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Firefly (Browncoats welcome!)this is a continuation of the firefly/serenity thread that we had going in the movie forum. everyone there decided that we should leave movie talk and spoilers there and that we deserve a home in the tv forum to talk about the show. so here it is folks. all RvB Browncoats should proclaim there lov...
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In reply to SheilaJay47, #7408:

I would love for alan or mark sheppard to show up. I'd be happy as a clam
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In reply to Helen09, #7409:

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In reply to Raynos, #7412:
In reply to Helen09, #7409:


Alan Tudyk (Wash) and Mark Sheppard (Badger).

I'd like to see YoSafBridge make an appearance.

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Pretty much self explanitory. Love it!
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Browncoats, Alliance, Reavers I don't care which side you claim, I know that you are as rabid as Rooster Teeth fans if not more so. Which is the reason I have come to you today, the same tragedy that occured with Firefly being cancelled by FOX is now happening with a Canadian Network named Space over the show "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil" if you've never heard of it watch here It is amazing and I believe it was never brought to U.S. networks due to the fact that it should never be censored. If you like this show, and you would also like for it to make it to season 3 please sign the official petition Please Rooster Teeth this thing has a long way to go before we can overthrow the network.

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JayCee ImperalBaker
Firefly to get TV special
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datalaughing Forum Mod
Odds are this has been posted in the thread already, but if I heard about it years ago when it happened, I had forgotten until just now. So I thought I'd post it here. I was watching the pilot episode and when Inara pulls out the syringe I was like, did they every explain what that was about? A search brought me to this clip. Apparently Morena revealed at the Stargate panel at DragonCon in '08 that Inara was dying of some disease.

Also, isn't it obnoxious when someone goes to a panel and asks questions about a different show that one of the actors was on? I think it happens with Firefly cast members a lot, which to me reflects kind of poorly on us.
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Panther85 LeftBlank
In reply to datalaughing, #7417:

Been a while, but is that the one when the Reaver ship passes by? I always figured it was some drug to kill herself rather than be taken by Reavers.
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datalaughing Forum Mod
In reply to Panther85, #7418:

That's what a lot of people thought at first. Then Joss said that no, that wasn't it. It was some big secret that Inara was keeping that would be gradually revealed later, or that's what it was going to be before the show got cancelled.

I saw all kinds of theories back in the day. I always sided with the theory that she was a drug addict and that's why she left Sihnon because it would be easier to hide it on the outer planets. There were people who thought it was maybe an anti-rape drug that companions had so that if someone tried to rape them, bad things would happen to the rapist. I saw people theorize that it was her birth control drug and she was looking at it regretting that she'd never had a family and even that it was a fetus that she could keep until she wanted to have a family and she was looking at it regretting that she'd never used it now that she was about to die. On and on.
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In reply to JayCee, #7420:
Sneak Peak of Firefly Actor on Castle episode due to air Monday

Would've been perfect if they casted Alan Tudyk as her husband!
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yelnocp Dirigo
Why don't I watch this thread?! Inconceivable.

In reply to datalaughing, #7417:

To followup, that was confirmed and discussed in the Browncoats Unite special.
That special was too short, but it was spectacular and touching at times.

In reply to bdutton, #7421:

After reading that, I ended up here Where Alan Tudyk suggests the possibility of an arrested Development-esque firefly revival on Netflix.

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In reply to yelnocp, #7422:

It sucks but I really don't think that'll happen. They've been dropping hints about reviving it for years. As much as I'd love to think it'll happen, I just don't think it will. Although this guy here had a great idea on how to keep Firefly going:
It's quite longwinded so I'll just tell you what he said. He mentioned that TellTale games should make an episodic Firefly game a la The Walking Dead and have the original actors voice the characters while Joss and Tim Minear head the script.
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yelnocp Dirigo
In reply to jackw428, #7423:

Yeah, I got my hopes up last year when Nathan Fillion suggested offhandedly he buy the rights to the show from Fox and reboot the show.
Who knows though. The cast has always said they'd love to do more. The Arrested Development announcement was welcome, but many thought it would never happen.
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In reply to AndrewK042, #7425:

You know there's already a Firefly movie right?
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but not a trilogy...
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MiraSuMuerte Classhole
In reply to schn_y_der, #7426:

That link is regarding something called 'Veronica Mars'.
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Yes, I am aware of Serenity. Yes, that link is Veronica Mars (a show that Whedon liked so much he appeared on).
My point is, just using this as an example, since this did so well (2 million in 10 hours) and from what I can tell it's not got as big a fanbase as this show/movie, I think there could be a chance (if ever there was one) that we could see something more.

And yes yes yes, I know it won't happen. But it was just a thought I had
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datalaughing Forum Mod
In reply to AndrewK042, #7430:

I'm glad that he made a response on it. That way any rumors and false hopes that the Serenity 2 kickstarter will be popping up at any moment can be squashed.
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yelnocp Dirigo
I like the term "kick the can down the road a bit", and that he's still thinking about Dr. Horrible.
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Is it on me? I feel like I can feel the crazy on me. Seriously. Hold on to your butts for this post.
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In reply to AndrewK042, #7433:

lordy i wont begrudge this person her opinion. but it must be exhausting to live inside her head and be thinking into things so extensively all the time.

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In reply to AndrewK042, #7433:

Wooow! That is nuts. Now I have to know there are people like that in the world? I'm getting a can of mace and a rape feminist horn.
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Wow... I read some of the comments. It reads like a Feminazi convention.
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MiraSuMuerte Classhole
"To find out why they[men] hate us so much" ...

It's because of people like her that some are called "Femi-Nazis". They seek fault in everything that has a modicum of masculinity, or purports to.
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In reply to bdutton, #7436:

My favorite one is on the second page of comments where the person says they "rape" Serenity by being inside it and calling it her.
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1Threshold1 Z fighter
In reply to yelnocp, #7422:
Why don't I watch this thread?! Inconceivable.
...... "I am thinking that word does not mean what you think it means...." :P

Post edited 4/02/13 1:59PM
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yelnocp Dirigo
In reply to crazy femiNazi:

I read about half way through, then started reading some comments. I stopped when she replied to someone who had defended Firefly by saying something along the lines of Your argument is invalid because I am correct, and "I will delete any further pro-prostitution comments".
I.e. anyone who disagrees with me will be censored, aka I'm crazy.

In reply to 1Threshold1, #7439:
thread: a topic of discussion on an internet for-
nope. i couldn't believe that I hadn't watched this thread

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