strangerhood watching RvB on either their computers or TV. Kind of like a subtle yet blatent connection between the two. Like start an episode zoomed in on the TV showing a famous RvB moment and then pan back to show the Sims reactions.
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In reply to Gozer, #14:

a sort of mystery science machinima
#14  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to ice40i, #1: AHAHAHAH! I can already imagine that. 'Oh i seem to have broken your coffee cup, let me make on for you'. (Gets his mothers day present) 'Here you go, oh, it seems to be broken'

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In reply to Shadedsprite, #15:

Well, that depends. Either that means you think Red versus Blue is really, really lame or you really, really like Manos, Hands of Fate. Manos, Hands of Fate. Manos, Hands of Fate.
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Also insted of haing RVB characters in SH you could have the SH characters watching them on TV


easy to do i watched the whole epsode in the sims
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In reply to Dracon, #18:

Thanks for the picutre, but next time make a reference to #14 instead of pretending it didn't exist.
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In reply to Dracon, #18:

how do you watch RvB in sims 2?....i don't have sims 2 but i don't understand how thats possible, unless they build redvs blue into the sims 2 game, which i doubt
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In reply to Oatmeal, #19:

Yeah sorry missed that

and at person above me you can replace the games videos in about a few minutes its just hard to get the sims 2 watch a long episode so i put in 28.5 aprilfools day its the shortest episode I know of
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yeah have a real good feeling that theres gonna be some good crossovers hilarious nonethe less

im really looking forward to strangerhood

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In reply to rosstipher, #20:

Perhaps, just perhaps, someone will come up with a mod that allows the characters to play Halo on the TV? After all, SSX and SimCity4 are playable games (insert shameless EA self promotion here). All it takes is someone with entirely too much time on their hands (read RT) to come up with the graphics, then make it saleable in whatever store.
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In reply to JermCool, #23:

i could do thats its the same method as replacing the in game video so they can watch RVB on the TV
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Supposedly there is a way to import your own video clips for use on the televisions (not sure about the computers however) . You have to save them to wherever the TV shows are stored in the SIMS2 directories. I am being vague because I have not tried it, only rea dthat it is possible on forums at the Sims2 website.
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In reply to dragonxbait, #25:

yeps i can list it down here later if i get the chance
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In reply to ice40i, #1:

Maybe one of the characters could go to one of the festivals or public screenings of RVB. You know be an RVB fan? Maybe. It might be a bit over the top, but it could happen.
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Common, who doesn't like an in-joke from time to time.
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