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sic_Kris FF360FTW
[sic] ProductionsAwesome. This is such a better place for this than the comics/anime forum.

[sic] Productions is a web comic, a movie review site, and anime review site, and video game review site, a rant space, a hilarious forum community.... It's just a fun place with a good variety of content.

The comic follows Jax and Remy on their expidition to write, cast, and film their movie. Jax is the artist, Remy writes the scripts (and a movie column), and Juha colors the comics. Right now we only have one a week, but we're working on getting two a week now that Juha is helping with the coloring. All of the writers (including me) also appear in the comic. We're a happy little group of very strange people.

Remy writes the Go-Go Joy-Joy Movie Column, Juha writes Juha's Wacky World, I write Accompanied by a Lobster of Revenge, and Sheist has a question/answer column called Ask Sheist. A few of our other writers pop in from time to time, but those are the regulars.

We're pretty small right now, but we're all working hard on putting good content up on the site, and we're slowly growing (thanks in part to some excellent advertising from our buddies at Squirrel Works.
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Nice work Kris...It's almost like you have been to that college place or something.
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