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zack Forum Mod
Pokemon Trading Card GameYou know you played it when it was popular.

You might still play it, loser.

But it doesn't matter, it was actually a pretty good card game if you didn't get into that complicating mana crap with Magic: The Gathering (which I didn't).

I still remember my first card, Charmander. He came in...
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lethalmoose One Liner
I still play Pokemon with my brother every now and then. I still enjoy it too, although most of the new additions to the game now are horrid. Still, I love looking at the older cards, and enjoy playing with those the most. My deck I usually use is made to power up my Gyarados with tons of energy and laying waste that way. It's simple, but it usually works. Scyther might be my favorite.

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In reply to Cheryl, #5:

Lolz.... The names are really funny... especially Ratata. Reminded me of my childhood. I still feel I must
"Gotta Catch'em all"
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Zolin1 Sponsor
In reply to Austino, #107:

That just sounds like a bunch of random as cards in a crappy made deck :3
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I never really knew how to play, i got an Aerodactyl once and lost it in the same day, no one really knew how to play it, i got a doduo the one with fury attack, (x10 damage based on something) and thought i could win anything here, untill i played against someone older than me who knew what to do and took pretty much all my cards >.>

I have an Arcanine too, i carry it wound every now and again when i'm feeling nostalgic.
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