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dark54555 Site Admin
TECHNICAL FORUM RULES v.3 - READ FIRSTBefore reading this thread, read the Rules and The FAQs and Help Thread.

Read this ENTIRE THREAD before posting in this forum.

The moderators for this forum are dark54555, hobbie and TheSwmnCello, but any moderator can help you with problems you may have.


1. Before posting, read this thread. Read the wiki for solutions to common problems. Use Google to try and solve your problem. Most importantly, USE THIS FORUM'S SEARCH FEATURE. Repeat threads are not tollerated.

2. There are 3 things that deserve their own thread:

a. News posts that will generate at least 5 additional posts of genuine discussion. “Thatâs cool” or “That sucks” are not posts of genuine discussion. News with less than 5 posts of genuine discussion go in The RvB Tech Blog. Follow that thread’s rules!
b. Posts regarding problems not addressed in the Wiki or simply answered using google. If (and only if) you can't make a thread for your problem, post it here.
c. Posts discussing a particular piece of hardware or software.

3. Commonly used threads:
The Help Me Choose Thread
The Firefox Thread
The RvB Tech Blog
The Handy Software Thread
The Official Programming Thread
The Casemod Thread
The One and Only Antivirus/Spyware Topic
The Laptop Thread
The Official Mac User Thread
The Linux Thread
The Windows Vista Thread
The Internet Explorer 7 Thread
The Calculator Thread
The Get Your Website Reviewed Thread
The Official Cellular Thread
The Official TV and HDTV thread
The Web Coding Thread
The Official Networking and Internet Q&A
4. If you are posting regarding a problem you are having, or trying to help someone solve a problem, follow these rules:

a. We can't help you if we don't know what your setup is. When you post, please explain all relevant system specs. If applicable, this will usually include the OS you are running, motherboad, video card, sound card, CPU, and type of RAM. If you are need help with a specific piece of hardware, tell who the manufacturer is and the model number. This information will be somewhere on the equipment itself. If you do not know what the relevant system information is, POST ALL SPECS.

b. Before asking for help, ensure all your software/firmware is up to date. Always make sure you have the latest drivers for everything you have problems with. This includes (but is not limited to) Windows/Linux updates, game patches, codecs, video/sound card drivers, and the latest firmware updates for hardware. This may not always fix your problem, but it will at least let us rule out that kind of problem.

c. Avoid using internet shorthand, improper grammar, and bad spelling. This is not your Counterstrike clan/Anime tentacle penis rape fanboy forum. Please try to use clear and concise language when asking for help, as it makes the proccess easier for everone involved.

Incorrect: "OMG my comp is borken n i need 2 fix it 2day 4 my homewerk pls hlp."
Correct: "My computer is not working as it should, and I need help finding my essay on the effects of heroin withdrawl in Peruvian spider monkies that's due tomorrow. Could anyone offer assistance?"

d. Make an appropriate title for your topic. Titles should let us know what you’re talking about. Examples:
“HELP!!!!!!11!1!!111!1!!11!†is not a good topic.
“Firefox crashes when I open a PDF” is a good topic.
“OMGWTF BLUE SCREEN” is a bad topic.
“Windows is repeatedly crashing†is a good topic.
“WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY COMP” is a bad topic.
“I can’t get __________ to work” is a better topic.

e. The first answer to most questions IS NOT:
Go buy a _______________ (different brand)
Go download Firefox and use it instead.
Go download __________________ instead.

5. This forum is opposed to mod chips and piracy in all forms. Do not ask questions about piracy, mod chips, or chipping any system (especially the xbox). Threads will be locked and repeat offenders face potential banning.

6. The following topics are NOT ALLOWED.
-Gmail Invites Links (FreeiPods, for example)
-Anti-virus protection
-“My computer is running slow”
-“What (graphics card, cpu, etc.) should I buy?”
-Xbox mods
-Firefox, Firefox extensions, etc.
-Pirating anything, cracking anything, etc.
-Anything about making your own machinima (go to the Machinima Forum)
-Anything vs. Anything (Mac vs. PC, Microsoft vs. Apple, IE vs. Firefox, nVidia vs. ATI, Intel vs. AMD, etc.) (I’ve only seen one good vs. thread, and that’s Blockbuster vs. Netflix)
-Post Your Specs (PC, home theater, whatever)
-Free (hosting, image hosting, email, etc.) HERE or NEEDED
-Problems with this site (that’s what this forum is for)

7. If you are discussing a problem in a thread, keep the discussion public! If the discussion is taken to PM, another user with the same problem could come looking for a solution, not find one, and have to post about it. If it remains public, the solution is out in the open, and that user will likely find it and never have to post about it at all. Remember, the point of this forum is to help each other, and there's nothing wrong with helping more than one person at a time.
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dark54555 Site Admin
I've decided that I'll add new rules as new posts, so you can be alerted if you watch the thread.


Only MODs, Staff, Web, and CTAs can make "official" threads. Too many people are making repeat "official" threads and completely pointless "official" threads. If you notice an "official" thread you think needs to be added, talk to a CTA.

Post edited 2/11/06 5:36PM
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dark54555 Site Admin

Stop asking how to circumvent your school's browser filters. If you see these questions, don't answer them.
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dark54555 Site Admin

All questions get new threads. If you can't make a thread, ask it here.

Purchase questions still go in the Help Me Choose Thread.
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In reply to dark54555, #3:

Just as a clarification, this applies to browser filters in general as well. If someone set up those filters, they did it for a reason and we're not going to help you get around them. That includes filters at work, filters set up by parents, filters on public computers, etc.
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